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⚽ | Wataru Endo and Hiroki Ito are welcome!Meal with new Japanese players from Stuttgart

Photo Wataru Endo Photo: Getty Images

Wataru Endo and Hiroki Ito are welcome!Meal with new Japanese players from Stuttgart

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After finishing the Kirin Challenge Cup and Kirin Cup Soccer 2022, he was on vacation in Japan, but this month he joined VfB Stuttgart's pre-season training.

Japan national team MF Wataru Endo (29), who belongs to VfB Stuttgart, updated his Twitter account on the 7th.Qi ... → Continue reading

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    Pre-season training

    VfB Stuttgart

    Fair Ein Fur Bevegun Kush Pile Stuttgart(Verein für Bewegungsspiele Stuttgart 1893 eV)Germany-Baden-WürttembergStuttgartBased inサ ッ カ ーclub.


    1963/He has been in the first division since the Bundesliga was founded in Japan, but was demoted to the second division in the 1-1974 season. After returning to the first division after two seasons, he continued to stay in the first division, and while maintaining the middle to high ranks, he also won the league title in the 75-2 season, 2-1 season, and 1-1983 season.However, after the 84-1991 season, it was sluggish at the bottom, and in the 92-2006 season, it experienced the second division relegation for the first time in 07 years. Although it returned to the first division in the 2012-13 season, it has been relegated to the second division in the 2016-17 season, and in recent years it has been moving back and forth between the first and second divisions.

    Gerhard Meyer-Forefelder Chairmanship

    After winning the league in the 1991-92 season, it has been sluggish, and since the 1998-99 season, it has become confusing.In addition, due to the successive changes of managers and the soaring salaries of athletes, they will have huge debts due to overtrading.Felix MagatBy the time he took office, his finances had deteriorated to the point where he couldn't even reinforce him satisfactorily.Magath later trained young peopleAndreas Hinkel,Kevin Kuranyi,Timo HildebrandYoung people such as the others made a break, and in the 2002-03 season, they made a leap to 2nd place.

    Elvin Stout Chairmanship

    On June 2003, 6, Erwin Stout became CEO & Chairman, putting a scalpel on the financial side.At that time, he played in the Champions League, but couldn't satisfactorily reinforce it.However, thanks to the profits from his success in the Champions League and the transfer money from the release of the main players who played an active part in Magath's era, the financial aspect that was once a fire car has also improved.Also, he played an active part during the time of Magath coaching.Horst heldtSince he became general manager after retiring from active duty, team building has been clarified, and he has won the league in the 2006-07 season and participated in the champions league in the 2007-08 and 2009-10 seasons.

    In the 2004-05 season, Magath, who has made a breakthroughBayern MunichLeave toMatthias ZamarIs appointed as the director, but in the end he is in 5th place. Since the 2005-06 season, he has built up a track record in numerous clubs and national teams.Giovanni TrapattoniInvited to the director and used as a score sourceDenmark national team OfYong Dahl ThomasonHowever, it will be a season to wander in the middle of the standings due to a decrease in strength due to the release of the main players during Magath's era, lack of deciding power and inconsistency of the team as a whole.Trapattoni resigned in the middle of the seasonArmin VehIs appointed as a director.While the majority of the view is that he will be the "connector" until his next coaching appointment (actually, Fay had only one season of leading a team in the first division), 1 under Fay's command. Make a breakthrough in the -1 season.

    Mexican players who joined from this season,Pavel PardoIs a famous voluntary who continued to support the team until the previous season,Zvonimir SwordDemonstrate a presence reminiscent of.Also a new Mexican rightSide back,Ricardo OsorioAnd started showing a glimpse of talent from the previous seasonMario Gomez,Thomas HitzlspergerThe attacking unit composed of young people who said that is fully functional, and the guardian deityTimo HildebrandLeads the team with a series of good savesBayern Munich,Werder BremenIn the end, he kept the lead after the mid-game.Schalke 04He won the championship for the first time in 15 seasons for the fifth time.

    The following year, in the 2007-08 season, he challenged himself as the German champion.UEFA Champions LeagueThen in the group leagueFC Barcelona,Lyon,RangersIt became the same group as the club.A positive goalkeeper who was also a German national team player at that timeTimo Hildebrand Ofバ レ ン シ アStuttgart, whose team performance had declined due to a transfer to Barcelona and a breakdown of a major player, continued to lose in the group league in the form of dragging the slump in the early stages of the domestic league in the Champions League, and welcomed at home in Section 5. Although he won his first victory against Rangers 3-2, he also lost against FC Barcelona in the final round, losing 1-5 and losing at the bottom of the group league.

    The 2008-09 season will be the last in this tournamentUEFA Intertoto CupParticipated inUEFA CupI got the right to participate in.This made it the first and last club to advance to the UEFA Cup three times from the tournament.I had to struggle early in the season, but this seasonJens LehmannWith the addition of, the goalkeeper has been troubled since Hildebrand left.Partly because of that, I caught up in the final stages and eventually moved up to 3rd place.

    Summer 2009, FWMario GomezFor the highest amount in German history of 3000 million eurosBayern MunichSold to FW based on the fundsPavel Pogrebunyak, MFZdravko KuzmanovichAcquired talented people from Eastern Europe.

    In the 2010-11 season, the retirement of goalkeeper Jens Lehmann and midfielderSami Khedira Ofreal MadridFor transfer, FWMartin HarnikI tried to rejuvenate the team by acquiring, but failed.He fell into an unusual situation where the director changed twice during the season.Also, during the winter transfer period, FW as the team's first Japanese playerShinji OkazakiJoined.

    Gerd Mosel's presidency

    On July 2011, 7, Gerd Mosel was appointed as chairman to replace Erwin Staudt, who retired at the end of his term.

    The 2011-12 season is a midfielder who transferred during the transfer period this summer.Christian TräschMF as a voluntary alternative toWilliam kvistAnd DF to strengthen the defenseMarthaIt reinforced the influential people in the European mid-sized league.Also, during this winter's transfer period, DFTakanori SakaiFW as an alternative to the transferred FW Pavel PogrebnyakVedad IbiševićWas won.

    The 2012-13 season is a midfielder during the summer transfer periodMatthieu DelpierreAnd DFKhalid BoulahReleased veteran players who supported the team in recent years, DFAntonio RudigerAnd midfielder Raphael Holzhauser have promoted four young players from VfBII, and transfers from other teams are forwards.Tunay TorunAnd DFTim HooglandI kept it in.DF during the winter transfer periodMarthaAnd MFZdravko KuzmanovichIs leaving while MFAlexandre MaximAcquired experienced players from European leagues.However, although the league match ended in 12th place,DFB PokalThen I won the runner-up.Chairman Gerd Mosel will retire as chairman for this season only.

    Bernd Varler Chairmanship

    Bernd Wahler becomes new chairman on July 2013, 7, replacing former chairman Gerd Mosel[1].. FW who was the team's first Japanese player during the summer transfer period in the 2013-14 seasonShinji OkazakiAnd Captain's DFSerdar TasciReleased regular class players one after another.Newly DFDaniel Schwaab・ MFMoritz LeitnerAcquired.Also FWTimo WernerWas promoted from the youth team. In August the directorBruno LabbadiaWas dismissed for being liable for poor results, such as suffering four consecutive losses after the start of the season[2]..U-17 coach is appointed as the successor coach[3]..Although it recovered for a while, it suffered the team's worst eight consecutive losses in 2014 and was involved in the residual battle, and on March 8th it was the lowest.BraunschweigThomas Schneider dismissed in response to a draw to[4].. To succeedSchalke 04Etc.Huub StevensWas appointed[5]..After that, he continued to fight for survival, but ended up finishing in 15th place.Stevens retired at the end of the season.

    The 2014-15 season welcomed Armin Veh, who commanded from 2006 to 2008, as the coach.However, he resigned after taking responsibility for poor grades, such as being at the bottom at the end of Section 12.[6]..Huub Stevens, who took command during the previous season, took over as the successor.[7]..After that, I wandered around the relegation zone, but in the final sectionPaderbornBy winning the race, he finished in 14th place and barely stayed in the first division.Stevens retired again at the end of the season[8].

    Former coach for 2015-16 seasonRB LeipzigDirector'sAlexander ZornigerWas appointed[9]..GK during the summer transfer periodSven Ulreich・ DFTakanori Sakai-Antonio Rudiger・ FWVedad IbiševićRelease.New GKMitchell Langerak-Przemyslaw Titon・ DFEmiliano Insua-Toni Schnitch・ FWLobby cruiseWon.However, the 2015-2016 season was sluggish from the beginning, and Zorniger was dismissed on November 2015, 11.He succeeded VfB Stuttgart II (U-24)(English editionPromoted the coach and defended during the winter transfer periodKevin GrosskreutzAlthough he temporarily moved up to the middle position with the aim of remaining in the first division, he suffered six consecutive losses at the end of the season and finally finished the season in 1th place, and was relegated to the second division for the first time in 6 years.Also strangely the U-17 teamPeriod 3From the amateur league4 clubIn response to this result, it was announced that Chairman Varler would resign and Director Cramney would be dismissed.[10].

    Wolfgang Dietrich era

    Wolfgang Dietrich was elected to replace former Chairman Bernd Varler, who resigned on August 2016, 8.[11]..For Cramney's successor(English editionIs inaugurated. With the demotion of the second division, GKPrzemyslaw Titon, DFDaniel Schwaab-Georg Niedermeier, MFFilip Kostic, FWMartin Harnik-Timo WernerInvited a large outflow of the main players.On the other hand, DF to aim for the first part return in one seasonMarcin Kamiński-Benjamin Pavard, MFHosokai Moe-Carlos Mané, FWTakuma Asano-Simon TeroddeWon.However, Rufukai resigned in September due to a conflict between Director Rufukai and the person in charge of strengthening over the reinforcement of Asano and Manet.[12]..Formerly the successor to RufukaiBorussia Dortmund IIDirector'sHannes WolffIs inaugurated.MF during the winter transfer periodEbenezer ofori-Josip BrekaloAcquired.But in FebruaryKevin GrosskreutzCauses a scandalDismissalIn addition to that, in March, Hosogai, whose participation opportunity had decreased after taking office as coach WolfKashiwa ReysolReleased to. In the battle in the second division for the first time in 41 years, he won the second division with stable results from beginning to end with high scoring ability, and returned to the first division in one season.[13].

    The 1-2017 season, when they returned to the first division, is characterized by the recent reinforcement of young players and the reinforcement of multiple German national team players in order to establish the first division.GK during this summer's transfer periodMitchell Langerak・ MFAlexandre MaximWhile releasing them, GKRon-Robert Zieler, DFHolger Badstuber,Dennis Aogo,Andreas BeckFormer Germany national team such as MF as a young immediate forceSantiago Ascacibar,Orel Mangala, FWAnastasios Donis,Chadrac AkoloAcquired.Also, during the winter transfer period, FWMario GomezWas restored for the first time in eight and a half years.There was a scene of confusion due to a change of manager during the season, but after taking office, he achieved a good result of 8 wins, 9 draws and 4 loss, and ended up in 1th place.

    In the 2018-19 season, as in the previous year, young players and experienced German national team players have been acquired.FW during this summer's transfer periodTakuma Asano-Daniel GinczekRelease.German midfielderGonzalo Castro-Daniel DidaviAnd young and promising defendersPablo Maffeo-Borna Sosa, FWNicolas GonzalezWon.However, the coach was dismissed because there was no momentum in the previous season and he sank to the bottom with 7 win, 1 draws and 2 losses at the end of Section 4.[14]..Former successorSchalke 04Director'sMarkus WeinzierWas appointed[15]..The following day, April 2019, 4Sven Mislintat OfSports directorAnnounced inauguration to[16]However, he could not get out of the relegation zone, and on April 4th.FC AugsburgWeinzier was dismissed after losing 0-6 in the match[17]..In the end, the season's ranking was 16th, and it was about the remaining playoffs.1.FC Union BerlinIn the playoffs with, the first game was 1-2 at the base and the second game was 2-2, and the two games totaled 0-0, and the away goals rule resulted in the relegation to the second division.[18]..The demotion of the 1th place team in the 16st division2011-12 season OfHertha BerlinThis is the third time in seven seasons since then.Also, the U-7 team that was in the 3th divisionPeriod 5Was demoted to.As a result, Chairman Dietrich resigned from responsibility on July 2019, 7.[19].

    Thomas Hitzlsperger Chairmanship

    Due to the demotion of the second division, it was difficult to select a successor president, and on October 2, 2019, the club OBThomas HitzlspergerElected[20].. 2019-20 season is GKRon-Robert Zieler, DFDennis Aogo,Andreas Beck, MFChristian GentnerReleased veteran players who have experience of representing Germany one after another.Also DFBenjamin Pavard,Ozan KabakIn recent years, it has led to the outflow of meritorious people.For the successor directorHolstein KielThe director is inaugurated.GK during the summer transfer periodGregor Kobel, DFPascal Stenzel, MFKo Endo,Atakan Karazor, FWSasa Kalajditch,Silas Katompa MigitucaWon.However, at the end of Section 18, he fell into a slump with 9 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses, and Walter was dismissed on December 12.[21]..To succeed1899 HoffenheimAssistant coachPellegrino MatarazzoIs inaugurated.in the middleSpread of new coronavirus infectionIn the end, he was in second place with 17 wins, 7 draws and 10 losses, and was able to return to the Bundesliga in one season.FW at the end of the seasonMario GomezRetired[22].

    DF in the 2020-21 season due to the difficult financial situation as the outbreak of new coronavirus continues to spreadWaldemar Anton,Konstantinos MavropanosIt was limited to a small amount of reinforcement.In this season, the home game was played with no spectators in all games, but in the end, he finished in 9th place and remained in the first division.


    Domestic title

    1983-84, 1991-92, 2006-07
    1976-77, 2016-17
    1953-54, 1957-58, 1996-97

    International title

    • None

    Past results

    SeasonDivisionDFB PokalEuropean Cup
    1963-64Bundesliga Part 130137104840335 bitEliminated the second round
    1964-65Bundesliga Part 130981346502612 bitLost the quarterfinals
    1965-66Bundesliga Part 1341361542483211 bitEliminated the second round
    1966-67Bundesliga Part 13410131148543312 bitEliminated the second round
    1967-68Bundesliga Part 134147136554358 bitEliminated the second round
    1968-69Bundesliga Part 134148126054365 bitEliminated the second round
    1969-70Bundesliga Part 134147135962357 bitEliminated the second round
    1970-71Bundesliga Part 1341181549493012 bitEliminated the second round
    1971-72Bundesliga Part 134139125256358 bitEliminated the second round
    1972-73Bundesliga Part 134173147165376 bitEliminated the second round
    1973-74Bundesliga Part 134127155857319 bitEliminated the second roundUCBest 4
    1974-75Bundesliga Part 134881850792416 bitEliminated the second round
    1975-76Southern Bundesliga 2nd Division381641867603611 bitEliminated the second round
    1976-77Southern Bundesliga 2nd Division38249510036571 bitEliminated the second round
    1977-78Bundesliga Part 134195146857434 bitEliminated the second round
    1978-79Bundesliga Part 13420867334482 bitEliminated the second roundUCEliminated the second round
    1979-80Bundesliga Part 134177107553413 bitBest 16UCBest 4
    1980-81Bundesliga Part 13419877044463 bitLost the quarterfinalsUCEliminated the second round
    1981-82Bundesliga Part 134139126255359 bitEliminated the second roundUCEliminated the second round
    1982-83Bundesliga Part 13420868047483 bitBest 16
    1983-84Bundesliga Part 134191057933481 bitLost the quarterfinalsUCEliminated the second round
    1984-85Bundesliga Part 1341441579593310 bitBest 16ECEliminated the second round
    1985-86Bundesliga Part 134177106945415 bitsecond place
    1986-87Bundesliga Part 1341361555493212 bitEliminated the second roundCWCEliminated the second round
    1987-88Bundesliga Part 134168106949404 bitEliminated the second round
    1988-89Bundesliga Part 134167115849395 bitEliminated the semi-finalsUCsecond place
    1989-90Bundesliga Part 134156135347366 bitBest 16
    1990-91Bundesliga Part 1341410105744386 bitLost the quarterfinals
    1991-92Bundesliga Part 138211076232521 bitLost the quarterfinalsUCEliminated the second round
    1992-93Bundesliga Part 1341212105650367 bitEliminated the second roundCLEliminated the second round
    1993-94Bundesliga Part 1341311105143377 bitEliminated the second round
    1994-95Bundesliga Part 13410101452663012 bitBest 16
    1995-96Bundesliga Part 13410131159624310 bitEliminated the second round
    1996-97Bundesliga Part 13418797840614 bitWin
    1997-98Bundesliga Part 1341410105549524 bitEliminated the semi-finalsCWCsecond place
    1998-99Bundesliga Part 1349121341483911 bitLost the quarterfinalsUCEliminated the second round
    1999-00Bundesliga Part 134146144447488 bitLost the quarterfinals
    2000-01Bundesliga Part 1349111442493815 bitEliminated the semi-finalsUCEliminated the second round
    2001-02Bundesliga Part 1341311104743508 bitBest 16
    2002-03Bundesliga Part 13417895339592 bitEliminated the second roundUCEliminated the second round
    2003-04Bundesliga Part 134181065224644 bitBest 16CLBest 16
    2004-05Bundesliga Part 134177105440585 bitBest 16UCBest 32
    2005-06Bundesliga Part 13491694250429 bitEliminated the second roundUCBest 32
    2006-07Bundesliga Part 13421766137701 bitsecond place
    2007-08Bundesliga Part 134164145757526 bitLost the quarterfinalsCLGS defeated
    2008-09Bundesliga Part 13419786343643 bitBest 16UCBest 32
    2009-10Bundesliga Part 134151095141556 bitBest 16CLBest 16
    2010-11Bundesliga Part 1341261660594212 bitBest 16ELBest 32
    2011-12Bundesliga Part 134158126346536 bitLost the quarterfinals
    2012-13Bundesliga Part 1341271537554312 bitsecond placeELBest 16
    2013-14Bundesliga Part 134881849623215 bitEliminated the second roundELPO defeated
    2014-15Bundesliga Part 134991642603614 bitEliminated the second round
    2015-16Bundesliga Part 134961950753317 bitBest 16
    2016-17Bundesliga Part 23421676337691 bitEliminated the second round
    2017-18Bundesliga Part 134156133636517 bitBest 16
    2018-19Bundesliga Part 134772032702816 bitEliminated the second round
    2019-20Bundesliga Part 234177106241582 bitBest 16
    2020-21Bundesliga Part 134129135655459 bitBest 16
    2021-22Bundesliga Part 1347121541593315 bitEliminated the second round
    Bundesliga Part 134Place

    Current member

    2020-21 season basic formation

    Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

    No.PosPlayer name
    1GKGermanyFlorian Müller
    2DFGermanyWaldemar Anton
    3MFJapanKo Endo (captain) ★
    5DFGreeceKonstantinos Mavropanos
    6MFEnglandClinton Mola (Flag of Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg) ★
    7MFFranceTanguy Coulibaly
    8MFFrance (Drapeau aux serpents de la Martinique.svg)
    9FWAustriaSasa Kalajditch (Flag of Serbia.svg)
    10MFGermanyDaniel Didavi (Benin flag)
    11MFGermanyEric thommy
    14FWEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euSilas Katompa Mbunpa
    15DFGermanyPascal Stenzel
    16DFGermanyAtakan Karazor (Turkish flag)
    17FWEgyptOmar Marmoush (Flag of Canada.svg) ★
    18FWPortugalTiago Thomas
    No.PosPlayer name
    19FWDenmarkWahid Fagil (Flag of Afghanistan.svg)
    22MFGermanyChris Huhrich
    23MFBelgiumOrel Mangala (Flag of Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg)
    24DFCroatiaBorna Sosa (Flag of Germany.svg)
    25MFGermanyLilian Egloff
    28MFDenmarkNikolas Nartey (Flag of Ghana.svg)
    30MFGermanyRoberto Massimo (Ghana flag) (Flag of Italy.svg)
    31MFGermanyMateo Klimowicz (Flag of Argentina.svg) (Flag of Poland.svg)
    32MFFranceNaouirou Ahamada (Flag of Comoros.svg)
    33GKGermanyFabian Bredlow
    34MFTurkeyOmer Beyaz
    37DFJapanHiroki Ito
NetherlandsMohamed Sankoh (Flag of Sierra Leone.svg)
    --FWコロンビアJuan Jose Perea

    * National flags in parentheses indicate other nationalities held, or citizenship, and stars indicate non-EU players.

    directed by

    Loan transfer


    Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

    No.PosPlayer name
    5DFGreeceKonstantinos Mavropanos (Arsenal FC)
    17FWEgyptOmar Marmoush (VfL Wolfsburg)
    No.PosPlayer name
    18FWPortugalTiago Thomas (Sporting CP)

    Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

    No.PosPlayer name
    --DFGermany (WSG Swarovski)
    --DFGermany (Dynamo Dresden)
    --MFNorthern MacedoniaDarko Churlinov (Schalke 04)
    No.PosPlayer name
    --MFGermanyPhilip Clement (SC Paderborn 07)
    --MF(I.e.Momo Cissé (Wisła Krakow)
    --FWAustraliaAlou Kuol (SV Sandhausen)

    2021-22 season transfer

    Club owner

    Successive directors

    Successive players






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