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⚽ | Lance Junya Ito, the opening game is off the bench The reason is


Lance Junya Ito, the reason why the opening game is off the bench

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Lance, who lacked three players other than Ito, lost the opening game after losing the first goal in the enemy area.

League Ann where the 2022-23 season started.Junya Ito transferred to Stade Reims, but with Marseille ... → Continue reading


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First goal


    Opener(Kaimakusen) isSportsAtSeasonAnd the first match of the tournament.In English, it is called Opening Game. 

    North America

    MLB,NFL,NBA,NHLThe so-called4 major professional sports leagues in North AmericaThen,North AmericaBelongs toThe United States of America,CanadaThere are cases where one card of the opening game is held in a country other than that.1990NBA opening roundPhoenix SunsversusUtah Jazz Tokyo gymnasiumIt was first held in North America, and it was also the first official match to be held in a country other than North America.Players registered to participate in the opening round are called opening roasters.


    There is an opinion that the opening game is called the opening game, and that the opening game has a special meaning and that the opening game is just one game of a long pennant race.[1]..Of the opening gameStarting pitcher TheOpening pitcherThe pitcher who represents each team is thrown in[1].

    Japanese professional baseball

    Years[2][3]SE LeaguePacific League
    ~ 2001Sponsored by the top 1 teams from the previous year (3 year ago)
    2002Special case by soccer World Cup Japan-Korea tournament
    ~ 2010
    Sponsored by the top 2 teams from the year before last (3 years ago)
    2011Special cases due to the Great East Japan Earthquake
    ~ 2019
    Sponsored by the top 2 teams from the year before last (3 years ago)
    (The opening right for 2011 has virtually disappeared)
    Sponsored by the top 3 teams two years ago (three years ago)
    (The opening right for 2011 slides in 2012)
    20202019 Special case due to new coronavirus
    ~ 2022
    Sponsored by the top 3 teams two years ago (three years ago)
    (The opening right for 2020 slides in 2021)
    Organized by the top 4 teams two years ago (3 years ago)
    (The opening right for 2020 slides in 2021)


    Japan Baseball OrganizationUnder the jurisdiction of (NPB)Professional baseballThen,2001Previously, the opening round was held at the home ground of the top three teams, reflecting the results of the official round of the previous year.but,Hanshin TigersIs the opening roundSelected High School Baseball TournamentIf it overlaps with the holding period of, it is the homeHanshin Koshien StadiumBecause it cannot be used, the game was played at another stadium, such as returning the opening right and opening the game as a road game at the base of the B class team in the previous year (reference:Opening game of Hanshin Tigers # sponsored game[4].

    The combination of match cards for the opening round is1999Until this season, both leagues were, in principle, a victory vs. 4th place, a 2nd place vs. 5th place, and a 3rd place vs. the lowest ranking in the final ranking of the previous year.After thatPacific LeagueIn the same combination,Central LeagueThen in 19999The agreement (match agreement) was revised to the previous year (regardless of the combination).2003LaterLaterDue to the application of the special exception in 2002, it was decided that the three teams, which won the championship, the second place, and the third place, will be sponsored according to the ranking of (two years ago).

    2000The combination of the opening round isWinversus4 bit,2 bitversus5 bit,3 bitversusBottomHowever, the result of deciding the combination regardless of the ranking of the previous year happened to be the combination.2010Then.2008WinSame year5 bit,same year2 bitSame yearBottom,same year3 bitSame year4 bitIt has become.

    past,Korakuen StadiumTokyo DomeWas also using the home baseYomiuri Giants1962For up toMainichi Orions → Mainichi Daiei Orions,1963For up toJNR Swallows,1964From 2003 to XNUMXToei Flyers → Nittaku Home Flyers → Nippon-Ham FightersIf he won the A class in the ranking of the previous year, he would have adjusted the game schedule and the holding stadium of the sponsored game, but if the opening game starts on the same day or one day later, it is anomalous.Double headerAs a result, there was a case where one of them played a day game that started the game at 13:19, and then once replaced the spectators and played a night game that started the game at XNUMX:XNUMX.However, now that the Nippon-Ham Fighters have moved their headquarters to Sapporo Dome.[5], There are no more cases of such an irregular doubleheader in the opening round.

    Until 1978, about the Pacific League, Kanto 2 teams (Toei → Nittaku Home → Nippon-Ham, Mainichi → Daigo → Tokyo → Lotte), Kansai 3 teams (Hankyu, Nankai, Kintetsu), Kyushu 1 team (Nishitetsu) → Pacific Club → Crown Writer), probably because it was the home of the top 1 teams in Kanto and Kansai in the previous year and Nishitetsu → Pacific Club → Home of Crown WriterHeiwadai StadiumI was in the opening round.Therefore, Lions were able to hold the opening game at their home base every year even in the B class of the previous year.As for Kintetsu, even if it entered the A class the previous year, it would start as a visitor. Since 1979, the opening right has been fully implemented for the A-class team of the previous year, and the Kintetsu of the A-class of the previous year is the first base since the foundation of the team.Nissei StadiumThe opening game was held at.

    The opening round of 2023 will beES CON FIELD HOKKAIDOOnly games played in the[6].

    Opening cards usually record near-full spectator numbers in most games.


    There are the following exceptions other than the case where the opening of Hanshin mentioned above overlapped with the period of high school baseball and the sponsorship was returned.

    See the next section for special cases caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

    Great East Japan Earthquake power shortage problem
    • Great East Japan EarthquakeIn response to the outbreak ofJapan Baseball OrganizationIt is,Central LeagueAs planned after giving top priority to ensuring the safety of spectators and athletes3/25ToPacific LeagueRescheduled4/12I announced that it will start in[8], Requested by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to hold the event in areas other than TEPCO and Tohoku Electric Power jurisdiction as much as possible, and strictly refrain from holding it at night in the jurisdiction.[9] As a result of reviewing and examining the Central League, it will start on March 3th.The night game is scheduled to start on April 29th.[10].
    • However, the opening on March 3th was requested to be reconsidered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and there was more public opposition than expected, so it started on April 29th.[11][12].
    • Chunichi said there was no reason to postpone the Central League on this issue[13], Yakult because the loss of the parent company is large[14]Hanshin thought that it was not a good idea to stop where possible[15], A talking giant who wants to fulfill his responsibilities as a baseball player and Hiroshima who was unable to schedule[16] In the Central League, only Yokohama was opposed to the opening on March 3 from the beginning.[17].
    • The Giants had a policy of opening as usual until the end,[18], 3% should postpone the request of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and public opinion (SPORT Q & A's question "The opening of the Central League is ...", which is the audience questionnaire corner of Fuji TV Sport on March 17th. Yakult in the form of being prompted by)[19], Hanshin[18], Chunichi[20] However, as the opposition to the postponement changed to the pros, the giant broke.
    • From the beginning, the players' association has consistently hoped for a simultaneous opening with the Pacific League.[21], I flickered strikes and boycotts when the simultaneous opening was not accepted[22]Later announced that even if this request was not accepted, it would not cause a strike.[23].
    • Initially due to the schedule review due to the Great East Japan Earthquake3/25から4/12With the change to the opening of the Central League, the Central League has Giants, Hanshin, Yokohama, and the Pacific League has Nippon-Ham, Lotte, and Orix.However, the giant was originally planned for a local expedition instead of Tokyo Dome.Ube City Baseball StadiumOpening at (GiantsFranchise systemThe first opening game at a local stadium since 1952, when the system was introduced).The Pacific League was originally a B-class in 2009, and Seibu, Lotte, and Orix, who were supposed to open this year, were supposed to get the sponsorship, but Seibu was supposed to get the sponsorship, but due to the structural problem of Seibu Dome, April Since he returned to the event, he took steps to replace the hosting right of the Nippon-Ham Fighter that was organized at that time.
    • In 2012, the next year, the Central League was sponsored by the top-ranked teams in 2010 as usual, but the Pacific League was originally hosted by the top-ranked teams in 2011, which should have been hosted in 2009. I just slid and hosted it.Since then, the Pacific League has decided to host the opening round with reference to the ranking three years ago.
    Compatible with COVID-19 (new coronavirus)

    2020Is originallyTokyo OlympicsIt was planned to start from March 7th, considering that there is a suspension period (July 19th to August 8th) due toCOVID-19(New Coronavirus) Continued to postpone the opening time in light of the nationwide spread.As a result, the opening will be on June 6th.Unaided match[24] It will be held at.

    As a result, the Central League will carry over the opening sponsorship rights given to the Giants, Yakult, and Hiroshima teams, which were originally based on the results of 2018, to 3, and the sponsorship opening rights for the top three teams in 2021 will be. It will not be reflected in the pennant race after 2020.The treatment of the opening sponsorship rights after the Central League 3 and Pacific League 2022 is undecided.[25].

    Record of the opening round

    Baseball against city

    City competition baseball tournamentThen.1996Until then, the match of the previous winning team (unconditionally recommended for the next tournament and participated in the seed) was devoted to the opening round.1997Abolished once.2011The recommended participation of the previous winning team was resumed, and the participation in the opening round was revived.

    サ ッ カ ー

    FIFA World Cup

    • FIFA World CupIn the opening game in, the match of the host country will be held.however1974 West Germany Tournamentから2002 Japan-Korea TournamentUntil then, the match of the winning country (seed) was organized last time.
    • Even in the combination lottery of the first league, the country where the opening game will be held is put in "Group A" in advance and is regarded as the first seed.

    FIFA Club World Cup

    FIFA Club World CupThen.2007The playoffs between the host country and Oceania are being held as the opening round.

    J League

    J LeagueThen, the executive committee will be held in December of the year before the opening, and the opening card for the following year will be assembled.

    The J-League rules stipulate that the club that won the J1 league match in the previous year will be given the right to open at home.However, it does not necessarily have to be exercised.2014 seasonThen.2013WinningSanfrecce HiroshimaIs awayYanmar Stadium NagaiI fought the opening game at.Also, in J1, there are many cases where high-ranking teams from the previous year play against each other and popular cards such as derby matches are assembled in the opening round.

    2006 TheGamba OsakaversusUrawa Red DiamondsOne week agoXerox Super CupThe same card as the placeExpo Memorial StadiumIt was moved to.This card was also played in the final round, which was the league championship deciding match, andEmperor's cupWe will meet each other in the final match.

    2004After thatJ League Match SchedulerUtilizing software for creating match schedules called (Schedule-kun), in the opening and final rounds of the same prefecture / municipal clubs as much as possibleDerby matchIt is organized to organize a match schedule that attracts the attention of supporters, and the stadium of the home base is another event (especially).Athletic fieldIf the base is based on, the schedule may be suppressed for athletics and concerts), and the match schedule will be adjusted in consideration of the possibility of being used.Therefore, even in the opening game, unlike professional baseball, the top clubs of the previous year do not necessarily get the right to host the opening.

    Still moreJapan Soccer LeagueReorganized from the first1993 OfOpening round (May 5)of"Verdi KawasakiversusYokohama Marinos(National Kasumigaoka Athletic Field) ”, In the normal official game, the ones managed and sponsored by each participating club are treated as if they were held neutrally by the league.

    National High School Soccer Championship

    National High School Soccer ChampionshipIt is also called "Opening Match".1999Degree78th competitionから12/30ToNational StadiumImmediately after the opening ceremony, only one match will be held in the first round of the day.Until then, the National Stadium had only the opening ceremony and the semi-finals and finals, but the match itself was not held on the day of the opening ceremony.[27] There was concern that the number of spectators at the opening ceremony would decrease.Based on this,Kokugakuin Kugayama(Tokyo)-Gushikawa High SchoolIt was held for the first time since the match (Okinawa Prefecture).2007Every time86th competitionTherefore, the conditions for participation in the opening round are as follows in order of priority.

    1. After the combination lottery, the match in which the team of the Tokyo B representative school was organized in the first round by lottery, and the competition school.
    2. Match lottery excluding the matches of Kanagawa prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Saitama prefecture representative school in the first round match match.

    Other sports

    Daytona 500
    Monster Energy NASCAR Cup SeriesOpening round
    Hyundai Tournament of Champions
    American Men's Professional GolfPGA TourOpening round
    Four major opening games in American men's professional golf
    American Men's Professional GolfChampions tourOpening round
    February Stakes
    Central horse racingOf the relevant year inGIRace opening race
    Phoenix Award Race
    Boat racingOf the relevant year inSGAt the opening round of the race2014From now on, the name of BOAT RACE CLASSIC will be added as a popular name.
    In the Japanese professional wrestling world, the first round of each series is called the opening round.World's strongest tag league matchな どLeague matchThe opening ceremony will be held in the series where the series will be held, and even if it is not, the main cards showing the policy of the series will be assembled.The venue for the opening game like the world's strongest tag decision league game at one timeKorakuen HallThere is also an example that was fixed to.
    At K-1 WORLD GP and K-1 WORLD MAX, a 16-person tournament will be held as the main tournament, but the tournament will be divided into the first round and the two tournaments after the quarterfinals, of which the first round will be the opening round. Called.
    First season after league reorganization, 2022Since then, we have adopted a method that is supervised and sponsored by each participating club, but the opening game "Spears Tokyo BayversusSaitama Wild Knights(Scheduled to be held on January 2022, 1, National Stadium Kasumigaoka) will be held neutrally in the league-controlled games.[28]The opening ceremony was planned, but Saitama playersNew CoronavirusThe opening round / opening ceremony was canceled because it was found that the number of registered participants could not be met due to the large number of positive people.[29]..In this match, special hospitality seats "Opening Celebration Seat Premier (2 seat 1 yen)" and "Opening Celebration Seat (52,000 seat 1 yen)" will be sold on the 32,000nd floor of the main stand.[30], The ticket was sold out and it was a great success[31].


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