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⚾ | Summer High School Baseball Tochigi Tournament Tomorrow Opening Ceremony Held for the first time in XNUMX years


Summer High School Baseball Tochigi Tournament Tomorrow Opening Ceremony Held for the first time in XNUMX years

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At the opening ceremony on the 8th, solo singing to support the players will be held for the first time in 3 years.

The summer high school baseball Tochigi tournament will start on the XNUMXth. Towards the opening on the XNUMXth at the prefectural stadium in Utsunomiya City, where the opening ceremony will be held for the first time in XNUMX years ... → Continue reading

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    After 3 years

    Opening ceremony

    Opening ceremonyWhat is (Kaikai Shiki)?Events,Competition OfHoldingIt is a ceremony that is held prior to.

    It is mainly held on the first day of the event, but depending on the event, it may be held on the day before the event.

    Held at the opening ceremonyceremonyThen, the opening declarationFlag raising・ Guest congratulatory speeches will be held.After that, attractions (performance, chorus, etc.) may be performed.

    At the opening ceremony of the competition, players can enterPlayer oathAnd so on. The order of admission isPrefectures/市町村Order/holding areaOfficial terminologyThere is an order, past or previous grade order. As an example,Modern olympicThen at the beginningGreece→ Enter in the order of the official language of the host country → The host country at the end (It is different in the case of Greece held. It was held immediately beforeAthens Olympics (2004)Then, only the Greek flag enters at the beginning → Participating countriesGreekThe method was taken to enter in alphabetical order → the Greek team entered at the end).

    In competitions of specific events, from the previous winning club or country / regionChampionship flag・ Trophy[1]Etc. will also be returned.

    "NHK Red and White Singing BattleIn the Showa era, which started at 21:XNUMX, there was an opening ceremony, and all the participating singers marched in, from the host of the previous winning team.Championship flagIt was returned and the representative singer was sworn in as a player. Especially1963To that ofTokyo OlympicsThe year before,Modern olympicConscious ofTorchRunner march[2]However, due to time constraints, the return of the championship flag and the oath of the players are often omitted after the current start at 19:XNUMX.


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