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⚽ | Atsuto Uchida's friend Kohler transferred from PSG to West Ham


Atsuto Uchida's friend Koehler joins West Ham from PSG

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Tilo Koehler, who was once a young star of Schalke 04, is also famous for being a colleague with former Japan national team DF Atsuto Uchida.

West Ham United of the English Premier League said, "From Paris Saint-Germain to Germany representative DF ... → Continue reading


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    Japan representative DF Atsuto Uchida

    Schalke 04

    Schalke 04(FC Schalke 04, German: [ʔɛf t͡seː ˈʃalkə nʊl fiːɐ̯], Fußball club Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e. V.[1][Note 1]) IsGermany-North Rhine-WestphaliaGelsenkirchenComprehensive based inSportsIn the clubS04(German: [ˈʔɛs nʊl fiːɐ̯]) Is also written.The soccer division is the German Soccer League Organization (Bundesliga), And has the experience of the league runner-up seven times in the past.It is one of the best in Japan in terms of income scale and average number of spectators.A rival also based in North Rhine-WestphaliaBorussia DortmundWithDerby match TheRevierderbyIs called.Other,basketball,Athletics,handball,Table tennisEngaged in the possession, management, and training of club teams and exclusive players.


    EuropeOne of the top soccer leaguesBundesligaBelongs to and is its predecessorGerman Soccer ChampionshipConquered 7 times in total,DFB Pokal,UEFA CupHe has won numerous titles such as, but he has not won the Bundesliga. Even after missing the league title by one point in the 2000-01 season, he recorded second place three times.MeisterschaleThe situation continues to be out of reach.

    The nickname "Königsblau" (the king's blue) was established in the era when it was once the strongest in the country.Also Gelsenkirchen onceCoal mineBecause the coal industry was involved in the establishment of the club at that time, the nickname "Die Knappen" (young coal miners) is still used even now when the coal mine is lonely, and the players who belong to the mine are mining the coal mine. The event to experience is an annual event.In addition, the wall of the passage from the locker room of the base to the pitch is also an image of a coal mine, and the team slogan "Glück auf" is also "good luck (to return safely to the ground from the coal mine)" It is used to mean "pray."

    Its popularity is high in Germany, and it is a home stadiumFeltins Arenaに移した2001-02シーズン以降は2008年現在7シーズン連続で6万人を超える平均観客動員を記録中である。2001-02シーズンから2004-05シーズンまではドルトムントに続くブンデスリーガ2位の平均観客動員を記録していたが、Bayern Munich(B Bayern)Allianz ArenaSince the 2005-06 season, when the home stadium was moved to, the average spectator mobilization of the Bundesliga third place after Dortmund and B Munich has been in place.

    2014October, the world's largestaccounting firmIsDeloitte] PublishedDeloitte Football Money LeagueAccording to the 2012-13 season, club revenue was € 1 million, 9820th among football clubs in the world and 13rd in Germany after Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.[3].

    264th PopeJohn Paul IIWas an honorary member of the club.

    Uniform supplierア デ ィ ダ ス, The breast sponsor is a German online car dealer.


    Founding period

    19045/4Founded as "Westfalia Schalke" by boys aged 14-15 who live in the Schalke district of Gelsenkirchen.[4]..After several name changes,1924Renamed to "FC Schalke 04".1933から1942OverGerman Soccer ChampionshipHe has won six times and entered the golden age in the 6-1936 season, winning two crowns with DFB-Pokal. Won the seventh soccer championship in the 37-2 season[4].

    1963Joined with the inauguration of the Bundesliga.1973IsNext year's World CupforParc StadionWas newly established and relocated its headquarters.the 1980sに入ると成績が低迷し、1980-81シーズンで2部に降格。1981-82シーズンで1部に復帰するも、翌1982-83シーズンでプレーオフの末、再び降格した。1984-85シーズンから1部に復帰するも1987-88シーズンに三たび降格したが1991-92シーズンに1部復帰を果たした[4].

    First UEFA Cup victory and DFB-Pokal consecutive victory

    After the 1991-92 season, he came to the top of the Bundesliga and became a director in the middle of the 1996-97 season.Huub StevensUnder, for the first timeUEFA CupDominated.Internazionale MilanIn the final match withPK battleWas brought toJens LehmannI won the championship with the success of.

    In the 1998-99 and 1999-00 seasons, the injuries of the main players fell to the bottom one after another.For this reason Stevens escaped dismissal.

    From rival Dortmund in the 2000-01 seasonAndreas MöllerJoined.This season, he made a leap forward in the league, winning a direct confrontation with Bayern Munich and fighting for victory until the final round.DFB PokalThen I won the championship.Meller's participation was particularly large, and he became the top scorer this season.Ebbe SandEmile MpenzaThe triangle with and showed high attack power. This strength continued in the 2001-02 season, and he won the DFB-Pokal title in a row.

    Since the completion of Veltins Arena

    2001To the new stadium,Feltins Arena(The name at that time was Arena Aufcharke) was completed and the headquarters was relocated.The club, which owed a large amount of debt due to this construction, signed a contract to also have the naming rights for the new stadium.2012While leaving2006In October, Russian company Gazprom became the main sponsor.It is estimated that it will raise € 10 million in five and a half years.

    UEFA Champions LeagueThen, I participated for the first time in the 2001-02 season after the completion of the new stadium. In the final round of the group league in the 2007-08 Champions LeagueRosenborg BKDefeated and won in a reversal, in the first round of the final tournamentFC PortoDefeated and advanced to the best 8.However, in the 2007-08 season Bundesliga 3rd place and challenged in the 2008-09 season Champions League preliminary 3rd round,Atletico MadridDue to the breakdown of the main players in the match, the German club was eliminated from the preliminary third round for the first time since Dortmund in the 2003-04 season.

    He fought for victory in the 2006-07 season, but never won as in the 2000-01 season.The club aiming to regain supremacy was in 2009VfL WolfsburgLed to the first league victoryFelix MagatWas invited to the director.

    2010-11 season before the startAtsuto UchidaJoined.Although he advanced to the final 8 in the Champions League final tournament and advanced to the final in DFB-Pokal, his performance in the Bundesliga was poor, and Magath was dismissed as a manager on March 2011, 3, as a successor.Ralph LangnickHas been announced to return. In the 2011-12 season, it was sluggish at 14th place in the league match,real MadridHave been transferred sinceRaul GonzalezIn addition to the club's first Champions League best fourGerman cupWas won.

    For the 2012-13 seasonChampions leagueInArsenalAlthough he passed the group in the lead,GalatasarayI lost to and ended up in the best 16.

    For the 2013-14 seasonAC MilanからKevin-Prince BoatengWon.The Champions League passed in 2nd place in the group, but in the 16th bestreal MadridLost to.

    For the 2014-15 season1.FSV Mainz 05からChupo MotingIn the winter transfer marketManchester CityからMatya NastasicWon.In the Champions League, he faced Real Madrid again in the final 16 and won the second leg away but lost a total of 2-4 in the two races.From around this timeMax Meyer,Leon Goretzka,Leroy SaneYoung German players such as, came to pull the team.

    In the summer transfer market for the 2015-16 season, Boateng's contract was canceled andJulian DraxlerTheVfL WolfsburgWhile released toFranco Di Santo,Johannes Geis,Pierre-Emile HoybürkAnd so on.In the winter transfer marketYounes BelhandaWas won.European LeagueThen in the best 32FC Shakhtar DonetskLost in 2 races with a total of 0-3.

    Become a coach for the 2016-17 seasonMarkus WeinzierIs inaugurated.Sane, which was the mainstay in the summer transfer marketManchester CityReleased toBreel Embolo (Basel),Yevhen Konoplyanka,Moss (Sevilla),Naldo (Wolfsburg) Etc.In the winter transfer marketGuido Burgstaller (Nuremberg) Was won.He recorded the worst start, starting with five consecutive losses in the early stages of the league and sinking to the bottom. Bundesliga finished in 5th place and missed the Europa League, although he showed a recovery at V for a while due to the appointment of 3 backs.Europa League in the best 10AjaxLost to and defeated.

    2017-18 season, 32 years oldDomenico TedescoWas appointed as the director.As a new force in summerFrankfurtからBastian Oczipka,FC NantesからAmine HaritWon.Also, TedescoMax MeyerWas converted to the command tower position and succeeded brilliantly.In the league match, the result was 18 wins, 9 draws and 7 losses in the season, and in particular, the 11th round held in November.DortmundIn the battle, he bounced off the behind by 4 points and made a miracle draw.These events put the club in second place in the league for the first time in four seasons.Champions leagueI got the right to participate.

    Become a coach for the 2019-20 seasonDavid Wagnerが就任。2019年12月時点で3位に立ち、前半戦を8勝3敗6分けの5位で終えるなど、上々の滑り出しを見せていたが、多くの負傷者の存在や対戦相手からの分析が進んだ後半戦以降は、2020年1月17日のBorussia MGWas defeated 2-0 at the end and moved away from the winning star on June 6th.1.FC Union BerlinAfter finishing the game with a 1-1 draw, the number of unwinned league games for the first time in 1993 years since the 94-27 season has increased to 12 games, which is the worst in club history, setting a record of unwinned games.After that, in the final sectionSC FreiburgThe match was also defeated 0-4, and the ranking was a big savings in the first half of the game, so I finished in 2th place, two up from the previous season, but if it is limited to the results of the second half of the game, 12 win, 1 losses and 10 draws (6) It was a result of 7 points).In addition to the slump at the end of the season, the financial situation of the team, which had been a concern for some time,2019 New CoronavirusIt gets worse due to the influence of.Therefore, the club will be open after the seasonNorth Rhine-WestphaliaAnnounced a loan of 4000 million euros (about 45 billion yen)[5][6][7].

    The 2020-21 season is the opening seasonFC Bayern MunichIf you lose 0-8 to the battle,Werder BremenThe match was also lost 1-3, and Wagner was dismissed on the same day.Furthermore, the director was dizzyingly changed, and the season was turbulent from beginning to end. Held on November 2020, 11DFB-Pokal 2020-2021 The first round, 1.FC Schweinfurt 1, won 05-4 and was held on February 1th of the same year.DFB-Pokal 2019-2020 3nd roundHertha BerlinIt was the first victory in the official game since the game (3-2).However, he suffered from a historic downturn, with his first league win in January 2021 and his second win in April.1st of the same monthArminia BielefeldDefeated 0-1 in the match and demoted in the bottom decision[8].


    Domestic title

    • DFB Pokal: 5 times
      • 1936-37, 1971-72, 2000-01, 2001-02, 2010-11
    • DFB Ligapokar: 1 times
      • 2005
    • DFL Super Cup: 1 times
      • 2011
    • 2. Bundesliga: 3 times
      • 1981-82, 1990-91, 2021-22
    • : 4 times
      • 1929, 1930, 1932, 1933
    • : 11 times (Western German League)
      • 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944
    • (Western German League): 2 times
      • 1951, 1958
    • (Westphalia Cup): 2 times
      • 1943, 1944

    International title

    Past results

    SeasonDivisionDFB Pokal
    1963 – 64Bundesliga Part 130125135153298 bitLost the quarterfinals
    1964 – 65Bundesliga Part 130781545602216 bitEliminated the semi-finals
    1965 – 66Bundesliga Part 1341071733552714 bitEliminated the second round
    1966 – 67Bundesliga Part 1341261637633015 bitLost the quarterfinals
    1967 – 68Bundesliga Part 1341181542483015 bitEliminated the second round
    1968 – 69Bundesliga Part 134147134540357 bitsecond place
    1969 – 70Bundesliga Part 1341112114354349 bitEliminated the second round
    1970 – 71Bundesliga Part 134156134440366 bitEliminated the semi-finals
    1971 – 72Bundesliga Part 13424467635522 bitWin
    1972 – 73Bundesliga Part 1341081646612815 bitEliminated the second round
    1973 – 74Bundesliga Part 134165137268377 bitEliminated the second round
    1974 – 75Bundesliga Part 134167115237397 bitEliminated the second round
    1975 – 76Bundesliga Part 1341311107655376 bitEliminated the second round
    1976 – 77Bundesliga Part 13417987752432 bitEliminated the second round
    1977 – 78Bundesliga Part 134146144752349 bitLost the quarterfinals
    1978 – 79Bundesliga Part 1349101555612815 bitEliminated the second round
    1979 – 80Bundesliga Part 134129134051338 bitEliminated the semi-finals
    1980 – 81Bundesliga Part 134871943882317 bitEliminated the second round
    1981 – 82Bundesliga Part 238191367035511 bitEliminated the second round
    1982 – 83Bundesliga Part 134862048682216 bitLost the quarterfinals
    1983 – 84Bundesliga Part 23823969545552 bitEliminated the semi-finals
    1984 – 85Bundesliga Part 134138136362348 bitEliminated the second round
    1985 – 86Bundesliga Part 1341181553583010 bitLost the quarterfinals
    1986 – 87Bundesliga Part 1341281450583213 bitEliminated the second round
    1987 – 88Bundesliga Part 134871948842318 bitEliminated the second round
    1988 – 89Bundesliga Part 23813101558513612 bitEliminated the second round
    1989 – 90Bundesliga Part 2381611116951435 bitEliminated the second round
    1990 – 91Bundesliga Part 238231146429571 bitEliminated the second round
    1991 – 92Bundesliga Part 13811121545453411 bitEliminated the second round
    1992 – 93Bundesliga Part 13411121142433410 bitEliminated the second round
    1993 – 94Bundesliga Part 1341091538502914 bitEliminated the second round
    1994 – 95Bundesliga Part 13410111348543111 bitLost the quarterfinals
    1995 – 96Bundesliga Part 134141464536563 bitEliminated the second round
    1996 – 97Bundesliga Part 13411101335404312 bitEliminated the second round
    1997 – 98Bundesliga Part 134131383832525 bitEliminated the second round
    1998 – 99Bundesliga Part 13410111341544110 bitEliminated the second round
    1999 – 00Bundesliga Part 1348151142443913 bitEliminated the second round
    2000 – 01Bundesliga Part 13418886535622 bitWin
    2001 – 02Bundesliga Part 13418795236615 bitWin
    2002 – 03Bundesliga Part 134121394640497 bitEliminated the second round
    2003 – 04Bundesliga Part 1341311104942507 bitEliminated the second round
    2004 – 05Bundesliga Part 134203115646632 bitsecond place
    2005 – 06Bundesliga Part 134161354731614 bitEliminated the second round
    2006 – 07Bundesliga Part 13421585332682 bitEliminated the second round
    2007 – 08Bundesliga Part 134181065532643 bitEliminated the second round
    2008 – 09Bundesliga Part 134148124735508 bitLost the quarterfinals
    2009 – 10Bundesliga Part 13419875331652 bitEliminated the semi-finals
    2010 – 11Bundesliga Part 1341171638444014 bitWin
    2011 – 12Bundesliga Part 134204107444643 bitEliminated the second round
    2012 – 13Bundesliga Part 134167115850554 bitEliminated the second round
    2013 – 14Bundesliga Part 13419786343643 bitEliminated the second round
    2014 – 15Bundesliga Part 134139124240486 bitEliminated the second round
    2015 – 16Bundesliga Part 134157125149525 bitEliminated the second round
    2016 – 17Bundesliga Part 13411101345404310 bitLost the quarterfinals
    2017 – 18Bundesliga Part 13418975337632 bitEliminated the semi-finals
    2018 – 19Bundesliga Part 134891737553314 bitLost the quarterfinals
    2019 – 20Bundesliga Part 1349121338583912 bitLost the quarterfinals
    2020 – 21Bundesliga Part 134372425861618 bitEliminated the second round
    2021 – 22Bundesliga Part 23420597244651 bitEliminated the second round


    As of July 2019

    Record in Europe

    ConventionTrialWinMinuteDefeatObtainedLostdifferenceWin rate
    UEFA Champions Cup / UEFA Champions League 77311828109117−8040.26
    UEFA Cup / UEFA Europa League 10051262317095+75051.00
    UEFA Cup Winners Cup 149232114+7064.29
    UEFA Intertoto Cup 121020235+18083.33

    European performance

    1950 – 2000

    2001 – 2010


    Current member

    2021-22 season formation
    As of July 2022[11]

    Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

    No.PosPlayer name
    1GKGermanyRalf Fährmann
NetherlandsThomas Ouwejan
    3DFAustriaLeo Grimle
    4DFJapanMaya Yoshida
NetherlandsSepp van den Berg
    6MFGermanyTom Claus
    7FWSwedenYordan Larsson (Flag of Cabo Verde.svg)
    8MFGermanyDanny Latza (Captain sports.svg)
    9FWGermanySimon Terradde
    10MFEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euRodrigo Zalazar (Flag of Spain.svg)
    13GKGermanyAlexander Schwolow
    17MFGermanyFlorian Flick
    19FWTurkeyKenan Karaman (Flag of Germany.svg)
    No.PosPlayer name
    20MFFranceFlorent Mollet
    22DFRepublic of Mali (Flag of France.svg)
    23MFGermany (Flag of Turkey.svg)
    24MFGermanyDominick Drexler
    27DFSwitzerlandCedric Brunner
    30MFCzech RepublicAlex Král (Flag of Slovakia.svg)
    34GKAustriaMichael Langer
    35DFPolandMarcin Kamiński
    40FWGermanySebastian Polter
    41DFGermanyHenning Matriciani (Flag of Italy.svg)
    42MFGermanyKerim Calhanor (Flag of Turkey.svg)

    * The national flag in parentheses indicates other nationalities, and the star indicates a player outside the EU.

    directed by
    • German flag

    Loan transfer


    Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

    No.PosPlayer name
NetherlandsSepp van den Berg (Liverpool FC)
    6MFGermanyTom Claus (RB Leipzig)
    No.PosPlayer name
    13GKGermanyAlexander Schwolow (Hertha Berlin)
    30MFCzech RepublicAlex Král (Spartak Moscow)

    Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

    No.PosPlayer name
    18MF(I.e. (SSV Jahn Regensburg)
    21FWGermany (SC Paderborn 07)
    --DFBelgiumDries Wouters (KV Mechelen)
    --MFMorocco (HJK Helsinki)
    No.PosPlayer name
    --MFAustria (FK Austria Vienna)
    --MFGermanyCan Bozdoğan (FC Utrecht)
    51MFMoroccoAmine Harit (Olympic marseille)

    Successive directors

    Successive players


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