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⚾ | [Giant] Director Hara Tomoyuki Kanno, who continues to miscalculate, KOs XNUMX points in the middle of the XNUMXth inning... XNUMXnd place, Yoshichika Hata, is also hit repeatedly and is immediately replaced.


[Giant] Tomoyuki Hara, the manager who continues to miscalculate, conceded XNUMX points in the XNUMXth inning by KO... XNUMXnd place, Yoshichika Hata, was hit repeatedly and was immediately replaced.

If you write the contents roughly
It was a speed change to 3rd place Imamura.

Ace made a big mistake.Giant pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano (XNUMX) will start in the Chunichi match (Vantelin) on the XNUMXth, but in the fifth inning... → Continue reading

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