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⚾ | Giants delete the registration of Sakurai and others, Chunichi deletes Ishibashi with "Special 4" Public announcement on the 2022th

Photo Giant Toshiki Sakurai [Photo: Tomoyo Nakatogawa]

Giants cancel the registration of Sakurai and others, Chunichi cancels Ishibashi with "Special 4" Announcement on the 2022th

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Nippon-Ham has eliminated infielder Renato Nunis and Ryo Watanabe.

Sakurai won his second win of the season against Yakult on the 7th, and at the official announcement of professional baseball on the 2th, the Giants pitched Toshiki Sakurai, Chiaki Tone, ... → Continue reading


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Ryo Watanabe infielder

    Renato Nunez infielder


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