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⚾ | Jaguar Yokota 🔥O ❤️ Dr. Hirokatsu Kinoshita, passionate about high school baseball "Sakuchosei, looking forward to the final match on the 30th"

Photo Image / Dr. Kinoshita Official Instagram

Jaguar Yokota 🔥O ❤️ Dr. Hirokatsu Kinoshita, passionate about high school baseball "Sakuchosei, looking forward to the final match on the 30th"

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With one ticket to Koshien, Saku Chosei will play against Tokyo City University Shiojiri.

"I'm really looking forward to the final match on the 30th (Nagano Prefectural Tournament) to see if Saku Chosei can get a ticket for Koshien." 29th, ... → Continue reading

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      Sakuchosei Junior High School/High School

      Sakuchosei Junior High School/High School(Sakuchoseichugakko / Kotougakko)NaganoSakuPrivate school located in IwamurataJunior high school-high school..Old name "Saku High School".Abbreviation is "Saku NagasakiOr "Chosei. "

      Participating and participating schools in the National Private Dormitory School Council.


      Under the slogan of "The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Koshien" from 1991, in 1995, he started the first integrated middle and high school education in Nagano prefecture.He has won national championships in the relay road race and skating club, and has participated in the baseball club Koshien Spring / Summer 10 times.

      There are three types of curriculum: Class I (advancement), Class II (mainly sports), and middle and high school integrated courses (formerly known as Class III), and classes are conducted according to type.In particular, he is focusing on learning English, and in addition to regular classes, he holds online classes with local instructors overseas and welcomes overseas university students as internships. In 3, it signed a partnership agreement with California State University, Fuller Sed College.

      Also, for the first time in Nagano prefectureTablet computerInformation lessons using information and education using the school network, which is rare in high schools, are conducted.Along with that, at schools and dormitoriesWi-FiIs available.

      Cultural FestivalIs called "Hijirisai" and is held around June every year.

      An elevator is also installed in the school buildingBarrier-freeIn addition to being air-conditioned, the entire building is air-conditioned.Floor heatingEquipped with.

      In addition, on April 2023, 4, it was announced that the school corporation Seikei Gakuen, which operates Sakuchosei Junior and Senior High School, will merge with the school corporation Nagano Home Economics Academy to become the school corporation Chosei.[1].

      Educational goals

      • Based on the educational policy of love and passion, each person aims to realize the best dream in both Bunbu and Budo.
      • The goal is to educate all people by integrating "intellectual education," "beauty education," "ki education," "physical education," and "toku education."
      • The guideline is to foster a rich humanity and to foster highly motivated human resources.

      School style

      Basically, students wear uniforms and go to school, but there are several times a month (basically once in junior high school and twice in high school). You are allowed to go to school in strong clothes.

      As a spring assignment when entering junior high schoolMasako Shimizu"Is it interesting to grow up?" 』Must read.

      Overseas training programs are available in junior high school and high school, led by Nobutoshi KimThe United States of AmericaOrCanadaHomestay will be held.

      Unusual for a high school in recent yearsSchool cafeteria(Because there is a dormitory), students can have lunch at the school cafeteria even if they are not dormitory students.In addition, many vending machines are installed in the high school, where you can buy soft drinks and bread.As for bread, a nearby bakery will come to sell it during the lunch break.


      About half of the students move into the dormitory.The dormitory is positioned as an extension of school life and is called the "kan".There are four dormitories: the Seitokukan of the men's dormitory, the Seishukan of the men's athletic club dormitory, the Seishinkan of the women's dormitory, and the Seitokukan South Building for the station transmission.There is a study session at night in the museum, and you are supposed to work on learning every night.There is a Seihokan in the junior high school, and applicants can enter the dormitory.The life cycle is the same as in high school.


      • 1964(Showa39) --Opened as Saku High School by the school corporation Saku Gakuen.
      • 1971(Showa 46) --From a wooden school building to a reinforced concrete school building.
      • 1995(Heisei7 years) --Established Sakuchosei Junior High School and started integrated middle and high school education.Renamed to Sakuchosei High School.It becomes a junior high and high school integrated school.
      • 2004(16) --Transferred from the school corporation Saku Gakuen to the school corporation Seikei Gakuen.
      • 2017(29) --The new school building is completed.

      Extracurricular activities

      The baseball clubKoshien in the summer9 times,SenbatsuHas participated once in. Koshien best 1 in the summer of 1994 is the best result.2018100th anniversary conventionThen the first extension in Koshien historyTie breakWon[2][3][4]..Baseball manager[5][6]And the coachPL schoolOriginal cheering song of PL Gakuen Baseball Club, which was originally from and was closed[7]The set of sheet music for "Winning" and "Victory" has been officially inherited from PL Gakuen, and the tradition has been inherited.[8][9][10].

      The relay road race is the capital road of December (Kyoto City) Is held on the stageNational High School EkidenHe has participated in 1998 consecutive tournaments since the 49th tournament in 24 as a representative of Nagano prefecture. Twice nationwide at the 2008th competition in 59 and the 2017th competition in 68Windoing[11][12][13].second placeIs 4 times.Winning a prizeIs 21 times.Many of the Ekiden OBsHakone Ekiden,New Year Ekiden,Emperor's Cup National Prefectural Ekiden,World Athletics Championship,OlympicsIt is playing an active part in.Marathon Japan record holder2020 Tokyo OlympicsRepresentative of Japan大 迫One of the OBs of the Ekiden[14][15].

      The skating clubInter HighHe has won the overall victory five times.ISU Speed ​​Skating World Cup,World Single Distance Championship,OlympicsHas produced a large number of Japanese national team players. Of OGAyaka Kikuchi 2018 Pyeongchang OlympicsWon a gold medal (Team pursuit)[16][17].

      The women's basketball clubWinter cup14 times,Inter HighHas participated in 12 times.

      The Ekiden club, track and field club, baseball club, men's basketball club, women's basketball club, judo club, kendo club, skating club, water polo club, golf club, and women's soccer club are designated as strengthening designated clubs.


      Famous people




      Sports and others



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