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⛳ | A tragedy to V. Hoblan Again, due to the turmoil at the British airport, “Golf bags do not reach ...”

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Tragedy to V. Hoblan Again, due to the turmoil at the British airport, "Golf bag does not reach ..."

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In June, a passenger luggage management system broke down at London Heathrow Airport.

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London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport(London Heathrow)English: Heathrow Airport) IsUnited Kingdom OfcapitalUKGreat Britain in the west of空港.International Airport CouncilThe number of international passengers in 2019 is about 7604 million, according to the total number of passengers.Dubai International AirportSecond in the world after[5].. It was the best airport in the world until 2013[6]..Owned and operated by a private companyBritish Airport Company (BAA).Airport code TheLhr (IATA) /Egl (ICAO).British Airways[1],Virgin Atlantic[2] OfHub airportIt has become.


1959ToCroydon AirportHas become one of London's leading international airports due to its closure.There are two runways in parallel, with lengths of 2 m and 3,902 m, respectively.Paris OfCharles de Gaulle Airport,Frankfurt OfFrankfurt airport,Amsterdam OfSchiphol AirportAlong withEuropeIt is a large airport.It has four passenger terminals and one cargo terminal.Greater LondonLocated at the western end of the city, it is relatively convenient to access central London, but the surrounding areaResidential areasIt is also famous for its strict noise regulations because it is surrounded by noise.

Normal at this airportInstrument landing gear Not only (ILS) but also MLS (Microwave landing system) Is also installed in the navigation facility.

Terminal reorganization

In June 2015, the dilapidated Terminal 6 was closed and dismantled.The second construction was carried out on the site in the form of further expansion of Terminal 1, which was completed on June 2014, 6.As a result, Terminal 4 was absent, but there are no plans to rearrange the terminal numbers to the beginning because it causes confusion for users.Also at the same timeLondon UndergroundPiccadilly lineStation name andNational railThe sub-station name of is changed to the one without 1.

Aviation fanThe "railroad crossing", which was popular as a specialty of Heathrow Airport, has disappeared due to the replacement of roads after the closure of Terminal 2.[7].

Terminal overview

Boarding airlines as much as possibleAviation unionAnother (#Major airline alliance terminalsIt is distributed to each terminal.

Available for a fee regardless of airline or class of useAirport lounge(Plaza Premium Lounge) Is also provided[8].

Terminal 2

Star alliance25 member airlines and 3 non-alliance members.

Terminal 3

One worldMember airlines (S7 Airlines,Qatar Airways,Malaysia Airlines,Iberian airlines(Excluding) 9 companies andSky teamMember ofDelta Airlines,Garuda Indonesia,Middle East AirlinesAnd nine companies that are not members of the alliance.

Terminal 4

Sky teamMember airlines (Delta Airlines,Garuda Indonesia,Middle East Airlines(Excluding etc.) 11 companies andOne worldMember ofQatar Airways,Malaysia AirlinesAnd nine companies that are not members of the alliance.

Terminal 5

One worldMember of the United Kingdom (andSpain)ofFlag carrierBut there isIAGUnder the umbrellaBritish Airways,Iberian airlines,Iberia Express3 companies.


Open port

1929It was the first time that an airfield called "Great Western Aerodrome" was created.This airfieldFairy AviationPrivately owned and used for aircraft assembly and testing.The name of Heathrow Airport comes from the road called "Heath Row" that disappeared when the airport was completed.VillageComes from the name of[9].

Before and after World War II

Second World WarWas in the south of London whenCroydon AirportA small amount of commercial air freight has come to be handled as an alternative to1944ToRoyal Air ForceWas requisitioned. Construction of the first runway was completed in 1945.After the end of World War II1946In January, it was returned to the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom and19463/31, Opened as a private airport, the same year5/31Started commercial flight.

Refurbishment for jet aircraft

At that time, the runway at the airport was short for propeller planes.Also, because it crossed so that it could take off and land in any direction of the wind.1952The first to enter serviceJet airlinerIsDe Havilland DH.106 CometFollowing the launch of the service, improvements were made to the modern layout.

The year after the comet first went into service1953The new runway was completed inElizabeth IIThe Queen was invited to a commemorative ceremony to open the new runway.

Terminal extension

1955The European Building (former Terminal 2) opens in.Soon, the current Terminal 3 opened.The closure of Croydon Airport in 1959 made it one of London's leading international airports.Boeing 707,Douglas DC-8,Vickers VC-10A series of large jet passenger planes such asIndia,Pakistan,Jamaica,MalaysiaSuch,the 1940sからthe 1960sIndependent old one after anotherColonyAirline boarding fromJapan(Japan Airlines) AndBrazil(Varig Brazilian Airlines), Etc., the number of long-haul flights has increased sharply, and in response to the increase in passengers,1968The old Terminal 1 opened in.

19709/27, An incident occurred in which a package that was to be loaded onto an Irish aircraft exploded inside the terminal.A small fire broke out but no one was injured.A detonator using magnesium was discovered in the luggage[10].

Boeing 747 and Concorde go into service

Since thenBoeing 747The number of passengers continued to increase due to the succession of large jet passenger planes such as. Since Pan Am's first flight from New York John F. Kennedy Airport in 1970, BA has been inspired by this flight to Haneda via New York, Los Angeles, and then Hong Kong, which was British Airways. Introduced 747 for.

1976In January, it was the world's first supersonic airliner.ConcordeStarted service with New York, and thenバーレーン - SingaporeLines andバルバドスIt also went into service on the line.

Subway opening

Next day1977ToLondon Underground(Piccadilly line) Has opened between the airport and the city of London.


1986ToThatcheradministrationIn response to the privatization policy of the United Kingdom Airport Authority, the British Airport Authority was privatized and the ownership of the airport was transferred.In the same year, Terminal 4 opened further south of the South Runway.Around this time, as if to keep pace with the British economy, which had regained momentum from the latter half of the 80s due to the Thatcher administration's industrial structural reforms.British AirwaysIs JapaneseNarita AirportUntil the mid-1990s, when the number of direct flights other than the above was energetically expanded.Nagoya Airport(Komaki Airport era), etc. also opened routes from this airport.

Until then, there was no direct railroad connecting London and the airport, so the need for a direct railroad was being discussed, but finally.1998To LondonPaddington Station --The Heathrow Express, a direct railway connecting the airport, has opened.

Attempted terrorism

2006An attempted terrorist attack aimed at a flight to the United States occurred in August, so security was strengthened and liquids and liquidsMobile phone-iPodStrict restrictions were imposed, such as prohibition of carry-on on board.In addition, all flights to our airport have been canceled except for flights that have already departed (→ ""London Airliner Bombing Terrorist Attempt Case"reference).

Currently, the security alert has been lowered by one level, only one per baggage, and electronic devices are allowed.You can also carry purchased duty-free items on board, except for North American (United States and Canada) flights.[11].

Terminal expansion

Due to successive expansions, congestion in the passenger terminal and loss of luggage have become chronic, and the number of flights has increased further.Airbus A380Terminal 3044 (design:) along A5 Street, which is far from the passenger terminal area so far, because the number of users is expected to increase due to the start of service.Richard Rogers) Was planned to be newly established. 20083/27The first phase of construction (Phase One) was completed and put into service. The T1 consists of three buildings, making it one of the largest in the UK.After that, the rebuilding of Terminal 5 was planned.Rebuilding work for Terminal 3 began in 2, and the first phase of work was completed in 2.Terminal 2009 (T2014) is named after Queen Elizabeth II(English editionIt became a new name,Star allianceBecame a dedicated terminal[12].. In the second phase of construction, which began after the closure of Terminal 2015 in 1, Terminal 2 will be expanded to the site of Terminal 1 (T1), and Terminal 2 will become a huge terminal including T2.

Neighboring residents and environmental groups, who had been plagued by the noise of passenger planes arriving and departing at Heathrow for many years, opposed the expansion plan, and although large-scale protests were carried out, the expansion plan was finally approved.


On October 2016, 10, the government approved the construction of a third runway.[13].. A 2,200 m runway No. 3 and Terminal 6 (T6) will be built.British GovernmentOfficially announced.

August 2020, 2,Court of AppealsWhen the government considers an airport expansion policy,Paris Agreementbased onClimate changeI was obliged to consider the measures, but I found that I failed to do so.Judged the expansion plan as illegal.The case was won by the opposition to the construction of the third runway.政府Decided not to appeal, while the airport side expressed its intention to appeal.[14].. In addition to this,COVID-19The decrease in passenger demand due to the above is also a factor that delays the plan.[5].

Service airlines

Terminal 1 (missing number)

Closed on June 2015, 6.It was dismantled and became an expansion site for Terminal 29.[15].

Terminal 2

It is the latest terminal that opened in June 2014.The official name is "The Queen's Terminal".Star allianceIt became a terminal exclusively for member airlines.FirstUnited airlinesHas moved, and Star Alliance member companies have moved in sequence by October 2014.[16].

Irish flag Aeringus Belfast,Coke,Dublin,Shannon 2
German flag Lufthansa Frankfurt,Munich 2
German flag Euro wings Dusseldorf,Hamburg,Berlin / Tegel,Cologne / Bonn,Stuttgart 2
Austrian flag Austrian Airlines Vienna 2
Swiss flag Swiss International Airlines Geneva,Zurich 2
Belgian flag Brussels Airlines ブ リ ュ ッ セ ル 2
Norway flagSwedish flagDanish flag Scandinavian Airlines Copenhagen,Oslo / Gardemoen, Stavanger,Stockholm / Arlanda 2
Iceland flag Iceland Airlines Reykjavik 2
Polish flag LOT Polish Airlines Warsaw 2
Portugal flag TAP Portugal Lisbon 2
Greek flag Aegean Airlines Athens,Larnaca 2
Croatian flag Croatia Airlines Zagreb
[Seasonal operation] : (English edition,(English edition
Japanese flag All Nippon Airways Tokyo/Haneda 2
Republic of Korea flag Asiana Airlines Seoul/Incheon 2
Taiwan flag EVA Air Bangkok,Taipei/Taoyuan 2
Flag of the People's Republic of China Air China Beijing/Capital,成都 2
Flag of the People's Republic of China Shenzhen Airlines 深圳 2
Singapore flag Singapore Airlines Singapore 2
Kingdom of Thailand flag Thai Airways Bangkok 2
Turkish flag Turkish Airlines Istanbul 2
Indian flag Air India Ahmedabad,Delhi,Mumbai,Newark 2
Egyptian flag Egypt Air Cairo,Luxor 2
Ethiopian flag Ethiopian Airlines Addis Ababa 2
South African flag South African Airways Johannesburg / Tambo 2
United States flag United airlines Chicago / ORD,Houston,Los Angeles / LAX,Newark,San Francisco,Washington/Dulles 2
Canadian flag Air Canada Calgary,Halifax,Montreal / Trudeau,Ottawa,St. johns,Toronto,Vancouver 2
Colombia flag Avianca Airlines ボ ゴ タ 2
New Zealand flag Air New Zealand Auckland,Los Angeles / LAX 2

Terminal 3


British flag British Airways Bangkok,Bucharest,Budapest,Gibraltar,Helsinki, Larnaca,Lisbon,Prague,Singapore,Sydney, Vienna, Warsaw 3
British flag Virgin Atlantic Atlanta,Duffel Bag,Delhi,Dubai,Hong Kong,Johannesburg,Lagos,Los Angeles / LAX,Miami,New York/JFK,Newark,San Francisco,Seattle/Tacoma,Shanghai/Pudong,Washington DC/Dulles 3
Finnish flag Finnair Helsinki 3
Spanish flag Vueling Airlines A Coruna 3
Japanese flag Japan Airlines Tokyo/Haneda 3
Hong Kong flag Cathay Pasific Airlines Hong Kong 3
Flag of the People's Republic of China Beijing Capital Airlines Qingdao 3
Flag of the People's Republic of China Hainan Airlines[17] Changsha 3
Flag of the People's Republic of China Tianjin Airlines Tianjin,Xi'an,Chongqing 3
United Arab Emirates flag Emirates Airlines Dubai 3
Jordan flag Royal Jordanian Amman 3
Lebanese flag Middle East Airlines Beirut 3
Pakistan flag Pakistan International Airlines Islamabad,Karachi,Lahore 3
Iran flag Iran Air Tehran / Imam Khomeini 3
Indonesian flag Garuda Indonesia Jakarta 3
Philippines flag Philippine Airlines Manila 3
Sri Lanka flag SriLankan Airlines Colombo 3
United States flag American airlines シ ャ ー ロ ッ ト,Chicago / ORD,Dallas/Fort Worth,Los Angeles / LAX,Miami,New York/JFK,Philadelphia,Raleigh / Durham 3
United States flag Delta Airlines Atlanta,Duffel Bag,Detroit,Minneapolis-St. Paul,New York/JFK,Philadelphia,Salt Lake City
[Seasonal operation] : Portland
Brazilian flag LATAM Brazil Sao Paulo/Guarulhos 3
Australian flag Qantas Perth,Melbourne(Via Perth),Singapore,Sydney(Via Singapore) 3

Terminal 4

Dutch flag KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Amsterdam 4
French flag Air France Paris / CDG 4
Italian flag Alitalia-Italian Airlines Milan / Linate,Rome/Fiumicino 4
Malta flag Air Malta Malta 4
Bulgarian flag Bulgaria Air Sophia 4
Serbian flag Air serbia Belgrade 4
Romanian flag Tarom Airlines Bucharest 4
Russian flag Aeroflot Russian Airlines Moscow/Sheremetyevo 4
Kazakhstan flag Air Astana Astana 4
Azerbaijan flag Azerbaijan Airlines Baku 4
Tunisia flag Tunisair Tunis 4
Uzbekistan flag Uzbekistan Airlines Tashkent 4
Bangladesh flag Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dhaka 4
Saudi arabia flag Saudi Arabia Airlines Jeddah,Riyadh
[Seasonal operation] : Medina
United Arab Emirates flag Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi 4
Bahrain flag Gulf Air バーレーン 4
Kuwait flag Kuwait Airlines クウェート 4
Qatar flag Qatar Airways Doha 4
Oman Flag Oman Air Muscat 4
Israeli flag El Al Airlines Tel Aviv / Ben Gurion 4
Morocco flag Royal Air Morocco Casablanca,Tangier,Rabat 4
Kenya flag Kenya Airways Nairobi 4
Algerian flag Air Algérie Algiers 4
Nigerian flag Arik Air Lagos 4
Mauritius flag Mauritius Airlines Port Louis 4
Republic of Korea flag Korean Air Seoul/Incheon 4
Flag of the People's Republic of China China Eastern Airlines Shanghai/Pudong 4
Flag of the People's Republic of China China Southern Airlines Guangzhou 4
Malaysia flag Malaysia Airlines Kuala Lumpur 4
Brunei flag Royal Brunei Airlines Bandar Seri Begawan,Dubai 4
Vietnam flag Vietnam Airlines Hanoi,Ho Chi Minh City 4
Mexican flag Aeromexico Mexico City 4

Terminal 5

British Airwaysfirst classThere is a private lounge "Concorde Room"[18].United Kingdom-Sky traxSelected as the "World's Best Airport Terminal" at the 2019 World Airport Awards by the company[19].

British flag British Airways

Aberdeen,Abu Dhabi,Abuja,Amman / Queen Alia,Amsterdam,Athens,Atlanta,Osaka/Kansai,Austin,バーレーン,Baltimore,Bangalore,Bangkok,Basel / Mullose,Beijing/Capital,Beirut,Belfast / City,Bergen,Berlin / Tegel,Billund,Bologna,Duffel Bag,ブ リ ュ ッ セ ル,Bucharest / Otopeni,Buenos Aires / Ezeiza,Cairo,Calgary,Chennai,Chicago / ORD,Copenhagen,Dallas/Fort Worth,Delhi,Doha,Dubai,Dublin,Dusseldorf,Edinburgh,Frankfurt,Geneva,Glasgow,Gothenburg,(English edition,Hamburg,Hanover,Hong Kong,Houston,Hyderabad,Innsbruck,(English edition,Istanbul,Jeddah,Johannesburg / Tambo,Kiev / Boryspil,Krakow,Kuala Lumpur,クウェート,Lagos,Larnaca,Leeds / Bradford,Los Angeles / LAX,Luanda,Madrid,Manchester,Mexico City,Milan / Linate,Milan/Malpensa,Montreal / Trudeau,Moscow/Domodedovo,Mumbai,Munich,Muscat,Nassau,New Orleans,New York/JFK,Newark,Newcastle,Nice,Oslo / Gardemoen,Paris / CDG,Paris / ORY,Philadelphia,Pisa,Reykjavik,Rio de Janeiro,Rome/Fiumicino,St. Petersburg,San Diego,San Francisco,San Jose,Santiago,Sao Paulo/Guarulhos,Seattle/Tacoma,Seoul/Incheon,Shanghai/Pudong,Singapore,Sophia,Stockholm / Arlanda,Stuttgart,Sydney,Tehran / Imam Khomeini,Tel Aviv / Ben Gurion,Tokyo/Haneda,Toronto,Toulouse,ヴ ェ ネ ツ ィ ア,Washington/Dulles,Zagreb,Zurich

[Seasonal operation] : Biarritz,(English edition,(English edition,Corfu,フ ァ ロ,Gran canaria,イ ビ サ,(English edition,(English edition,マ ラ ガ,Menorca,(English edition,Murcia,(English edition,Nantes,(English edition,Palermo,Palma de Mallorca,Salzburg,(English edition,(English edition,Tallinn,(English edition
Spanish flag Iberian airlines Madrid 5
Spanish flag Iberia Express Asturias,Gran canaria,Palma de Mallorca 5


Russian flagAirbridge CargoLeipzig, Moscow-Sheremetyevo
Hong Kong flagCathay Pacific CargoNew Delhi, Hong Kong, Milan, Mumbai, Paris / CDG
German flagDHL AviationAmsterdam, ブ リ ュ ッ セ ル, East midlands, Frankfurt, Leipzig, London-Luton, Madrid-Barajas, Paris / CDG
United Arab Emirates flagEmirates SkyCargoDubai
Ethiopian flagEthiopian Airlines CargoAddis Ababa, Lagos
Republic of Korea flagKorean Air CargoParis / CDG, Incheon
Qatar flagQatar Airways CargoBasel, Doha
Morocco flagRoyal Air Maroc CargoCasablanca
Jordan flagRoyal Jordanian CargoAmman
Singapore flagSingapore Airlines CargoAmsterdam, Sharjah, Singapore


Beside the Heathrow runway (Runway 27L), once owned by British Airways, which has this airport as its hub,Supersonic airliner OfConcordeThe aircraft is still preserved and parked.However, this is not on display.In the past, a large model of Concorde was exhibited on the side of the road running near the airport, but now it has been replaced by a model of the Emirates aircraft (Airbus A380).



Inside the airportHeathrow Express,Heathrow Connect(Both airport access trains),London UndergroundPiccadilly lineTrains arrive and depart.

Heathrow Express is in central LondonPaddington StationIt runs every 15 minutes from, and takes 15 minutes non-stop on the way (fare: Express Class £ 22 (as of January 2020))[20].

Heathrow Connect runs every 30 minutesPaddington StationIt takes 25 minutes to stop at most stations on the way.Fares are cheaper than the Heathrow Express.

London UndergroundThe Piccadilly line takes about 1 hour, every 5 minutes (fare: 6)lb).You can ride for free between Heathrow Central Station and Terminal 4 Station on Heathrow Connect.There is also no charge between Heathrow Central Station and Terminal XNUMX on the Heathrow Express.


London taxiIs waiting at the platform of each terminal at Heathrow Airport.


From each terminal to the main areas of LondonHotel,station,Gatwick Airport,City airport,Luton Airport,Stansted AirportThere are bus routes to each airport in London.

Private car / rental car

Each terminal is fully equipped with a parking lot.Also,Hearts,budgetMajor such asCar rentalThere is a company counter in each terminal.

Because there is a distance of more than 5km from Terminal 3 to the parking lot,Heathrow Podと 呼 ば れ るNew transportation systemIs in place. Small four-seater vehicles are in operation at any time, connecting a distance of about 4 km in about 3.8 minutes.[21].

Eating and drinking facilities

In each terminalStarbucks,Yo! SushiSuch as light mealsfast foodA variety of dishes, mainly in storesRestaurants,bar,PubIs open.After the departure procedureDuty-free shopThere is also.


On the airport premisesHiltonAnd Yotel (Terminal 4),SofitelThere are hotels in (Terminal 5), and around the airportHoliday Inn,Sheraton,MarriottThere are numerous accommodations from luxury hotels of international chains such as B & B (bed and breakfast).


Several movies have been shot at the airport.

Accident / incident


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6(Rokugatsu) isGregorian calendarYearsThe ninth ofMonthThere are 30 days.


in JapanMinazukiAlso called (Minazuki). However, originallylunar calendarAnother name for June.

English nameThen. June That.Roman mythology OfJupiterWife of (Jupiter)YunoTaken from (Juneau). YunomarriageAs a guardian deity of life, in Junewedding"June Bride" (June Bride)June bride, June bride), thisMonthIt is said that you can be happy when you get married. However, at leastEurope OfCatholicIn countries with many denominations,Greek MythologySome say that it is unlikely that the pagan gods of Rome and Rome would affect the lives of Europeans.[1].

June Bride in Japan was troubled by the number of people marrying in the dark, damp atmosphere with lots of rain in JunebridalIndustrythe 1970sIt started around the time and was not known until then (unlike Japan, June in Europe is when the long winter begins and flowers begin to bloom, and there is a generally open and bright mood).

March in Japan


Summer: Is the beginning (early summer).HokkaidoIn each area exceptrainy season[2]It is the season of and there is much precipitation.

The origin of Minazuki

There are various theories about the origin of Minazuki, but the theory that "no" in Minazuki is "na" meaning "no" and "moon of water" is influential.[3].Kannazuki"No" in "is" is considered to mean "the moon of God"[4].. There is also a theory that the months are Mizumizu and Mizutsuki, which are the months when rice planting is over and the rice fields need to be filled with water.

It may literally be interpreted as the month when the rainy season is over and the water disappears, but this is a popular theory (Etymology). In addition, there is also a theory that it is "everyone's exhaustion" when he finishes a big job called "Taue".

Months without holidays

Three years from 2016 to 2018, June in Japanpublic holidayIt was the only month without. Also, there have never been any holidays this month.

This is due to the fact that there were no milestone dates from the imperial family, and the lives of the common people were also in the agricultural season and there were no events of hare.[5].

In partAnniversary of time(6/10), etc.[5]..Also, in Okinawa prefectureBattle of OkinawaOn June 6, when the organized battle of Okinawa was over, "Mourning the dead of the Battle of Okinawa"Memorial DayIs provided,Local governmentIt is a holiday of the facility.The National Liaison Conference of the Karoshi Lawyers is due to the fact that many workers die from overwork in June.[5],Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareOn June 2001, 6, there was an offer to set up a new holiday in June, which has no holidays.[6].. However, on the other hand, "Japan has too many holidays than other countries (Japan has2016At that time, there are 16 public holidays, while the United States has 10 days, the United Kingdom has 8 days, and France has 13 days). There are negative opinions on the establishment of holidays, for reasons such as "I don't want to set more holidays" and "There are no days that are suitable for holidays".[6], Have jurisdiction over holidaysCabinet OfficeEven not considering establishing a holiday in June[5].

Still more1993IsMarriage Ceremony of Crown Prince Tokuhito and Masako OwadaBy6/9 Days OffWas taken.

In the fiction work, manga "Doraemon"soDoraemonThere is an episode in which a national holiday is established by using "Japan standard calendar" which is one of the secret tools.

  • In the cartoon versionNobitaHas established a fictitious holiday on June 6nd as "Guuwara Thanksgiving Day" due to dissatisfaction with the absence of holidays in June.[7].
  • In the anime version on June 2014, 6 "Takeshi no Zundoko Birthday"GiantBut June 6th was "Napping Day" and June 13th was "Giant's Birthday".


  • Isuzu Kurezuki (Yaryo Kurezuki)
  • Enyo (Flame Yang)
  • Kazemachizuki (Kazemachitsuki)
  • Kenbizuki (Kenbizuki)
  • Suigetsu (Suigetsu)
  • Suzukurezuki (Ryoguretsuki)
  • Seminohatsuki (Cicada Hazuki)
  • Tanashizuki (Tanashi)
  • Tangetsu (Dantsuki)
  • Tokonatsu (Tokonatsu Moon)
  • Narukamizuki (Narukamitsuki)
  • Bangetsu (late moon)
  • Fukugetsu (Fushizuki)
  • Matsukazezuki (Matsufugetsu)
  • Minazuki (minazuki)
  • Yohyo (yang ice)

September annual events

Sports held in September

July theme song



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