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⚽ | "Eh 💦 Emperor's Cup Final 🍁 10/16 ⁉️" ⚽️ The schedule changes drastically at the World Cup Year 💦 Today Soccer Emperor's Cup 4th Round


"Eh 💦 Emperor's Cup Final 🍁 10/16 ⁉️" ⚽️ The schedule changes drastically at the World Cup Year 💦 Today Soccer Emperor's Cup 4th Round

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The Levin Cup final will be held on Saturday, October 10nd at the "National Stadium" in Tokyo.

"Eh 💦 The final of the Emperor's Cup is October 10th ⁉️" "The final was Nissan, not national 💦" "From Levin ... → Continue reading

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10 month 22 day (Saturday)

    J League Cup

    J League Cup(J-League Cup,J.League Cup) IsJapan Professional Soccer LeagueClubs participating in (J League) participateCup matchIs. From the 1st competitionYamazaki Biscuit(Abbreviation YBC, oldYamazaki Nabisco) Is the crown sponsor,J League YBCRevanカ ッ プ(Abbreviation isLevan cup) Of the tournament name (see below for the tournament name).

    The winning teamJ.League Cup/Copa Sudamericana ChampionshipParticipate in.J1 league,Emperor's cupLined up with JapanThree major titles in JapanIs one of the (FUJIFILM SUPER CUPExcept)[1].


    Of the year before the opening of the J League1992ToJapan Professional Soccer League (then)It started as a cup game sponsored by. Not held due to league schedule dates1995It is held in parallel with the J League except.

    The final stadium will be held from 1992 to 2013National Stadium Kasumigaoka Athletics Stadium(Excluding 1994 and 1997),1994 TheKobe Sports Park Universiade Memorial Stadium, 1997 yearsJubilo Iwata StadiumとIbaraki Prefectural Kashima Soccer Stadium, 2014-2019 / 2021Saitama Stadium 2002,Year 2020[Note 1]・ In 2022National StadiumIs being held in.

    In May 2010, the total number of visitors since the first tournament held in 5 exceeded 1992 million. In October of the same year, the total number of games in this tournament reached 1.

    The J League Cup (Chairman Cup, carried around by the winning club of the previous year) and the Levin Cup (sponsored cup, gifts to the winning club) will be awarded to the Cup Winners.The winning team will be held next summerJ League YBC Levan Cup / CONMEBOL Sudame Likhana ChampionshipYou are given the right to participate in.

    The official tournament game ball uses the game ball design used for the J League of the year specially designed for the J League Cup.


    Since the first 1 Games,Yamazaki Biscuit(Former Yamazaki Nabisco) is a special sponsor (capital sponsor), and the current title of the tournament is "J League YBC Levan Cup''(British: J.LEAGUE YBC Levain Cup) (Abbreviation isLevan cup)[Note 2].

    From 1992 when the tournament was established to the 2016 group stageJ League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup''(British: J.LEAGUE YAMAZAKI NABISCO CUP) (Abbreviation isNabisco Cup) Is used for the 20th time.2012As "the longest cup match with the same sponsor"Guinness World RecordsApply to[2]The following year, it was certified as "Longest sponsorship of a professional football competition" held in 2013 by the same company.[3].

    In addition, according to the J League rules, in Article 40,J1-J2-J3Against the "League Match"League Cup matchIs written as[4]In Terminology (glossary), it is said that it is not written as "Levin Cup", "Levin Cup" or "J League Cup".[5].

    In this section, for convenience,NHKWe will use the name of the "J League Cup," which is also used in such cases.

    Name change in the middle of 2016 season

    Yamazaki Nabisco on August 2016, 8Monderies internationalI was tied toNabiscoOf the brandlicenseThe contract was terminated, and the company name was changed to "Yamazaki Biscuit" from September 9st.[6][7] Therefore, from June 6st of the same year (substantially from August 21st of the same year)2016 (24th) Games(From the knockout stage in)J League YBC Levan Cup(Abbreviation isLevan cup)” was announced.[8].. "YBC" is the English abbreviation for Yamazaki Biscuits (YAMAZAKI-BISCUITS Co., Ltd.), "Revan(Levain) has been launched by the company since September 2016, 9.RitzWill be sold instead ofcrackerUnder the brand name[9], In FrenchFermented seedsMeans

    Regarding the name change, in the release as of February 2016, "The name of "J League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup" will be used until the end of the tournament after the company name change Will continue to discuss with"[10] However, on the other hand, Yamazaki Nabisco side is also considering withdrawing the sponsored company due to fear of sales decrease due to the end of sales of the "Navisco" brand. It is the parent company in the discussion table between group companiesYamazaki breadThere was also an opinion that "I would do it with a Yamazaki cup then", but the J.League side made a proposal for a name change at the same time as the company name change, and it became a form to receive it.[11].

    Holding method


    PredecessorJSL CupIn that, all clubs including the second part were allowed to participate, correctly reflecting the form of the league cup, but in the J League Cup, the participation of clubs of the second part or less was for a long time,2002 competitionから2017 competitionUntil now, it has been contested only by the clubs that belong to J1 that year. The changes in participation qualifications are as follows.


    J1 has 18 teams,AFC Champions League(ACL) has started in March, and the dates have been overlapped.2005 competitionSince then, the following regulations have been established.2015 competitionThe name of the stage was changed from[Note 3].2017 competitionTo advance to the knockout stage (currently the prime stage)play offStages have been added.

    Incidentally,2011 competition TheGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue to the schedule that accompanies us, we have adopted a knockout tournament in all games, and it was held with a different regulation than usual (see the relevant section).

    Group stage (formerlyGroup league)
    Of the participating teams, the teams participating in the ACL main group stage[Note 4]Teams other than will participate.
    The teams participating in the group league are divided into 2 groups (2008 groups until 2018 and 4), and the first round of each team (by 1 and 2008Home and awayRound 2).
    Playoff stage
    Introduced in 2017.Home and awayStage by method. The combination is determined by the ranking of the group stage, but the combination changes depending on the number of teams participating in the ACL main group stage.
    ACL本戦グループステージ出場チームが4チームの場合は「2位と3位」(2017年・2カード)または「1位と2位」(2018年以降・4カード)の対戦、ACL本戦グループステージ出場チームが3チームの場合は「2位と4位」「3位同士」の対戦(2017年・3カード)または「1位と3位」「1位と2位」「2位同士」の対戦(2018年以降・5カード)、ACL本戦グループステージ出場チームが2チームの場合は「1位と3位」「2位同士」の対戦(2018年以降・6カード)が組まれる。勝者がノックアウトステージ(現・プライムステージ)に進出する[13].. The player with the most points in the two matches will be the winner, and in the same case, the winner will be decided in the following order.
    1. Total score in two games (= goal difference)
    2. Away score (Away goalrule)
    3. After the end of the second half of the second round, a 2-minute half-time extra game (without away goal rules)
    4. PK battle(5 people each. If you do not settle, 6th person or latersudden deathmethod)
    Prime stage (old/final tournament, knockout stage)
    Competing by a total of 8 teams, the winning team from the playoff stage and the ACL main group stage participating team.Knockout tournament.
    Up to the semi-finals, four games will be played in the Home-and-Away two-round system (how to assign superiority or inferiority is the same as in the playoff stage).
    The final match (held from the end of October to the beginning of November) is a one-round system in a neutral location, and if the score is 10 minutes, a 11-minute half-time extra game → PK game will be settled.

    Final production

    The final game has a unique production that cannot be seen in other cup games.

    Starting member announcement
    Of both teamsStadium djWill be present and will announce the members in the same way as the home games. A special video (so-called “fan V”) is often played before the usual announcement video. The names of the stadium DJs will be introduced by the stadium DJs in the final match when the members are announced.[Note 5].
    Since the beginning of the 2000s, it has become more common for each team supporter to enter a player. The first systematic choreography was done by the 2003 Urawa Reds supporter, who entered the players and finished the half-time. Filled with three black colors. In 3, to commemorate the 2012th event, the organizer led the choreography using the entire back stand side of the National Stadium.

    Victory privilege

    1992Was originally given to the winning team of the league match because it was not held because the league match was a transitional period (transitional measure) from the Japanese league to the J. league.Asian Club Championship 1993-94Was given the right to participate.

    2003と2006 TheA3 Champions CupThis year's tournament winning team participated as a host country recommended frame because it was held in Japan (Chugokuと South KoreaIf you do in the league was the second place in the league was treated as a recommendation).

    2007After that, the winning club will beJ League YBC Levan Cup / CONMEBOL Sudame Likhana ChampionshipEarned the right to participate inCONMEBOLPlay against the winning club in.


    Times年度WinFinal resultsecond placeNumber of visitorsFinal venue
    11992Verdi Kawasaki1 - 0Shimizu S-Pulse56,000National Kasumigaoka Stadium
    21993Verdi Kawasaki2 - 1Shimizu S-Pulse53,677
    31994Verdi Kawasaki2 - 0Jubilo Iwata37,475Universiade Memorial Stadium
    1995Not held
    41996Shimizu S-Pulse3 - 3 aet
    (PK 5-4)
    Verdi Kawasaki28,232National Kasumigaoka Stadium
    51997Kashima Antlers2 - 1
    5 - 1
    Jubilo Iwata10,437
    Jubilo Iwata Stadium
    Ibaraki Prefectural Kashima Soccer Stadium
    61998Jubilo Iwata4 - 0Jeff United Ichihara41,718National Kasumigaoka Stadium
    71999Kashiwa Reysol2 - 2 aet
    (PK 5-4)
    Kashima Antlers35,238
    82000Kashima Antlers2 - 0Kawasaki Frontale26,992
    92001Yokohama F. Marinos0 - 0 aet
    (PK 3-1)
    Jubilo Iwata31,019
    102002Kashima Antlers1 - 0Urawa Reds56,064
    112003Urawa Reds4 - 0Kashima Antlers51,758
    122004FC Tokyo0 - 0 aet
    (PK 4-2)
    Urawa Reds53,236
    132005Jeff United Chiba0 - 0 aet
    (PK 5-4)
    Gamba Osaka45,039
    142006Jeff United Chiba2 - 0Kashima Antlers44,704
    152007Gamba Osaka1 - 0Kawasaki Frontale41,569
    162008Oita Trinita2 - 0Shimizu S-Pulse44,723
    172009FC Tokyo2 - 0Kawasaki Frontale44,308
    182010Jubilo Iwata5 - 3 aetSanfrecce Hiroshima39,767
    192011Kashima Antlers1 - 0 aetUrawa Reds46,599
    202012Kashima Antlers2 - 1 aetShimizu S-Pulse45,228
    212013Kashiwa Reysol1 - 0Urawa Reds46,675
    222014Gamba Osaka3 - 2Sanfrecce Hiroshima38,126Saitama Stadium 2002
    232015Kashima Antlers3 - 0Gamba Osaka50,828
    242016Urawa Reds1 - 1 aet
    (PK 5-4)
    Gamba Osaka51,248
    252017Cerezo Osaka2 - 0Kawasaki Frontale53,452
    262018Shonan Bellmare1 - 0Yokohama F. Marinos44,242
    272019Kawasaki Frontale3 - 3 aet
    (PK 5-4)
    Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo48,119
    282020FC Tokyo2 - 1Kashiwa Reysol24,219National Stadium[Note 1]
    292021Nagoya Grampus2 - 0Cerezo Osaka17,933Saitama Stadium 2002
    302022PeopleNational Stadium


    Performance by club

    Club nameGoodquasi-Championship yearRunner up year
    Kashima Antlers631997,2000,2002,2011,2012,20151999,2003,2006
    Tokyo Verdy311992,1993,19941996
    FC Tokyo302004,2009,2020
    Urawa Reds242003,20162002,2004,2011,2013
    Jubilo Iwata231998,20101994,1997,2001
    Gamba Osaka232007,20142005,2015,2016
    Kashiwa Reysol211999,20132020
    Jeff United Chiba212005,20061998
    Shimizu S-Pulse1419961992,1993,2008,2012
    Kawasaki Frontale1420192000,2007,2009,2017
    Yokohama F. Marinos1120012018
    Cerezo Osaka1120172021
    Oita Trinita102008
    Shonan Bellmare102018
    Nagoya Grampus102021
    Sanfrecce Hiroshima022010,2014
    Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo012019

    Total results by club

    Club nameTrialWinMinuteDefeatObtainedLostdifference
    Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo7725183496124-28
    Vegalta Sendai102322347117166-49
    Montedio Yamagata2694132743-16
    Kashima Antlers184923260315236+79
    Mito Holy Hook4004311-8
    Urawa Reds182903755295239+56
    Omiya Ardija7821203778120-42
    Jeff United Chiba116582335194155+39
    Kashiwa Reysol149594347202172+30
    FC Tokyo154693847216172+44
    Tokyo Verdy92451928155126+29
    Kawasaki Frontale110502238192155+37
    Yokohama F. Marinos205954070309246+63
    Yokohama FC197391718-1
    Shonan Bellmare92292538110125-15
    Ventforet Kofu621816286581-16
    Masaru Matsumoto FC132381526-11
    Albirex Niigata97262546102142-40
    Shimizu S-Pulse190853372280253+27
    Jubilo Iwata165763356245197+48
    Nagoya Grampus173654266254258-4
    Kyoto Sanga FC7219213287105-18
    Gamba Osaka1647029652642640
    Cerezo Osaka1184229471641640
    VISSEL KOBE133432862166197-31
    Sanfrecce Hiroshima144472770193224-31
    Tokushima Voltis121381125-14
    Avispa Fukuoka5812202665101-36
    Sagan Tosu6812164056119-63
    V. Farren Nagasaki145362226-4
    Oita Trinita7622252980100-20
    Yokohama Flugels451610196166-5

    Number of goals

    年度Number of goalsNumber of matchesNumber of clubs

    Personal records

    • "Final affiliation" is the affiliation at the time of last participation in the J League Cup (not the final affiliation as a player)


    Team award

    Awards to teams are defined in Article 5 of the J League Awards Regulations. The following is for the 2020 Games.

    WinPrize money 7500 million yen, J League Cup (carrying around), medal, sponsor cup (permanent holding)
    second place2500 million yen prize, shield, medal
    3rd place (2 teams)Prize money of 1 million yen per team, shield

    Individual award

    Best Player Award
    • In the J. League award rules, there is no specific stipulation regarding individual awards, "select the best player in the league cup match and award prizes or prizes", but basically the winning team will be the final The most impressive player in the battle is selected. Winners will receive a commemorative trophy (crystal ornament), a prize of 100 million yen, and a year's worth of Yamazaki biscuit products.
    • At the end of the 2021 season, multiple winnersBismarckとMitsuo OgasawaraTwice. AlsoPatrickWas awarded in 2014, but it was the first time in history that a player who joined the group won the MVP because he joined G Osaka from the middle of the season.
    New Hero Award
    • Founded in 1996, this award is given to the most active players under the age of 21 in the games up to the semifinals.It is positioned as the rookie of the League Cup.
    • 条件は大会開幕日に満年齢21歳以下(2017年までは満年齢23歳以下)で、過去の同賞を獲得したことのない選手。予選から準決勝までの1試合ごとに報道関係者が1人1票投票を行う方式(2021年現在)であり、ベスト4以上のクラブの選手が被投票機会も多く選出されやすい(2021年時点で例外は1996年受賞の名波浩と2020年受賞の瀬古歩夢の2名。2019年の中村敬斗はクラブ自体はベスト4以上へ勝ち進んだが、同年7月にEredivisie OfFC TwenteBecause I transferred toPrime stageNo participation).
    • The prize winner will receive a prize of 50 yen, crystal ornaments, and a year's worth of Yamazaki biscuit products.
    • As of 2021, the double winners with the Best Player Award areTatsuya Tanaka,Yasuda University,Yonemoto TakujiThree people.
    • Takayuki Suzuki in 2000 was transferred with a deadline at the beginning of the J League Cup opening in the same yearKawasaki FrontaleEnrolled in (Kawasaki F player scored two games in the same competition).
    Times年度Best Player AwardAffiliation clubpositionNew Hero AwardAffiliation clubposition
    11992Japanese flag Chiura MiuraVerdi KawasakiFW
    21993Brazilian flag BismarckVerdi KawasakiMF
    31994Brazilian flag BismarckVerdi KawasakiMF
    41996Brazilian flag SantosShimizu S-PulseMFJapanese flag Nanami HiroshiJubilo IwataMF
    Japanese flag Toshihide SaitoShimizu S-PulseDF
    51997Brazilian flag GiordinhoKashima AntlersMFJapanese flag Akihiro MiuraYokohama FlugelsMF
    61998Japanese flag Kawaguchi NobuoJubilo IwataFWJapanese flag Naoyasu TakaharaJubilo IwataFW
    71999Japanese flag Takeshi WatanabeKashiwa ReysolDFJapanese flag Yukihiko SatoFC TokyoMF
    82000Japanese flag Koji NakataKashima AntlersMFJapanese flag Takayuki SuzukiKashima AntlersFW
    92001Japanese flag Tatsuya EnomotoYokohama F. MarinosGKJapanese flag Jun SogabataKashima AntlersGK
    102002Japanese flag Mitsuo OgasawaraKashima AntlersMFJapanese flag Keisuke TsuboiUrawa RedsDF
    112003Japanese flag Tatsuya TanakaUrawa RedsFWJapanese flag Tatsuya TanakaUrawa RedsFW
    122004Japanese flag Yoichi ToiFC TokyoGKJapanese flag Makoto HasebeUrawa RedsMF
    132005Japanese flag Tomoki TateishiJeff United ChibaGKJapanese flag Yuki AbeJeff United ChibaMF
    142006Japanese flag Aki MizunoJeff United ChibaMFJapanese flag Hiroyuki TaniguchiKawasaki FrontaleMF
    152007Japanese flag Yasuda UniversityGamba OsakaDFJapanese flag Yasuda UniversityGamba OsakaDF
    162008Japanese flag Daiki TakamatsuOita TrinitaFWJapanese flag Yume KanzakiOita TrinitaMF
    172009Japanese flag Yonemoto TakujiFC TokyoMFJapanese flag Yonemoto TakujiFC TokyoMF
    182010Japanese flag Ryoichi MaedaJubilo IwataFWJapanese flag Yojiro TakahagiSanfrecce HiroshimaMF
    192011Japanese flag Yuya OsakoKashima AntlersFWJapanese flag Genki HaraguchiUrawa RedsFW
    202012Japanese flag Takeshi AmagasakiKashima AntlersMFJapanese flag Hideki IshigeShimizu S-PulseMF
    212013Japanese flag Kudo SojinKashiwa ReysolFWJapanese flag Saito ManabuYokohama F. MarinosFW
    222014Brazilian flag PatrickGamba OsakaFWJapanese flag Takashi UsamiGamba OsakaFW
    232015Japanese flag Mitsuo OgasawaraKashima AntlersMFJapanese flag Shuhei AkasakiKashima AntlersFW
    242016Japanese flag Lee TadungUrawa RedsFWJapanese flag Yousuke IdeguchiGamba OsakaMF
    252017Japanese flag Ken SugimotoCerezo OsakaFWJapanese flag Takuma NishimuraVegalta SendaiFW
    262018Japanese flag Sugioka DaikiShonan BellmareDFJapanese flag Gota EndoYokohama F. MarinosMF
    272019Japanese flag Shota AraiKawasaki FrontaleGKJapanese flag Keito NakamuraGamba OsakaFW
    282020Brazilian flag LeandroFC TokyoMFJapanese flag Yuko SekoCerezo OsakaDF
    292021Japanese flag Sho InagakiNagoya GrampusMFJapanese flag Suzuki ZionUrawa RedsGK

    Match relay

    tv set

    Until 2001WOWOWHas priority broadcast rights and has relayed almost all knockout tournament matches. Also, apart from this, only the finals are terrestrial (until 1998Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Series, 1999-2001TBSSeries) was broadcast.

    With major changes in regulations in 2002Fuji TelevisionWon the priority broadcasting right. After that, part of the qualifying league, all quarter-finals/semi-finals matches will be broadcast on their own satellite.Fuji TV One Two NextLive on (some gamesFNSThere is a terrestrial local relay by affiliate stations. The one-two next also uses the video. There was also a ground wave relay at an independent station. ), the finals are terrestrial andBS FujiとFuji TV ONE(The 2010 finalFuji TV TWO) Live broadcast simultaneously (terrestrialFNSAffiliated national net. Until the 2010 Games, Fuji TV's only terrestrial/BS/CS 3 wave simultaneous broadcasting) structure continued, but in the 2011 Games, only terrestrial broadcasting was carried out, BS Fuji and Fuji TV ONE. Has been changed to a live broadcast. Also, on Fuji TV ONE, the situation before the match was started as "Navisco Cup will be soon" before the start of the live broadcast of the terrestrial broadcast, the state of the ceremony titled "Still Nabisco Cup" after the final match, the player who finished the game Their facial expressions and interviews were broadcast. After the quarterfinals (2011 round 2nd round)SukachanIt was broadcast live on.

    Renewed the broadcasting rights contract with Fuji TV in 2012. The qualifying league is a one-to-next live broadcast of about two games per section. In addition, SKY PerfecTV! has acquired a sublicense, and due to reasons such as the organization, it will be broadcast live on Scatchan from the qualifying league in live games that will not be broadcast live on one-two (after that, it will be broadcast live on Fuji TV NEXT). In addition, the one-to-next live match up to the semi-finals will be broadcast live on Sukachan with the same content as the one-to-next. This will be the first one-to-next, Sukachan, Fuji TV terrestrial broadcast all-match live broadcast, and one-to-next all live broadcast.

    Renewed broadcasting rights contract with Fuji TV in 2017[18].. From this year, the pay-per-view rights to the league games will come from SKY Perfect!Perform GroupVideo distribution service ofDAZNHowever, this tournament will not be distributed on DAZN and will continue to be broadcast on Fuji TV and SKY PerfecTV! In addition, some games have been added to Scatchan,Sports live +(SKY PerfecTV! series)J SPORTS(J: COMseries)·Sky A(Asahi BroadcastingAffiliations other than Fuji Television GroupProfessional channelBut broadcast[19].


    Audience mobilization

    Except for the opening season of the J League2001UntilJ League ChampionshipCompared with the Emperor's Cup Final, the plain image could not be wiped out, and the mobilization of the final match was about 2 to 4 people. But,2002ToUrawa RedsWhen they reached the finals for the first time, the tickets were sold out the same day because it was the first title of the team that boasts the league's top spectator mobilization, and the stand was flooded with overcrowded spectators. Since Urawa has advanced to the finals for the third year in a row, it has become standard that the tickets for the finals are premiered and the attention to the league cup increases.

    2005Season isJeff Chiba vsGamba OsakaAlthough Urawa didn't make it to the finals in the matchup, the tickets were almost sold out here as well, and I was impressed by how the supporters perceived differently from the finals before 2002. recently2006Tickets for the final match have been sold out for seven consecutive years,2010-2014Not below 4, except in the final of the season[Note 7].

    On the other hand, except for the finals, most of the weekdays are held, so the mobilization of spectators is sluggish compared to the J1 league match.

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    注 釈

    1. ^ a b It was scheduled to be held on November 2020, 11, but it was canceled shortly before.The transfer was held on January 7, 2021.
    2. ^ YBC is an acronym for Yamazaki Biscuit Company.
    3. ^ JFA's policy is to stop using the expression that is unique to Japan, the "final tournament."
    4. ^ 2008 competitionUp to 2 teams,2009 competitionから2014 competitionUp to 4 teams,2015 competitionFrom 3 teams + 1 ACL play-off frame (if defeated, join from the group stage).
    5. ^ It should be noted that this production is common in that the final match is a one-shot game in a neutral location.J1 promotion playoffs(2015Until),FUJI XEROX SUPER CUP(2017But it was once introduced.
    6. ^ In 2020, the relay will be canceled.
    7. ^ The number of spectators in the 2010 season final was 39,767. There were 2014 spectators in the 38,126 season final.


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