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⛳ | 20-year-old Chirei Iwai's first V, congratulations on her twin sister Akia who cried together "I'm already impressed. The closest person..."

Photo: Chirei Iwai (right) and her older sister, Akira, who accept the photo with the winning trophy in hand [Photo: Getty Images]

20-year-old Chirei Iwai's first V, twin sister Akia who cried together also congratulated "Already impressed. The closest person..."

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Regarding his own play, he said, "Personally, I have regrets, especially today, starting from 5 under, hitting a lot of bogeys, hitting double bogeys, and not being able to play my own golf. I don't think so," dissatisfied.

The final day of the NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament Women's golf domestic tour ・NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament is... → Continue reading


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