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⛳ | Takashi Sorimachi and ⛳️ Golf enthusiast ⚽️ Yoshito Okubo, gorgeous ✨ Voice of "Envy ❣️" to interact with actors

Photo Image / Yoshito Okubo Official Instagram

Takashi Sorimachi and ⛳️ Golf enthusiast ⚽️ Yoshito Okubo, gorgeous ✨ Voice of "Envy ❣️" to interact with actors

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Ryusei Yokohama made a guest appearance in "The Old Dog, New Trigger".

"I went golfing with Takashi Sorimachi a while ago 😊" Former Japan national football team and commentator Oku ... → Continue reading

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Yokohama meteor

Yokohama meteor(Yokohama Ryusei,19969/16[4] -) isJapan OfAn actor.Kanagawa横 浜 市Background[2].Stardust promotionProduction 2 division[4].The official fan club is "Étoile Filante"[5].


When I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, I went there for the first time with my familyHarajukuScouted atStardust promotionBelongs to[2][6]..Male talent group of the same officeEBiDANIs a former member of[1].

The first job is "Glory seminarCM shooting[7].. fashion magazine"NicoPuchi, And after a public audition, since 2011, its sister magazine "nicola』I acted as a men's model[8][9].MenmoWon the 1st place in the popularity vote and had the first serialization in the magazine as Menmo[10].

May 2012,Kamen Rider FourzeFirst appearance in a TV drama[6].Ryo YoshizawaPlayed Kamen Rider Meteor's best friend[11].

2012 year 10 month,Yokohama Ryusei official blog "shooting star"Opened.

May 2013,Real demon pretend THE ORIGIN』Became the first regular appearance in a TV drama[12].

Broadcast from February 2014 to February 2, "Ressha Sentai ToQger』, Appeared in the role of Hikari / ToQ 4Gou, and got a lot of attention[13][14][15].

May 2015,nicola』Graduated from the men's model[10].

June 2016, 6, Instagram (@Ryuseiyokohama_official) Opened.

First starring in the stage "Samurai White Tiger Mononofu White Tiger" in September 2015[Annotation 1][16].

July 2017, ``GReeeENMovie project "[17]The first movie "Kiseki -Soviet Day-Green boysCD debut under the name[18].. The second movie of the project released in January 2019 ``Auta -The Promised Nakuhit-』In the single starring[17][19].

In June 2018, she made her solo debut with the limited-edition single "Kyoumoiitenki feat. Rover (Berry Goodman)".[20], October single "Good weather today feat.Rover (Berry Goodman) / Unfinished』CD debut[21]..I also tried to write the lyrics for the first time in the recorded song "Unfinished"[21].

January 2019, Tuesday drama ``The story to read on the day you first fell in love"soPrime timeFirst appearance in the serial drama.It is bad, but the roots are serious and pure, and the pink hair is impressive.[22]..In the same work, "100thThe Television Drama Academy Award Supporting Actor Award ""Tokyo drama awardReceived the 2019 Supporting Actor Award. The number of followers on Instagram is "Hajikoi』Broadcast triggered an increase of about 50 people[23], The photo book "Ryurei" to be released at the same time was decided to be reprinted before the release[24].

In June of the same year, the information program "ZIP!』Friday personality[25]..A magazine that decorates the cover with a trained body "mother』2154 was out of stock at the same time as the reservation started at the online bookstore before the release, and sold out one after another[26].

From the end of June of the same year, "It's your turn-Counterattack-''4 minutes marigold''Panda laughs in a world that is neither white nor black.] And appeared in the drama for 3 consecutive courses. "White black』For the first time starred in the prime time serial drama[Annotation 2].

July 2020, starring movie "Ai Uta-The Promised Nakuhito-''Cheer boys!!''Stay away, ultramarineThe performance in "43rd" was evaluated.Japan Academy Award Received the "New Actor Award"[27].

September of the same year,Nikkei Entertainment"Talent power rankingIn the 2020 survey, it was ranked first in the "surge talent".[28].

In August of the same year, the Wednesday drama "We are crazy][Annotation 3].. Instagram has more than 200 million followers[29].

In September 2021[30].

A movie released in March 2022Usogui』And act as a single star as a spotted baku.I dyed my hair silver to make a role[31].

August 2022, 6,Yokohama Ryusei official blog "shooting star"Closed.

On June 2022, 6, he announced the opening of a fan club and his first birthday event.[32]

The movie released on August 2022, 8Akira and Akira”, along with “Ryoma Takeuchi” as Ei Yamazaki, as Akira Kaido.

The movie released on May 2022, 10The line draws me], As the role of Shimosuke Aoyama, he starred alone.


  • Height 174cm[8]..Foot size is 27cm-27.5cm[1].
  • Krun and long upwards, which are often talked abouteyelashIs born[33][34].
  • The surname "Yokohama" is the real name横 浜 市Although he is from Japan, he spent the first few months in Yokohama.[6]. thenSaitamaMoved to and grew up. "Yokohama"AomoriKamikitaYokohama TownIs the surname that originated.His father is in the same Kamikita district as YokohamaTohoku TownThe surname of "Yokohama" is the most abundant in this area and its surroundings.[35][36].
  • Also, from its name, it is based in Yokohama.Professional baseball team-Yokohama DeNA BaystarsAt the audition, he said, "Did you absolutely like the BayStars?"However, in reality, both parents were not interested in baseball at all, and the reason why they were named "Meteor" was because "I want you to shine with some confidence" and "The shooting star flowed at the moment you were born". , BayStars have nothing to do with it.As of 2020, there is no offer from the team, but he is enthusiastic about the opening ceremony.[37][38].
  • The drama "The story to read on the day I fell in love for the first timeIn August 2020, 8 people participated in the vote and won the 300st place in the "Actor ranking that suits flashy hair color".[39].
  • Drama"DCU』Before shooting for the role of diverscuba divingLicensed[40].

Special skill/hobby/preference

  • Special skill isExtreme vacuum hand(First stage)[Annotation 4]And when I was in the third year of junior high school, the world championshipWinner of the "2011 7th International Youth Karatedo Championships 13-14 Years Old Men-55kg Division"And has a career that shines the best in the world[41]..Even when he was in the first year of high school, he won the 1rd place in the "2012 8th International Youth Karatedo Championships 15-year-old Men-65 kg Division".[42].
  • In junior high school, Kyokushin was prioritized over performing arts activities.[2]For that reason, he revealed that he did not go to the lessons that newcomers take much even when he joined the office.[6].
  • My favorite colors are purple and black.It is officially stated that personal belongings also have a lot of purple[43].
  • My favorite word is "continuation is power"[43].
  • My favorite foods are spicy ramen and meat[44],Baked potato[45].
  • My favorite character isKirby[46].. 『Your eyes are asking』Co-starringYuriko YoshitakaFromKirbyWas given a stuffed animal[45].
  • My hobby is listening to music[4]..The first CD I bought was GReeeeN's "Salt and pepper"[47].
  • "I stay at home as much as possible"indoorIn the faction[48], The reason is, "I can do what I like at any time without worrying about anyone. I'm the type who doesn't talk to people about my worries, so I don't have time to reconsider myself when I'm in my room. I cherish the time to face each other, so I spend more time at home."[49].It's like meditation, and he likes to concentrate and look at the walls of his house.[50][51].

Episode in "Ressha Sentai ToQger"

  • Hikari who will play after the appearance is decidedKendamaAfter hearing the setting that he is good at, he practiced kendama before shooting.[52]..When creating the role, he said that he took a step back in daily life to see things according to the character, and although he was not able to show humanity at the beginning, he gradually became able to link to the role.[52].
  • In dubbing, the experience of karate made me feel uncomfortable in making a shout in the battle scene, and it didn't work out.[52].
  • Episode 33 (33rd station) became an episode about karate at the request of Yokohama.[52]..From his own experience, he was able to sympathize with the theme that contrasted the genius type with the hard worker.[52].
  • Action directorHirofumi FukuzawaAnd served as a suit actor for ToQ 4GouYasuhiro TakeuchiIs evaluating the ability of action in Yokohama[53]..Takeuchi also testifies that Yokohama wants to take action, and even in the scene where other members are dubbing stunts, Yokohama was taking action by itself except for dangerous things such as jumping.[54].

Attractiveness as an actor

"The understanding of the role was tremendous.[55]..The role of Kohei Yuri was an audition, but Yokohama was unanimous.Not only the character's addiction, but also the reading comprehension of the script is outstanding, and even after the actual scene started, he has performed a play that is comparable to the older co-stars.Above all, he is very serious and hard worker[56]. '
"The play of the eyes is good[57]..There is a rich expression.I think he was able to reach that last because he can play a character that has something hidden inside.[58]..I shake my inner emotions to create the undulations of the play, which is very wonderful and leads to the charm of Ryusei-kun.[59]. '
"It shows us the emotions that are really born in the field, not the emotions that we created. You can move the part that is at the root of your heart and express it with a tremendous amount of power.[60][61].. "I had a lot of concentration on each one, and there was something that was devilish.[62]. '
"What I strongly felt with Yokohama in the movie" Usogui "was that he wasn't" complete "to a rare gambler named Baku, but that Yokohama and Baku, who are natural bodies, suddenly became one. I think it was becoming a movie. I thought it was his charm, "star character".[63]. '
"It's changing day by day. It's getting more sexy, and I'm starting to look different in the plays, and I'm making each and every one of the things I've cultivated in various works. I'm very proud that everyone knows that I've grown into an actor who can mimic[64]. '
"There is greatness in the work. I try to return the request that the director is aiming here with 100[65]..I've become an actor who has been on the scene for a long time, not how I want to look or how I want to perform, but to improve the work.Became a good actor who can be aware of the role properly[66]. '
"You can switch between works and immerse yourself in the performance. You keep the core and the swing is amazing. The voice is also attractive.[64][67].. "I think he's the type to immerse himself in the work, so I felt like he was really alive as a role.[68]. '
"I felt that Mr. Yokohama was always creating air and emotions.[69]..The facial expressions that suddenly appeared often exceeded my imagination. "How many faces does this person have?"It is an actor who changes seven times even in easy-to-understand places such as facial expressions and voices, but even the air can be changed for each role[70]. '
"People who have a very strong" ki ". It may be murderous or a very peaceful atmosphere, but Mr. Yokohama is an actor who can act with such" ki ".[71]. '


  • TaiziIs the leading role.

TV drama

Delivery drama



年度Title / role nameSchedule / venue
2010Ebisu Gakuen Men's ClubEBiDAN ~ EBiDAN's school festival doesn't have a lot of culture ~August 8-27 Ebisu Echo Theater
2011Ebisu Gakuen Men's Club EBiDAN ~ Arashi's Seaside School !! Waves, fights and Evidan are super hot killer !! Volume ~August 8-24 Ebisu Echo Theater
2013Moonlight Rambler ~ Moonlight Walker ~ --Leonardo[119]
CLOCK ZERO ~ One Second of the End ~ A live Moment --The role of a rebel[120]9 July-27 September Space zero
2014Ressha Sentai ToQger Show 4th "I will be a Ressha! High Part ToQ 1 Departure Progress !!"-Hikari / ToQ 4
2015Super Hero Festival KAMEN RIDER x SUPER SENTAI LIVE & SHOW 2015 --Hikari / ToQ 4Gou[121]August 1-17 Tokyo International ForumHall A
Ressha Sentai ToQger Show 5th "The final Ressha is coming! Shining Rainbow Line !!" --Hikari / ToQ 4
Ressha Sentai ToQger Final Live Tour 2015 --Hikari / ToQ 4[122]
Samurai White Tiger Mononofu White Tiger-Young people called White Tiger who longed for "Makoto" at the end of the Edo period-[123] - Eijiro Ito Role[Annotation 1][16]
Super Danganronpa 2 THE STAGE ~ Goodbye Despair Academy ~ - So Hyuga Role[124]August 12-3 Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi
2016Dark hunter --Kyosuke Garyu[125]
2017BIOHAZARD THE EXPERIENCE - Karasawa Role[126]
Super Danganronpa 2 THE STAGE ~ Goodbye Despair Academy ~ 2017 - So Hyuga Role[127]
Recitation drama Eraser in me 9th letter - Kosuke Role8 month 17 day · 20 day Sunshine theater
2020(Cancelled performance) Iwaryujima- Musashi Miyamoto Role[128]
2023Ganryu Island - Musashi Miyamoto Role2

original video

Music video

Variety, information program

  • Who is the ultimate man!? The strongest sports men's summit battle(2014-2016, TBS)-Tournament participants
    • 4th (December 2014, 12) 23th overall
    • 5th (December 2015, 12) 23th overall
    • 6th (December 2016, 10) 10th overall
  • Exciting TV Sukatto Japan(2015-2018, Fuji TV)-Short drama performers
    • A refreshing story "Trying Woman" (July 2015, 7) --Kenta Takashima
    • A chilling story "Don't offend me" (September 2015, 9)
    • "Graduation ceremony when I realized that I was in love" (March 2016, 3) --Ryuichi Sanada[136]
    • FNS 27-hour TV Program Opposition Sukatto Japan Referendum Festival --Mune Kyunsuka and Live Broadcast SP "Summer Festival with Loved Ones ..." (July 2016, 7) --Shun Takeshita[137]
    • "Cultural Festival that can't be honest" (November 2016, 11) --Yuji Kitamura
    • Repelling a woman who dislikes a woman "Woman who wants to be cheated" (February 2017, 2) --Yoshimasa Ota
    • "Koi no Borrowing Competition" with Mune Kyunsuka (June 2017, 6) --Yuki Sakurai
    • Mune Kyunsuka and "Takamori Saigo Sweet and Painful Proposal" (January 2018, 1)- Saigo Takamori Role
    • "When the baby food was warmed up ..." "For all-you-can-drink annoying customers ..." (March 2018, 3) --Seito Yagami / Takuya Fujisawa
    • "I don't have enough money to buy flowers ..." (July 2018, 7) --The role of Shinya Shinjo
    • God clerk Sukatto "Rejected toy repair ..." (September 2018, 9) --Shingo Kamise
  • LIFE!(May 2017, 6, May 16, 9,NHK) --Tale performers[138][139]
  • ZIP!(June 2019, 6 --June 7, NTV series) --June 6 Monthly Friday Personality[140]
  • Creators File GOLD(December 2021, 6,Netflix) --Episode 1 "Legendary Hotel Man, Yutaka Orio x Actor, Ryusei Yokohama"[141]

Radio Drama

  • Yesterday's sea (January 2016-1, 11,NHK FM)- Kosuke Role[142]


* During the contract periodTaiziNotated with.

Advertising / Models / Others





  • Japan Jewelery Association "32nd Japan Jewelery Best Dresser Award" Men's Category[236]

Video / music work

* For drama and movie productsSee Wikipedia of the work.


Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank
Normal EditionLimited Edition
1stApril 2018, 10Good weather today feat. Rover (Berry Goodman) / Unfinished[Annotation 10]TYCT-30080TYCT-3908831 bit

For the single as Green Boys, "Kiseki -Soviet Day-See.



Photo album




  • Nico☆Petit(2010-2011,Shinchosha Co., Ltd.)-Men's model
  • Nicola(2011[8] --2015, Shinchosha) --Men's model serialization "Ryusei Kaleshi"
  • Monthly The Television (2019-, KADOKAWA)-Serialization project "Ryusei Jikan"[248]
    • vol.1 (November 2019 issue) "Cooking"
    • vol.2 (December 2019 issue) "Zazen"
    • vol.3 (January 2020 issue) "Shopping at a used clothing store"
    • vol.4 (February 2020 issue) "Walk in Asakusa"
    • vol.5 (March 2020 issue) "Muscle Training"
    • vol.6 (April 2020 issue) "DIY"
    • vol.7 (May 2020 issue) "DINNER"
    • vol.8 (June 2020 issue) "Fortune-telling"
    • vol.9 (July 2020 issue) "ROLAND Dialogue"
    • vol.10 (August 2020 issue) "Sword fight"
    • vol.11 (September 2020 issue) "Making Japanese sweets"
    • vol.12 (October 2020 issue) "Cat Cafe"
    • vol.13 (November 2020 issue) "11st Anniversary Q & A"
    • vol.14 (December 2020 issue) "Korean food"
    • vol.15 (January 2021 issue) "Guitar"
    • vol.16 (February 2021 issue) "Kira-kun"
    • vol.17 (March 2021 issue) "Ikebana"
    • vol.18 (April 2021 issue) "Kirby Cafe"
    • vol.19 (May 2021 issue) "Drive"
    • vol.20 (June 2021 issue) "Spice dishes"
    • vol.21 (July 2021 issue) "Strawberry picking"
    • vol.22 (August 2021 issue) "Head Spa"
    • vol.23 (September 2021 issue) "Painting"
    • vol.24 (October 2021 issue) "Making T-shirts"
    • vol.25 (November 2021 issue) "Ryuseki & Ryusei self-suitable release SP"
    • vol.26 (December 2021 issue) "Equestrian"
    • vol.27 (January 2022 issue) "Kickboxing"
    • vol.28 (February 2022 issue) "DCU"
    • vol.29 (March 2022 issue) "Casino"
    • vol.30 (April 2022 issue) "Archery"
    • vol.31 (May 2022 issue) "Fennec"
    • vol.32 (June 2022 issue) "Fishing moat"
    • vol.33 (July 2022 issue) "Making glasses"
    • vol.34 (August 2022 issue) "Houseboat"
    • vol.35 (September 2022 issue) "Paris"


Cover model

Photo exhibition

  • Yokohama Ryusei 2020 Calendar Panel Exhibition[253](September 2019-9, 13, Tower Records Shibuya store / September 19-9, Tower Records Shinjuku store, Saitama Aeon Laketown store, Umeda Osaka Marubiru store, Fukuoka Parco store / September 13-22, Daimaru Kobe store 9F)
  • Yokohama Ryusei Calendar 2021 Release Commemorative Photo Exhibition "RYUSEI YOKOHAMA Photo Exhibition"[254](October 2020, 12-March 24, 2021,Shibuya Parco GALLERY X / December 2020, 12 --February 29, 2021, Online / January 2, 1 --February 2021, Osaka Shinsaibashi 1 15F / March 2th --April 1th, Nagoya Parco West Building 161F & Online)
  • "Ryusei Yokohama 10th Memorial Photo exhibition" to commemorate the release of "Ryusei" and "Ryusei"[255](September 2021, 9 --September 16, SHIBUYA TSUTAYA / October 9 --October 29, TSUTAYA EBISUBASHI / October 10 --October 4, online)


* For drama and movie eventsSee Wikipedia of the work.

Delivery event

  • Yokohama Ryusei Artist Debut Commemorative Insta Live Yokohama Ryusei ×Spotify× NYLON (June 2018, 6)
  • Dozen Day Special Event "EAT WITH EVERYONE" (December 2020, 12)[256]

Launch event

  • Photobook "innocent" release commemorative event (October 2014-10, 25, Sanseido Bookstore Jimbocho Main Store)[257]
  • First DVD "R" release commemorative event (November 2014, 11, Animate Yokohama store)[258]
  • 2016 calendar release commemorative event (November 2015, 11, Parco Book Center Shibuya store)[259]
  • 2017 calendar release commemorative event (November 2016, 10, SHIBUYA TSUTAYA)[260]
  • 2018 Calendar Release Commemorative Event (December 2017, 12, HMV & BOOKS SHIBUYA)[261]
  • "Good weather today / unfinishedLaunch event (October 2018, 10,Sunshine CityFountain open space)[262]
  • "Today's good weather / unfinished" release commemorative event (October 2018, 10, OsakaKuzuha Mall South Building Hikarino Mall 1F)
  • 2019 calendar release commemorative event (November 2018, 11, SHIBUYA TSUTAYA)[263]
  • Photobook "Ryurei" release commemorative event (March 2019, 3, HMV & BOOKS SHIBUYA)[264]
  • Pre-release photobook "Ryurei" reprint commemorative event (March 2019, 3, HMV & BOOKS Shinsaibashi)
  • Photobook "Ryurei" Reprint Commemorative Event (April 2019, 4, HMV & BOOKS SHIBUYA)[265]
  • 2020 calendar release commemorative event (September 2019, 9, Tower Records Shibuya store)[266]

Fashion event

School festival talk show

EBiDAN live

  • EBiDAN THE LIVE After School vol.1 (November 2010, 11, LIVE GATE)
  • EBiDAN THE LIVE After School vol.3 (July 2011, 7, Muse Academy of Music Main Building Live Studio)[269]
  • EBiDAN THE STREET LIVE (August 2011, 8, YM Square Harajuku)[270]
  • EBiDAN Christmas!One-man SHOW / EBiDAN Red and white!I forgot the year!One-man SHOW (December 2011, 12, Laforet Museum Harajuku)[271]



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