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⚾ | Fearless clash and good capture "This is tenacity" Fans are amazed at the "magician" who catches a long hit

Photo Nippon-Ham, Yuma Imagawa who showed good defense [Image: Persol Pacific League TV]

Fearless clash and good capture "This is tenacity" Fans are amazed at the "magician" who catches long hits

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Imagawa, who started in center field, dashed to this ball from the back of the fixed position.

Nippon-Ham's Yuma Imagawa, super play shown in midfield defense Rakuten 2-1 Nippon-Ham (18th, Sapporo Dome) Sun ... → Continue reading


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    Medium-sized(Chukenshu,British: center fielder) Isbaseball or soft ballAtoutfieldOut ofLeft handRight handA player who protects the position sandwiched between.The main defensive position is the central part of the outfield centered on the straight line connecting the home base and the second base.second baseman(second)·shortstopLocated behind (short).Defense numberIs 8.The English abbreviation isCF(Center fFrom ielder).in Japanセ ン タ ーAlso called.


    One of the defenses that form the center line.

    The defensive range is wider than both wings, and especially the speed of the foot is required.[1]..In addition, both wing covers and second base check (andcatcherThere are many opportunities to touch the ball, such as backing up (preventing the second theft).

    In addition to the above-mentioned "quickness", an element of "strong shoulder" is also required.However, this point is not always essential, and the general idea that "there are few players who can stab runners in the back home, and it is sufficient to supplement with relay play" is pervading.

    The flow of the game greatly depends on the playerSaber metrics OfWARThen, the correction value is the second highest between the catcher and the two games.actual,Japan Baseball OrganizationThen the outfielderGolden Grab AwardStrong tendency to acquire[2].


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