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🏀 | Tokyo Para Wheelchair Basketball Silver Medal Takuya Furusawa & Renshi Toriumi talk about their impressions of each other's books?

Photo Tokyo Paralympic wheelchair basketball silver medalist Takuya Furusawa's book publication commemorative event was held on the 6th [Photo: Provided by Shogakukan]

Tokyo Para Wheelchair Basketball Silver Medal Takuya Furusawa & Renshi Chokai Discuss, What are your impressions of each other's books?

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Started playing wheelchair basketball at the age of 13, and made his U2 Japan national team debut in his second year of high school.

Furusawa's book "Whether I'm in a wheelchair or not, I'm the coolest." Publication event Tokyo Paralympic… → Continue reading


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    U23 Japan national team debut

    Wheelchair basketball

    Wheelchair basketball(Wheelchair basketball,English: basketball basketball) Ishandicapped wheelchairDo inbasketball..The International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) manages competition rules and promotes competition, and as of 2008, 75 countries are members of the organization.the 1940sToAmericaSince it was devised in, it has gradually become popular.ParalympicThen.1960 OfRome ParalympicsThe competition is being held from.Official Summer Paralympic event.

    In Japan, there are many notations of "wheelchair basketball"[1].. otherNaoki YasuDevised byWheelchair basketballThere is a nickname.


    Rules etc.

    The rules are almost the same as for general basketball, except that the players ride in wheelchairs.The size of the court, the height of the basket, and the match time (1 period 10 minutes to 4 periods, 40 minutes in total)FIBAIt is the same as the rule of, and it is the same that the free throw is 1 point and the field goal is 2 points or 3 points.foul,Violationrules are almost the same.The only difference isdouble dribbleThere is no rule equivalent toYou are allowed to operate the tire less than two times per dribble, and if you paddle the tire three times or more, it will be traveling.

    For players who can play on the court at once, depending on the degree of disabilityClassificationIf the disability is the most severe, 1.0 points are given, and if the disability is mild, 4.5 points are given.The total points of the five players on the court must not exceed 5.The system aims to ensure that athletes with severe disabilities are not prevented from participating in the competition.As a guide for class

    • 1.0 --The abdominal and back muscles are not functioning, and the sitting balance is extremely poor.
    • 2.0 --Since the functions of the abdominal muscles and back muscles remain, you can take a slightly forward leaning posture.
    • 3.0 --There is residual muscle strength in the lower limbs, and you can move your upper body quickly.
    • 4.0 --Mainly disconnection etc.Can perform lateral bending of the trunk.

    0.5 points will be added to athletes with higher athletic ability in each class (up to 4.5). Athletes with a score of 3.0 or higher are also called high pointers, and players with a score of 2.5 or lower are also called low pointers.People with mild disabilities such as artificial joints are also eligible to participate.Also, outside Japan, etc.Healthy personThere are also tournaments that are allowed to participate as class 5.0.


    For competitionwheelchairOn the wheels for a quick turnCamber angleIs attached[2]..Also prepared for contactbumper, Rear to prevent backward fallcaster, Belt to fix the body, handrim OfrubberCoating etc. are added[2]. brakeIs prohibited by the rules.The maximum seat height is 53 cm, and the seat height is limited to 58 cm.


    Pick and roll
    Play that is often used even in healthy basketball.To the opponent playerscreenTo create a state in which allies are free.In wheelchair basketball, movement in the two-dimensional direction is more important than in ordinary basketball, and it is very effective to put the defender on the screen because it gives a numerical advantage.This is the basic play in wheelchair basketball.

    Twin basketball

    Cervical cordIt was born in Japan by a sports instructor as a wheelchair basketball so that people with disabilities and severely disabled people can play sports.Wheelchair twin basketballThere is.In addition to general basketball goals, another lower goal (1m in height) is set in the center of the free throw circle, and a total of two goals are used, so it is called "twin basketball".[3].

    The ball used is made of No. 5 rubber.Restricted areaThere is a difference in the time limit of some rules such as violation within[4].

    The first external match was a friendly match between the National Hakone Hospital and the Kanagawa Prefectural Rehabilitation Center in 1982.Since then, he has been demonstrating at the Japan Wheelchair Basketball Championship since 1983, and since 1986 he has participated in the tournament in the cervical spinal cord injury section. Since 1987, the Japan Wheelchair Twin Basketball Championship has been held by the Japan Wheelchair Twin Basketball Federation.[5].


    1946, At the National Veterans HospitalSecond World WarBecame a wheelchairWounded soldierIs said to be the first to start[6]..Around the same time in EnglandStoke Mandeville HospitalNeurosurgeonLudwig GuttmannIs for people with paraplegiaリ ハ ビ リ テ ー シ ョ ンAdopted wheelchair basketball following wheelchair polo as part of[7].. in Japan,1960, Stoke Mandeville Hospital and learned from GoodmanYutaka Nakamuraintroduced and disseminated.

    Status of each country


    1960Or later,Oita OfNational Beppu Hospital,Kanagawa OfNational Hakone SanatoriumDemonstrations were held at.1975ToJapanese Wheelchair Basketball FederationWas established, and about 100 teams and 1,000 players are registered in Japan.For player trainingclinicThere is also a college student federation of healthy people.As a national national convention in Japan, every MayTokyo gymnasiumBoth men and women can participateJapan Wheelchair Basketball ChampionshipBut every November for girlsGreen Arena KobeでJapan Women's Wheelchair Basketball ChampionshipIs done.Also, as an international competition held in Japan, for boysKitakyushu Champions Cup International Wheelchair Basketball TournamentAnd girlsInternational Friendship Women's Wheelchair Basketball Osaka Tournament(Osaka Cup) is held every year.

    1999More about wheelchair basketballTakehiko InoueCartoon ofReal"ButWeekly Young JumpThe serialization started at, and the hit of this work raised the public awareness.

    Wheelchair basketballNicknamed a professional playerNaoki YasuAlthough it was devised by the Japanese media, there are many notations of "wheelchair basketball" in the Japanese news media.[1].

    Powerful teams include Chiba Hawks, Miyagi MAX, NoExcuse, World BBC, Kobe Stokes, and cocktails.

    Other groups / activities, etc.

    Wheelchair basketball camp (commonly known as J-CAMP)
    Launched in 2001, the purpose is to convey the fun and basics of wheelchair basketball.Camp..Every year, around 40 athletes, including healthy people, gather.Many young Japanese players have participated.
    Japan Wheelchair Basketball University Federation(GBP-JCWBF)
    Established in 2002.Most of the registrants are healthy people, but they regard wheelchair basketball as a sport and operate it beyond the boundaries of obstacles.
    Japan Wheelchair Twin Basketball Federation (JWTBF)
    Wheelchair twin basketball competition group.Japanese Para-Sports AssociationAlso hosts the Japan Wheelchair Twin Basketball Championship.

    Representation from Japan

    BoysTokyo ParalympicsHe has participated in 12 consecutive tournaments for the 13th time, and his best result is the silver medal of the Tokyo Paralympics.The girls have participated in the Tokyo Paralympics eight times and won two bronze medals.


    There are about 180 wheelchair basketball teams in Germany, where sports for people with disabilities are popular.In the domestic league, both men and women are mixed and healthy people can participate, and it is the top leagueWheelchair basketball BundesligaThere are up to 5 division leagues, and some players have professional contracts.Since there is no limit to the number of foreign players, many of the world's top players belong to it.[8].


    In CambodiaRed Cross International CommitteeThe (ICRC) Physical Rehabilitation Program will establish Cambodia's first wheelchair basketball federation.[9].

    Works dealing with wheelchair basketball


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    • Katsuyuki Hamamoto
    • Masahiro Kuwana --Musician.He formed a team called "Net Riders" himself and worked to popularize wheelchair basketball regardless of whether he was disabled or able-bodied.

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