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⚾ | Elementary school students now "do not fit into a mold" "Change" felt by Daisuke Matsuzaka in the Japan's best match

Photo Mr. Daisuke Matsuzaka who commented on the final of the "McDonald's Tournament" [Photo: Yasushi Kobayashi]

Today's elementary school students "don't fit into a mold" Daisuke Matsuzaka felt the "change" in Japan's best match

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Nakajo Blue Impulse's ace, Naru Hattori (6th year), who won the championship, started all 6 games in this tournament.

Nakajo Blue Impulse (Ishikawa) defeats the previous year's winning team and decides the number one elementary school team in Japan for the first time in the "Takamadonomiya Cup". → Continue reading


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Sei Hattori (6 years)

    Nakajo Blue Impulse


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