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⚽ | [Consadole] Aoki "Difficult to enjoy" Dramatic tie-up to the old nest Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo (14th) vs ...

Photo 27th (Sapporo/Miyanosawa) Aoki who steals the ball by sliding

[Consadole] Aoki "It's hard to be happy" dramatic tie-up to the old house Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo (14th) vs …

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For Sapporo, who will be in the relegation zone if they stick to results and accumulate points, the minimum is 1 point.

30th ◇ J1 League Round 23, Sapporo Atsubetsu League match for the first time in two weeks.Sapporo, who have not won the last four games, are surprised at Seijiatsubetsu... → Continue reading

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Points(Kachiten) is for sports, etc.Round-robinIn the competition by, the points given according to the victory or defeat in order to determine the winner and the ranking.Usually, the winner is given a lot of points, but in the case of a draw, the winner is often given the next point.In addition, losers may also be awarded points.

The ranking method based on the points is called the points system or the points system.サ ッ カ ー,rugbyIt is widely used in such places.In addition, if the match is also a group match other than the round-robin match, the group ranking is decided based on the points won.

Brief history

Points are usually awarded for each match.A typical example is soccer with 1 wins, 3 draw, and 1 defeats.

Originally, the points system is derived from soccer.1888, The first professional soccer league in England, modeled after the American professional baseball league,Football leagueWas founded.The football league consists of 12 clubs, with each clubHome and awayIt was decided to play two games each in a method and compete for the results of all 2 games.But baseball without a draw[1] However, while the winning percentage was simply used to determine the championship and ranking, soccer was unable to determine the ranking based on the winning percentage due to the existence of a draw.In order to clarify the handling of draws, a meeting was held on November 1888, 11 after the start of the league match, and 21 points for victory and 2 point for draws were given and the championship and ranking were decided based on the total points won in all games. A winning point system was proposed.This system is18891/11Was officially introduced in.This is the origin of the points system[2]..The form of the English soccer league has spread to each country, and the points system has become widespread in league games of other sports.

There was no change in the method of winning 2 points and drawing 1 point,1981In the football league, the change to 3 points for victory and 1 point for draw was implemented with the aim of increasing the incentive for victory and improving the offensive power.This point system isthe 1990sHas become the world standard for soccer (for example)FIFA World CupThen.1990 Italy TournamentUp to 2 points for victory,1994 United States ConventionVictory is 3 points).


The points system can be divided into various types regarding the points given to the winners and the handling of draws.The following is an overview of the types of points system.

Standard type

It can be said that the standard form of the points system is 1889 points for victory, 2 point for draw, and 1 points for defeat when the point system was born in 0.It can be said that the 3 points of victory, 1 point of draw, and 0 points of defeat introduced in the current soccer are variants of the standard form.By allocating more points to victory, it can be evaluated as adding an incentive to avoid draws and seek victory.

All Japan Pro Wrestling OfWorld's strongest tag league matchAdopted inPWFAccording to the rules, 2 points for victory, 1 point for time-out draw, 0 points for defeat, bothFoulAnd bothRing outBoth have 0 points.

A method of giving points to defeat

  • basketball,volleyballIn international competitions, the method of winning 2 points, defeating 1 point, and abstaining (forfeiting match) 0 points is widely adopted.
  • Far East AsiaAsian League Ice HockeyPreviously adopted a 60-minute win 3 points, a V-goal win 2 points, a V-goal defeat and a draw 1 point, and a 60-minute defeat 0 points, but the 2008-09 season game winning shot (GSW. Shootout). (Equivalent to a PK match in soccer) After adoption, 60 points will be won in the extended game for 5 minutes or 3 minutes, 2 points will be won in the GWS, and 1 point will be defeated in the GWS and 60 point in the extended game. , The defeat in 0 minutes is XNUMX points.
    • Similarly, the American professional league of ice hockeyNHLIn the system, 2 points for victory (including V goal overtime and GWS victory), 1 point for V goal overtime, 60 point for GSW defeat, and 0 point for defeat in XNUMX minutes.This is also a variant of the standard form, but it is characterized by the fact that it also gives points to defeats in overtime and GSW.
  • J League The1995For the two years since then, he has adopted a system of 2 wins (including penalty shootout wins), 3 penalty shootout defeat, and 1 other defeats.Japan Soccer LeagueFor a period of time, or nowNational Regional Soccer League Final TournamentAnd some regional soccer leagues in Japan (Kyushu Soccer LeagueEtc.), the draw is abolished, and the system is adopted as a 90-minute victory 3 points, a penalty shoot-out victory 2 points, a penalty shoot-out defeat 1 point, and a 90-minute defeat 0 points.
  • rugbySeveral leagues (EnglandPremiership-Top 14 French Championship·South AfricaCurrie cup·JapanJapan Rugby Top LeagueEtc.), 4 points for victory, 2 points for draw, 7 point for defeat within 1 points, 4 pointsTryA match point system has been introduced in which the above 1 point is awarded.They are trying to increase the number of close battles by giving points to even a close defeat.Asian Five NationsThen it has been changed to 5 points for victory and 3 points for draw.
  • Amateur wrestlingIn, fall victory 5 points ・Technical fallVictory 4 points, judgment victory 3 points, judgment defeat 1 point, no point defeat 0 points.
  • Japanese professional wrestling1st held byNWA Tag League Matchでは、公式戦が45分3本勝負で、1本取れば勝ち点1、つまり2本取っての勝利で勝ち点2、1-2での敗戦、または1-1での引き分けで勝ち点1になるという方式をとっていた。
  • Table tennis OfT LeagueThen, the points are given according to the content of the match of the winning team.
    • 4 points for a 0-4 straight win
    • 3 points for a 1-2 victory or an extra time victory from a 2-3 tie
    • Basically 0 points for defeat, but 1 point for overtime defeat

A method of giving points according to the content of victory and points

  • FormerNorth American Soccer League(NASL) adopted a system of 6 wins, 4 shootout wins, 1 point for each goal (up to 1 points), and 3 defeats (draws are abolished).
  • In the J League1997In the two years since then, he has given 2 points for victory in 90 minutes, 3 points for victory in overtime, 2 point for victory in penalty shootout, and 1 points for defeat.1999Penalty shootout was abolished from then2002Until then, the format was to give 90 points for a victory in 3 minutes, 2 points for a victory in overtime, and 1 point for a draw.
  • Once done twice in JapanKonica cupThen, the ranking of the group league was decided by the points.1st(1990In), 3 points were given in the case of victory depending on the content and result of the match, 0 points were given in the penalty shootout from 0 to 2, and 0 points were given in the loss. Was added.1nd (1991), In the case of victory, the points are 3 points in each case, and the 2 points given as bonus points are different in that the points in the extra time are included (the second time is the victory in the penalty shootout from 2-0). The deduction of points won in is abolished).
    • 1992 J League CupAlso1991The Konica Cup method is applied almost mutatis mutandis, and if the team that wins regardless of the match time, including overtime and PK, is given 4 points and 0 losses, and if they score 90 goals or more within 2 minutes. One bonus point was adopted for every two goals.
  • 新 日本 プ ロ レ ス MSG seriesIn the points system adopted in such cases,PinfallWin andSubmissionThe win was 5 points, the foul win and ringout win were 4 points, and the draw was 2 points.
  • Some college baseball in Japan (China District University Baseball FederationIn the 2006 lower league match, etc.), a system of 4 cold wins, 3 non-cold wins, 1 draw, 0 non-cold defeats, and 1 cold defeat was adopted.
  • Since 2011DEEPSMASHIs a mixed martial arts league match jointly held byJapan MMA LeagueThen, the victory is 4 points, the bonus is 2 points for one or KO, and the draw is 0 points.
  • KickboxingKrushThe WILD RUSH League, which is implemented by KO, has 3 points for KO wins, 2 points for decision wins and walkovers, and 1 point for draws.

A method of giving points to the winners of the match card

Japanese college baseballA special points system is widely adopted in each league.[4]..In this method, one point is given to the team that wins two games first with the same match card. Both 2 wins and 1 losses and 2 wins and 0 loss have the same points.

The origin of this methodTokyo Roku University Baseball FederationThis is the method adopted in.In Tokyo Big2 Baseball League, the basic unit is a match between two schools, and the principle is that it is meaningful to beat the other school, so a special points system was born in this way.Tokyo BigXNUMX Baseball was once one of the most popular in the Japanese sports world, so many of the later college baseball leagues all adopted the Tokyo BigXNUMX Baseball League points system.

In this method, when the points are the same and the points are lined up, it is common to determine the superiority or inferiority of the ranking by comparing the winning percentages of the same points.However, even in such a case, the next stage depends on the order, for example, 1st place or lowest place.[5] Many leagues have adopted a method in which a playoff (ranking match) is held only when the team participating in the game is decided.No decisive battle will be held for other rankings, and one of the following methods will be adopted.

  1. Apply the ranking comparison between the schools in the previous season
  2. Equal rank
  3. Depends on the results of the competition between the schools during the season

In the past, if the 1st place points were lined up as one of the measures to revitalize the league match, the league that always played the decisive match regardless of the winning percentage comparison (Tokyo BigXNUMX Baseball League,Toto University LeagueThere is also a record of adoption results in), but "the value per league match will decrease"[6]As a result of reconsideration from various aspects such as "It is not preferable in terms of operation that the period of the league match is often extended at a later date because the subsequent national tournament is imminent", it has been abolished with a relatively short life.

In the case of this method, the draw match is usually excluded from both the points calculation and the winning percentage calculation.Depending on the league, even if a draw match occurs, it may be difficult to continue playing the same card until it is settled, and in such a league, the same card cannot be settled within the specified number of games (in any case). Teams haven't won their second win), both teams have 2 points.

New CoronavirusAs part of the measures, since 2020, some college baseball leagues have adopted a point system for each game instead of a point system for the winning teams with 3 games and 2 wins.As an example, from the 1 autumn tournament, the Tokyo Big6 Baseball League will play 2020 games in a round-robin manner twice for each participating team, adding 2 point to the winning team and 10 points (1 points to lose) to both teams. The team with the most points at the end of 0.5 games will be the winning team.If there are two teams with the most points, the championship will be decided in one game playoff by the team, and if three or more teams are lined up, it will be considered as "winning custody (no winning school)".As a general rule, the second and lower teams will be ranked at the same rate, but for the convenience of deciding the combination for the next season, the top teams from the previous season will be treated as high ranks.However, the point system for each game is not the first in the 0 autumn tournament, but there are cases where it was adopted for 10 seasons from prewar to postwar (until 2 autumn tournament) in the 1th century.[7].

Deprivation of points against injustice

Italian Professional Soccer League (Rega Calcio), As a penalty for clubs involved in fraud when there is fraud such as referee acquisition, the points were stripped from the beginning of the season and started from minus points ().Serie A (Soccer) 2006-2007Season).


  1. ^ There are draws in Japanese baseball, but baseball is essentially a sport without draws.
  2. ^ Yoshiyuki Osumi, "The Story of Maintenance and Innovation over" Winning Points "" NIKKEI NET SOCCER @ Express, 2002
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  4. ^ For baseball games limited to spring league games (limited to some leagues with replacement system), 26 out of 20 national federations are adopted.Also adopted by many major leagues in semi-rigid baseball.If this method is adopted, it is necessary to secure a stadium and management personnel in advance for games that may or may not occur at the stage of schedule formation due to their characteristics.Due to this, there are many aspects that are inconvenient in terms of operation in the two-game first-come-first-served system, or a league that cannot find any special advantage in exchange for the difficulty in operation (climatic conditions of the host area / time, member schools are wide area). Avoid this method and adopt a winning percentage system or tournament method that is easier to operate, such as blocks that are not main in terms of operation such as lower leagues, and cases where the degree of interest is low and the mobilization of spectators cannot be expected from the beginning. There is a tendency.
  5. ^ For example, national conventionsReplacement battleSuch.If the teams in the league are fixed or the bottom league does not have a qualification match with the bottom, or if there is no national tournament, no ranking match will be held unless there are special circumstances.
  6. ^ If this method is adopted, the value will be infinitely equal regardless of whether it is 2 consecutive wins (2 wins 0 losses) or 1 loss (2 wins 1 loss), especially for the purpose of winning. There is a view that there is a willingness to play against one win of the match card and that interest will decline.
  7. ^ Tokyo Big73 University This fall league match is a point system for the first time in XNUMX years(Daily sports)

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