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🇬🇧 | [Grand Sumo Tournament] Isegahama Referee Director To the Ozeki team, who is inspired by the previous place, "Constantly double digits, aiming for victory"

Photo Isegahama Referee Director (East Sports Web)

[Grand Sumo Tournament] Head of Isegahama Referee Department "Consistently double digits, aiming for victory"

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Regarding yokozuna Terunofuji (Isegahama), from the standpoint of his mentor, he said, "As usual.

Japan Sumo Association's Isegahama Referee Director (XNUMX = former Yokozuna Asahifuji) will be on the XNUMXth at the Grand Sumo Autumn Tournament (first day of the XNUMXth, Tokyo / Ryogoku National Sports ... → Continue reading

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