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⚾ | Munetaka Murakami, 12 games & 53 at-bats No arch 5 out of 1 keeps the 3 crowns... Withdraws from 9 innings defense

Photo Yakult Munetaka Murakami [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Munetaka Murakami, 12 games & 53 at-bats No arches 5-1 keeps the triple crown... Withdraws from defense in the 3th inning

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Before the start of the game, Yohei Oshima (Chunichi), who was in second place, was just 2 cent behind him in batting average.

With 3 games remaining, Chunichi's Oshima ended up with no hits in 4 at bats, keeping the top hitter position Hiroshima-Yakult (29th, Matsu… → Continue reading


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