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⚽ | [Saito League Section 5] Tokyo Business wins by pushing Nihon University Toyoyama

Photo Soccer Match Summary

[Saito League Round 5] Victory over Tokyo Jitsugyo overtaking Nihon University Toyoyama

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The final score was 4 – 0, and Tokyo Jitsugyo won by defeating Nihondai Toyoyama by a large margin of 4 points.

The 5th section of the Saito League will be held on August 8th (Monday) at the Morigasaki Park soccer field, Tokyo Jitsugyo High School U-8 (boys) vs. Japan. → Continue reading


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    Nihon University Toyoyama Junior and Senior High School

    Nihon University Toyoyama Junior and Senior High School(Nihon University School / School School)TokyoBunkyo(I.e.Located in XNUMX-chome,High school consistent educationI will provide aprivateJunior high school-high school.

    In high school, a side-by-side type where internal students enrolled from junior high school and external students enrolled from high school are mixed and organized from the second grade of high school.High school consistent school[1].. Commonly known as "Nihon Univ. Toyoyama","Toyoyama".Currently, the only affiliated school of Nihon UniversityBoys' school.


    Nihon UniversityOf seriesAffiliated schoolIs roughly divided intoNihon UniversityThere are special affiliated schools and quasi-affiliated schools run by a separate corporation from the regular affiliated school and the school corporation Nihon University, but Nihon Univ. Toyoyama is a regular affiliated school established by the school corporation Nihon University.Since many students can recommend admission to Nihon University, club activities are generally active and many are at the national level.With the completion of the new school building, the number of junior high school enrollees will be increased from April 27, and a complete integration of junior high and high schools will be implemented for 4 years without mixing with high school enrollees. It has been decided to support admission to difficult faculties such as the Nihon University School of Medicine.

    The predecessor is old1872(Meiji 5)Gokokuji TempleWas installed inShingon sect"".Furthermore, "Sougakurin"1887(Meiji 20)Shingon Buddhist Shingon SchoolJunior high school forest and university forest (University forest is officially named Shingon Buddhist Shingi school forest. This became Toyoyama University later,Taisho UniversityWas incorporated into.In addition, the official name of the junior high school forest was reorganized to Shingon Buddhist Shingon University Forest Attached Preliminary Junior High School Forest).1903In (Meiji 36), Junior High School Forest was approved as Toyoyama Junior High School.

    The current Nihon University Toyoyama School Song was a poet and a professor at Nihon University College of Art.Kotaro JimboThe lyrics of the old Toyoyama Junior High School song areKitahara White AutumnMet.

    Toyoyama Junior High School was founded in the Taisho eraOld Nihon UniversityIt is older than (currently Nihon Univ. Daiichi High School) and is the oldest school attached to Nihon University today.The history of becoming a Nihon University affiliate was after the war when the new school system was Toyoyama Junior High School and High School.Nihon Univ.,Two highs,Three highLost its affiliated school (Nihon University Shichu escaped separation from Nihon UniversityNihon University Junior and Senior High SchoolIt still exists as a regular affiliated school established by Nihon University in Kohoku-ku, Yokohama), and it was decided that it would be transferred from Gokokuji to Nihon University, which was planning to reorganize the affiliated school again. Beginning,1952In (27), the school name was changed to Nihon Univ. Toyoyama and became Nihon University.1954It was completely absorbed in (Showa 29).At that time, the Gokokuji side requested that the school name of Toyoyama be inherited, and the name of Toyoyama Junior and Senior High School is still inherited even after the transfer of Nihon University.

    Alumni of Toyoyama Junior High School and High School are a total of graduates from the former Toyoyama Junior High School, and the chairman of the alumni association is Mr. Okamoto, a former Toyoyama Junior High School graduate and a priest of Gokokuji Temple.In the history of Toyoyama Junior and Senior High SchoolPart-time program(Coeducation) was also annexed1970Recruitment was stopped in (Showa 45),1976It was abolished in (Showa 51).

    またItabashiNakadaiIt is inNihon University Toyoyama Girls' Junior and Senior High SchoolIs a high school that became independent from Nihon Univ. Toyoyama High School.1982Until the time of independence in April (57), he was the same principal as Nihon Univ. Toyoyama.The grounds and general physical education facilities of Nihon University Toyoyama High School are adjacent to Toyoyama Girls' High School, and activities such as sports festivals, baseball clubs and soccer clubs are mainly carried out.In the first year of high school, physical education classes such as land, baseball, and soccer (once a week) are held on the school's exclusive bus to the ground.These facilities are commonly called Nakadai Ground or Nakadai.

    The nearest station isYurakucho LineGokokuji Station..It is conveniently located 1 seconds on foot from Exit 30 of the station and is used by most students and faculty members.

    At our schooliPadIs distributed to students.However, settings and othersApplication,WebMost of the functions cannot be used due to strict restrictions such as viewing.


    The year starts in April and ends in March.

    • 1872(Meiji 5) February- Gokokuji TempleWithinShingon sect"" Founded
    • 1887(Meiji 20) --SougakurinShingon Buddhist Shingon SchoolBecame a junior high school forest and a university forest (the university forest was later renamed Toyoyama University)Taisho UniversityIt will be one of the predecessor universities at the time of installation)
    • 1903(Meiji 36) November-Private Toyoyama Junior High School approval (this year is now the founding year)[2]
    • 1941(Showa 16) April-Annexed Toyoyama Daini Junior High School at night for 4 years
    • 1946(Showa 21) March-Old system final entrance ceremony
    • 1948(Showa 23) March-Old system Toyoyama Junior High School and old system Toyoyama Daini Junior High School abolished
    • 1948(Showa 23) April --New Toyoyama High School (full-time school for regular boys, part-time school for co-education) launched
    • 1949(Showa 24) April-New Toyoyama Junior High School (full-time boys) recruitment started and commercial department added to high school
    • 1950(25) April-Full-time girls' classes added to high school
    • 1952(Showa 27) November-As a school corporation Nihon University Toyoyama GakuenNihon UniversityContract to relocate to (regular course full-time system and part-time system)
    • 1953(Showa 28) March --Stop recruiting full-time girls' classes
    • 1954(Showa 29) May-Marathon event begins
    • 1954(Showa 29) August --- Merged with Nihon University and became the same corporation as Nihon University "Nihon University Toyoyama Junior and Senior High School" (affiliated school)
    • 1959(34) April-New school song established
    • 1961(Showa 36) March-Completion of new construction of Building No. 3
    • 1961(Showa 36) March-Completion of new construction of Building No. 9
    • 1963(Showa 38) March-Completion of new construction of Building No. 3
    • 1964(Showa 39) June- Tokyo OlympicsA tour
    • 1965(40) July --Purchased school bus, completed new construction of Noei Gakudo in Chiba (Kujukuri Beach)
    • 1966(Showa 41) June- ItabashiNakadaiToNihon University Toyoyama Girls' High SchoolOpened (initially only full-time regular course, then home economics course (later abolished), science and mathematics course was also established), from the first principal to Toyoyama High School principalEiji UshiyamaBecomes the first principal of Toyoyama Girls' High School
    • 1969(Showa 44) December-Opening a ski school
    • 1970(Showa 45)- Part-time programRecruitment was suspended, and second and third graders who were still in school were transferred to Takehaya Senior High School.
    • 1971(Showa 46) March --The part-time system will be closed after the graduation of the 3th grade.
    • 1976(Showa 51) --The part-time course that is closed will be abolished.
    • 1977(Showa 52) November-Completion of new construction of Building No. 11 
    • 1982(57) March --Independence of Nihon University Toyoyama Girls' High School
    • 1989(9) September-The planetarium on the roof of Building No. 1Goto Optical LaboratoryIt will be updated to the GS-AT type made by (Venus-SIII type before the update).
    • 1994(6) April-Physical education class established
    • 1996(8) --Chiba Prefecture (Kujukuri Beach) Noei Gakudo closed (disassembled in 12)
    • 2000(12) August-The baseball clubThe 82rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipFirst appearance in (Summer Koshien).
    • 2004(16) --I applied for the school song promotion campaign and was almost unknown at that time.mihimaru GTComes to school.
    • 2007(19) April 11- Dalai LamaPope 14 visits school and gives a lecture.
    • 2012(24) April 7- LotteCoolAs part of a junior and senior high school student support campaignMomoiro Clover ZComes to school.
    • 2012(24) September --- Due to the complete rebuilding of the school building, a high school will be opened as a temporary school building and a junior high school adjacent to the same area.prince(Nearest station:Oji Kamiya Station, OldKita Ward Sakurada Junior High SchoolPartially relocated to the former site).
    • 2015(27) --With the completion of the new school building, classes will start in the new school building for both middle and high schools.

    Physical education competition / cultural festival

    "Physical education competition" and "school physical education competition" are held by middle and high school. A cultural festival called "Toyoyama Festival" is held.Held every fall, it attracts about 8000 visitors.

    Extracurricular activities

    Club activities are currently active in athletics clubs, baseball clubs, swimming clubs, basketball clubs, soft tennis clubs, table tennis clubs, bicycle clubs, soccer clubs, etc.Especially the baseball clubKoshienA large number of participants from the swimming club OBOlympicProduce players.The brass band also has a lot of winning experience.For Olympic athletes from the same school, see the list of people involved.

    List of junior high school and high school officials


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