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⚽ | "It's a famous scene in the history of sports" J1 praised the "exciting bicycle bullet" overseas, the transcendence of the Brazilian forward ...

Photo Kashima FW Everaldo [Photo: Getty Images]

"It's a famous scene in the history of sports" J1 praised the "exciting bicycle bullet" overseas, the transcendence of Brazilian forwards ...

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The high-difficulty goal has been well received not only in Japan but also in overseas media.

Kashima FW Everaldo pays attention to the bicycle bullets decided in the match against C-Osaka. Kashima Antlers Brazilian FW Ever ... → Continue reading


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      Difficulty(What) ordifficultyWhat is (what)?difficulty(Difficulty of thingsRealization(Easiness)).

      Difficult and easy

      How difficult it is to achieve thingsdifficult(Difficult), on the other hand, to make things easier to achieve with less difficultyeasySay (friendly). It is difficult to realize difficult things for some reason.knowledge,Technology,TransportIf there is no such thing, it means that it is impossible,sickThe current situation such asStatusIt's difficult, but there's no easy way to use the latter. Also, what is recognized as difficult or easy is limited to abstract matters, and mainlyproblem,methodWith the subjectvictoryIt can be divided into two actions.


      Difficult(This kind of thing) means difficult things, but unlike difficult things, do something to realizepremiseAnd not.easily(Yoi) indicates that the action is easy, but it is often used especially for large-scale and complicated actions, and is often negated.Simple(Easy) is a word that expresses a state where it does not take much effort, but it is often taken to have a similar meaning as easy.

      Difficulty in sports

      SportsAmong theactingIn the mainTechnology TheConstitution要素Is valued as one of the. When scoring skills in those competitions,StandardI am trying. There are the following things as a game that scores based on the difficulty of the technique.

      Difficulty in gymnastics

      GymnasticsDifficultyIs a techniquemotionSay how difficult it is. Currently, there are 7 or 9 categories from A to G (boys) or I (girls).

      Rhythmic gymnastics difficulty

      Difficulty in diving competition (difficulty rate)

      Dive competitionThen acting and aerial posture,rotationHit the difficulty in other competitions individually according to the number and combination ofDifficulty rateThe score is set and the score is 5 or 7 of the 3 judges who gave the intermediate score.Umpire OfScoringIs summed up and multiplied by the difficulty rate.In addition, 3.4 for boys and 3.0 or higher for girls are guidelines for high difficulty, and the difficulty rate varies depending on the height.In addition, a method called free-choice jumping, which basically does not limit the difficulty rate, is common, but occasionally the total number of difficulty ratesUpper limitThere is also a method called limited selection skipping that is defined.

      Educational difficulty

      EducationThere is no clear standard inEntrance examLevel of difficulty (test difficulty, enrollmentApplication rate), it is roughly divided into the most difficult schools, middle schools, and lower schools.

      Buddhism difficulty

      BuddhismFor a long time on my ownTrainingBy doingEnlightenmentLeading to (Sacred gate)WhenNembutsuSuch asBuddha OfmercyAim for enlightenment by relying on (Jodomon) Exists. this isDragon tree Tozumi BihisaIt was the first of theParadiseIs recommended. Also,Tanluan ThePure Land Sanbu SutraThe practice of the Nembutsu that is explained bySutraAfter making the practice method described in (XNUMX) difficult, the latter showed that the enlightenment could not be achieved, and only the former led to paradise.


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