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⚾ | Kokugakuin Tochigi did not advance to the best XNUMX Summer Koshien


Kokugakuin Tochigi does not advance to the best XNUMX Summer Koshien

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Kokugakuin Tochigi want to gain momentum after defeating the defending champion, Chiben Wakayama, in the second round.

The third round of the summer national high school baseball championship will be held on the XNUMXth, and Kokugakuin Tochigi, representing Tochigi Prefecture, will face Kyushu Gakuin, representing Kumamoto Prefecture. → Continue reading

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    Kokugakuin University Tochigi Junior and Senior High School

    Kokugakuin University Tochigi Junior and Senior High School(Kokugaku Iida Gakutoku Chigiku Gakkou and Kotogakko)TochigiTochigi CityLocated in Hirai Town,High school consistent educationI will provide aprivateJunior high school-high school.


    Abbreviation isKokutochi,Kokugakuin,Kokugakuin Tochigietc.Mt. TaiheizanLocated between the city and the city. Kokugakuin UniversityBy1959(Showa34), the establishment of the attached high school was decided at the request of the Tochigi shrine world and Tochigi city, and the first year students entered the following year. At the time of admission, the school building equipment was not completely completed,10/9The main school building was completed.

    Unlike when it was first established, it is now Kokugakuin University Tochigi Gakuen, and the management body in the sense of being a school corporation has changed,Kokugakuin UniversityPriority admission is possible. There is a recommended entrance examination when a certain standard is met by the results of the whole year, and a priority entrance examination by the unified examination of the three attached schools. Every year, more than 3 students enroll in Kokugakuin University.

    The school rules are the strictest in the prefecture.

    Installation form

    • Junior high school
    • high school
      • general course
        • Junior high school consistent course men and women (from attached middle school)
        • Special selection S course Male and female-30 people
        • Special selection course Male and female-40 people
        • Selection course Male and female-80 people
        • Humanities course Male and female-200 people

    Nearest Station

    Ryomo Line(JR East)・Tobu Nikko"Tochigi Station(8 minutes by bus, 40 minutes on foot)


    • 1959(Showa34) The educational foundation Kokugakuin University decides to install an attached high school at 608 Hirai-cho, Tochigi City, at the request of the Tochigi shrine world and Tochigi City.
    • 1960(Showa 35) Kokugakuin University Tochigi High School, first-year regular student enrollment
    • 1963(38)Kokugakuin University Tochigi GakuenEstablished and transferred from Kokugakuin University
    • 1964(39) Commerce Department established
    • 1985(Showa 60) Baseball clubThe 67rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipTo participate in
    • 1991(Heisei3 years) Approval to change the department name to the Department of Commerce and International Information
    • 1992(4) International Information Department (Eishin Course / Bunshin Course) established
    • 1996(8) Kokugakuin University Tochigi Junior High School established
    • 2006(18) Abolition of regular course (XNUMXst class) national course, change of regular course (XNUMXnd class) humanities course to selected course α and selected course β
    • 2010(22) Special selection S course set up in ordinary department
    • 2012(24) Abolished the course system of the International Information Department
    • 2013(25) Established Global Course in Ordinary Course and suspended recruitment of International Information Course
    • 2013(25) Selected α course changed to selected course, selected β course changed to Bunri course
    • 2016(28) International Information Department abolished
    • 2017(29) Abolition of system 1 and 2
    • 2018(30) New dormitory for club students, rugby field with artificial grass completed
    • 2022(Reiwa 4th year) The rugby clubNational High School Rugby Football TournamentFirst runner-up in the prefecture[1]
    • 2022(4) Baseball clubThe 104rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipParticipated in.As a cheering song, the classic masterpiece "Antonin DvorakComposition/Symphony No.XNUMX E minor"From the New WorldXNUMXth Movement (Allegro con fuoco)” appeared for the first time.

    Famous people






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    Sister school

    An affiliated school in the same corporation

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    Official Website
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    Chirin Gakuen Wakayama Elementary School/Junior High School/High School

    Chirin Gakuen Wakayama Elementary School/Junior High School/High School(Chiben-gaku-enwaka-gyo-gaku-gaku-gaku-gaku-gaku-gaku-gaku-gakuBritish: Chiben Gakuen Wakayama Elementary / Junior and Senior High School) IsWakayamaWakayama CityLocated in Fuyuno,privateprimary school-Junior high school-high school..Known as Chiben Wakayama.

    Jiun Gakuen Junior and Senior High School(NaraGojo City),Chirin Gakuen Nara College Elementary School/Junior High School/High School(Nara PrefectureKashiba) Is a sibling school with the same installer.


    1972(Showa47 years),NaraGojo City OfJiun Gakuen Junior and Senior High SchoolThen 40% of the students went to school from Wakayama prefecture.Since there is no private school subsidy from Wakayama prefecture for students from Wakayama prefecture, the principal at that time was in Wakayama prefecture.Masao OhashiThere is a history of going to the governor. Governor Ohashi said, "I didn't know that so many students attended. Why not go to Wakayama?" There were not many excellent private schools at that time in Wakayama Prefecture, and excellent students were found in Nara Prefecture andOsakaHad been leaked to the upper secondary school. Also,1978The number of high school students is expected to increase rapidly in (53), and the establishment of a high school in Wakayama was also an issue.The Wakayama Prefectural Assembly, who received the intention of the governor, visited Chiben Gakuen in Gojo City and strongly requested that they advance to Wakayama.

    Chiben Gakuen, which had been struggling to acquire excellent students for more than 10 years since its foundation, could not afford to open a second school, but decided to open it because of the enthusiasm of the Wakayama prefectural education world.It was also a difficult bet for Chiben Gakuen to open a brothers' school that would reduce the number of students from Wakayama.From some candidate sites prepared by Wakayama Prefecture,JR Kinokuni LineKuroe StationThe nearby Nemiyama was chosen.WakauraYou can seeWakayama StationYou can get there in about 20 minutes by train. As of April 2022, 1 bottles during school hoursHanwa LineThere is also a direct train from, which is used by many students who go to school.

    In October 1978Chirin Gakuen Wakayama Junior and Senior High SchoolWas opened at the same time, but the students did not move.In the first year of the high school entrance examination, there are only 300 examinees for a capacity of 301 people.Moreover, half of them were rejected.Prefectural assemblyCriticized, but it was a painful choice after thinking about what kind of school it would be like in the future.

    Same as Gojo's Chiben Gakuen, 70 minutes class (2017 minutes from 60), 1 hours for junior high school students, 3 hours for high school students, self-study for baseball, and Wakayama school is gradually formed at Gojo school. It is being developed in the form of strengthening education.As a result, I am in the first year of high school1981From (Showa 56)Kyoto UniversityThe number of successful applicants was produced, and in 1993 (Heisei 5), the number of successful applicants at the University of Tokyo exceeded 20 in a single year.Also the baseball club1985(Showa 60)SelectionFirst appearance. 1994 (Heisei6 years)Spring:Victory,1997(9),2000(12),2021(Reiwa3 years)Summer: I won the championship.

    2002In (14)Chirin Gakuen Wakayama Elementary SchoolOpenedElementary, middle and high school consistent educationBecomes

    Currently, there are 6 courses, "Middle and High School 3 Years Integrated Course", "Transfer Course", and "Sports Course". The "Middle / High 6 Years Integrated Course" and "Transfer Course" are joined at the time of Middle 5 (High 2).In addition, from 2017, the activities of the Culture Department of the transfer course have been lifted. "Sports course" enrolled in high school,KoshienAim to participate.

    From the beginning of school every year in April South KoreaIt is customary to go on a school trip to[1][2]However, from 2017, it was changed to Hokkaido in consideration of the situation in North Korea, and South Korea became a training trip only for those who wished.1991Invited a lecturer from the Korean Consulate General in Osaka,HangulCourse started[1][3].

    School priority goals

    • One good per day
    • Achievement improvement
    • Greeting

    It is stipulated that it is posted in each classroom.


    Location of Chi-Bon Gakuen Wakayama Elementary School, Junior High School, and High School (in Wakayama Prefecture)
    Chirin Gakuen Wakayama Elementary School/Junior High School/High School
    • 19784 -Jiyu Gakuen Wakayama Junior and Senior High School opens.
    • 1987April-Introducing a sports course in high school.
    • 1997August-First victory at Koshien in summer.
    • 2002April-Wakayama Elementary School opens.
    • 2021August-Defeated Chiben Gakuen at Koshien for the third time.


    • Ability-based classes are organized according to academic ability for each of the humanities and sciences.
    • There is no morning assembly, and every morning all students read the mantras and treasures read by the teacher in charge from the speaker in each class.After that, listen to the daily "Words of Sozo-sama".
    • The United States of AmericaIt is inThomas Jefferson High School,AustraliaWe have a student exchange program with St. Catherine Catholic College in St. Catherine.


    primary school
    • April-Opening ceremony
    • 5 month - Children's dayEvent, parent and child school experience/visiting, spring excursion, Thanksgiving, start swimming instruction (small 1 to small 3)
    • 6 month - kabukiAppreciation classroom (small 6), rice planting (small 4), Thanksgiving, performance test (small 6), seaside school (small 4), seaside school (small 1, small 2)
    • 7 month - TanabataFestival events,Seaside school(Small 5), Thanksgiving,Forest school(Small 3)
    • August-Closing ceremony, summer holidays, special tuition,Astronomical observationAssociation
    • September-opening ceremony, Thanksgiving,Rice harvesting(Small 4)
    • October-athletic meet, social tour,AbacusClass start (small 3)
    • November-Ability test (small 11 and small 5), Thanksgiving, rice ball lunch (small 6),misoConstruction (6th grade), health checkup at school
    • December-Cultural festival, Thanksgiving, closing ceremony
    • January-Opening Ceremony, Thanksgiving Day, Weekend Week Start
    • 2 month - 節 分Events,AustraliaSchool excursion (Small 6), Ability test (Small 4 and Small 5), Meeting to welcome seniors
    • 3 month - (I.e.Events, last day of club activities, last day of committees, XNUMXth year students, last day of rope jumping, closing ceremony, completion ceremony, retirement ceremony
    Junior high and high school
    • April-Renseikai (High 4)
    • May-Ball Games
    • June-Music appreciation party
    • July-Forest School (Middle 7:Sakai Plateau, Medium 2:Sanpei mountain), Seaside School (3:Awaji Island), South KoreaStudy trip (high 2, only for those who wish)[4]
    • August-Closing ceremony, summer holidays, foreign student visit (Korea),TodaiVisit (3rd),ShirasakiTraining camp (2nd)
    • September-Physical education, district conferences, international students visit (Australia)
    • 10 month - HokkaidoSchool trip (2nd grade), school festival, educational lecture, advancement guidance, free attendance (3rd grade, 3rd grade)
    • November-Ability test (other than middle 11 and high 3)
    • December-Alumni Sending Party
    • January-Examination, work break (middle 1 and high 3), high school graduation ceremony
    • February-Junior high school graduation ceremony
    • 3 month - AmericaShort-term study abroad (high 1), Short-term study abroad in Australia (high 1),KoyasanTraining camp (1st middle), closing ceremony (other than 3rd middle and 3rd high)

    Extracurricular activities

    Going on to school

    Todai-Kyoto University,National public universitiesFaculty of medicineDepartment of medicine,National Defense Academy,National Defense Medical CollegeThe number of successful applicants isWakayamaIt is by far the best inside.A large number of successful applicants will be sent to other difficult universities.From the 1990s to the 2000s, about 20 people passed the University of Tokyo, but in the 2010s, there were more than 8 or 10 people.In 2021, there were eight people.

    Baseball club

    1979Wound part.1980ThanHitoshi TakashimaBecame the director and got his first appearance in the summer of 1987.Since 1990, most of the representative schools in Wakayama Prefecture have been occupied by the school, and now it has participated the most in the prefecture.He has won the national tournament four times in spring and summer.one time2002 OfSummer competitionIn the third round ofJiun GakuenPlayed against. At this time, Jibun Wakayama won in 7-3. He made it to the final for the first time in 2018 years at the 90 18th Memorial Selection Tournament, but lost to Osaka Toin High School 2-5 and became a runner-up. Manager Takashima retired with Koshien in the summer of this year, and was appointed as Honorary Director of the baseball club of the school and Jien Gakuen.2019FromHanshin TigersOB played inHitoshi NakataniIs the director.In the summer tournament of 2021 after taking office as Director Nakatani, he won the final at the first brother school in the history of the championship with Chiben Gakuen, and also won the Kiwa decisive battle for national domination 9-2, the third time in 21 years. Decided to win[5].

    (The game progress[1](See)

    Famous people




    Prominent faculty / staff / related persons

    • Hitoshi Takashima --Former director of the school's baseball club
    • Ichiro --Temporary coach of the school's baseball club.In addition, he was deeply impressed by the school's support for baseball and established a grass baseball team called "KOBE CHIBEN", which is actually playing against the school's faculty and staff team.


    To distinguish the abbreviation from the brothers' school, Chiben Gakuen Junior and Senior High School is called "Gojo School" and Chiben Gakuen Nara College is called "College".In addition, it should be noted.high school baseballThen in principleNew fontBecause it is supposed to usevalveIt is written as "Gakuen Wakayama" (the lyrics of the school song are written by Chiben Gakuen).
    Sister school


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    • "Let's find a valuable school (lucky school) in 2001 Kansai boys' school + co-school"Obunsha, August 2000, 7.ISBN 4-01-008958-X. 

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