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⚾ | Pitcher Needless to look back, “the flight distance is amazing” Yamakawa's “super-large bullet” is “ballistic is space travel”

Photo: Seibu / Hotaka Yamakawa, who released an oversized No. 29 solo [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Needless to look back on the pitcher, "the flight distance is amazing" Yamakawa's "ultra-large bullet" is "the trajectory is space travel"

If you write the contents roughly
Everyone is convinced that the ball will stand in to the middle left in an instant.

Seibu Yamakawa, league top solo run No. 29 is a shocking trajectory ■ Lotte 5-4 Seibu (21st, ZOZO Marine) Seibu ... → Continue reading


"I want to know" about baseball is here.Baseball specialty media "Full-Count".

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Stand-in (stand-in) ismovies,TV programBefore shooting, check the light distribution and standing position照明,photographFor preparatory workAn actorA person who acts on behalf of.Since these tasks take a considerable amount of time, the actors themselves are asked to perform these tasks on their behalf in order to avoid adversely affecting their performance due to physical and mental burdens.


Stand-in is needed in the first stages of shooting.

StudioTaking the shooting inside as an example, first the lighting is hung, and thenPropsArrange art such as.When the set is completed in this way, the stand-in enters there and is illuminated.CinematographerAnd the camera department can check the size and direction of the lighting in each scene from the condition of the lighting that hits the stand-in.Directors often direct the stand-in to acting movements in a particular scene.While watching the stand-in pass through the set, the lighting staff adjusts the light distribution by checking the standing position of the performer, the light cutoff, the shadow of the microphone, and so on.In this way, the stand-in plays an important role in smoothly advancing the shooting site.

Since the stand-in is required before shooting, it will not be shown in the actual recording, but will be shown in the camera instead of the actor.Body double(English: body double) AndStuntmanIs distinguished from.However, in some works, the same person may do the work of a body double or stuntman and stand-in.

The stand-in doesn't have to look like an actor, but it's best to have similar skin, hair color, and profile so that the lights in the scene are assembled correctly according to the lighting plan.For example, if the lighting is shot based on a stand-in that is shorter than the actual actor, the lighting may not hit the actor's face well during recording and the image may be darkened.Also, if the skin and hair color of the actor and the stand-in are different, it may affect the tone of the screen, especially in the scene where the actor is up.


  • In terms of production, if there is no particular order for lighting and anyone can guess what to do, a free staff member may stand in.
  • This actor also has a staff member who is very useful as a stand-in.
  • Put an actorrehearsalThe light distribution of the lighting is further adjusted through.

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