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⚾ | Nippon-Ham, 7th card 3 consecutive losses and debt 19 Director Shinjo's strange plan "Baribari 2 run" also failed

Photo by Nippon-Ham Fighter Tsuyoshi Shinjo [Photo: Toshii Machida]

Nippon-Ham, debt 7 due to 3th card 19 consecutive losses

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Ito, the starting pitcher, pitched no hits until the third inning, but from the fourth inning with two outs, Shimauchi hit a double in the middle of the right, and Okajima hit a triple over the right to allow the opening point.

Ito had 8 hits and 4 runs in the middle of the 2th inning, but the 10th win was postponed. Rakuten 2-1 Nippon-Ham (18th, Sapporo Dome… → Continue reading


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