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🏓 | Table tennis / Hayata and others lose to Ito Nojima Cup for Olympic selection

Photo: Hina Hayata, who made it through the quarterfinals = Tokkei Security Hiratsuka General Gymnasium

Table tennis, Hayata et al. 4 strong, Ito loses Nojima cup for Olympic selection

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For men, Tomokazu Harimoto and Maharu Yoshimura (both from Ryukyu) entered the final four.

2024 Paris Olympics singles representative selection tournament for table tennis, the first day of the T League Nojima Cup is the 1th, Kanagawa Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Tomokazu Harimoto

Tomokazu Harimoto(Without Harimoto,20036/27[8][9] -) is a Japanese boyTable tennisplayer.Height is 178 cm (as of 2021)[10], Weight is 64kg (as of July 2018)[11], Shoe size 28cm (as of September 2017)[12]. ITTFMoreWorld rankingThe highest rank is 3rd (as of January 2019)[3]. RankIs 7 steps[13]..Blood type is O type[2]. T League TheKinoshita Meister TokyoHas a history of belonging to. 2022, GermanyBundesliga1 partsTTC Neu Urum,T LeagueRyukyu AstidaJoined. I'M G Belongs.

In 2017ITTF World TourWon the men's singles at the youngest age of 14 years and 61 days in world history[14].. Also in 2018ITTF World Tour Grand FinalHe won the men's singles at the age of 15 and 172 days, the youngest in the history of the world.[15].


MiyagiSendai citybirth[9]. ParentsChugokuSichuan ProvinceBackground[16][17]Yu Harimoto is a table tennis player and his father is a male junior representative from Japan.[7],Mother is1995 Of天津市Made in43st World Table Tennis ChampionshipsFormer representative player of(Chinese version)(Chan Lin)[18].

2005(Heisei17 years), holding a racket at the age of 2[19],Sendai City Higashimiyagino Elementary School,TokyoKita Ward Inatsuki Junior High SchoolGraduated fromNihon University High SchoolGraduated. Entered Waseda University School of Human Sciences (correspondence course) in April 2022[20]..At the same time, he became a member of IMG, which had a management contract after the contract with Kinoshita Komuten expired. Her younger sister under 5 years oldMiwa HarimotoAlso table tennis player[21].

2010(22), when I was in the first grade of elementary schoolAll Japan Table Tennis Championships(Bambi section), And won the Bambi Cub Hopes for 6 consecutive undefeated championships since then.[8].

2014In the spring of (26), he acquired Japanese nationality with his father, Zhang Yu, and his sister, Zhang Mei Hua.[17]do itNaturalizationThen,Zhang surnameHe became the surname of Harimoto (my mother, Zhang Ling, remains a Chinese national).

2015(27),FranceHeld atWorld Junior ChampionshipHe was elected as a representative in the sixth grade of elementary school, the youngest boy in Japanese history.[22],Paris terrorist attacksI couldn't participate because the dispatch was canceled due to the influence of[23].

2016(28) in AugustJOC Elite AcademyEntered school[19], In June when I was 12 years oldITTF World Tour・ Japan OpenOgimura Cup(U-21) ranked 28th in the world ranking at that time (Ho Kwan Kit /Hong Kong), second placeHugo Calderano(Brazil) Defeated the top players one after another and achieved the youngest victory in the world history of the U21 event. The world ranking, which was 190th, jumped to 63rd in a month. In octoberJSCから2020 Tokyo OlympicsAs a young strengthening player forTable tennisFrom the worldHirano MiuElected with[24].. In SeptemberSouth AfricaAt the World Junior Table Tennis Championships held, he won a gold medal in singles with a group, and in doubles he won a silver medal in a pair with Totora Tatsuzaki.In the World Junior Singles, he was the youngest player in the history of the tournament to win the championship at 13 years old and 163 days.[25].

2017(29) In the quarterfinals of the ITTF World Tour India Open in FebruaryRobert Gardoche(Austria), Local in the semifinalsKamal Achanta(India) Defeated in the finalDmitri Okhcharov(Germany) Lost straight to the world tour, the youngest player in the history of the world to advance to the final, but the victory was entrusted.[26].. Held in May54th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchIn the recommendation frame, he was elected to the world championship representative at 13 years and 6 months, the youngest in Japanese history for both men and women, and said, "I never dreamed."5/30ToKinoshita GroupAnd announce the contract.

54th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchWas a bronze medalist at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in the second round and was ranked 2th in the world at that time.Jun MizutaniDefeat and advance to the third round[27].. The fourth round is (Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu) And advanced to the quarterfinals. It is the first time in the history of the world to enter the best 13 at the age of 8 in the world championship.[28]In June, the ITTF World Tour China Open singles ranked 6th in the world ranking at that time.Vladimir Samsonov(Belarus), 9th placeTakaki NiwaDefeated them to advance to the semi-finals, and in the semi-finals, the former world ranking was 1st and 8th at that time.Timo BollAlthough he lost to (Germany), he was ranked 3rd.Yuto KizukuriDoubles teamed up with in the semifinals54th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchGold medal pairSakaki Higashi(Fan Zhendong / China),ForgivenessJin Ueda in the final, mentioning a big Venus defeating (Shu Singh / China)Yoshimura MaharuLost to and runner-up. Due to his success in May and June, he raised the world ranking from 5th to 6th in two months. Participate in the professional league "" that started in Malaysia in June of the same year. At the Czech Open in August, he defeated Timo Boll (Germany), who was ranked 69th in the world at the time, and won the championship at the age of 18 years and 6 days.(Chinese version)(Yu Tuyan / China) 16 years 30 days (14 Japan OP), for girlsMito Ito14 years old 152 days (15 years German OP) set the record for the youngest victory in the world tour[29][30].

In the men's singles junior division of the All Japan Table Tennis Championships held in January 2018, he won his first victory in the second year of junior high school.In this junior division, Harimoto won the championship without losing a single set, and showed a masterpiece play that kept the same generation away.In the men's singles general section, in the quarterfinalsYuya OshimaDefeated 4-1 in the following semi-finalsMorizono MasatakaOverwhelmed with 4-0.In the final, he has won the All Japan Table Tennis Championships nine times.Jun Mizutaniを4-2で勝利し、男子シングルス・一般の部において、史上最年少記録となる14歳208日で優勝するとともに、それまでの最年少記録17歳226日(水谷隼/2007年/平成19年大会/当時高校2年)を約3歳も更新した。

Also, in February of the same yearUnited Kingdom OfUKMade inITTFMoreSponsoredTeam world cupThen.Takaki Niwa,Hitoshi Ueda,Yuya OshimaFight with and in the finalChugokuAlthough he lost to, he won a silver medal. In this final, Harimoto is China's next-generation ace and No. 1 in the world ranking.Sakaki HigashiHe played against (Hwang Jen Dong / China) but lost 0-3. Held in Yokohama in AprilAsian CupThen, in the first stage, he played against Fan Zhendong again and named Venus who won 1-3 and ranked 1rd in the former world ranking in the 3rd game.SochifuchiHe also won (Chuan Chi Yuen / Taiwan) and passed the 1st place, but in the quarterfinals of the previous year's Asian Championship singles silver medalist(English edition)Although he lost to (John Sang-eun / Korea) and went to the ranking match, he won the world ranking 7th place Wong Chun Ting (Hong Kong) 4-0 and won the 9th place Koki Niwa in a full game. However, it led to the 5th place in the final result. As a result, in May of the following year, he will be ranked in the top 5 in the world at 14 years and 10 months, which is the youngest record in the history of the world.

November of the same yearITTF Table Tennis Japan Open Ogimura Cup (Ogimura Cup International Table Tennis Championships)In the quarterfinalsRio de Janeiro OlympicsSingles gold medalist and second in the world at the timeHorse dragon(Mar Rong / China), bronze medalist of the 54th World Table Tennis Championships individual competition singles in the semifinals, ranked 8th in the worldLi Shangzhu(Lee Sang Soo / Korea) in the finalLondon OlympicsSingles gold medal, Rio de Janeiro Olympic silver medalZhang JieDefeated (Jean Sieg / China) to win the World Tour for the second time[31].. As early as December, it reached the top 12 in the world ranking. This is also the youngest record in world history (5 years and 15 months).

In December of the same yearITTF World Tour Grand FinalThen, in the semi-finals, Hugo Calderano (Brazil), who has won the world ranking by defeating Fan Zhendong (China), who is ranked 1st in the world, is 6-4 straight, and in the final, he is ranked 0th in the world.Takato HayashiHe defeated (Lin Gao Yuen / China) 4-1 and won the championship at the youngest age of 15 years and 172 days in the history of the tournament. The youngest championship record of the tournament so far, 20 years old and 13th (2003 tournament / Wang Hao / Wang Hao / China), was renewed at once for the first time in 15 years by about 5 years old. Due to this success, the world ranking was raised to 1rd place in January the following year, recording the top 3 in the world's youngest (15 years and 6 months), and the highest ever world ranking for Japanese men (3th place / Jun Mizutani). ) Was also repainted.

2019(31) in AugustJOC Elite AcademyCompleted[20].. In December of the same yearWorld Cup Then I won the runner-up[32].

Became the first to participate in the Olympics2020 Tokyo Olympics Table Tennis Men's SinglesThen the third round was the first match and defeated Hong Kong's Lam Siu-hang 3-4.[33]..However, the schedule of the first match was changed without contacting the team the day before the match, and we will face the match without being able to replace the rubber, and Yoshihito Miyazaki, the captain of the Japanese team, is the tournament organizing committee and the International Table Tennis Federation. Protested against (ITTF)[33].. In the 4th round, Slovenia lost 3-4 and ended up in the 16th place.[34].

April 2022, 4, GermanyBundesliga1 partsTTC Neu UrumAnnounced to join[35].


  • When he won the ITTF World Tour Japan Open Ogimura Cup (U-21), he turned up and raised his sword.Shizuka Arakawa OfIna BauerBecause it resembled the movement of, Yosuke Kurashima, the coach of the All Japan National Team, called it "Haribauer".[36].. When he scored, he shouted "Chorei", which attracted a lot of attention.
  • Sakaki Higashi(Fan Zhendong / China)Jun MizutaniI respect you. Mizutani won the 2017th World Table Tennis Championships in 54 by playing in the second round.
  • baseballHe professes his love and is based in his hometown of Sendai.Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles OfMasahiro TanakaとEigoro MogiA fan of[37], September 2017, 9, also served as the opening ceremony at the Rakuten match on April 9, 2019[38].
  • A shogi player who was active at the same time and is close to the yearSota FujiiI respect you. We didn't know each other, but the conversation was realized in 2017.[39].
  • When I was in elementary school, I visited my elementary school to visit the disaster areaAi FukuharaI have experience of rallying.

Play style

Featuring an accurate backhand and a natural ball touch, he is also good at developing games from Chiquita, and Yosuke Kurashima, the coach of the All Japan National Team, acknowledges the future and says that he must be a player who must be raised as a world champion.[37].

Because of the style of aggressively attacking with flicks and chiquita from receive, it rarely goes down to the apse.


  • ITTF World Tour India Open (Men's Singles): XNUMXnd Place
  • 23th Asian Table Tennis Championships Men's team 3rd
  • ITTF World Tour China Open (Doubles): Runner-up (Yuto Kizukuripair)
  • ITTF World Tour Czech Open (Men's Singles): Winner
  • ITTF World Tour Germany Open (Doubles): XNUMXnd Place (Yuto Kizukuri Pair)
  • WTTMiddle East Hub Star Contender (Men's Singles): Winner


* Highest grade



Mixed doubles


International competition final

*Only general section

Men's Singles

 Win 7, Runner up 3

ResultYear.monthConventionScoreOpponentOfficial video
second place2017.02ITTF World Tour・ India OP0 – 4German flagDmitri Okhcharov[1]
Win2017.08ITTF World Tour・ Czech OP4 – 2German flagTimo Boll[2]
Win2018.06ITTF World Tour・ Japan OP4 – 3Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaZhang Jie[3]
Win2018.12ITTF World Tour Grand Final4 – 1Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaTakato Hayashi[4]
second place2019.06ITTF World Tour・ Hong Kong OP2 – 4Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaTakato Hayashi[5]
Win2021.03WTT Middle East Hub Star Contender4 – 2German flagRuwen Filus[6]

Others, 2019 Bulgaria Open Victory, 2019 World Cup Runner-up, 2020 Hungary Open Victory, 2022 WTT Champions Hungary Victory

Men's Doubles

 Runner up 2

ResultYear.monthConventionpairScoreOpponentOfficial video
second place2017.06ITTF World Tour・ China OPJapanese flagYuto Kizukuri1 – 3Japanese flagHitoshi Ueda/Japanese flagYoshimura Maharu[7]
second place2017.11ITTF World Tour・German OPJapanese flagYuto Kizukuri2 – 3Republic of Korea flagZheng Rong/Republic of Korea flagLi Shangzhu[8]

Mixed doubles

 Win 1, Runner up 1

ResultYear.monthConventionpairScoreOpponentOfficial video
second place2019.06ITTF World Tour・ Japan OPJapanese flagHina Hayata0 – 3Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaForgiveness/Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaZhu Yuling
Win2022.06WTT Contender ZagrebJapanese flagHina Hayata3 – 0Hong Kong flagWong Chun-ting/Hong Kong flagDu Kaiju[9]

Domestic tournament final

*Only general section

Men's Singles

 Win 1, Runner up 2

second place2020.01All Japan Table Tennis Championships3 – 4Yukiya Uda
Win2018.01All Japan Table Tennis Championships4 – 2Jun Mizutani
second place2018.03Japan Top 12 Table Tennis Tournament2 – 4Jun Mizutani


 Runner up 1

ResultYear.monthConventionScoreOpponentOpponent team
second place2016.10All Japan Table Tennis Championships2 – 3Masato ShionoTokyo art
2 – 3Kazuhiro Zhang

List of competition results

Abbreviation explanation

S = Men's Singles, D = Men's Doubles, M = Mixed Doubles, T = Group


W = 3st place, F = 4nd place, B = 8rd place, # P = # place (XNUMXth place or less), QF = Best XNUMX, # R = # Round robin defeat, RR = Round Robin defeat

YearsWorld championshipWorld CupGrand finalAsian GamesAsian ChampionshipAsian CupAll Japan ChampionshipTop 12

World ranking


T league results

SeasonTeamUniform numberSingleDoubles
Number of appearancesNumber of winsNumber of defeatsNumber of appearancesNumber of winsNumber of defeats 
2018 – 19Kinoshita Meister Tokyo#1723176202
2019 – 201174202
2020 – 2119163000
2021 – 2212842110
2022 – 23Ryukyu Astida#6


Youngest record


Representative history

Hopes Japan National Team
Junior Japan representative
Table tennis representative from Japan

Media appearance




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