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🏊 | [Kanto Student Championship Swimming Competition Time Final] Coming soon!

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[Kanto Student Championship Swimming Tournament Time Final] Coming Soon!

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After this, the Men's 8m Freestyle Kanto University Swimming Championships Men's 8m Freestyle Time Final will be held at Yokohama International Pool from 10:29 on August 100th.

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    Men's 100m Freestyle Kanto Student Championship Swimming Tournament Men's 100m Freestyle Time Final

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    Yokohama International Pool

    Yokohama International Pool(Yokohama Makokusai Pool)Kanagawa横 浜 市TsujiYokohama Municipal International Standard水 泳usePool.1998Completed inKanagawa/Yume National Athletic MeetIt was used as a venue.The nickname decided by the open call for participants is "WATER ARENA Water Arena".

    In addition to swimming facilities such as swimming pools, there are also gymnasiums for indoor competitions, tennis courts, and green spaces.In addition to being open for personal use, the facility is also used for filming movies and TV programs.

    The designated manager has been the Yokohama City Sports Association, Konami Sports Co., Ltd., and Toritsu Group JV since April 2011, 4.[2]It has become.

    Also since 2011bj league OfYokohama Bee CorsairsAs a match venueB.LEAGUEIt will be used as a home arena from the first year of the 2016-17 season.


    Main arena

    The main arena is used as a main pool and diving pool in the summer, and is used as a sports floor by changing floors in the winter.The audience seats are about 4000.

    Main pool

    50m x 25m internationally recognized indoor heated pool.DiveExcludingSwimming competitionCan do general things.SwimmingAt the time of the tournamentLong waterwayIt is often done as a (50m pool), in which case there are 10 courses.Short canalIt may also be used as a (25m pool).In addition, a movable floor is used, and the depth can be changed from 0m to 3.5m (both ends are 0m to 2.5m) (water depth 1.2m for personal use).

    Diving pool

    25m×25m×5m(深さ)の国際公認プール。飛び込み台の高さは10m、7.5m、5mの3種類、飛び板の高さは3m、1mの2種類。飛込競技で使用されることが多いが、scuba diving,Artistic swimmingClassrooms and competitions are held, and it is also used as an up venue for swimming competitions.As a general rule, it cannot be used for personal use (it may be available during the time of drainage inspection of the subpool).

    Sports area

    In winter, the pool is closed and it becomes a sports floor of about 90m x about 37m.basketball,Tennis,FutsalSuch competitions are held.An example of personal use is the tennis court (5 sides).Examples of tournament use include 5 tennis courts, 4 volleyball / basketball / futsal courts, and 20 badminton courts.

    Yokohama B-Corsairs Home Arena

    During the regular season, about 8% of the games are played at this Yokohama International Pool.

    • 2011-12 season ... 12 games
    • 2012-13 season: 10 games[3]
    • 2013-14 season: 6 games[4]
    • 2014-15 season: 4 games
    • 2015-16 season: 4 games
    • 2015-16 season: 24 games

    The number of spectator seats is about 2 on the 4,000nd floor, and temporary seats on the 1st floor can accommodate 5,000 people.


    50m x 8 course indoor heated pool.Use only as a pool throughout the year (not a sports floor, etc.).It can also be used as two 25m pools using a movable wall.Like the main pool, the entrance side half has a movable floor, and the water depth can be set from 2m to 0.3m (3.5m for personal use).One side of the electric bulletin board is a fixed floor, and the water depth is 1.0 m.The audience seats are about 2.5 seats.There is also a relaxation pool and sauna.

    Other indoor facilities

    • Sub arena
    A gymnasium of about 32m x about 19.5m.For personal use, only badminton and table tennis are available, but groups can also play futsal, dance, gymnastics, basketball and volleyball.It is the size of one basketball court and volleyball court, and three badminton courts.
    • Training room
    A training gym of about 270 m22.It is equipped with 19 aerobic machines, 2 strength machines, a stretch space, and a refrigerator for drinks.The free weight space is equipped with 1 bench presses, 1 power rack, 3 Smith machine, 1 free benches, 1 decker bench, and dumbbells (40 kg to XNUMX kg).The front of the treadmill is entirely covered with glass, so you can run while gazing at the natural scenery.For those who use the training room for the first time, we provide information on the facility.
    • Multipurpose hall / meeting room
    In addition to the pool and training room, there is one multipurpose hall and three meeting rooms.The multipurpose hall has an area of ​​1 m3, a height of 210 m, and 4 seats.The flooring conference room 132 has an area of ​​1 m99.9 and seats 48 seats.Conference Room 2 has an area of ​​58.3 m24 and 3 seats.Conference Room 75.4 has an area of ​​24 m3 and XNUMX seats.Halls and conference rooms of various sizes can be used according to the purpose of use.It can be used on one side except for the conference room XNUMX.
    • pantry
    It sells light meals, sweets, and beverages.
    • Pro shop
    It sells swimming equipment such as swimwear and goggles, and sportswear.
    • Body care room
    Beauty SalonAnd body treatments are available.
    • Harikyu Massage Room
    AcupunctureWe are performing the treatment.Kanagawa Hygiene AcademyAttached medical facility.

    Outdoor facility

    • Parking Lot
    The first parking lot can accommodate 220 cars and the second parking lot can accommodate 100 cars.The second parking lot is also used as two multipurpose courts.
    • Multipurpose court (tennis court)
    There are two hard court tennis courts.In addition to tennis, it can also be used for futsal.It is also used as the second parking lot.

    Tournament etc.

    Past competition


    usage fee

    Only on Saturdays, elementary school students, junior high school students, and high school students will be exempt from the usage fee if they show their student ID or equivalent.[5].

    TimeUp to 2 hourExtension fee (per hour)
    AdultJunior high school and youngerAdultJunior high school and younger
    Pool700 JPY350 JPY350 JPY170 JPY
    Training room500 JPY250 JPY250 JPY120 JPY


    Public transport


    Tsuzuki InterchangeTurn right at the exit (exit the tollhouse and follow the road on the left) → turn left at the intersection in front of Higashiyamata Sports Hall → turn right at Kitayamata intersection → turn right at the Yokohama International Pool entrance
    Turn right at Shinishikawa intersection (turn left for cars from Tokyo) → turn left at Kitayamata intersection → turn right at Yokohama International Pool Entrance


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