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⚾ | Orix Nakajima's "strange plan" and "infield 5-man shift" are a big buzz What is Tomoya Satozaki's opinion?

Photo Orix Director Satoshi Nakajima [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Orix Nakajima's "strange plan" and "infield 5-person shift" are a big buzz What is Tomoya Satozaki's opinion?

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I feel sorry for the losing pitcher," he complained.

Mr. Satozaki commented on the infield 5-man shift, "The runner on second base couldn't lead," ABEMA TV's ABEMA/new… → Continue reading


"I want to know" about baseball is here.Baseball specialty media "Full-Count".

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    No complaints

    Defeated pitcher

    Defeated pitcher(Haisen Toshu,English: Losing pitcher) Isbaseball OfmatchIndefeatOUR TEAMResponsible pitcher.Losing pitcherIt is also called (Maketoshu).

    Case of becoming a defeated pitcher

    Recorded by myselfGoalAllows the opponent team to lead, and if the team loses the game without tying or reversing, that pitcher becomes the losing pitcher.[1].. Goals are not always recorded only during pitching. When the pitcher changes during the inning and the post-replacement pitcher gives the opponent team points, the pre-replacement pitcher may have his own responsibility recorded.Self-responsibilitySee also section.

    Incidentally,Confiscation gameIf the win or loss is reversed due to, the record of the losing pitcher will be cancelled. Also, if the offending team leads the forfeit match, it will not be recorded.

    Record of the defeated pitcher

    Japanese professional baseball

    Total record

    • Records at end of 2021 season[2]

    Season record

    RankingPlayer nameClubNumber of defeatsRecord yearRemarks
    1Nakayama MasayoshiNagoya goldfish army291940
    2Fukushi IsamuAsahi Army281941
    3Kameda TadashiEagles271939
    Junichi MochizukiEagles1939
    Kikuya YoshioLion army1940
    Ryohei HasegawaHiroshima Carp1950SE LeagueRecord
    Tsuneo KobayashiShochiku Robins1952
    Akiyama NoboruOcean Whales1957
    9Shigezo IshiharaYamato army261942
    Junzo SanadaPacific1946
    Yoshiaki InoueJNR Swallows1953
    12Osamu HigashiNishitetsu Lions251972Pacific LeagueRecord
    • Records at end of 2021 season[3]

    1-ball defeat pitcher

    Player nameClubRecord dateOpponentRemarks
    Tokuji Kawasaki巨人April 1948, 5ChunichiFirst in the history of Japanese professional baseball
    Hiroshi KatayamaHiroshimaApril 1954, 6National railwayFirst in the Central League
    Tsugunao Nagamitsu南海April 1958, 6KintetsuPacific League first
    Susumu OhabaHiroshimaApril 1962, 5巨人
    Masanori Murakami南海April 1974, 4Hankyu
    Masao SatoChunichiApril 1977, 9Ocean
    Senichi HoshinoChunichiApril 1978, 9Yakult
    Permanent fire protectionSeibuApril 1982, 10南海
    Koji MoriHankyuApril 1984, 6Lotte
    Hisanobu WatanabeSeibuApril 1985, 6Nippon Ham
    Koji MoriOryxApril 1989, 7DaieiSecond time in total
    Takahiro KonnoLotteApril 1989, 9Oryx
    Eiji OchiaiChunichiApril 1995, 4HanshinRecord 1 ball win, 1 ball save, 1 ball hold
    Yoshiya ShibataKintetsuApril 1997, 5DaieiProfessional first black star
    Hirofumi Kono巨人April 1999, 8Yakult
    Tsuneyuki IsoLotteApril 1999, 9Seibu
    Tomohiro UmezuHiroshimaApril 2005, 6HanshinProfessional first black star
    Masaki HayashiHiroshimaApril 2006, 6YokohamaRecord one ball victory
    Shigeki Noguchi巨人April 2007, 8Chunichi
    Tomohisa NemotoLotteApril 2008, 5巨人Professional first black star,Exchange battleFirst
    Makoto YoshinoOryxApril 2008, 7Seibu
    Akio ShimizuOryxApril 2008, 8SoftbankRecord one ball victory
    KawagishiRakutenApril 2010, 7Oryx
    Akihiro YanaseSoftbankApril 2012, 9Seibu
    Hitoshi FujieDeNAApril 2012, 10巨人
    Kosuke KatoHanshinApril 2013, 7巨人
    Kazumasa KikuchiDeNAApril 2014, 4HiroshimaGoodbye Home Run

    Major league baseball

    Total record

    RankingPlayer nameNumber of defeats
    1Sai Young315
    2Pad Galvin310
    3Nolan Ryan292
    4Walter johnson279
    5Phil Nikuro274
    6Gaylord Perry265
    7Don Sutton256
    8(English edition255
    9Eppa Rixie251
    10Bad Bry Leven250
    • Records at end of 2021 season[4]

    Season record

    RankingPlayer nameClubNumber of defeatsRecord yearRemarks
    1Big willisBoston Bean Eaters291905National LeagueRecord
    2(English editionNew York Giants271901
    (English editionBrooklyn Superbus1910
    (English editionCardinalsReds1933
    5(English editionWashington Senators261904A leagueRecord
    (English editionRedsBean Eaters1906
    (English editionWashington Senators1909A leagueRecord
    • Targets after 1901, records as of the end of 2021[5]


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