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⛳ | Hataoka ``I really want to win'' Motivation for All England Women's Golf

Photo Nasa Hataoka confirming the 2nd green at Muirfield Links for the opening of the AIG Women's British Open = 2nd, Gullane (Getty = Kyodo)

Hataoka ``I really want to win'' Willingness to play British women's golf

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Hataoka and Kotone Hori participated in the pro-am match, while Ayaka Furue, who won her first U.S. Tour title, and Hinako Shibuno, the 2019 champion, had practice rounds in the preliminaries.

[Galane (UK) Joint] The day to participate in the AIG Women's British Open, the final round of the women's golf major that will start on the 4th... → Continue reading

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    Pro-Am match

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      Kotone Hori

      Kotone Hori(Hori Koto,19963/3 -) isJapanWomanProfessional golfer.TokushimaI'm from.My sister is a female professional golferNatsuka Hori[1]..Current affiliationDaicel(Since 2020)[2].


      19963/3,TokushimaTokushimaI'm from.Golf is recommended by my fatherTokushima City Chimatsu Elementary SchoolStart in 1st grade (7 years old)[3].Tokushima City Josai Junior High SchoolIn the third grade, won the 3 (2010th) Shikoku Junior Golf Championship [30-12 years old][4].

      In 2011Hyogo OfTakigawa Daini High SchoolGo on to school.Won the 37th Kansai Junior Golf Championship [15-17 years old] in the same year[5], Also in the fall of the same year66th National Sports FestivalIn the golf competition women's individual sectionHikari Fujita,Kashiwara tomorrow,Mamiko HigaAfter that, he won the championship by suppressing the players who will enter the pros later.[6].

      In 2012Japan Golf Association(JGA) Joined the national team. At the 2013 Neighbors Trophy Team ChampionshipKashiwara tomorrow,Morita HarukaTeam up with them to win a team match[7].

      Of July 2014Japan Women's Professional Golf Association(JLPGA)Step-up tour OfABC LadiesParticipated as an amateur player and won -6[8]..After that, I challenged the JLPGA protest in August and passed in 8rd place.[9]..He won the Kyoto Ladies Open on the step-up tour that he participated in after turning professional, and won his first professional victory.[10].

      At the same time as participating in the Pro Tour in earnest in 2015ToshibaSigned a 3-year exclusive contract with[11][12]..Obtained the first seed right in the 33rd place in the prize money ranking. This is the sixth person in history to acquire seed rights as a teenager.

      In 2016, he won 2nd place in the Japan Women's Open Golf Championship, and greatly increased the prize money to 11th place in the prize money ranking and won the seed right for 2 consecutive years.

      In 2017, he was ranked 21st in the prize money ranking and won the seed right for the third consecutive year. He had the unpleasant title of being a young man who was likely to win but couldn't win, such as being in the top five for five weeks in a row.

      The slump continued after falling from the prize seed in 2018, but gradually improved from the 2020-2021 season, and in July 2021.Nippon Ham Ladies ClassicThen on the last dayMai WakabayashiIn the 3th year, he won the long-awaited JLPGA tour for the first time by shaking off Wakabayashi in the 8rd hole of the playoffs.[13]..She won the tour with her sister, Natsuka (2 wins on the tour), and this isFukushima Akiko-HirokoIt was the second feat in history after[14].

      In the 2022 season, we will return to the prize seed for the first time in four seasons, and we will welcome the opening round 4T point x ENEOS golf tournamentThen, start in the final group on the final day at the top, and followYuna NishimuraRumi YoshibaAlthough they couldn't improve their score as expected due to their pursuit, they stole the birdie at the 16th long hole and escaped, and won the second tour by escaping as it was.[15].

      LPGA US Major Participation

      年度Chevron ChampionshipUS Women's OpenWomen's PGA ChampionshipEvian ChampionshipBritish Women's Open

      Tournament victory

      Tour winner

      JLPGA Tour (2)

      No.DateTournamentScoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
      1April 2021, 7Nippon Ham Ladies Classic-14 (67-72-68-67 = 274)play offJapanese flag Mai Wakabayashi
      2April 2022, 3T point x ENEOS golf tournament-9 (69-68-70 = 207)1 strokesJapanese flag Yuna Nishimura
      Japanese flag Rumi Yoshiba


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