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⚾ | Former DeNA Otosaka decides to participate in Venezuela WL Team expectations "A player who should leave an impact"

Photo Former DeNA Satoshi Otosaka [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Former DeNA Otosaka decides to participate in Venezuela WL Expectations of the team "A player who should leave an impact"

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Japanese players such as Mac Suzuki, Hideo Nomo, Katsuhiko Maekawa, Toru Murata, and Shunsuke Watanabe have played in the Venezuela Winter League in the past.

78 batting average, 367 homers, 3 RBIs, and 25 stolen bases in 26 games in Mexico. → Continue reading


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Shunsuke Watanabe and other Japanese

    Hideo Nomo

    Hideo Nomo(Hideo Nomo,1968<Showa 43>8/31 -) isOsakaOsakaFormer originProfessional baseball player(pitcher). Right-handed and right-handed.San Diego Padres Advisor.


    "Tornado Throw」と呼ばれる独特なフォームから繰り出されるフォークなどで三振を量産し、NPBMLBWas active in.

    The first in the Pacific League in the NPB eraSawamura Eiji PrizeAwarded (Osaka Kintetsu BuffaloesIs also the only pitcher from Kintetsu who won the award in the era whenPitcher Triple CrownAchieved, becoming the most tie record in the Pacific LeagueMost winsHas been acquired 4 times.

    In the MLB eraNo hit no runAchieved twice,Most strikeout2 times,Newcomer KingBoth awards have achieved the first feat in Asian history.[1][2].

    Japan-US total strikeouts3122) Record holder.Seoul OlympicsBaseball silver medalist.

    2016From OctoberSan Diego PadresBecame an advisor to[3][4][5].

    The eldest son from 2015 to 2018Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersHideo Nomo, who served as an interpreter for the team[6][7][8][9]. Also,ShinrensaiThe member of Mitsudo Cap is a distant relative.


    Before entering professional

    He was a completely unknown player when he was in elementary and junior high school, but later understood that "twisting and throwing the body will increase the power of the fastball".Tornado ThrowI was throwing it in the form that became the prototype of.High schoolKindaisukeEtc. of the prestigious baseball club SelectionsI received some but failed, and Osaka Prefectural Seijo High School (currentlyOsaka Prefectural Seijo High School).In high school, he became an ace from the second grade and became an ace.1985March 7National High School Baseball Championship Osaka TournamentOf the fourth roundOsaka Prefectural Ikuno High SchoolIn battlePerfect matchAchieved. In the 3rd year, he left a record such as advancing to the best 16 (5th round).The high school director later looked back on the pitching method and said, "It doesn't twist as much as the tornado, but I felt the scale.WhirlwindI named it "Pitching".

    I was already invited by a professional when I graduated from high school,New Japan Made Iron SakaiJoined the company (worked at a subsidiaryNippon Steel ChemicalGeneral Affairs Department).The salary at Nippon Steel Chemical at that time was 11 yen at face value and about 9000 yen at take-home.In the first year at Nippon Steel SakaisliderIt becomes the greatest weapon because I could not masterFork ballLearned. Second year1988ToCity oppositionParticipate in. In the third roundNTT TokyoComplete game, throwing an extended 2 times even in the second roundDaishowa PaperDecorate a goodbye win.The quarterfinalsToshiba OfSatoshi KikuchiBut he is driven in early and is eliminated[10].. Same yearWorld CupRepresentation from JapanWas elected toSeoul OlympicsIs contributing to winning the silver medal.1989 OfCity oppositionWill advance to the semi-finals,Daishowa Paper HokkaidoLose to[10].. Same yearIntercontinental cupBecame a representative of Japan.

    It was held while the course that became the No. 1 amateur pitcher in both name and reality was drawing attention.1989 NPB draftThen the largest number of 8 teams in history (Hanshin Tigers,Lotte Orions,Yakult Swallows,Yokohama Ocean Whales,Fukuoka Daiei Hawks,Nippon Ham Fighters,Orix Braves,Kintetsu Buffaloes), And as a result of the lottery, Kintetsu acquired the right to negotiate.The estimated contract fee is 1 million yen, which is the first time in history to reach the 1 million yen level, and the estimated annual salary is 1 million yen.

    Kintetsu era

    19904 month 10 daySeibu LionsFirst professional pitching in the battle.After that, the games without victory continued, but in the match against Orix on April 4, 29 games were taken in one game of the Japan-Thailand record (at that time).StrikeoutRecorded and won the first professional victory with a complete game.Although he was a newcomer in the same yearMost wins-Best defense rate-Most strikeout-Highest win rateIn addition to monopolizing the pitcher's four crownsBest nine-Newcomer King-Sawamura Eiji Prize-MVPIt wasn't until 1989 that the Pacific League pitchers were selected for the Sawamura Award, and Nomo became the first to receive the Pacific League award (by 1, the Rookie of the Year and the Sawamura Award).Hiroshi Gondo-Tsuneo Horiuchi-Koji UeharaBut,Kida IsamuHas won double awards for Rookie King and MVP, but only Nomo has won triple awards for Rookie King, Sawamura Award, and MVP.However, Kida was not a recipient of the award because the Sawamura Award was selected only in the Central League at that time).Regarding strikeouts, the season's double-digit strikeout games 2 times, 21 consecutive double-digit strikeouts (at that time), strikeout rate 5 (Pacific League highest record), etc. Shows an activity that is no different from another name.

    1991In 6, he recorded double-digit strikeouts in 2 consecutive games that broke his own record.All star gamesThen Round 1 (Tokyo Dome) as a starting pitcher for all Pas, and the first batterKazuyoshi TachinamiRecorded 6 strikeouts, including 1990's ball banquet.Round 2 (Hiroshima City StadiumIn)Koji AkiyamaWas sent off after being injured by a self-hit ball, and there was no other fielder.HittingParticipated in.The result was a missed strikeout, but since Akiyama had already had two strikeouts, Akiyama's strikeout was on record.At this time OrixSatoshi NakajimaI wore my helmet and stood at bat.

    1992He also won 18 wins, and won titles such as the most wins and the most strikeouts for the second consecutive year.

    1993Also recorded double-digit strikeouts in 5 consecutive games.At the same time, from 2 to 1990, he achieved the title of the most wins and the most strikeouts for 1993 consecutive years from the first rookie year (the most strikeouts from rookies for 4 years in a row are other)Yuka EnatsuHowever, it was not the title at that time).

    1994In the opening round of Seibu, he struck out 4 times by the 11th inning and hit no hits up to the 8th inning, but relieved.Motoyuki Akahori Ito workIn 7, he was defeated by a come-from-behind good-bye home run. In the match against Seibu on July 1, he set a Japanese record of 1 walks in one game, but he threw 16 balls and scored a complete game victory with 191 runs.Due to right shoulder pain, he left the battlefield in the middle of the season, so he only had 3 wins and 8 strikeouts, and the record for the most wins and most strikeouts was broken.

    Background of Kintetsu leaving

    Conflict with the team

    1994The contract renewal is a multi-year contract,Danno VillageAs an agentAgent negotiation systemHowever, the team refused because he had a shoulder injury and shook the stick in the second half of the season.At this time, the team is said to have said, "You are no longer the face of Kintetsu."The president of the baseball team told the media that he would give him more annual salary, and he was optimistic that the request was just an excuse to raise his annual salary and that he would sign it in the next renewal.Nomo responded, "It's not a matter of money," but the media agreed with Kintetsu's opinion on this series of movements and gradually became isolated.Furthermore, from the pitcher of the team OB, the feud will surface later with respect to the team front.Suzuki revelationBefore Suzuki became the directorAkira AokiHe says he has been complaining since he was a director.

    • Despite being the opening pitcher, a person from the head office came to the team and was asked to move the car (Fujiidera StadiumThere was no parking lot for athletes)[11][12].
    • Income will increase as the number of spectators increases, and if you win, you will have to raise your annual salary.10.19 decisive battleIt's best to have a fierce battle for the championship and finish in 2nd place. "
    • Presented an annual salary to maintain the status quo during the off-season with the most wins for four consecutive years[13].

    Unless Nomo expresses his intention to play on Kintetsu, the team will not trade or make a free contract.Voluntary retirementI tried to treat it as.This is because he cannot play in other baseball teams unless he has a free contract, which was the first reason he decided to challenge Major League Baseball.AgentDanno VillageNomo later revealed that he was looking for a major transfer from the beginning, and it was the strategy that pulled out voluntary retirement from the Kintetsu Buffalo team.[14].

    Conflict with the director

    Another reason was a feud with Keishi Suzuki, the successor to Ogi.[15]..Nomo cites "do not modify the pitching form" as a condition for joining Kintetsu.Director at the timeAkira AokiWillingly accept this[16][17]Nomo came to trust and respect Ogi because he left the adjustment method to himself.Regarding this, in his later years when he was a major player, he said, "I was trying hard to contribute to the team in order to raise Mr. Ogi who trusted me, but that feeling diminished when Mr. Ogi resigned from the coach. ".In addition, Suzuki, who became the manager in 1993, interfered with various things such as form and adjustment method, probably because he was a pitcher who had a record of 317 wins in the starting lineup.He also showed a strict stance as a player coach.As an example, Nomo made slow adjustments before the opening with the idea that it would be fine if he was in good shape in the opening round, but Suzuki requested a result from the opening round.Ryuji TachibanaHe was making stamina in his own way, such as long-distance pitching, with one-on-one guidance, but Suzuki demanded that he run in earnest and asked, "How many laps should I run?" Suzuki said, "It's different from how many laps. Baseball. Athletes run earnestly. "The Kintetsu pitchers had confidence in Tachibana, but Tachibana left Kintetsu in 1993 due to Suzuki's cold treatment, so he was forced to buy back from the pitchers.

    Immediately after taking office as director, SuzukiYouzo MichigamiWhen Nomo appeared on the radio program, "I take strikeouts, but there are too many walks. (Throwing) I have to modify the form." "The current form will not work anymore. Will I be able to bow my head at that time?" He was dissatisfied with Nomo's poor control and completely denied Nomo's form.

    This teaching method led to a conflict with Suzuki, which was the second reason for deciding to leave Kintetsu.At that time, he was Nomo and his teammates.Kanamura YoshiakiIn his book "Winning Director Losing Boss", Nomo introduced his remark "I didn't really want to do it in major leagues. However, I thought I couldn't do it under that director (Suzuki), that's all." doing.

    As a result of these factors overlapping, Nomo decided to break the restraint on the front of the baseball team and leave Kintetsu to challenge the major leagues.He is treated as a voluntary retirement rather than a free contract, so when he returned to the Japanese professional baseball world, Kintetsu would have the ownership.According to Article 68, Paragraph 2 of the Baseball Agreement at that time, "All reserved players shall negotiate a player contract with other baseball teams, or engage in all baseball activities such as games or joint practice for other baseball teams. However, it is possible to contract with a major baseball team because the commissioner's secretariat had stated that the ownership of the baseball team by voluntary retirement does not extend to foreign baseball teams. (After that, the NPB side, who felt a sense of crisis about the outflow of Japanese players due to voluntary retirement, revised the agreement in 1999 and added a clause "including baseball teams of any foreign professional baseball organization", so now it is now. Players who have voluntarily retired, including not only Japan but also major baseball teams, can no longer contract with professional baseball teams from around the world).Since Kintetsu merged with Orix in 2004, it is interpreted that the ownership has been transferred to Orix.

    Criticism by Masanori Murakami

    1995 year 3 month,Masanori MurakamiCriticized Nomo in Weekly Baseball Magazine[18][Additional description required].

    Joined the Dodgers 1st term of the Dodgers

    1995March 2Los Angeles DodgersSign a minor contract with.Contract fee 200 million dollars (about 1 million yen)[19]The annual salary has increased from 1 million yen in the Kintetsu era to only 4000 million yen.Uniform number 980 had a friendshipTunnels OfTakaaki IshibashiBut the movie "Major league 2I chose it because it is the uniform number that I had given as a Japanese player.The MLB at the time Nomo arrived in the United States was the previous year (1994)fromLong-term strikeDue to the influence of, the start of the 1995 season was delayed by almost a month, and the number of official games in the regular season was changed from the usual 1 games to 162 games. May 144ndSan Francisco GiantsHe made his major league debut as a starting pitcher in the game and made his debut.Masanori MurakamiSince then, he has become the second major Japanese leaguer for the first time in 32 seasons. Recorded the first sacrifice hit on the 2th. June 7ndNew York MetsHe won his first major victory in the match on the 14th.Pittsburgh PiratesIn the game, he recorded 16 strikeouts, the most record for newcomers to the team, and in the game against the Giants on the 24th, he recorded the first shutout victory in the history of Japanese major leaguers. 29thColorado RockiesUntil the warSandy cofaxAchieved 4 strikeouts in 50 games, which is a new record for the team.The same month is the firstPitcher of the Monthを獲得し、50.1イニングを投げ、2完封を含む6勝0敗・防御率0.89・WHIP0.82の好成績を残す。7月5日に初の得点を記録する。前半戦を13試合の登板で6勝1敗・防御率1.99・WHIP1.07の好成績で折り返し、All star gamesHe was the first pitcher to be selected as a starting pitcher, and kept 2 innings to 1 hit and no runs. The first RBI was recorded on August 8. On August 5th, the match he started wasConfiscation gameHe became the first Japanese to experience a forfeit match in Major League Baseball. The first sacrifice fly was recorded on September 9.In the second half of the game, he pitched 12 games with 15 wins and 7 losses, an ERA of 5, and a WHIP of 3.03.Greg MadduxThe league's second-placed ERA of 2, 2.54 strikeouts, and the league's highest number of 236 shutouts for the first timeMost strikeoutWon the title and contributed to the team's first district victory in seven years.In Japan and the United StatesNOMO maniaIt was so popular that the word was born.Also, as the announcer of the game commentary, Nomo robs the batter of many strikeouts, so every time he strikes out, in Japanese"SANSHIN'Was saying.Cincinnati RedsWithDivision seriesThen, he started in the third game, but he dropped out with 3 goals in the middle of the 6th inning and became a losing pitcher, and the team also lost in 5 consecutive losses.Newcomer KingIn the voteChipper JonesReceived the awardSai Young AwardAlso ranked 4th in the vote.

    1996 OfSpring trainingExtend the contract for $ 3 million for 430 years. April 4thFlorida MarlinsIn the game, he recorded 2 strikeouts, which was the second place in the history of the team after Koufax, and won a complete game. He recorded his first walk on base on the 17th. He hit his first double on June 30th. In the game against the Rockies on July 6, he achieved 9 NPB / MLB wins in total by pitching 7 hits and 5 run in the 8th inning. September 5stPhiladelphia PhilliesAchieved 3 strikeouts for the second consecutive year from the first year, which is the third major player in the history of the game. In the game against Rockies on the 1th, the start of the game was delayed by 2 hours due to rain, but it was the first pitching that sealed the tornado from the third inning and was in the set position from beginning to end.No hit no runAchieved.It is known as "batter's paradise" where stamina is consumed quickly due to the thin air in the highlands, the stadium is not wide, and the ball is easy to fly.Coors fieldNomo himself was the only player to achieve a no-hitter no-run at the same stadium, even though he had only pitched twice in the past, with an ERA of 2. Some media reported that[20][21]..Also, at Coors Field, it is difficult to hit the ball by moistening the ball, which is said to have been inspired by the fact that the ball was moistened by rain when Nomo set a record.This month will be my second timePitcher of the MonthAlso won.In the second half of the game, he pitched 15 games and maintained a good performance with 7 wins and 4 losses, an ERA of 2.84 and WHIP 1.10, and finally marked 16 wins, the most in the team.team isSan Diego PadresAnd the district championship, but lost by one gameWildcardEarned.Atlanta BravesWithDivision seriesThen, he started in the 3rd game, but he became a losing pitcher because he couldn't show his strength with 4 goals in the middle of the 5th inning, and the team also lost 3 consecutive losses as in the previous year.

    1997In the match against the Marlins on April 4,Dwight GoodenAchieved 444 strikeouts in 2 times 3/500, which was the fastest record in the majors at that time. August 8Auckland Athletics戦でもグッデンに続きメジャー史上2人目となる新人年から3年連続の200奪三振を達成した。前半戦は18試合の登板で8勝7敗・防御率3.81・WHIP1.27の成績で折り返すが、7月26日のフィリーズ戦で打球を右肘に受けて退場、打撲と診断される。Disability listHe returned without entering, but in the second half of the game, he pitched in 15 games with 6 wins and 5 losses, an ERA of 4.81, and a WHIP of 1.50. September 9thAstrodomeAtHouston AstrosAfter the war, he sealed the tornado pitching method and switched to pitching from the set position from beginning to end, which was the first time since the previous year's no-hitter no-run achievement match, but the opponent was third.Jeff BagwellIn the first back, he took 2 runs and took 7 innings, and struck out 11 without winning or losing.In the end, he recorded the number of strikeouts in 4th place in the league, but the team missed the postseason advance.He underwent free cartilage removal surgery on his right elbow, which he said had been taut since June.

    1998Entered Los Angeles one month earlier than usual and started training.In spring training, the ball speed recovered to 1mph (about 91km / h) and there was a ball power, but the ball control was bad, and he threw a total of 146 times and left an earned run of 21 and anxiety at the opening. In the match against the Reds on April 19, he recorded seven consecutive strikeouts, which was the largest number of majors, but on the 4th.Chicago CubsIn the battle, he dropped 2/3 times with 8 goals.100th, the 28th major starterMilwaukee BrewersIn the 7th battleJapanese major leaguer first home runRecorded 45th win in total, but in the match against the Marlins on May 5, the middle finger of the right handFake nailsHe complained of pain caused by the pressure, and dropped out on the way. Until May, he pitched in 5 games with 12 wins and 2 losses, an ERA of 7, and a WHIP of 5.05.

    Mets era downturn


    1999Resigned with Mets on January 1 for $ 18 million a year, but on March 140 peopleWas released on March 3th.

    Cubs era

    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayChicago CubsSigned a minor contract with AAA classIowa CubsAlthough he was assigned to, he became a free contract only after starting three games.

    Brewers era Revival from the downturn

    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayMilwaukee BrewersContracted with $ 1 a year. AA gradeHuntsville StarsWas assigned to.After limiting one game to 1 innings with no runs, he was promoted to major on May 7. He hit his first triple on June 5th.In the first half of the game, he pitched in 9 games with 6 wins and 5 losses, an ERA of 13, and a WHIP of 7. Dodgers and Mets assembled a battery in the match against Mets on August 2nd.Mike PiazzaPlay against.He was a defeated pitcher with 3 hits and 5 runs in the 9th inning, including a home run in the third at bat. Told. September 6thArizona DiamondbacksIn battleRoger Clemens, Achieved a total of 3 strikeouts in the 147th game, which is the third speed record in major history after Gooden.In the second half of the game, he pitched in 1000 games with 15 wins and 5 losses, an ERA of 6, and a WHIP of 5.06, but in the end he scored 1.46 wins, the most in the team.

    Tigers era

    2000March 1Detroit TigersAnd a one-year contract with an annual salary of $ 125 million + a turnover of $ 225 million (the second year is a team option with an annual salary of $ 1 million).From this yearTwo seamsIn addition to learning the slider, the form in the set position was improved, and the quick time was shortened from 1.5 seconds to 1.3 seconds.[22].. April 4Auckland AthleticsThe first Japanese in the warOpening pitcherIn the 7th inning, 3 hits, 3 home runs and 3 runs, he became a winning pitcher. July 7ndKansas City RoyalsIn battleMac suzukiIn the 7th inning, he won 0/3 with no runs and 7 strikeouts. In the match against Brewers on the 9th, beef was distributed to the spectators in an Italian sausage costume.Sausage raceAlso participated and won the championship.The spectators were informed of this in an announcement after the race.However, in the first half of the game, he pitched in 20 games with 3 wins and 7 losses, an ERA of 4.74, and a WHIP of 1.48. He returned to the Athletics match on the 8th and scored his fifth win.

    Red sox era

    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayBoston Red SoxSigned a one-year contract with an annual salary of $ 325 million and a turnover of $ 75.

    20014 month 4 dayBaltimore OriolesIn the battle, the start of the game was delayed due to a breakdown of the electrical system,Second no-hitter no-runAchieved.As a Red Sox pitcher, on September 1965, 9(English editionIs a pairCleveland IndiansBattle (Fenway ParkIt was the 35th (13th) no-hitter no-run for the first time in about 15 and a half years since it was achieved in).AlsoCamden YardsNomo was the only achiever in history at the end of the 2020 season[23]It was a feat at the stadium where it was difficult to achieve no-hitter, following 1996.As a result, no hitters were achieved in both leagues.Sai Young,Jim Banning,Nolan RyanIt achieved the fourth feat in history after. On April 4, the Red Sox team will play the 4th anniversary match from the first MLB match at Fenway Park, the home stadium of the Red Sox.[24]BecomeMinnesota TwinsHe was the starting lineup in the war. The outside temperature during the night game held in Boston in April is generally low, but it is difficult to control the ball because the night game on this day was quite cold from the start time and the hand holding the ball was cold enough to freeze. It was a situation.However, the pitching became clearer as the innings progressed, and in the end, he showed a strong pitching to keep the Twins hitting line to no hits up to the 4th inning. May 7ndSeattle MarinersIn the battle, he faced Ichiro for the first time in a major game, holding down the first and second at-bats to two grounders and middle-flying, and gave a hit by pitch to the third at-bat. 1thToronto Blue Jays戦では7者連続を含む14奪三振1安打で完封勝利を挙げ、6年ぶりの無四球を記録。6月16日のブレーブス戦では3回にNPB/MLB通算2500奪三振を達成。前半戦を18試合の登板で8勝4敗・防御率3.83・WHIP1.21で折り返し、7月20日のChicago White SoxIt has reached 2 wins for the 5th time in 10 years. In July, he won 7 wins without losing, with an ERA of 5 and WHIP 3.00, and was voted by the Pitcher of the Month.Mark MulderIt came in second place after. From August, the condition dropped to 2 wins and 8 losses, an ERA of 2, and WHIP 6.However, throughout the season, the strikeout rate did not drop below 6.07, and he recorded the league's first strikeout rate of 1.49, surpassing 9.00 strikeouts for the first time in four years, and won his second most strikeouts.

    Return to the Dodgers The second term of the Dodgers enrollment

    On December 2001th, after the end of the 12 season, he returned to the Dodgers for two years for $ 19 million (a team option with an annual salary of $ 2 million in the third year).We had a press conference with Kazuhisa Ishii.

    2002In the game against the Giants on April 4, the number of hits was limited to 2 hit up to the 4th inning, and in the 1th inning, the bases loaded with 5 deaths.Takeshi ShinjoHowever, he held Shinjo down to a grounder and won his first victory after returning to the Dodgers.After that, he did not engage with the batting line, but from May 5th, he was active with 17 wins and 14 loss, and recorded 1 major strikeouts in the Red Sox game on June 6st. In the match against Diamondbacks on July 21stRandy JohnsonIn the 5th inning, Johnson hit a double in a timely manner, and even in the 8th inning, 5 hits, no hits, no runs, 7 strikeouts, and a good throw, recording his longest 7 consecutive wins in Thailand.In the first half of the game, he pitched in 18 games with 9 wins and 5 losses, an ERA of 3.16, and a WHIP of 1.32. In the match against the Marlins on August 8, he suddenly disturbed the control ball in the third inning and became a defeated pitcher.Of the same year teammatesKazuhisa IshiiIn terms of the number of walks, he recorded 1st and 2nd place in all majors (1st place is Ishii 106, 2nd place is Nomo 103).

    2003Was nominated as the opening pitcher for the first time in three years, and in the opening game against Diamondbacks on March 3st.Randy JohnsonShutout victory. At the Giants match on April 4th100 major winsAchieved.In the first half of the game, he pitched 20 games with 9 wins and 8 losses, an ERA of 2.97, and WHIP 1.12. Inflammation of the right shoulder rotator cuff was found in September,Disability listHe was treated without entering and returned on the 14th.In the end, the ERA was 6, 3.09th in the league.Score coverageWon 3 wins in 5th place in the league despite being 16rd in the league worstSean Green"There are two brownies (Kevin Brown) and Ace in my house," he praised.I had an endoscopic surgery on my shoulder off.

    2004The team exercised the option and remained.Although he served as the opening pitcher following the previous year, his recovery from the off-shoulder surgery was delayed and the ball speed did not return. I suffered 2 consecutive losses.This season was my final year at the Dodgers.

    After leaving the Dodgers

    2005Was the 8th year since its foundingTampa Bay Devil RaysAnd a minor contract. In the match against Brewers on June 6th200 wins in total for NPB / MLBAchieved, but dismissed on July 7. Signed a minor contract with the New York Yankees on the 26th. By achieving a total of 27 wins in NPB / MLBJapan Professional Baseball MeetupI got the right to enter, but at this time I withheld my attitude, saying, "I don't think I need to reply now."

    2006Minor contract with White Sox on March 3rd. AAA grade on April 3thシ ャ ー ロ ッ トHe pitched for the first time as a starting pitcher, but was registered on the disabled list due to inflammation of his right elbow, and the contract was canceled on June 6.In the end of the same month, he had an operation on his right elbow.

    2007,Dominican RepublicAtWinter leagueI considered participating, but gave up because the recovery was not good.To concentrate on rehabilitation, he remained unaffiliated with any team.afterwards,Riga Venezuelana de Beisbol Professional OfLeones del CaracasJoined the group and is allowed to participate in the Winter League in Venezuela. In the match against Guaíra on October 10, he pitched for the first time in a year and a half.

    2008Signed a minor contract with Royals on January 1th[25]..In order to reduce the burden on the operated right elbow, the windup motion, which was a major feature of the tornado, will be stopped and the throwing method will be unified to the set position.Although the ERA was not good in the open game, it was evaluated that the strikeout was relatively stable, such as throwing 16 innings, 16 strikeouts, and only 4 strikeouts, and was promoted to major on April 4.[26] After that, on the 10th of the same month, he pitched for the first time in 2005 days since July 7, 15.[27]..However, he did not perform well on the pitching opportunity after this, and on April 4th.DFABecame[28].

    September 2008, 5Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesShowed his intention to negotiate, but did not join the group. On July 7thKyodo News"I decided to retire. As a professional baseball player, I don't think I'll be able to show the performance to the customers, and I think there are many baseball teams that think the same way. I still have a strong desire to do it. , I thought that even if I was halfway with my own feelings, it would only cause trouble to the people around me. "RetiredExpressed.No special press conference was held.With the exception of the Dodgers, who spent most of his time in the major leagues, he had scored a winning star, so he was retiring from all 29 MLB teams near the end of his career.

    After retirement

    After returning to Japan2008As a temporary coach for 11 days from November 12thOrix BuffaloesI was invited to the autumn camp.

    2009Appointed technical advisor to ORIX on February 2st[29] However, the quota of watching the game once a month was not made in the same year off, andDaiishi OishiThe contract was canceled due to the retirement of the director. March 3th, withholding membershipJapan Professional Baseball MeetupOfficially joined.

    2010-2011IsHiroshima Toyo CarpIn charge of a temporary coach at the spring camp[30].. In November 2011, the Dodgers used it as a campsite until 11 and was called "Dodger Town".FloridaBecame a co-owner of a sports facility in Japan.

    On the other hand, at the Japan-US Friendship Youth Baseball Tournament held in July every year, he has been the director (general manager) of Japan's selection since the 7 tournament.At the same year's tournament as a coach,Shigeru HasegawaPlay against the Orange County selection directed by.2012As general director(I.e.Is the general directorAkinori OtsukaPlayed against the American selection, which is the pitcher coach.

    From 2010Baseball commentatorAlso active.Round 11 of the Japan Series on November 6th of the same year, which was the first commentaryChunichi DragonsversusChiba Lotte Marines(Nagoya Dome) TV broadcast (Tokai TV / Fuji TV series), the battery was assembled at the Seoul OlympicsAtsushi FurutaCo-starred with.This match ended with a 15-5 draw after reaching the first ever 43-time extension and the longest match time (2 hours 2 minutes) in the history of the Japan Series.At the end of the broadcast, I talked with Furuta saying "Thank you for your hard work."[31].. From 2011, at a pace of one game a year,Super Baseball Tiger Van Principle』(Asahi Broadcasting TV)ofSep-pa Exchange BattleAppeared as a guest commentator on the broadcast.

    2013November 11, the first Japanese playerAmerican Baseball Hall of FameAlthough it became a candidate for entry[32],2014In the announcement of being inducted into the American Baseball Hall of Fame on January 1, he lost 8 votes.The vote rate was 6%, which was less than 1.1%, so it was excluded from the candidates for the following year.[33].. on the other hand,Japanese Baseball Hall of FameThen, on November 11, it was announced that he was listed as a candidate for the athlete award.[34], May 2014, 1Koji Akiyama,Kazuhiro SasakiInducted into the Hall of Fame as a competitor award winnerBaseball Hall of Fame MuseumAnnounced by[35][36]..Entering the Baseball Hall of Fame in the first year of entering the award candidateVictor Starhin,Sadaharu OhIt became the third person in history after[36].

    January 2015, 1, American Professional Baseball Scout Foundation with NomoPark ParkWas awarded the "Pioneer Award" to honor the achievements in the internationalization of Major League Baseball.[37].

    From March 2016San Diego PadresBecame an advisor to[4][5][38].. In November, he was selected as the only Japanese player to be selected as the 11th place in the "40 most important players in the major leagues" announced by Sporting News of the United States.[39].

    20173 month 21 dayWBCIn the semi-finalsDodger StadiumHeld atAmericaversusJapanBefore the matchOpening ceremonyTommy LasodaAppeared with and showed off the pitch[40].

    Characteristics as a person/player

    Nickname is "Doctor K, "The Tornado".A unique way to turn your back toward the batter between the start of a big swing on the pitcher's mound and the release of the ball.OverthrowThe pitching method is "Tornado ThrowThe average ball speed released from this overhand throw is 86-90mph (about 138-145km / h), and the fastest is 95mph.[41]Straight with (152.9km / h) stretchFour seamAnd 77-82mph (about 124-132km / h)Fork ballWas used as a weapon[42]..Fastballs were basically four seams, but occasionally for left-handed battersCut fastballWith[42].. Sometimes in the 2000scurve, Slider, two-seam fastball, etc. are now available. After a shoulder injury during the 2004 season, the Dodgers doctor diagnosed that the twist of the tornado throwing method would put a strain on the shoulder. I had to seal the law. In the 2005 season, when he achieved 200 wins in Japan and the United States at the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at that time, he was throwing with tornado throwing, but the Devil Rays was dismissed in the middle of this season.From the following season to 2008, he couldn't return to the major leagues. He returned to the major leagues at Kansas City Royals in 2008, but it was far from the original performance because he sealed the tornado throwing method, and the fastball did not have the sharpness of yesteryear.Nomo was active in both Japan and the United States as a starting pitcher, but his pitching performance did not improve and he was reassigned from the starting pitcher to a middle pitcher.In the end, he retired from active duty in the middle of the season.

    The strikeout rate is extremely high, and the number of strikeouts has exceeded the number of pitches for the ninth consecutive year since he became a professional player. NPB / MLB totalStrikeout rate The9.28.. The strikeout rate is 8.7344 when limited to MLB, but it is still the 30th place in MLB history.[43](Total number of pitches 1000 innings or more).

    Former SeibuOrestes DestradeDescribes "Nomo is the best pitcher in the Japanese baseball world"[44].

    Pacific League refereeNatsuo YamazakiRecalls that Nomo was a pitcher who wanted a pitch that he was satisfied with without worrying about the strike zone judgment.[45].

    Dodgers era colleaguePaul Lo DucaNomo later recalled that he was a drinker who couldn't get drunk even after drinking 35 glasses of beer on a moving plane.[46].

    Social phenomenon

    • In 1990, the original video "All about Hideo Nomo, the King of Strikeouts", which animated the highlight scene of the rookie year and his boyhood, was released.The voice of Nomo in the anime partMatsunori Yasunori(Childhood:Kazuko Sugiyama) Played.
    • In 1995DiamantesIs Nomo's cheering song "Hideo Nomo's Theme HIDE ~ O"(Banana boat(Parody) is released as a single CD.At that time, the lyrics of "It's okay if Nomo throws it" were often heard in the city and became a boom. It was re-released as a maxi single in 2005.
    • In 1998, appeared in three high school English textbooks.One of them introduced the tornado throwing method with disassembled photos.
    • The movie "Jim Carrey" starring Jim Carrey, released in 1997Liar Liar], There is a scene where the hero's child gives the name of Nomo.

    Nomo and Cuba

    Several times during the adult baseball eraCuban representativeI am playing against.Nomo, who usually doesn't talk much, said after the Seoul Olympics, "It's amazing. That Cuban power. It's the first time for me." Looking back.Even after joining Kintetsu, the shock of the match was often poking out, saying, "It wasn't that powerful, right?", And he began to admire the major league baseball, which is the same as Cuba.Cuban players, who are rarely surprised, were amazed at Nomo's fastball and the magic ball that disappeared in front of the batter, and were looking forward to the confrontation with Nomo.It is said that the names of Japanese players are difficult to remember, but I remembered the name of "Nomo" firmly even in later years.He hit a home run from Nomo and struck out.Omar Linares,Antonio PachecoWas even bragging about "Mi Amigo (my friend)"[47].

    NOMO Baseball Club

    2003,JapaneseAdult baseballIn response to the current situation where the teams are being abolished one after another, Osaka Prefecture, where Nomo belonged to the Nippon Steel Sakai team, because he wanted to make a saucer for young people who wanted to play baseball.Sakai CityAdult baseball club team"NOMO Baseball ClubWas established and became the owner.2004National baseball organization for working adults "Japan Baseball FederationJoined.2005In the second year of formationCity competition baseball tournamentFor the first time in Japan, he won the number one club team in Japan at the All Japan Club Championship.

    またYouth baseball(Boys league) Is also the general director[48][49][50][51].

    Detailed information

    Pitcher results by year


    Every time











    A person




    1990Kintetsu292721211880--. 692975235.0167181092428712087762.911.17
    19913129224017111--. 6071024242.1183211281528715192823.051.28
    1992302917511880--. 692900216.215013117012284073642.661.23
    19933232142017120--. 5861064243.120122148172761311061003.701.43
    19941717600870--. 533512114.096986021267055463.631.60
    1995LAD28284311360--. 684780191.112414782523619563542.541.06
    1996333332016110--. 593932228.118023856223411393813.191.16
    1997333310014120--. 538904207.1193239229233104104984.251.37
    19981212200270--. 22229567.25783803734139385.051.40
    NYM1716100450--. 44439289.273115621949349484.821.44
    '98 total29283006120--. 333687157.113019942416713488864.921.42
    1999MIL282800012800. 600767176.117327782316110196894.541.42
    2000DET323110081200. 400828190.01913189131811601021004.741.47
    2001BOS3333221131000. 565849198.017126962322060105994.501.35
    2002LAD343400016600. 727926220.118926101521936092833.391.32
    20033333220161300. 552897218.117524986117711082753.091.25
    2004181800041100. 26739384.0105194214543077778.251.75
    2005TB19190005800. 385472100.2127165122593082817.241.77
    NPB: 51391348013278461--. 62944751051.17978358841912045124133683.151.32
    MLB: 12323318169212310900. 53084621976.1176825190831381918109179939324.241.35
    • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league


    • Most strikeout: Twice (2, 1995) * 2001 is the first time in Asian history[1], First acquisition in Japanese history




    NPB first record
    NPB milestone record
    • 1000 strikeouts: August 1993, 8, 27th round against Orix Bluewave (Green Stadium Kobe), back three timesSatoshi TakahashiFrom * 90th person in history (Achievement in 871 innings pitched is Pacific League record, 2nd place in history)
    • 1000 innings pitched: May 1994, 5, 31th round against Seibu Lions (Fujiidera Stadium), achieved 9nd death in the 6th inning * 2rd in history
    NPB and other records
    • pitcherTriple Crown: Once (1) *1990th person in history
    • 4 pitchers: 1 time (1990) * 9th in history
    • Double-digit strikeout: 70 times * Pacific League record
    • Season double-digit strikeout: 21 times (1990) * NPB record
    • Number of strikeouts by newcomers: 287 (1990) * Pacific League record
    • 6試合連続二桁奪三振(1991年4月7日 - 5月9日:11-10-10-10-10-10)※史上2位、Kintetsu BuffaloesTeam record
    • 1 strikeouts per game: April 17, 1990, 4th round against Orix Braves (Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium) * 29nd place in history as starting pitcher, Kintetsu Buffaloes team record
    • Season 22 complete game (1991) * Most in Heisei
    • Season 148 Walks (1993) * Pacific League record
    • 1 game 16 walks: July 1994, 7, 1th round against Seibu Lions (Seibu Lions Stadium) * NPB record
    • Five consecutive walks: July 5, 1992, 7th round against Seibu Lions (Seibu Lions Stadium) * NPB record
    • Most shutouts in the league: 2 times (1991, 1992)
    • All star gamesParticipation: 5 times (1990-1994)
    • Opening pitcher: 2 times (1993, 1994)
    MLB first record
    • First pitching/first start pitching: May 1995, 5, vs.San Francisco Giants2rd round (Candlestick park), 5 runs
    • First strikeout: Same as above, one behindDarren Lewisから
    • First victory/first start victory: June 1995, 6, vs.New York Mets4rd round (Dodger Stadium), 9 times 0/3 1 goal
    • First complete game victory, first shutout victory: June 1995, 6, 24th round against San Francisco Giants (Dodger Stadium)
    • First hit: April 1995, 7, vs.Florida Marlins5th round (Dodger Stadium), in the bottom of the 7thBobby wittTo middle hit
    • First RBI: August 1995, 8, San Francisco Giants 5th round (Candlestick Park), 9th inning(English editionTimely mid-front hits
    • First home run: August 1998, 4, vsMilwaukee Brewers5th round (Dodger Stadium), in the bottom of the 7th(English editionFrom left field solo home run
    Record of MLB milestones
    MLB other records
    • No hit no run: Twice (2, 1996) * 2001 is the first time in Asian history[2], The first achievement in Japanese history, the fourth achievement in both leagues
    August 1996, 9, vsColorado Rockies12rd round (Coors field), 4 walks, 8 strikeouts * First in stadium history
    August 2001, 4, vsBaltimore Orioles2rd round (Oriole Park at Camden Yards), 3 walks, 11 strikeouts * First in stadium history
    • Most shutouts in the league: 1 time (1995)
    • MLB All-Star GameParticipation: 1 time (1995) * Participation as a starting pitcher
    • Opening pitcher: 3 times (2000, 2003, 2004)
    Record of total NPB/MLB milestone
    NPB / MLB total and other records
    • 160 Wild pitch: The most Japanese (the most NPB)Chouji Murata148, equivalent to MLB 2021th place as of 28[55]

    Uniform number

    • 11 (1990-1994, 1999, 2001, 2005)
    • 16 (1995-1998)
    • 23 (2000)
    • 10 (2002-2004)
    • 91 (2008)

    Related information




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    注 釈

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