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⚾ | Hiroshima deletes 7 players such as Ryosuke Kikuchi as a special case, and the giants register Hayato Sakamoto and Tomoyuki Kanno Public announcement on the 16th

Photo Giant Hayato Sakamoto [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Hiroshima cancels 7 players including Ryosuke Kikuchi as a special exception, Giants register Hayato Sakamoto and Tomoyuki Kanno Announcement on the 16th

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He is the top hitter in the Pacific League with a batting average of .355, but his registration was canceled on July 7 due to a fracture in his left knee.

Seven Hiroshima players announced that the team was positive for the new corona, and Director Sasaoka also announced that in the professional baseball announcement on the 7th, Hiroshima pitcher Kazuki Yabuta, ... → Continue reading


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