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⚾ | Taka / Tomohisa Ozeki "I think I can return to competition smoothly" No cancer cells other than tumors, rehabilitation starts next week

Photo Softbank Tomohisa Ohzeki [Photo: Kazuto Fujiura]

Taka / Tomohisa Ozeki "I think I can return to competition smoothly" No cancer cells other than tumor, rehabilitation starts next week

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Thank you very much to all the fans who were very worried about this, everyone who supported me, and all the medical workers who were involved in the surgery.

The team announced, and he himself commented on Twitter, "It seems that he will be able to return to the competition smoothly." Softbank suspected testicular cancer on the 18th... → Continue reading


"I want to know" about baseball is here.Baseball specialty media "Full-Count".

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health care worker

health care worker(Health care,English: health professionals, Health care practitioner)Medical(Iryo,English: health care) (* Whether or not there is an employment / contractual relationship)[1].

Doctor-Dentist-pharmacist-MidwifeIn addition to those who perform independent work such as, medical practice and independent support under the direction of doctors, dentists, pharmacists, etc.nurse,Medical officeSuch asCo-medicalIn addition, those involved in related affairs are sometimes called health care workers.

Doctor,Dentist,pharmacistInDoctor law,Dentist law,Pharmacist methodBy alwaysgradeDo not lose.Since these three qualified persons are registered in the medical register, dentist's register, and pharmacist list even if they are in other occupations, they are obliged to send the name, address, and other matters specified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare once every two years. ..Therefore, you must always have a high sense of ethics even in other professions.

Medical professional / medical professional / medical qualified personIt may be used in the same way as, but they are not completely synonymous with each other.The boundaries with workers in health, welfare, and long-term care are ambiguous.

Modern in a narrow senseWestern medicineIn a broad senseIntegrated medicineThat is, modernWestern medicineIn additionTraditional medicineAnd complementAlternative medicineRefers to those who are involved in.


sick,ObstacleIt is thought that we will use our specialized knowledge and skills to assist people and groups with other health issues so that they can maximize their health functions.

hospital,Hospital,Clinic,pharmacy,Midwifery,Practitioner,Dental laboratory,Nursing care health facilitySuch asMedical institution・ Medical institutions[2] ToDuty, ま た はOpeningMany people are doing it.

In many cases,useIn hittinglicense,Qualifications/LicensesIt is required to own and have expertise.

Of medical staffBusinessIs the target person'slife-身体-精神Because it is related to the basis ofJob categoryEspecially high expertise is required compared to.

It is important to have specialized knowledge, but in addition to that, it is also important to know the individuality of the patient and to know the patient's life in order to support the patient's life.

  1. PeopleDon't hate
  2. A humanTo gain experience as
  3. Of using knowledgeresponsibilityTo know
  4. Capability to respond to change and change oneself 

Etc. are required, it is also said[3].

Started in January 2020 in JapanEpidemic of new coronavirus infectionMany thanks were received from medical professionals struggling in harsh settings to prevent the spread of infection.[4].

Job category

Even just the qualification that is a national qualificationDoctor,Dentist,pharmacist,nurse,Midwife,Public health nurse,Certified psychiatrist,Registered dietitian,Clinical technologist,Medical radiologist,Clinical engineer,Dental hygienist,physical therapist,Occupational therapist,Prosthetist,Dental technician,Paramedic,Speech therapist,OrthoptistAnd so on[3].

In the field of health care, it is a national qualificationAnma Massage Shiatsu,Judo reduction teacher,Nari-A cousin,care workerExists[5].America,United KingdomThere is no legal qualification system in Japan, although it is regarded as specialized medical care overseas.ChiropractorAnd so on[6].

From 2019, a certified psychiatrist has been added as a new national qualification.

Qualifications and occupations related to medical professionals in Japan exist widely beyond the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Qualification information related to occupations in Japan is "List of qualifications regarding medical, welfare and education in JapanSee.


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