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⚽ | Director Hasegawa, Nagoya, why he replaced "Keyman" Leo Silva "League match is also important situation" Unable to win consecutively...

Photo Director Kenta Hasegawa, who leads Nagoya [Photo: Takamoto Tokuhara]

Manager Hasegawa of Nagoya, the reason for replacing "key man" Leo Silva "League match is also an important situation" Consecutive victory cannot be achieved ...

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This game was described as a ``gradual introduction operation verification match for vocal support'', and 7000 seats on the Urawa side and 1000 seats on the Nagoya side were set to support vocal support.

The previous champion was defeated completely away to Urawa and decided to be eliminated J1 Nagoya Grampus will be in the Levain Cup quarter-finals on August 8... → Continue reading


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    voice support possible

      Gradual introduction management verification match


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