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[NPB Official League Pennant Race] Start soon! Orix vs Rakuten

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After this, from 8/10 18:00, the NPB Pacific League official game 2022 Orix Buffaloes vs Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles will be held at Kyocera Dome Osaka.

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NPB Pacific League Official Match 2022 Orix Buffaloes vs Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles

    Osaka Dome

    Osaka Dome(Osaka Dome)Japan OfOsakaOsakaNishi-wardMultipurpose inDome StadiumCombined leisure facility.Professional baseball-Pacific League(Pa League)Orix BuffaloesIs using it as a home.again,Hanshin TigersAlso,Selected High School Baseball TournamentandNational High School Baseball ChampionshipIt is the home base of (Koshien)Hanshin Koshien StadiumThis dome is used instead of the base because it cannot be used.

    Facility naming rightsDue to the sale of (naming rights), the name was changed from July 2006, 7.Kyocera Dome Osaka"(Kyocera Dome Osaka)Later).


    Osaka City is in the Pacific LeagueOsaka Kintetsu BuffaloesAnd its headquarters (Private stadium) As Osaka-basedThird sector-Osaka City DomeIt is a multipurpose dome built by.Orix Bluewave, which later merged with Osaka Kintetsu, changed its name to Orix Buffaloes and uses it as its base.Besides ORIXCentral League OfHanshin Tigers(Hanshin Koshien Stadium high school baseballPeriod when it cannot be used inYomiuri Giants(Tokyo Dome Baseball against cityHowever, since 2014, the Pacific League, which was once based in Osaka like Orix,Fukuoka Softbank HawksHowever, each host a match.

    In amateur baseball,Adult Baseball Japan ChampionshipAndNational High School Baseball Championship Osaka TournamentOpening Ceremony and two games immediately after that are each held.

    Other than baseball games,concert, Events such as exhibitions will be held,Grass baseballIt is also rented out for general use.

    Management by Osaka City did not go well, and later the facilityOrix real estateSold to Osaka City Dome, which has been changed to a management company that invests in ORIX Real Estate.


    Opened as the home of Kintetsu

    The Osaka City Dome was established in response to calls for the construction of the Osaka political and business world, and construction of the dome began on February 1997, 2.Osaka GasCompleted on the site of the factoryTokyo Dome,Fukuoka DomeOpened on March 3st as Japan's third dome stadium afterPacific League OfOsaka Kintetsu BuffaloesHome of (Private stadium) Became. The design isObayashi teamTakenaka Corporation, 10 companies including both companies participated in the construction. Also in the same yearChunichi DragonsHome ofNagoya DomeAlso opened.

    Initially to function as a commercial facility other than the event day in the domeShopping mallAnd amusement facilities ("Grindom Mall" on the 2nd floor inside the dome, "Festa Mall" on the 9th floor inside the dome, and "Padou" on the east side where Dome-mae Chiyozaki Station is located) were built and operated.However, on days when there are no events, there are almost no visitors, and a considerable number of peopletenantWas to withdraw. In addition, the three-dimensional underground parking lot that was built in anticipation of its users was demolished and nearly half of the number at the time of construction was demolished due to sluggish use and reduction of maintenance costs. In addition, the Kintetsu audience mobilization was sluggish except in the first year, the number of concerts remained steady, and the deficit continued.

    System change

    In June 2004, when Kintetsu and Orix Blue Wave were in danger of business failureAnnounced the team merger planThe future of dome management becomes even more uncertain. After all, in November 2004, Osaka City Dome特定 調停Applied for a virtual bankruptcy.

    The merged ORIX selected Osaka Dome as its headquarters, and the first year was the former ORIX's headquarters.Skymark stadium(Currently: Hotto Motto Field Kobe) and the sponsored games were divided into almost half (Osaka: 34 games, Kobe: 32 games), and the policy was to eventually reduce the number of games in Kobe (sponsored at Osaka Dome). The official game, the initial plan is 2006: 42 games → 2007: 54 games → 2008: 60 games).Along with this, Orix and HanshinProtected areaDuring the three seasons up to 2007, provisional measures were taken to make two prefectures, Osaka and Hyogo (double franchise system).

    However, in October 2005, Osaka City Dome withdrew the specific mediation at the request of Osaka City to avoid further burden,Corporate rehabilitation lawApplied for. After that, due to the uncertain situation of the dome management system, ORIX changed the registration of the exclusive stadium for the 2006 season to Skymark Stadium, and half of the official competitions were held.[Note 1]We took steps to hold it.

    In April 2006, ORIX (directly ORIX Real Estate, a subsidiary of ORIX, now ORIX Real Estate) embarked on the acquisition of facilities at Osaka Dome and the acquisition of shares in Osaka City Dome, and in June, 4-6 years later, Osaka. With a view to donating to the city, ORIX acquired a facility from City Dome for 5 billion, reduced the capital of City Dome by 10%, and acquired new shares to be offered.[2](Detail isOsaka City Domereference). In response to this, ORIX again registered the dome as a special stadium in 2007. In the same year, 48 of the official ORIX-sponsored games were held in Osaka. Although the above-mentioned provisional measures were not extended in 2008, ORIX canceled the unification of its headquarters and left the number of games as 2007. Apart from this matterFacility naming rightsWas sold, and from July 2006 it will be called "Kyocera Dome Osaka" (described later).

    Redevelopment of surrounding areas

    After the acquisition of the facility, ORIX is actively refurbishing the facility. Increased advertising and event lending dates,Property tax(House only) There is also support from Osaka City such as full exemption[3], City Dome's business is in the black, and donation of the dome is postponed[4].

    On the other hand, the surrounding area has been redeveloped and new commercial facilities have been established one after another. Padou was dismantled in 2007 to serve as a work base for the construction of Dome-mae Station on the Hanshin Namba Line. On the siteionHad a plan to attract[5]However, it remained vacant for a while, but "AEON MALL Osaka Dome CityWas opened on May 2013, 5. Also next to the dome[Note 2]AlsoDaiwa House IndustryHealth and sports related commercial facility byForeo Osaka Dome City"The hospital opened, next to the dome southHome center"SupermarketViva HomeWas opened.

    In addition, from January 2015, 1, the Osaka Gas facility around Kyocera Dome Osaka was redeveloped, and Osaka Gas' exhibition and event facility "Hug MuseumWas opened.

    Facility naming rights

    Name by facility naming right
    • Kyocera Dome Osaka (July 2006, 7-)

    KyoceraUnder the umbrellaKyocera Document SolutionsHas been posting an advertisement in the venue of Osaka Dome since April 2003. From this, Osaka City Dome became Kyocera around mid-January 4.Facility naming rightsKyocera responded to the request, and Osaka City Dome and Kyocera agreed on a naming right contract on March 3, 2, and the name was changed on April 4, 1.Kyocera Dome OsakaIt was decided to change to. Initially, the Kyocera side simply called the name "Kyocera DomeHowever, the name of “Osaka” will remain in view of the petition from local shopping districts and neighboring residents to “Keep the name of Osaka”.[6]. However, Osaka City Dome wasCorporate rehabilitation lawDue to the delay in the conclusion of the formal contract due to the entanglement of procedures for business restructuring, the actual name change was delayed until July 3, three months behind the schedule. The contract period is 7 years until March 1, 2011. The contract amount is not disclosed, but it is estimated to be several hundred million yen per year. Kyocera was not involved in the business restructuring problem of Osaka City Dome at the time.

    Osaka City Dome and Kyocera renewed their naming contract on January 1, 2011, before the expiry of the first contract, for three years from April 1, 11 to March 4, 1. Published. Furthermore, Kyocera announced on December 2014, 3 that it had agreed with Osaka City Dome to conclude a three-year naming rights agreement from April 31, 3 to March 2013, 12. However, none of the above contracts disclose the contract amount. Kyocera commented that it aimed to update the naming rights contract twice, saying that "there are many visitors to the dome, which can improve the corporate image."[7]. The name has been used since April 2017, but no announcement has been made regarding renewal of the contract.

    Equipment outline

    The basic structure isYokohama Stadium,Fukuoka PayPay DomelikeRound stadiumHowever, the movable seat adopts a unique method by dividing the outfield stand and the outfield fence.

    Facility data

    • Location: 2-1 in XNUMX-chome, Chiyozaki, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
    • Structure: 1 basement floor (parking lot), 9 floors above ground
    • Total construction cost: 696 billion yen[8]
    • Height: 83 m
    • Building area: 33,800 m2
    • Total floor area: 156,409 m2
    • Ceiling height: 36-72 m (currently fixed at 60 m)
    • Arena area: 13,200 m2
    • Concourse round distance: Approximately 600 m
    • Seating capacity
      • Maximum occupancy: 55,000 (including arena)
      • Maximum number of seats for watching professional baseball: 36,146 (since 2012)
    • Field data: Baseball onlyArtificial grass(MizunoMS Craft Baseball Turf, MizunoSekisui ResinJoint development by the company) Both wings 100 m, mid-sized 122 m, left and right middle 116 m
    • Stand: Two-tier infield and outfield
    • Electric bulletin board: 4 units (excluding those dedicated to advertising)
      • Main vision (main scoreboard): 8.7m long x 34.0m wide (XNUMXm wide)PanasonicMade/Astro Vision
      • Sub-score board: Vertical 2.6m x horizontal 14.9m (back net rear infield 9th floor part)
      • Side vision (2 units): Video part 4.0 m long x 14.4 m wide + Character part vertical 0.9 m x 20 m wide (7st base side and 8rd base side infields XNUMXth and XNUMXth floors, respectively)

    The current fee for stadium per game is unknown, but Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes, the former headquarters of the earth, paid an annual fee of 1 billion yen including management fee[8]..It is said that this high annual fee caused a fatal injury to the management of the Kintetsu baseball team at that time.[Note 3].

    Overview of each floor

    Underground 1 floor
    There is a parking lot, entrance, multipurpose yard, and cargo handling area.
    1 floor
    Arena, ground, space for people involved.
    2nd floor: Stadium Mall (formerly Glindom Mall)
    Free admissionShopping mallBuffaloes official shop "Bs SHOP" is also located here. However, there are many spaces that remain empty after the opening of the store at the time of opening. restaurantThere are some stores left around, but many of them are open only at lunchtime or only on the event day. Note thatFast foodOther than 4 restaurants have terrace seats where you can see the arena (tickets are required at the time of the game). Directly on the 9th floor "Sky Hall"ElevatorThere are also handprint collections of artists who performed concerts.
    From March 2014, 3, an exhibition space "B's SQUARE" about the history of ORIX Buffaloes (from the predecessor baseball team) will be opened near the exhibition space of the handprint collection. It is open only 4 days before the scheduled start time and 3 minutes after the end of the game only on the day of the game hosted by the team. Also, with the opening of the same space, we renewed the color scheme on the floor to make it easier to distinguish large letters.
    3 floor
    There is a deck for pedestrians that goes around the perimeter of the facility outside the hall, and there is an entrance gate to the inside concourse and direct access to the Sky Hall on the 9th floor.escalator, Entrance to the Vista room. The deck isAEON MALL Osaka Dome CityIt is directly connected to the 2nd floor, and if it rains, you can reach the dome without passing the umbrella by passing through the AEON MALL store from Dome-mae Station/Dome-mae Chiyosaki Station (depending on the event, some measures may be taken). .. The on-site concourse has a food stand for spectators, a lower stand and an entrance to the arena (closed during baseball). There are 1 to 14 entrance gates, and the gates used vary depending on the content of the event. There are big and small entrance gates, and there are also small gates such as 5 that are rarely used. Gates 4 and 6 are the nearest when coming from the east exit, which is used by the majority of visitors. Often, 4 gates are used together with 3 adjacent gates, and 6 gates are often used together with 7 adjacent gates.
    After opening on the day of the professional baseball game, if you show the ticket for the match to the staff waiting in front of the escalator leading to the second floor, you can go back and forth between the concourse and the "stadium mall" on that escalator. When descending to the 2nd floor, present your ticket and the staff will press a transparent stamp on the back of your hand to identify re-entry (only reacting to special blue light). When returning from the 2nd floor to the 2rd floor, you will be required to re-present your ticket, cooperate with baggage inspection, and confirm with a stamp.
    4 floor
    At the top of the lower stand, it is a concourse with a view of the arena and a wheelchair seat, but the back net is a dining area called "open deck" near the back net, and it is a back net at the ORIX sponsored game. It is open to the audience in the area (Hanshin has a track record of use). At the beginning of operation, the restaurant "DOME GRILL", which is a facility of Glindom Mall, was separated from the stand and was open even when there were no games. After that, until 2010, it was designated as an annual seat with a meal called "Arena View Sheet".
    5 floor
    There is an on-site concourse that allows you to go around, and there is a food stand for the audience and an entrance to the upper stand.
    6th floor/7th floor/8th floor
    It is a special bleaching room with balcony seats called Vista room, which is sold for companies and has a separate entrance.[9].. Behind the back net on the 6th floor is a press booth with press and news outlets (mostly located inside the stand).
    Since the live booth on the 6th floor is located higher than other stadiums, it is difficult to distinguish the type of ball with the naked eye, so most of the booths are live while looking at the monitor.

    From the first base side, daily broadcasting (radio), radio Osaka, TV broadcasting room ①, TV broadcasting room ②, Asahi Broadcasting (radio), NHK, radio broadcasting room (spare) are arranged.

    9 floor
    It used to be called "Festa Mall", and amusement park "Simland Q" and beer restaurant were opened as tenants, but all have withdrawn. Currently, it is used for exhibitions as a multipurpose space "Sky Hall".


    The stands are perfectly circular, with all seats facing the center of the stadium, slightly behind the second base.In a normal circular stadium, a donut-shaped fixed stand is equipped with a bow-shaped or crescent-shaped movable stand inside, but in this dome, the front part of the outfield stand of the fixed stand is shaved, and the fence is separate. There is.The inner diameter of the donut-shaped fixed stand is smaller than the others, and the movable seat is slightly smaller.The movable stand is divided into two parts, the infield side and the outfield side, in the shape of a bow, and if only the outfield side shifts, the entrance to the stairs leading to the concourse on the 2rd floor will appear, and the arena will be open to the audience. Used at the time of the event.There is also a small movable stand near the foul pole, which can be moved toward the center and a temporary stand can be installed between them.A door for use is installed in the front row of the outfield stand.Each movable stand is designed to move on two rails.Originally, the bow-shaped movable seat infield side was also moved to the outfield side.サ ッ カ ーFields can be set up, but have never been implemented.In the case of American football, the field can be set up even if the baseball field is placed, so it is played as it is.

    When used as a baseball field, seats just below the center (center) areBack screenAlthough it is off limits to the public, the part was covered with a black sheet at the beginning of the opening.Currently, the seats are repainted in dark blue to distinguish them from other seats (light blue).The upper seats (5th floor seats) will be closed at events that are not used.

    As a baseball field, the stand is taller and more blind spots are characteristic of the circular stadium, but due to the unique stand arrangement, this dome is particularly conspicuous. In addition, there are many seats that cannot be seen near the foul pole due to the narrow outfield foul zone. There is a large blind spot near the back wall near my seat, and it is difficult to see the home base in the infield seats near the back net and the first base (third base) in the infield seats on the first base (third base) side. Also, in the outfield seats, the main scoreboard is not visible in the lower tier, and there is a strong sense of oppression in the upper tier, and there is a sense of openness in the upper tier, but it is not possible to see the edge of the outfield fence, so it is not possible to judge whether it is a home run or not.

    Also has a circular two-layer standNagoya DomeCompared with, the front row of the upper seats is closer to the center of the stadium, and the stand is steep. The outfield seats are also high in the lower front row, and the blind spot is larger because the upper front row is directly above the lower front row. On the contrary, it is more compact and is excellent as a concert venue. Regarding foul poles, it is difficult to see anywhere in recent stadiums where the outfield side of the infield seats is directed toward the battery and the foul zone on the outfield side is narrowed. The side vision is installed in front of the outfield seats where the main scoreboard cannot be seen.

    As for the seats, the back net with a light blue back and a slightly larger one was arranged, the other infield seats had a blue backrest, and the outfield seats had a blue backrest, but since 2011 the front row in the back center of the back row has 160 seats. Has been changed to a sofa seat. In ORIX-sponsored games, the seats are designated as "excellent seats" for a year.

    At the beginning of the opening, the back net was hung, and the ball-proof net in the front row of the infield lower row seat was a pillar type, and it was removed at the time of events. Back net from 2009ToyoboMade by Dyneema (currently Izanas)[10]When removed, it was changed to one that can be stored in the ceiling, and the ball-prevention net in the front row of the inferior lower row seats was also changed to a hanging type without pillars in 2010 (no ceiling storage function).

    There is something left in the stand to commemorate the landing points of the two home runs. The first oneTakahisa SuzukiA commemorative plate is installed at the bottom of the left field in the first home run of the official game. The second isTuffy RoseIn season No. 55 home run, one of the infield seats on the first base side has been replaced with a rosy one, and the shape of the ball is also engraved.

    As a business measure that took advantage of the fact that vacant seats were conspicuous, the upper infield seats on the outfield side were closed in the Buffaloes official game except for games where congestion is expected,BannerIt is a form of advertising space. The third-base side will be advertised on the mail order site "KILAT" operated by the mail order business "One Step" for three years from April 3, 2010. The size is 4m wide and 13m wide (3 seats), which is the largest size in Japan for advertising on the stadium including outdoors.[11]So, even after 2013, we will continue to post by renewing the advertising contract. From 2013, the use of the Vista room near the outfield on the 3rd base has been suspended, and the space has been used for advertising. Temporarily for the 1st base sideCN Play Guide, But the presence or absence of an advertising contract was not announced. During the advertiser recruitment period, a curtain that displays pictures of the director and the main players[12]Also, a curtain of illustrations with a large description of Buffaloes' slogan is posted. However, if the congestion situation of the infield seats on the first base side exceeds the forecast of the baseball team, the baseball team may remove the advertising screen after opening. Advertising is continued until 1 and has not been posted since 2015.

    Balcony seats are located on the 2nd floor of the outfield and the 6th, 7th and 8th floors of the infield. The 2nd floor is for restaurants, and the 6th, 7th, 8th floors are for special spectators. There is a ball-proof net on the second floor, but one store on the light side, which was replaced in 2, does not have a net.

    Field sheet

    From the Pacific League opening game, Orix vs. Rakuten on March 2010, 3, inside the movable seat only on professional baseball game daysField sheetIs temporarily installed. However, if you are going to use the arena at an event, remove it as it will hinder the movement of movable seats. AlsoAdult Baseball Japan ChampionshipSuch asAmateur baseballIt is not used even in the game, and whether the seat is installed depends on the usage situation before and after.

    On the field sheet, both the 1st and 3rd bases are divided into a zone near the home base (A) and a zone near the outfield stand (B).In Zone A, of passenger planesfirst classSince the seats are made of the same material as above and a dedicated table is provided for each seat, the fare is set higher than in Zone B. In addition, only the rubber fence is provided at the bottom of the surface of each sheet that contacts the ground. For this reason, spectators are required to wear the attached helmets during the match.

    On the other hand, for the "Dome Tour", which is held 2-3 times for a fee before the match on the day of the Orix-sponsored match, there is a plan that allows you to watch the team's practice for an hour from the field sheet on the first base side. preparation.Even if you cannot watch the game on the seat, you are allowed to sit on the seat or take a picture in the zone, provided that the tour staff accompanies you and wears a helmet.

    In addition, naming rights are set on the field sheets through a sponsorship contract. For three years from 2010,Avance Legal OfficeIt was named "Avance Sheet" because it acquired the naming right. In 2013,Mobapro"(Free onlineProfessional baseballSimulation games) RunMob castThe name was changed to "Mobapro Sheet" because the contract was signed.Osaka University of Commerce(Osaka University of Commerce) OBYoshitomo TaniWill run the university in 8 after returning to ORIX for the first time in eight yearsTanioka AcademySince the company acquired the naming right, it will be operated under the name "Daishojidai Sheet". It may be called a "field sheet" in a match hosted by another team even during the contract period for naming rights.


    It is an international standard with both wings 100m and mid-sized 122m.The front row of outfield seats is about 8m high, but the outfield fence is a little different inside and the height is 4.2m.The foul zone on the outfield side is narrow, and it can be said that it was the first to adopt the American trend.All over the groundArtificial grassHas been adopted. At the beginning of the show, it was a roll-up type short-pile artificial turf, but from the 2003 season, it was switched to a long-pile artificial turf. After that, from 2007, only the infield part has been replaced, and the base areas have been changed to red-brown artificial grass so that it looks like total natural grass. Furthermore, from the 2011 season, the entire surface has been replaced with the new Astro Pitch SL-KDV artificial turf.[13]. The foul zone is narrow as a circular stadium, and it has become narrower due to the installation of field seats. And from the 2018 season,MizunoCompanySekisui ResinIt has been replaced with the artificial grass for baseball "MS Craft Baseball Turf" jointly developed by the company[14].

    The fence was renovated before the start of the 2012 season, and a highly cushioned fence called "soft rubber fence" was adopted for the purpose of ensuring the safety of the players, and the light blue to dark dark blue (Orix) that has been used for the past 15 years. Changed to Buffaloes team color).The following year, the fence at the top of the stand, which had remained light blue, was also repainted in the same color.

    score board

    From the beginning of the opening, two full-scale LED vision scoreboards, one for the main and one for the sub, have been installed. The vision was expanded and renewed in 2, and a new sub-vision was installed in the Vista room, which is located near the front of the cheering squad on the right and left sides.In addition, the TV camera for shooting inside the venue has become a high-definition camera.The transition of the scoreboard display method is as follows.

    • Until 2007
      • The main scoreboard shows the score up to 9 innings (after 10 times, clear the display once and rewrite from 1 time) and the individual performance (batting rate/home run) of the player standing at bat in the upper row. When the score comes in, that part rotates. The innings display was at the top. Display the participating players and referees in the lower part of the score display, vertical writing, horizontal scrolling. The video was displayed on the personal grades and the jury's part. The clock and ball counter were located right next to the scoreboard.
      • The sub-scoreboard mainly displays scores up to 9 innings, and the orders are displayed frequently not only when the players change but also when the batting order changes.
    • 2008
      • The clock and ball counter parts have also been changed to vision and displayed as images.The score is reduced to the right half and displayed up to 9 times as before.Innings displayMeiji Jingu StadiumDisplayed in the center of the score in the same way as.Below the score display (middle on the right), the pitcher's individual results and the number of pitches (total number of pitches, strikes, balls) are displayed along with the individual results of the players standing at bat, and below that, the Kyocera Dome notation, referee, Displays ball speed / judgment (H / E / Fc).The video is on the left end of the board, the player name display is written horizontally and vertically scrolled in the middle of the score display, and the position notation is changed from numbers to English abbreviations (P, SS, etc.).The time counter display, which is displayed only when professional baseball is held when the offense and defense are changed or when the pitcher is changed, is digitally displayed on the clock.
      • The sub-scoreboard can also display images. Order display switching was limited to only before the start of the match and when the players were replaced.
      • The side vision character part displays the player's career etc., and the video part displays advertisements and player's face photo.
    • 2008 year late
      • Since it was hard to see the score display, the innings display was moved to the top and the top and bottom were expanded to the display area for the batter and pitcher's results. The player name display on the visitor side is moved to the left end, and the video part is moved to the center by that amount, and the batter and pitcher's performance is displayed below it. The position notation is also returned to numbers. This change was originally only for ORIX-sponsored games, but it was changed to this notation late for Hanshin-sponsored games. However, in amateur games, the one with the innings display in the center may be used.
    • 2010
      • A clock was newly installed on the scoreboard (the position is the right end), and the clock display on the main scoreboard was abolished. The part where the clock was displayed on the scoreboard became the display only for the time counter during the change of offense and defense, which is displayed only during professional baseball.
    • 2011
      • The ball counter display has been changed from "SBO" to "BSO" according to the convention of international competitions. The ball counter in the lower part behind the back net was removed.
    • 2020
      • The display on the main scoreboard at ORIX sponsored games has been renewed.A more colorful display[15].

    Main vision is high-definition video (16:9Screen) 2 screens can be expressed simultaneously. Note that the video shot with the on-site shooting camera is high-definition video even when the 4:3 screen (16:9 video with both sides cut off). The side-vision video part is capable of simultaneously expressing two screens of high-definition video (16:9 screen). In addition to the video part, there is a character display part at the top, and it is possible to display expressions such as fixed characters, flowing letters and combinations of figures,Ribbon visionIt is used for almost the same purpose as. The vision was made by Panasonic and included advertisements, but it has been erased due to Panasonic's withdrawal of manufacturing. Currently in charge of video transmissionSony business solutionThere are advertisements on both sides of the sub scoreboard.


    The roof has a unique undulating shape that corresponds to the "sky hole". The central part with a diameter of 76 mPolycarbonateIt is possible to take in natural light. The highest part of the roof is 83m above the ground.

    In the center of the ceiling is called the "super ring"Sound boardAnd the one that doubles as a shading plate is hung.It consists of six outer ring-shaped ones and one central dish-shaped one, and the outermost one is fixed and the other six ones move up and down.It has a downward slope toward the inside, and when it is all pulled up, natural light can be taken in through the gap.The ceiling height from the ground at this time is 6m.If you lower the three inner rings to match the fourth ring from the inside, light will not leak, and the ceiling height at this time is 1m.If all heights are aligned with the height of the fixed outer ring, it will be an exhibition mode that reduces the feeling of blankness while taking in natural light.If you lower the 6 rings so that the ends are aligned with the outer ring, the ceiling height will be 72m.Reverberation timeCan be reduced. This system has been well received by artists for its acoustics.

    However, the electronic components of the control unit of this system were discontinued[16]In the unlikely event that it breaks down, it will take a lot of time and money to repair it. Since August 2004, it has been fixed at a height of 8m and this system has not been used.However, the central one may be equipped with a speaker, and even now it may be lowered to the ground surface for repair or replacement.

    A steel frame called "grid truss" can be hung from the center to the back screen. There is a hook on the bottom,winchFor lighting and speakers etc.BatonCan be hung. However, it is often used in single-shot concerts because it is small in scale and does not have an equivalent system in other domes. When not in use, it is stored on the ceiling near the top of the back screen, and the ground is rolled when changing the mounting position. Therefore, fixed direction tires are attached. The hook is also provided on the super ring, but it is now fixed and cannot be used.

    At the beginning of operation, it was assumed that the ceiling height would be lowered to 36 m and a partition called "wall curtain" would be hung on the super ring, and the concert would be divided into two parts inside the dome.

    Retransmit AM radio in the venue

    In OsakaAMradioBroadcastFM radio waveIt was retransmitted using, and it was possible to listen by adjusting the frequency of the device that can receive FM broadcasting to the following.Osaka Kintetsu BuffaloesWhen it was based in, it was published in a booklet for fans,Orix BuffaloesCurrently, it is not published in the booklet.

    It was sometimes displayed on the scoreboard during the offense and defense change. The frequencies are as follows.

    1. NHK Osaka 77.5MHz
    2. ABC Radio 81.5MHz
    3. MBS Radio 84.5MHz
    4. Radio Osaka 89.0MHz

    Currently it is not displayed in all visions. However, when the game is sponsored by Hanshin, it is guided by the vision.

    Dome Tour

    "Practice tours" on match days and "Dome tours" on non-event days are held. You can see the ground, bench, bullpen, practice scene, etc.


    Full color on the top and bottom two places behind the home plateLEDAn advertising board is provided. Until 2010, it was a rotating advertising board. In 2011, we also installed LED advertising signs on the second floor of the center back screen.

    Vibration problem in the surrounding area

    There is an Osaka domeChiyosakiXNUMX-chome was originally Terashima (in the direction of Chiyozaki XNUMX-chome and Chiyozaki XNUMX-chome) and Kansukejima (in the direction of Chiyozaki XNUMX-chome).Taisho WardIn a place where the river sandwiched between (in the direction) and Ashihara do not connect, 1757 (XNUMX)Treasure calendarMaedaya in 7 years)Nitta, 1773 (Ernst & YoungIn 2 years, Iwasaki Nitta was reclaimed and gradually changed to land,groundIs soft.In addition, 1952 (Showa27 years)ShirashigawaThe upstream section of the site was reclaimed, but the Osaka Dome is located over the reclaimed river.

    OnceGLAYSuch asVertical glueWhen a concert was held in a residential area around the dome(I.e.Since I sometimes felt shaking of about 1 to 3, the use is restricted for concerts where vertical glue is performed.Even in concerts that do not perform vertical glue, we always call attention to the audience carefully before the performance so as not to jump, etc., and pictures and sentences indicating other prohibited acts are written on the passage to the audience seats. ing.It was around the end of 2003 that this vertical glue problem began to be taken up.

    GLAY had planned 2005 major dome tours (Sapporo/Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka/Fukuoka) in 5, but this vertical riot started at Osaka Dome, but after negotiations until the end, it eventually broke down. , As an alternative venueIntex OsakaThere was a history of holding a live in[17]. For this reason, after it was decided to hold it at the same venue, which is inferior in attracting customers, GLAY set the number of performances to 4 days only for Osaka performances, which is higher than other venues, and held different live performances each day.

    In addition, he is a singer from the local areaHitomi YaidaOf 2001 and 2002New Year's EveI did a countdown live in 2004, but it was held on December 12th instead of New Year's Eve in 18, so that the live was finished by 9 pm. In addition, as a measure against "earthquake", the performance of this year's concert was drastically reduced in the arena seats installed in the ground, and the live consisted of songs that were difficult to get stuck in the vertical direction.[18]. Furthermore, with this live performance, Yaida announced that she would not perform the dome in the future. However, according to Yaita's comment on this matter, it was not because of the vertical twist of the Osaka Dome, but because I wanted to live in a more direct space with the audience, I decided to do it in the vertical direction at the Osaka Dome. I have no relation to Nori[19].

    Event held


    Until 2009, all games from the first round to the finals were held.
    2010年のみ、「第1ステージ」(1回戦)は京セラドーム以外の全国4球場に分散して開催し、京セラドームでは2回戦以後の「決勝ステージ」の会場となった。2011年は次の詳述のとおり単独開催は中止、2012年から再び京セラドーム1箇所を基本とするが、2021年は日程の関係で1回戦はHot Motto Field KobeIt was held in.
    Originally in AugustTokyo DomeIt was supposed to be done inTohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakebyBig tsunamiDue toFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentThe event was postponed for power saving by the venue, and the venue was moved to this stadium.Shogun,KorakuenIt was decided to hold it other than.
    • Kyocera Dome Osaka Cup (Strong LeagueOrganizer) (2005-Present)
    • Climax series-PaThe first stage of both leagues (1) (Sen League is used by Hanshin for renovation work of Koshien Stadium)
    • Climax Series First Stage (2014) (VS 3rd place Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters match)
    • Climax Series Final Stage (2021) (VS 2nd place against Chiba Lotte Marines)
    • 2017 World Baseball Classic Group B Official Training Game (2017)

    Hanshin Match

    Hanshin Tigers is a parent companyHanshin Electric RailwayIs an old operating company (Third sector), Which is close to the Hanshin Koshien Stadium, which is the home of the company, and the planned extension of the Nishi-Osaka Line (currently:Hanshin Namba LineSince it was close to the), the match is being held as if it were held locally. However, if the opponentYomiuri GiantsNo match is held[Note 6].

    at firstrainy seasonAnd whenNational High School Baseball ChampionshipIt was 1 card at a time, but since 2007, right after the openingSelected High School Baseball TournamentOne card during the holding period, 1 cards during the National High School Baseball Championship held in August, a total of 8 or 2 games is common (one card is added at other times in some seasons). ThisRoad of deathBurden is reduced.

    Due to the renovation work of the Koshien Stadium during the three-year off season from 2007 to 2009, Koshien became unusable when Hanshin entered the official game after October and the climax series / Japan series , And Skymark Stadium (currently Hot Motto Field Kobe) were listed as alternative stadiums. Actually, three games of the climax series first stage in October 3 were held at Kyocera Dome (the official game in October 10 was held at Skymark). The official match in October 2008 was held at Koshien Stadium due to a revision of the construction period.

    Open battleEven before 2004, one of the games against Kintetsu was hosted by Hanshin Tigers, but since 1, it has been held continuously and is often the final game.Every year春分 の 日It is organized on the weekends before and after, and since 2013, the final three consecutive open games of the year have been the Orix game.Only one match of the second race (Saturday) is sponsored by Hanshin every year, and the uniforms are changed between the home and the visitor, and the announcement in the hall, the production of the scoreboard display, the performance on the ground, etc. are in the same format as Koshien Stadium. Although it has been revised, the benches have not been replaced and Orix will use the 3st base side in all three games.In addition, only in 2, the first race was sponsored by Hanshin (held without spectators due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection).

    Giants sponsored game

    Almost every year since 1997Yomiuri GiantsThe official games sponsored are held 1-2 games a year.There were multiple giant-sponsored games in Kansai before the franchise system was established, but after 1952, when the franchise system was established, 1955.10/11ToWakayama Prefectural Mukai no Shiba Baseball StadiumVS Hiroshima Doubleheader in the 1950sOsaka Stadium,Saikyo pole stadiumThere were only a few open battles in.However, in 1997, when the Osaka Dome was bornYomiuri Shimbun Osaka Head OfficeWas the 45th anniversary of the publication, and in commemoration of this, a giant-sponsored game was planned in Osaka.Since then, every year since 1999 and 2001 (not held in 2011 and 2020), in principle, mid-to-late July (not held in 7 and XNUMX)Baseball against cityTwo games (in addition to this, one card and three consecutive games with one game at any local stadium west of the Tokai region) are held during the long-term road during the holding period.In addition, the match against Hanshin has not been held at the Osaka Dome in any of the official matches. In 2, the giant won the league and decided to advance to the Japan Series, but the baseTokyo DomeWas held as an alternative at the Osaka Dome because it cannot be used during the Intercity Baseball Tournament.[20].

    Hawks sponsored match

    Like Orix, which was once based in OsakaPacific LeagueBelongs toFukuoka Softbank HawksAlso part of the "Hawk Festival" series in 2014[21]As opposed to August 8SeibuThe first official match was held at Osaka Dome. Hawks will host the official match in OsakaDaieiBased in Osaka City (Osaka Prefecture is a protected area from 1938 to 1988) due to the acquisition of Nankai Hawks byFukuoka CityIt was the first time since 1989 when the Hawks moved to (Until the official game schedule was announced, Hawks' opponent was reported to be Orix.[22]). Since 2015, one game has been held every year from July to August at the Osaka Dome, and one official game with teams other than Orix has been held.

    Women's professional baseball

    On June 2017, 6, with OrixWomen's professional baseballBy a special collaboration match with, the women's professional baseball official game after the ORIX match (day game) on the dayHyogo DioneversusSaitama AstriaWas held for the first time[23][24]..In addition, the same plan will be held in 2018, after the Orix match (day game) ends on September 9.Kyoto FloraversusSaitama AstriaThe match was held[25].


    Fighting sports


    Concert/Music Event

    Posted in order of dome first use[26].redIndicates that the year is scheduled to be held.


    Domestic artist

    Foreign artist

    Music event

    Domestic artist

    Foreign artist

    Events at the dome

    • "Osaka Dome Opening Memorial" held in March 1997KonamiIn the "Professional Baseball Tournament Tournament",Yomiuri Giants-Kiyohara KazuhiroHit the ball-fouling foul in the roof of the Super Ring. In the official match, Orix vs. September 2006, 9Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersNippon Ham in battleOgasawara MichidaiIs driving. Also, at the Kintetsu vs. Orix game on August 2001, 8, KintetsuNorihiro NakamuraHas hit a certified home run that hits the outside of the super ring. In an all-star game,2012 Round 1 (July 7)At Nippon HamSho NakataHas hit a certified double run. In addition, as a case where the hit ball hit the super ring has fallen to the ground, Hanshin vs. Hanshin on July 2000, 7 of the official gameHiroshima Toyo CarpHanshin in battleTakeshi ShinjoMade a timely strike against Hanshin vs. August 2010, 8Tokyo Yakult SwallowsHanshin in battleTomonori KanemotoHas released a foul ball (the ball hit of this gold book has fallen in the fair zone, and if the ground rules are followed, it will be fair). By the way, Kanamoto is hitting a home run in the bat.
    • April 1997, 4-Osaka Dome official game opening game (against Orix <Kobe> is postponed in the rain → Kintetsu vs. Lotte)Takahisa SuzukiRecorded the official first home run of the stadium.
    • On August 1997, 8, Kintetsu pairedChiba Lotte MarinesHe reversed the difference by 10 points in the battle, winning 11 times with goodbye by 10 to 12 times. This is the third time in professional baseball history and the only event in the history of the Pa League (as of the end of the 3 season).
    • On November 1999, 11, an OB battle with a giant was held to commemorate the 21th anniversary of the founding of the Kintetsu Buffalo Team (sponsored by)Yomiuri Shimbun). Many former stars of both armies participated.
    • June 2000, 6, KintetsuNarciso ElviraAchieved the first No-Hit No-Run in Osaka Dome during the Battle against Seibu.
    • On September 2001, 9, Kintetsu's Tuffy Rhodes hits Seibu's Daisuke Matsuzaka with No. 24 home run, which is on par with Sadaharu Oh's season home run record.In the match, Kintetsu won the game with a two-run home run by Norihiro Nakamura.
    • September 2001, 9, in the Kintetsu vs. Orix matchHirotoshi KitagawaWill be the only one in history to win the championshipSubstitution reversal good-bye baseman win base decisionIs unleashed.
    • July 2003, 7, in the Kintetsu vs. Daiei matchMuramatsu Arito Cycle hitAchieved.
    • September 2008, 9, Giants vs.Hiroshima Toyo CarpIn the first roundOgasawara MichidaiAchieved a cycle hit.
    • August 2009, 10,Akada OkadaOrix's inaugural inauguration was held with a seat near the mound.
    • December 2009, 12, American rock bandGuns N'RosesPerformed as an opening act on this dayMookAfter the performance ended, due to equipment trouble, the start time was delayed and it started at 9 pm. After that, they played for 3 hours, and the end time was 17:0 on the 1th of the next day.[27].
    • August 2010, 8, at the Hanshin vs. Hiroshima matchKenji Kijima, Tomonori Kanemoto,Ryo Asai,Takashi Toritani,Shinjiro HiyamaHanshin scored 22 points in the home run and updated the team record.
    • May 2014, 5, in the Orix vs. Giants matchChihiro KanekoHad 9 hits, 4 walks, and 1 unplayed goal up to 9 times, but there was no support from allies, and 9 times due to the special rules of this year's exchange game that the pitcher will be at bat in the match held by the Pa League. A substitute hit was sent at Kaneko's bat at the second base. After that, he entered an extra game, so he left without hitting any goals and missed a no-hit no-run alone. It was in 2006 that he dropped more than XNUMX times with no hits and no scores.Tomoya YagiSince then, it is the second person in the history of NPB, and it is the first time in the history that a substitute hit was sent. Orix lost 2 to 0 in match[28][29].
    • On May 2015, 5, the Orix vs. Softbank game recorded a record number of 3 spectators, the highest number ever for an Orix-sponsored official game at the Osaka Dome.This was the number of mobilizations at the limit of the baseball specifications.
    • On June 2017, 6, a large number of spectators gathered one after another in the Orix vs. Hanshin Tigers match.Acute alcoholismComplaints ofambulanceBe transported to the hospital byTaxiI went to the hospital.At the same stadium, in the match between the two teams this year,beerThe number of all-you-can-drink tickets sold was 4, which is four times the usual number[30].
    • On July 2017, 7, before the Orix vs. Lotte match that took place on that day, we were working on exchanging the advertisement posted at the bottom of the large vision of the dome, and an iron pipe 9 meters long from the construction site. One of them slipped down the stand, fell into the outfield field and bounced off, where Orix's infielder was stretching.Hiroyuki NakajimaAn accident that hits directly occurs. Fortunately, Nakajima was bruised. The cause of the accident was a mistake in the work, and the team commented that they would try to prevent a recurrence.[31].
    • On September 2017, 9, in the Orix vs. Softbank game, the top batter in the top of the 30th inningHiroaki TakayaThe ball hit by the pitcherKeisuke KobayashiDirectly hitting his face, Kobayashi fell on the spot with bleeding. About 10 minutes later, an unusual measure was taken to put an ambulance directly on the ground, and Kobayashi was taken to the hospital as it was.[32].


    • Osaka Metro Chuo LineKujo StationThe shopping street from theBuffalo RoadIs nicknamed ""[33].
    • The theme song for the Osaka Dome was created at the time of opening and was played in the concourse.
    • There are also fence advertisements and advertisements related to the Kintetsu Group, but there were also impressions of the Kintetsu baseball era.
    • First Japanese stadiumSmartphoneWe have adopted a system that uses the[34].


    Private railway

    Incidentally,ShigaHigashiomi CityIt is in"Kyocera Mae Station"(Omi RailwayMain lineThere are many people who misunderstand that) is the nearest station of the stadium, so at the main station of the Omi Railway,The nearest station of Kyocera Dome Osaka is not in front of KyoceraThe notice is posted.

    Transit Bus


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