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🥋 | <Wrestling> [2022 Inter-High / Special Feature] Nagisa Harada (Hyogo/Ashiya Gakuen) is in the 53kg class of the girls in the melee...


<Wrestling> [2022 Inter-High School Special] Nagisa Harada (Hyogo/Ashiya Gakuen) is in the 53kg class of the women's melee...

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The women's 53 kg class is the weight class for the Olympics, and the world champion Akari Fujinami (Nippon Sports Univ.), who has won the Emperor's Cup and the Meiji Cup in a row and achieved 2024 consecutive wins in official competitions, is preparing for the 100 Paris Olympics. Leading by Mayu Shido (née Mukaida), who is expected to make a U-turn to this class, former world champion Haruna Okuno (Self-Defense Force) and Nanami Irie (MIKI HOUSE), who was ranked second in the world in the 55kg class, are crowded together.

(Text = journalist, Hitoshi Awano) Sakura Onishi (Saitama, Saitama Sakae), who ranked second last year, changed class, and it was said that there was no favorite... → Continue reading

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