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⚾ | Maki Ohguro holds a special mini-live against Nippon-Ham Fighters on the 24th.

Photo Maki Ohguro holding a special mini-live at the Nippon-Ham Fighter on the 24th [Photo: Provided by the team]

Maki Ohguro holds a special mini-live at the Nippon-Ham Fighter on the 24th.

If you write the contents roughly
Actually, as a person who also appeared in the Sapporo Dome Kokeraotoshi, I feel a deep connection.

This is the third time that the fighters have appeared on the 30th anniversary of their debut. → Continue reading


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    Deep edge

    Sapporo Dome

    Sapporo Dome(Sapporo Dome,British: Sapporo dome) IsJapan OfHokkaidoSapporoToyohira WardHitsujigaokaIt is inサ ッ カ ー-baseballA dome-shaped stadium that also serves as a stadium.The facility is owned by Sapporo City and invested by Sapporo City and various business companies in Hokkaido.Third sector-Sapporo Dome Co., Ltd.Is in charge of operation and management.

    The only complete indoor natural grass in JapanSoccer stadiumIs[Note 1]First in the world to adopt the "hovering system" for moving natural grass soccer fields[2].. With this systemサ ッ カ ーuseNatural grassWith the groundbaseballuseArtificial grassIt is possible to use the ground together. The 44thBCS Award'[3]・14 (2002)Red brick architecture award"Award.

    Japan Professional Soccer League(J League)Hokkaido Consadole SapporoHome stadium[Note 2],Japanese professional baseball(NPB)Pacific League OfHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersIt is used as the headquarters of the earth field. PreviouslyProfessional Baseball Masters League・Sapporo Ambitious was also based in Sapporo Dome. Various events and international competitions are also held.

    From the time of openingHirobaAs of 2017,Pacific LeagueIt is the only home ground that has not introduced naming rights.

    This is the only stadium in Japan where professional baseball teams and professional soccer teams hold official matches, and certain teams jointly use it as their home base.[Note 3].

    On June 15, 2016, the 6th anniversary of its opening, the mascot character "Charm colonWas born[Note 4].

    Background to opening

    For a long time in Sapporo,Higashi Sapporo(CurrentSapporo Convention CenterThere was a construction plan for a dome stadium, "White Dome (tentative name)" in the whole area. However, the idea was temporarily abandoned due to financial problems caused by arrests in political corruption cases.

    1992(4) In July, Sapporo City2002 FIFA World CupIf you name yourself as a candidate site for holding, a plan to link the newly built soccer stadium with the White Dome concept emerged,1996(8) In January, it was officially decided to make it a dome stadium that can be used not only for soccer but also for baseball. Since the deficit was inevitable when constructed as a soccer stadium, it was assumed that Sapporo Dome construction would attract professional baseball teams with many games.[4].

    1997Nine groups participated in the (9) design competition,Tokyo UniversityHonorary professor Of建築 家Koji HaraNatural grass for soccer proposed by these groupsair pressureThe "hovering stage" method was adopted in which it is placed on the stage that floats up in and out of the dome.Ministry of AgricultureHokkaido Agricultural Experiment Station-beetOn the site of the test farm1998Construction started in June (10) and Sapporo Dome Co., Ltd. was established in October.

    1999The nickname of Sapporo Dome was solicited (11), and "HIROBA" was selected from a total of 7,722 applications and 4,966 works. This word was adopted because it is a word that everyone knows and expresses the function of a dome that can be used for multiple purposes such as baseball, soccer, and concerts. However, it is not established among Sapporo citizens and Hokkaido people because it can be understood as a "dome".

    2001Completed in May (13), total project cost is about 5 billion yen.[5].. Opened on June 6nd of the same year[1].. Moderated on June 6rdKazuo Tokumitsu, As a performer of a singer-songwriter from SapporoMaki OguroA commemorative event for the opening was held.

    Equipment outline

    • Site area: 305,230 m²
    • Building area: 55,168 m²
    • Total floor area: 98,226.21 m²
    • Volume: 158 million mXNUMX (closed arena)
      • It is a number that includes the closed arena of the main dome, the open arena that grows grass on the hovering soccer stage outdoors, and other outdoor facilities.
    • Roof: Fixed shell type
      • The area around Sapporo goes from northwest to southeast in winterPrevailing windBecause the wind blows, the windward part is designed to be higher in the roof and the leeward part is designed in such a way that the snow accumulated on the roof will naturally fall down.[6].

    Closed arena

    • Number of floors and structure: 4 floors above ground and 2 basements, reinforced concrete construction/steel frame construction/steel frame reinforced concrete construction
      • It is made in a digging style,ア リ ー ナThe surface is on the second basement floor.
    • Maximum occupancy: 53,738
      • Fixed seats: 41,484 seats (single slope stand)
      • Soccer capacity: 41,983
      • Baseball capacity: 42,270 (including 202 field seats and 50 family seats)
      • Others: 117 seats for wheelchairs, VIP rooms, special rooms, press seats, etc.
      • Changes in the number of fixed seats
    Opened in 2001-Summer 2002: 42,300 soccer fields and 41,300 baseball fields (FIFA World CupPress seat for expansion)[7]
    Summer 2002-2006: 42,831 soccer fields and 41,823 baseball fields[8](Reduce press seat)
    2007-2008: 41,580 soccer fields[9], Baseball field 40,572 (deluxe seat newly established)
    2009 -: Present
    • Arena Area: 14,460 m²
    • Intersection (connection with open arena, movable seat part of outfield back stand): 3,319 m²
    • Field size
      • Soccer field: Pitch size 105m x 68m, Stage size: 120m x 85m x 1.38m, Grass size: 113.4m x 80m, Natural grass field
      • Baseball field: Both wings 100m, center 122m, left and right middle 116m, full short pile artificial grass (Otsuka Turf TechMade ground turf)
        • Re-coverage of turf in March 2013[10].
        • Artificial grass used before 2005Sapporo Community Dome(Tsudomu)BaseballIt is diverted to the field.
        • The field turf used in many dome stadiums cannot be used due to its structure.
    • Large video equipment: 2 units (DetailsLater
      • Large vision: Full color LED system (vertical 8.64m x horizontal 32.00m, 2 sides)
      • Sub-score board: Full color LED method (length 3.84m x width 13.12m, 1 side)
    • Observation deck: 53m high (from the arena)
    • Lighting equipment
    • Temperature: about 25℃ in summer, about 20℃ in winter

    Open arena

    Facing the main arena, the hovering stage is usually set up here to grow natural grass. The surrounding area is a grass seat with the same surface structure as the stand of the closed arena. Hokkaido Consadole SapporosatelliteThere was also a match. If the intersection is opened, it can be used continuously with a closed arena.

    I am using the open arena as a training field when the Miyanosawa Shiroi Koibito Soccer Field, which is used as a training field for Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo, cannot be used for turf curing.

    • Arena Area: 18,800 m²

    Ancillary equipment

    • Parking Lot: 1,451 units (advance sale at large events)
      • Regular cars: 1,434 (including parking for people with disabilities)
      • Large vehicles: 17
    • Bus terminal: 48 berths#access(See section)
    • Taxi pool: 48 units
    • Bicycle parking: 393 bicycles, 112 motorcycles
    • Outdoor soccer field: 1 natural grass, 1 artificial grass
      • Used by the Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo Top Team as a practice field. The official match of the youth team (Takamado Palace JFA U-18 Soccer LeagueIt is used for. There is no night lighting facility.
      • The natural grass practice area (including the soccer stage) cannot be used in bad weather (rainy weather, snow, etc.) due to lawn growth and protection.
      • The practice range of natural grass is from August 2016-until July 8,2019 Rugby World Cup-2020 Tokyo OlympicsIt is completely unusable due to the curing of natural grass for renewal for soccer and rugby for holding[11].. You can always use the artificial grass practice area regardless of the weather.
      • Natural grass practice fields (including soccer stages) should not be used from the perspective of lawn protection.サ ッ カ ー-FutsalLimited to only. Artificial grass practice fieldrugby,American Football,Lacrosse,Ground golfCan also be used for other ball games and recreation such as[12].
      • The natural grass practice area is about 1 m per lap only during the snowy seasonCross country skiingCourse is opened and free of charge[13].
      • Every year from November to April of the following year, in addition to lawn growth and protection, natural grass and artificial grass cannot be used from the viewpoint of snowfall and climate[14] .

    Usage fee

    • Spectator/drama type event
      • Usage fee (1 day): 8,316,000 yen (if the number of visitors exceeds 2, 1 yen will be added per person)[15].
      • Installation/removal fee: JPY 4,158,000
    • Events other than the above
      • Usage fee (1 day): 4,752,000 yen
      • Installation/removal fee: JPY 2,376,000
    • Other
      • Open arena: JPY 3,024,000
      • VIP room: 237,600 yen
      • Special room: 226,800 yen
      • Reception room: 216,000 yen
      • Indoor practice area: 75,600 yen
    • General use: Soccer: 60,000 yen to 180,000 yen Baseball: 100,000 yen to 300,000 yen

    Facility details

    Hovering soccer stage

    The stage is 120m long, 85m wide, and weighs 8,300t with natural grass planted, and rises 7.5cm above the ground by air pressure.It moves at a speed of 600 m / min with electric wheels (26 V voltage) with 8 drive wheels and 400 driven wheels with a diameter of 4 mm.[16].. Design productionKawasaki Heavy Industries..It is usually cured outdoors (open arena), and when there is a soccer match, it is moved to the dome (closed arena) and then rotated 90 degrees inside the dome to be used as a soccer field (soccer mode).

    The entrance to the hovering soccer stage is the location of the back stand on the soccer field and the center of the baseball field. When moving the stage, the spectator seats in this part are folded to about 1/3 the size and stored under the left-right stand. In addition, a movable wall called a moving wall, which is installed between the closed arena and the open arena, is housed to allow the passage of the stage. For this reason,score boardUnlike other stadiums, the (large image device) cannot be installed in the center, but is installed on the left/right stand side.

    The height of the stage is 2.5m including the rubber fence, and the soccer J2009 opening season held on March 3, 8 Consadole Sapporo vs.Vegalta SendaiSo, in Sendai, who scored the goalNaoki SugaiHad so much pleasure that he jumped off to try and run up to a Sendai supporter. Also, Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo vs. J2019 Section 3 on March 9, 1Shimizu S-PulseI was new to Sapporo and was new to the structure of the Sapporo DomeAnderson LopezAfter scoring a goal, he jumped off and the staff temporarily rushed to him for medical treatment, but there was no injury and he scored 2 points and made a total of 4 points.

    The grass is in good condition due to the low number of uses throughout the year and the well-studied maintenance of the grass in cold regions.J League AwardsHas won the "Best Pitch Award".

    In addition, before a professional baseball game, a player may warm up on the pitch that has been put out.

    The foul ground is extremely wide in the form of a baseball field (baseball mode) because it requires space to rotate the stage drawn indoors by 90 degrees.For this reason, there is no need to worry about standing in and catching at other stadiums.Foul flyHowever, the fielder may catch up and catch the ball. On the other hand, the backstop (distance from home plate to backnet) is about 10m longer than others, sopitcher OfStorming,catcher OfBehind-the-scenesSometimes it takes a long time to pick up the ball, which sometimes causes the runner to make an extra base.

    In winter, it will be installed in an open arena outdoors and will survive the winter. Natural turf can withstand wind and dryness due to the accumulated snow, and the temperature of 10 cm in the ground can be kept at about 5°C due to the snowfall even in the severe winter season when the minimum temperature in Sapporo is below -0.5°C. For use in the Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo home opening game, we reduced it to a height of 20 cm with a snow removal machine, and a scoop up to 10 cm in height to prevent the grass from being exposed to cold wind and turning the leaves yellow. Perform snow removal work using a snow dump. Immediately before the opening, as the final finish, we will remove snow with a volunteer supporter of Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo so as not to damage the natural grass[17][18]. After removing snow, use an underheating system to prevent soil from freezing, maintain an appropriate soil temperature, and put the soil (repair sand) in the place where the grass has peeled off. Pull the roller for compaction with a tractor to flatten the pitch surface, and brush the turf that has laid down during compaction. Remove old leaves and stems and mow the lawn to maintain the condition of natural grass.

    In 2021, of soccerLevan cupGroup A 1st league, Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo vs.Kashima AntlersThe day before (5th), the conversion work from baseball mode (used in the Nippon-Ham vs. Softbank game until 19th) to soccer mode was carried out in preparation for the match (May 18th), and it was on the hovering soccer stage. The first problem has occurred since the opening of the business.The power supply of the equipment was temporarily stopped during the work of bringing the stage indoors from the open arena, and even after the carry-in was completed before dawn on the day (16th) due to the restoration of the power supply, the work of turning the stage 19 degrees There was a problem with the power supply equipment inside.The rotation work was completed in the middle of the turn because it was a problem that the cause and recovery time could not be investigated in a short period of time.Due to the lack of night game lighting in the open arena and the inability to secure another outdoor soccer field with lighting, it was considered to cancel the match at one point.[19]..In the end, the match was held with a 90-degree rotation from the normal soccer mode (the result was a 0-0 draw).[20][21]..As a result of continued restoration work throughout the night after the match[19], The rotation to the original position was completed in the morning of May 5st, so on the following 21nd, the J-League official match Section 22 Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo vs.Shimizu S-PulseBattles can now be held in the usual pitch arrangement[22].

    Stand/Audience seat


    It has a crescent-shaped movable stand inside the circular stand. This corresponds to the front row of the 1st and 3rd base side spectator seats in the baseball field mode, and moves to the home and center directions during a soccer match, and becomes the front row of the main stand and back stand. The center of the back stand in soccer mode and the center of the outfield stand in baseball mode are retractable seats. A triangular space is created between the movable seat and the fixed seat. This is a design convenience because the movable seat is foldable. This part has been in the form of a baseball ball since 2005 only for professional baseball/Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters sponsored games.SignboardHas been installed in the triangular space in the game hosted by Hokkaido Consadole SapporoIshiya ConfectioneryAdvertising will be installed.

    The angle of inclination of the fixed stand is about 29 degrees, which is considered in terms of design so that good visibility can be ensured from the back row, but at an angle that makes it difficult for the elderly to climb the stairs. Yes (for that reason, in the games sponsored by Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo and Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, the seating type is set to be “gentle” with few stairs going up and down). In addition, the movable stand, which is the main back stand on the soccer field and the front part of the infield seat on the first and third base side on the baseball field, has a tilt angle of about 1 degrees, which is looser and lower than the fixed stand. Visibility is not very good. This is true even for stadiums with similar movable stands (because the height of the last row of movable seats matches the height of the outfield fence), but this dome is set higher in the front row due to the presence of the hovering stage. The slope is gentler.

    In addition, the entrance to the stand is a dedicated entrance for the upper season seats of Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo / Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters located near the west gate and you can enter and exit without going up to the second floor, but in other cases, the second floor above ground (outfield stand is There is a stand doorway only at the top. You can go up to the concourse on the 2nd floor by elevator, but since there is no other means of raising or lowering inside the stand, there are handrails on the stairs.

    In the dome stadium, huge advertising billboards are usually attached along both wings of the outfield, but since it is also used as a soccer field in the case of Sapporo Dome, it is on the back net side (in the case of a soccer field, the main stand side). , It is posted in the form of hanging from the outfield stand side (back stand side) and the first and third base side stands (stands behind both goals).

    The conditions for the support curtain differ between professional baseball and soccer.

    • Professional baseball dates The size of the seat is one seat wide, and the length is within the range where you sit on the seat and do not exceed your sitting height.BannerHold it with both hands and keep it stationary, then attach it to a fence or wall surface (Curing tape・Do not include eyelets).
    • J-League Date Only the away team's banner can be installed in the away zone, otherwise the banner of the home team Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo can be installed. However, in the buffer area, in the front row 3 rows of seats, sector fences andhandrail,emergency exitInstallation is prohibited near the display panel, walls and pillars of the concourse, and the central part of the main back stand.

    When used as a soccer field

    When used as a soccer field (soccer mode), unlike the baseball mode, all seats are available.However, when the official J-League match hosted by Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo is held, the back of the goal on the right side of the main stand is placed in the front three rows of both goal back stands for the purpose of preventing falls, and for the purpose of isolating and protecting the away team supporters. Each stand will be closed with a buffer zone.Since the closing range of the latter is set wider than the former, Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo has announced that the number of seats in the J-League official game is about 3 less than the total number of seats (document submitted by the club to the J-League). Then 2,000 people).

    While the fence that separates the stand from the pitch is high, the distance between the front row of the stand and the pitch is as short as 25m at the maximum (between the main stand) and 12m at the minimum (between the back stand), so watching the game as a soccer field. The environment isAthletic fieldMuch better than the dual-purpose match venue.Since the audience seats in the stand are arranged so as to look down on the pitch, the environment is equivalent to that of a "quasi-dedicated ball game field", although it is inferior to the soccer field in terms of unity and proximity.

    Due to a problem with the hovering stage, the pitch arrangement was forced to change 90 degrees from the usual level. May 2021, 5 Levin Cup Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo vs. Kashima Antlers match (Details mentioned above), Since the place that hits the main stand side changed to the back of the goal during normal use, measures were taken to allow players from both clubs to enter the pitch from near the corner of the pitch.[21]..Hokkaido Consadole SapporoDeclaration of emergency based on the Law on Special Measures for New Influenza, etc.Announced an unusual policy when holding this match, based on the fact that has been issued to Hokkaido from the 16th of the same month.As part of measures to prevent the spread of infection, admission tickets were sold only for all seats reserved and advance sales, so while allowing purchasers to watch the game, they decided to refund the admission fee to all purchasers. "The club cannot get money (from the purchaser of reserved-seat tickets) because the appearance of (pitch) will change if the angle of the pitch changes by 90 degrees (from the usual pitch)." By[20]..In reality, 2,829 people from the purchasers of reserved-seat tickets have agreed to watch the game in seats different from the designated seat type and position before entering the venue.[22].

    When used as a baseball field

    When baseball is heldBack screenThe total number of seats will be more than 1,000, since the seats equivalent to 40,000 will not be used. The number of spectators at the time of full capacity was announced in 2007 at the official baseball game hosted by the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters in 42,222, which was the current seat layout due to the deluxe seat installation, and it was announced in 2009 that it was 42,328. Is considered to be the capacity when the ground area is not released as an audience seat. Sponsored by Japan Baseball Organization (NPB) to announce the number of visitorsJapan seriesSo after the current seat layout2007 Japan SeriesThe maximum number of visitors was 2, recorded in the second round.

    In professional baseball, the home team bench is generally on the 1st base side, but the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters who are home to the Sapporo Dome use the 3rd base side bench. This was because the scoreboard was only installed on the 2014st base (light) side until the 1 season, and it was easier to see from the 3rd base side, and the main north entrance gate and the nearestSubway Toho LineFukuzumi StationIt is also due to good access from[23]. If you come from Fukuzumi Station to National Route 36, you will enter halfway around the dome on the first base side. In addition,Open battleHokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters vs.Yomiuri Giants (Giant)Among them, even in a match hosted by a giant, the bench arrangement is Nippon Ham on the third base side, and the giant on the first base side.

    When the infield ball net except the back net was removed experimentally in the open game hosted by Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters in March 2006, it was confirmed by fans that the safety was confirmed, and Hokkaido Nippon-Ham 3 It has been decided to remove the ball-proof net in all the official games hosted by the Fighters. However, in August 2006, about 2010 foulball accidents occurred annually after removing the ball-proof net in a trial caused by a woman of a spectator who was directly hit by a foulball and seriously injured with a facial fracture and one eye blindness. It has been pointed out that[Note 5]. Also,Field sheetIn response to a request from the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, the removable field seats have been installed since 2009 because the movable seats are frequently moved when switching to soccer fields or event venues. However, a ball-proof net is installed on the field seat.

    The poles on both wings are removable and can be used for baseball/soft ballThis pole is removed when used for other events.

    Since 2014, a part of the infield seats on the third base side has been designated as a support seat, and a corner stand has been set up as a stand.Private cheering partyAnd the Fighters Girl (Cheergirl) are resident and leading the support.

    Broadcast seat

    Broadcast booths (broadcast seats), which are rare in Japan's dome stadium, are set up in the upper stage of the back of the infield backnet (main stand) to enter the audience seats, and there is no separate room. In other dome stadiums, individual rooms are connected to the upper tier of the infield stand, and an area with only broadcast seats is established.

    Large image device

    From the time of opening to the 2014 season,PanasonicMade byAstro VisionWas installed above the light stand, but in March 2015Mitsubishi ElectricMade byAurora visionWas updated and was newly established on the left stand side as well (it started operation in the professional baseball open game of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters vs. Yomiuri Giants on March 2015, 3).[26][27]. The basic specifications are as follows[28].

    Spec.Astrovision (old device)Aurora Vision (new device)
    Specification period2001-20142015-
    Display specificationsLED methodLED method (black package)
    Pixel spacing40 mm16 mm
    Viewing angleHorizontal 60 degrees Vertical +10, -30 degreesHorizontal 75 degrees Vertical +25, -30 degrees
    Display element life30,000 hours100,000 hours
    Outfield light side
    Back stand away side
    Vertical 7.04m x Horizontal 24.96m = 175.71m2Vertical 8.64m x Horizontal 32.00m = 276.48m2
    Outfield left side
    Back stand home side
    -Vertical 8.64m x Horizontal 32.00m = 276.48m2
    Back net side upper part
    Main stand Home side
    Vertical 2.56m x Horizontal 13.12m = 33.58m2Vertical 3.84m x Horizontal 13.12m = 50.38m2
    • The 45-minute timer for soccer and the ball count display/play display lamp for baseball had the Astrovision (old device) at the right end on the main board on the side of the outfield light stand. On the other hand, in Aurora Vision (new device), it is displayed on the screen (the ball count display initially used numbers as shown in the image. It changed to a lamp display after 2016). On the sub board on the upper side of the back net side, both the astrovision and the aurora vision are equipped with a ball count display and a play display lamp for baseball on the right, and a 45-minute timer for soccer on the right. Next to the minute timer is a clock to indicate the current time. Even in Japan, baseball and soccer devices are installed side by side on a large video device.ZOZO Marine Stadium(Removed in 2016) and only Sapporo Dome.
    • It was announced on March 2011 of the same year that the ball count will be changed from "SBO" to the international standard "BSO" from 3 when the Astrovision was operated, and it was implemented by the opening.
    • When used in baseballScore displayUp to 9 times. In the case of overtime, Astrovision once erases the score display up to 9 times and displays the score after 1 times from the display once again. Aurora Vision erases the score once, and displays the score 10 times from the state where the scores 1 to 2 are moved to the left (even after 9 times).
    • As for the player display, vertical writing/horizontal scrolling is displayed at the bottom in Astrovision, and when the score display and video display are used together, the advertisement display and referee display portion at the right end are used. It is not possible to use it in aurora vision because it is displayed horizontally and the score display and video display are completely switched.
    • A league baseball game where you play against a Pacific League team at a professional baseball gameSep-pa Exchange Battleな どSE LeagueThe team notation on the left side of the score part is different from the match against the team.
      • In the Pacific League official game, the team names of the first player on the upper side, the opponent team on the lower side, and the latter team on the lower side, the home team (Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters) are written mainly by the type used for the design of the uniform chest. To be done.
      • At the time of the match with the SE League team, illustration type things such as the team's emblem marks (F, Sh, Ys, YG, CD, etc.) are displayed.
    20062007 OfChunichi Dragons,2012In the Japanese series with Yomiuri Giants, the same notation as that of the Pa League official match,2009The Yomiuri Giants,2016 OfHiroshima Toyo CarpIn the Japanese series with, it is shown as the type for the battle against the league. In addition, the 2011 and 2012 exchange games are described in the same way as the official league games.

    In 2016, as a legend series, a single orange display that imitated the Korakuen era and a display that imitated the ASTROVISION era were displayed.

    • In the J League official game, Astrovision will display the score and MC on the left side of the screen.UmpireThe player's name was displayed on the right side of the screen (horizontal writing). In Aurora Vision, the left side of the device (backstand home side) displays the 45-minute timer and score on the left side of the screen, the names of the MC, assessor, and referee, the name of the match commissioner on the right side of the screen, and the right side of the device (backstand away side) The home player name (horizontal) is displayed on the left, the away player name is displayed on the right side of the screen, and the score is displayed in the center.

    Shop/stadium gourmet

    The goods shop "Goods Jam" and the restaurant "Sports Stadium Sapporo" are located near the north gate, which is the entrance to the home team. It is also installed near the gate. On the other hand, it is not installed on the east side (back stand/outfield side) because the hovering stage is in and out.

    Like other domes, it is restricted by not being able to use the fire as it is, but there are some that have been improved since the opening and became a specialty.

    Sold in the stadiumbeerIs mostly related to shareholdersSapporo beerIs. "Black label""Sapporo Classic""Yebisu Beer"There are 3 brands of Sapporo beer. But,Kirin BeerSponsored byJapan national football teamWhen the game is held, Sapporo beer is wiped out from the hall and Kirin beer is sold at all the sales floors.Rugby World Cup 2019One of the world wide partnersHeinekenSo Heineken was sold at all the sales floors.Asian Baseball ChampionshipWhen the 2003 event was held,Asahi beerTherefore, the advertisement in the stadium was rewritten as Asahi Breweries, and Asahi Breweries was also sold. Sapporo beer was also sold at this time[Note 6].

    In the hall, in addition to cans and bottled beverages,PET bottlesPurchased beverages (with or without contents and lid) and purchased outside the stadiumBox lunchKindly note that you are not allowed to bring your own drinksWater bottle-tumblerBring it at or have it transferred to a paper cup at the venue.[29]


    • Since it is a facility that can be used for multiple purposes throughout the year, the facility that served as the venue for the Japanese side of the 2002 FIFA World Cup is making the most profits, and it has been in the black for 2001 consecutive years from the opening in 2013 to the end of 13. It was In fiscal 2014, we recorded the highest sales ever, but due to the cost of 8 million yen for renewing large-scale video equipment, we were in the first single-year deficit settlement since the opening of business.[30].. Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters have requested a reduction of usage fees,the aboveSince the amount is set by the ordinance like this, it is not answered. In addition, Sapporo City will deduct one-third of the dome usage fee to Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo under the name of "Sapporo Dome usage fee exemption supplementary subsidy" and subsidize the accompanying revenue to Sapporo Dome Co., Ltd. (Annual amount of 3 million) has been conducting a business to compensate for it since 1.[31].
    • In Hokkaido, the permanent night game equipment is installed in the outdoor stadium where the official games of professional baseball and J league have been held so far.Asahikawa Star Hin StadiumWas only installed in 2013 after the relocation of Nippon Ham, and was used by Consadole as the main home stadium before the opening of Sapporo Dome.Sapporo Atsubetsu Park StadiumEven when the night game is heldMoving lighting carWas being used. It became the first permanent stadium for night games in Hokkaido as a stadium for holding official baseball/J.
    • In support of professional baseball, it is said that most baseball stadiums will be supported until 22:XNUMX in consideration of the neighborhood, but at Sapporo Dome where there is little sound leakage.noiseThere are no problems with the game, and support for noise products is permitted until 23:XNUMX. At other stadiumsvibrationThe jumping action by a large number of people, which has been regulated in consideration of the influence on the neighborhood and buildings due to the fact that it is not regulated from the time of opening, Consadole supporters have been supporting by Salt for many years behind the goal, and after the transfer of Nippon Ham,Atsunori InabaWith the support to jump totv setIt has become famous that the live screen of the is greatly shaken. However, this is more from the place designed to fold and swing to put in and take out the hovering stagetelescope lensThe sway is emphasized because the batter box direction is shot using, and the actual sway is even smaller. Since it is a building that is relatively strong against noise and vibration, it causes various problems such as noise in downtown Sapporo.YOSAKOI Soran FestivalThere is also the theory of dome relocation.
    • At the 2002 FIFA World CupEngland national coachwasSven Golan Ericsson Half timeShowed tactical instructionsWhiteboardIs preserved in its original form and is exhibited in the gallery in the Memorial Corner of the north-south connecting passage.
    • When the 2002 FIFA World Cup was held, officials from the European countries and the media, who suffered from pitch freezes due to the cold during the winter league match, were given high marks for this facility, which is capable of playing indoors. However, it is impossible at present to hold an official soccer game in the winter at Sapporo Dome.
    • There is an observation room above the dome, and the escalator to access it can be seen in the arena. On a sunny dayOkadama AirportIt is possible to see the plane taking off and landing.New Chitose AirportI can not see the arrival and departure planes, but I relayed the game at Sapporo DomeannouncerI sometimes made a mistake.
    • Highest spectator mobilization record was held 2009-11 November 14Idolグループ storm "ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×10" on the second day (November 2th). In this performance, all seats including the sweet seats are opened and concerts are held, and in the Sapporo Dome performances after 11, seats including the sweet seats are opened (In addition, the audience mobilization record is renewed at the 15 performance. doing).
    • Professional baseballRocket balloonsHas many moving parts such as the stand near the back screen, and it was prohibited to use until the 2011 season because there is a concern that the operating device will be broken by engulfing a balloon that has not been removed, but a dedicated pump All games have been lifted from the 2012 season on condition that they are inflated with[32].
    • Google street viewSo, you can see the ground of Sapporo Dome, you can not only see the view from the mound on the third base bench and home base, but you can also enjoy the base running as there are images from the base and the base.[33].
    • Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters has a team office in the dome, and when it was renovated in 2012, the name of each of the three meeting rooms on the first floor was "Members of the team after moving to Hokkaido".Tray hillman,Takeshi Shinjo (SHINJO) ,With Darvish(The order of joining the team. It is unknown whether or not there is a ranking.)[34].
    • The fence stand advertisement is for the international soccer and rugby competition (International A MatchEtc.), cover with the same black sheet as the fence or remove the banner of the stand (Clean stadium), but in the match hosted by Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo, it is exposed without being covered with a sheet.
    • When a professional baseball game is held in baseball mode, the measured value of the ball speed of the ball thrown by the pitcher and the hitting speed of the batter is displayed on the scoreboard in km / h units.Basically "Stalker Sport" (High performance manufactured by Applied Concepts)Speed ​​gun) Is measured from the back of the home base, but from 2020, the team will bring it in only when the Nippon Ham-sponsored game is held.Truck manNow displays the measured value of[35]..However, neither the speed gun nor the trackman distinguishes between ball speed and hitting speed on the display on the scoreboard.For this reason, when the ball speed reaches the 160 km / h level, there is a situation in which it cannot be determined from the speed of the hit ball with respect to the pitch.
      • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month was held on X NUM XPacific League Climax Series Final Stage Round 5 (Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters vs. Fukuoka Softbank Hawks)Then, "No. 3Nominated batterOf Nippon Ham, who participated in the starting lineup asOtani Xiangping(So-called "dual wield player of throwing") However, after canceling the designated hitter, pitched as a relief pitcher in the top of the 9th inning. 7th batterYuki YoshimuraThrown intostraightBall speed is "Stalker Sport"165km/hWas measured and displayed over the entire scoreboard.This ball speed is in the regular seasonJapan seriesIncludingNPBAs the ball speed measured and displayed in the official game of,Year 2021Sep-pa Exchange BattleAs of the opening (May 5)Fastest[36].
      • Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters vs. Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters held as an interleague game on June 2021, 6Hanshin TigersIn the war, it has been named alongside Otani since high school.Juntaro Fujinami(Pitcher Hanshin of the same age and grade as Otani) pitched in the bottom of the 7th inning with relief.Nippon-Ham's third batterKensuke KondoWhen Kondo fired a foul ball on the straight thrown into the scoreboard, the ball speed (3km / h), which exceeded Otani's fastest NPB official game record by 168km / h, was displayed on the scoreboard.However, since the ball speed of the ball thrown back and forth by Fujinami was in the latter half of the 150km / h range, it is possible that the ball speed measurement by the speed gun was incorrect.[37]In addition, it has been pointed out in the media that Kondo's hitting speed may have been displayed incorrectly.[38].
        • In the 9th inning of this game, Hanshin'sRobert SuarezHowever, he succeeded Fujinami and pitched.The 4th straight thrown against Kondo was displayed as 163km / h (the fastest ball speed in the history of the 3rd place in the NPB official game), and the 5th straight was displayed as 162km / h (self-fastest tie record). ..Since Kondo fired a foul ball on the straight of the 4th ball, the ball speed display of the 4th ball includes the same possibility as Fujinami's 168km / h mentioned above.[39]However, the ball speed (5km / h) of the fifth ball, which stole a strikeout from Kondo, was the third highest tie record in NPB's history at the time of measurement (Fujinami also recorded in 162).
      • Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters vs. Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters held as an interleague game on June 2021, 6Yokohama DeNA BaystarsIn the war, the left pitcher who was once enrolled in Nippon-HamEdwin EscobarHowever, he pitched from the bottom of the 8th inning as a pitcher for DeNA.Haruka NishikawaWhen I sealed it straight and missed the strikeout,The fastest left-handed pitcher to pitch in the official NPB game(If you include the right pitcher, it is the second highest tie in history at that time after Otani etc.)163km / h equivalent to the recordWas measured[40].
    • In the first round of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters vs. Yokohama DeNA BayStars held as an interleague game on June 2022, 6, DeNAShota ImanagaWill be the first in Sapporo DomeNo hit no runAchieved[41].

    Status of use

    Japan Professional Soccer League(J League)Hokkaido Consadole SapporoHome stadium (until 2014Sapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium(Combined with) and from fiscal 2004Professional baseballPacific LeagueHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersUsed as the baseball stadium of[Note 7].

    The baseball team of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters is located in the Sapporo Dome facility. At one time, the club office of Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo was also set up in the facility (from January 2014, 1 there is a practice field and clubhouseMiyanosawa Shiroi Koibito Soccer FieldMoved to)[42].

    As a soccer field, in 2003J League All Star SoccerWas held andJapan national football teamInternational friendly match (Giraffe challenge cup) Is often used.Also,2020 Tokyo Olympics (Olympic Games) Men's and Women's Soccer CompetitionIt has also been selected as the venue for.

    Because it is also a multipurpose facility2019 Rugby World CupIt is also used in competitions and events other than baseball and soccer.

    End of use of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters base

    The use of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters home base is scheduled to end in 2022.[43][44].

    Sapporo Dome Co., Ltd. earned a total annual income of more than 9 billion yen from the team side, including the leasing fee of about 20 million yen and the sales income of goods.In such a situation, the middle team has requested a price cut in the past, but on the contrary, Sapporo City has raised the price, and as a proposal from the team, as a cost reduction measure, a designated manager who outsources the operation of public facilities to private companies etc. The city side had proposed a proposal such as adoption of the system to the Sapporo city side, but the city side refused it.[43].

    The team that boiled the business received a presentation from the neighboring city of Kitahiroshima, such as "free land loan from Kitahiroshima city, property tax of park facilities such as stadiums, and city planning tax exemption for 10 years". It was decided to accept negotiations from Kitahiroshima City[45]..The matter of this negotiation was in May 2016Hokkaido ShimbunWhen reported by the scoop[43], Sapporo City is in a hurry to negotiate with the team side, but the team side finally selects a new stadium that will become a "owner's house" from the "rented house" Sapporo Dome, and officially from the team side on November 2018, 11 "From 5, the new stadium (ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO) Will be relocated ”was announced[46].

    A case where a baseball team other than the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters held a game hosted by professional baseball

    Before giving an example, when holding a professional baseball game,Professional baseball area protection rightsThere is a baseball agreement that says, "If another baseball team plays a game hosted by a prefecture that is a protected area of ​​a franchise baseball team, the permission of the entire franchise baseball team must be obtained."In the case of Hokkaido, the Nippon-Ham Fighters have been applicable since 2004, so permission from the team is required to hold a match at the Sapporo Dome.

    Furthermore, Nippon-Ham Fighters will start from the 2023 season.Kitahiroshima CityNew stadiumEs Con Field HokkaidoTo move to[47]After that, there is a possibility that the match itself at Sapporo Dome will disappear.[48].

    Yomiuri Giants (Giant)
    Until 2000Maruyama Stadium, Sapporo CityHeld every summer inYomiuri GiantsThe official Hokkaido series sponsored by the event has been held since 2001, replacing Maruyama Stadium in Sapporo City until 2009.In addition, although it is not regular, there is a match between Nippon Ham and Giants in the open game held in March, and one of them is sponsored by Giants and Nippon Ham may play as a visitor.
    Saitama Seibu Lions
    In 2002 and 2003 before the move to Nippon-Ham HokkaidoSaitama Seibu LionsThe official game was being held.Seibu's parent company at the time for the construction of the Sapporo DomeKokudoSince 2003, Seibu has a plan to use it as a quasi-base of Seibu since 2002, and in XNUMX SeibuOpenerBased inSeibu DomeIt is held at Sapporo Dome instead.This is Sapporo city,Tokyo,Nagoya city,Osaka,Hiroshima city,Fukuoka CityThis is a special measure to be held in major cities all over the country.In addition, just before the opening of 2002, Nippon Ham announced that it would be used as a base from 2004, and Seibu, who was initially reluctant to relocate Nippon Ham, agreed in June.Along with this, the concept of using Seibu as a quasi-base was officially canceled.
    Tokyo Yakult Swallows
    Tokyo Yakult SwallowsHeld a sponsored game that had been held since the Maruyama Stadium in Sapporo until 2004.
    Yokohama DeNA Baystars
    Yokohama DeNA BaystarsHeld a sponsored game that had been held since the Maruyama Stadium in Sapporo until 2005.

    Changes in the number of games held in Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo

    Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo2003 OfJ2After the relegation, the number of holdings at the Sapporo Dome, which has a high fee for use, was reduced, and it was used mainly in spring and autumn when there is still snow outdoors. as a result,2004Of all 22 home games, the number of games held at Sapporo Dome was greatly reduced to 8 games, and it was treated as a real associate home. However, although the usage fee is high, the number of mobilized games at Sapporo Dome, which is superior in comfort and ease of access at the time of watching, is significantly high, and since many admission income can be expected, it will be about half after 2005 Is back up.

    J2 demoted2013Was planned to hold only 21 out of 8 sponsored games, but Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersClimax seriesBecause it was not possible to advance to 10nd, the two hosted games scheduled for October-November will be changed to Sapporo Dome, which has a rush schedule, and 11 games will be held at Sapporo Dome.[49].

    201421 out of 17 games are held at Sapporo Dome[50], The most since the opening. This is Sapporo Atsubetsu Park StadiumJ League club license systemBecause it does not meet the stadium standard of, it has reduced the number of events ahead of schedule before the strict operation of the license standard in 2015[51].. It should be noted that the Sapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium was registered in the J League as the home of the Sapporo Dome together with the 2014 Dome, but since 2015 it has only one Sapporo Dome.[52].. With this,2015Also, 21 out of 19 games were held at Sapporo Dome, the most number of games since it opened for the second consecutive year.

    2019In consideration of preparation and use as a venue for the Rugby World Cup, there are three league games and three league cup games that were organized as sponsored games in June-October.[Note 8]Was held in Atsubetsu[53].

    2023, Since there will be more schedule after the Fighters move, we intend to hold all Consadole games (league matches, Levain Cup, etc.) at this stadium.[54]

    Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo game schedule adjustment

    Because the schedule of professional baseball is decided before the J League due to the difference in the season closing time[55]When deciding the schedule for using the Sapporo Dome in Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo, there is also the problem that professional baseball must use it in the gap of the schedule decided earlier.2011AtGreat East Japan EarthquakeHosted 3 games postponed by (March 3:Giravanz KitakyushuBattle, March 3:Jeff United Ichihara/ChibaBattle, March 4:Tokyo Verdy 1969As for the replacement of (War), it was possible to temporarily replace it with another stadium such as Atsubetsu, but the schedule was adjusted so that it will be held on a different day than the other teams of J2 so that it can be held at the original Sapporo Dome. (The dates after the transfer are: Kitakyushu Battle: July 7th, Chiba Battle: August 6th, Tokyo V Battle: September 8st[56]).

    In addition, Sapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium, another home stadium of Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo, is basically not usable during the snowy period from November to April of the following year, so normally the Sapporo Dome is used, but the home game in early November The Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters are among the top three teams in the Pacific League.Climax series(Until 2006League win decision playoffs) If participation is decided, the climax series and Japan series may have to be prioritized, and there have been cases in the past where the event was held at Sapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium even in November.In that case, there are cases where the venue is undecided at the beginning of the season and then decided at a later date (nearly half a year later).

    After the relocation of Nippon Ham's headquarters in 2004, the correspondence of the game when the home games of the Japanese series and Consadole overlap is as follows.

    • The schedule of the Japan series is held on Saturdays and Sundays at the base of the Pa League in the odd years of the year, and on weekdays (usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) in the even years. Therefore, it may be determined that Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters will not use it even if the dates are duplicated in even years.
    In Consadole
    League League
    Of the Japanese series
    Scheduled period
    (Until Round 7)
    Of the Japanese series
    In Consadole
    Home game day
    OpponentAt the beginning of the season
    Scheduled venue
    Actually held
    Match place
    J2 200410 Month 16 Day - 10 Month 24 Day● January 10Shonan BellmareSapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium
    J2 200510 Month 22 Day - 10 Month 30 Day☆ October 10Montedio YamagataHakodate City Chiyodai Park Athletic Field
    J2 200610 Month 21 Day - 10 Month 29 Day● January 10VISSEL KOBESapporo Dome
    J2 200710 Month 27 Day - 11 Month 4 DayNo match[*1]
    J1 200811 Month 1 Day - 11 Month 9 Day● January 11Urawa Red DiamondsUndecidedSapporo Dome
    J2 200910 Month 31 Day - 11 Month 8 Day☆ October 11[*2]Catale ToyamaUndecidedSapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium
    J2 201010 Month 30 Day - 11 Month 7 Day● January 11Jeff ChibaUndecidedSapporo Dome
    J2 201110 Month 29 Day - 11 Month 6 Day
    (Initial plan)[*3]
    ☆ October 10[*4]Roasso KumamotoSapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium[*5]
    11 Month 12 Day - 11 Month 20 Day
    (After change)[*3]
    ☆ October 11Oita TrinitaUndecidedSapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium[*6]
    J1 201210 Month 27 Day - 11 Month 4 DayNo match[*7]
    J2 201310 Month 26 Day - 11 Month 3 Day☆ October 11Jeff ChibaSapporo Atsubetsu Park StadiumSapporo Dome[*8]
    J2 201410 Month 25 Day - 11 Month 2 Day● January 10Shonan BellmareSapporo Dome
    J2 201510 Month 24 Day - 11 Month 1 Day☆ October 11Jeff ChibaSapporo Atsubetsu Park StadiumSapporo Dome[58][*9]
    J2 201610 Month 22 Day - 10 Month 30 Day● January 10Tokyo Verdy 1969Sapporo Dome
    J1 201710 Month 28 Day - 11 Month 5 Day☆ October 10[*10]Kashima AntlersUndecidedSapporo Dome
    J1 201810 Month 27 Day - 11 Month 4 Day● January 11[*11]Vegalta SendaiUndecidedSapporo Dome[61]
    J1 201910 Month 19 Day - 10 Month 27 Day☆ October 10[*12]Cerezo OsakaUndecidedSapporo Dome
    J1 202011 Month 7 Day - 11 Month 15 Day
    (Initial plan)[*13]
    ● January 11[*14]Oita Trinita[*14]Sapporo Dome
    11 Month 21 Day - 11 Month 29 Day
    (After change)[*13]
    ● January 11Shimizu S-Pulse
    J1 202111 Month 13 Day - 11 Month 21 Day
    (Initial plan)
    No match[*15]
    11 Month 20 Day - 11 Month 28 Day
    (After change)
    ☆ October 11Kashiwa ReysolSapporo Dome[*16]
    J1 2022No match[*17]

    Usage Guide

    •  ☆ : Schedule that overlaps with the home game date of the Pacific League of the Japan Series
    •  ● : Schedule that does not overlap with the home game date of the Pacific League of the Japan Series

    注 釈

    1. ^ 2007 Japan SeriesDuring the period, Consadole will be/may have played in away games (vs.Ehime FC) AndEmperor's cupOnly the 4th round, no home match was set.
    2. ^ this day is2009 Japan SeriesIt was the scheduled date for Round 7 of (Nippon Ham vs Giants), and the Sapporo Dome had its schedule reserved for it, but it was not held due to Giants' No. 7 in Japan on the previous day and XNUMXth.
    3. ^ a b Tohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakeThis was due to the postponement of the Japan series due to the change in the schedule of professional baseball (initially the start date was changed from March 3th to April 25th) due to the occurrence. During the period when the Japan series was originally planned, the climax series first stage was being held due to the schedule change.
    4. ^ AFC Champions League 2011It was originally announced that it will be held on either October 10th or October 29th, as the schedule must be adjusted when the participating Japanese teams enter the final tournament.
    5. ^ It was announced from the beginning that this match would be held in Atsubetsu[57].
    6. ^ Nippon Ham did not advance to the Japanese series (2011 climax series first stageAlthough lost to Seibu), the venue for the Consadole match was not changed.
    7. ^ 2012 Japan SeriesDuring the period, Consadole will be/may have played in away games (vs.FC Tokyo) AndNabisco CupOnly the final, no home match was set.
    8. ^ Initially planned to be held in Atsetsu, but then on October 10Montedio YamagataBattle and two games of Jeff Chiba match on November 11 were changed to Sapporo Dome.
    9. ^ Initially planned to be held in Atsubetsu, but changed to Sapporo Dome. Separately, it was originally planned to be held on July 7th in AtsetsuKamata Mare Sanuki(I.e.[59] The venue was changed to Sapporo Dome. For this reason, the Sapporo Dome was originally held for 17 games and was scheduled to be 19 games.
    10. ^ At the time of the initial schedule announcement, this section (Section 31) assumes that all the other games will be held on October 10th. Although the date was not decided yet[60], The fighters' advancement to the climax series has disappeared, and it will be held on the same day as other matches.
    11. ^ Initially, it was announced as either "November 11rd or 3th."
    12. ^ Initially, it was announced that the match date was undecided. The other games in the same section were announced to be played between October 10 and 18.
    13. ^ a b New coronavirus infectious disease epidemicAccompany2020 Japan Professional BaseballPostponed for 2 weeks due to schedule change.
    14. ^ a b After that, due to the reorganization of the schedule, it was originally supposed to be held on October 10th.J League / YBC Levan CupPrime stage / final match on November 11th (National Stadium) Has been confirmed, and the league match this week has been cancelled.The event hosted by Oita Trinita was changed to the schedule of Section 8 on August 19th of the same year, with the venue changed to Sapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium.
    15. ^ 2021 Japan SeriesDuring the originally scheduled period of, the match in which Consadole will participate or may participate is an away match (againstSagan Tosu) Only, no home battle was set.
    16. ^ This match was scheduled to be held at Sapporo Dome at the beginning of the season.[62]..After that, on July 7, it was decided to change the schedule of the 21 Japan Series.[63]However, in the subsequent announcement of Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo on August 8, it was announced that this match would be held at Sapporo Dome.[64].
    17. ^ During the period of, the match in which Consadole will participate or may participate is an away match (againstSanfrecce Hiroshima)andLevan cupOnly the final, no home match was set.

    Use in sports competitions other than soccer and baseball

    Official baseball game was canceled due to the impact of the Eastern Hokkaido Iburi Earthquake

    20189/6Occurred inHokkaido Iburi Eastern EarthquakeUnder the influence of9/11-12 daysNippon Ham vs.LotteThe battle has been cancelled (the two-day transfer game10/10-11 daysMade in[67]). It was in 2004 that a professional baseball game at Sapporo Dome was canceled or postponed.Professional baseball reorganization problemAt Nippon Ham vs.KintetsuThe battle was canceled due to a strike and occurred in 2011Great East Japan EarthquakeThe opening itself has been postponed due to the influence ofCanceled due to the earthquake during the official gameThis is the first time that has become.9/14から17 daysUp to Nippon HamOryxThe four consecutive battles were held as scheduled.

    Due to an earthquakeTomato Atsuma Power StationDue to the effect of suspension, some of the lights were turned off and dimmed in cooperation with the "14% power saving target" on the 20th, and Aurora Vision was left using a large vision on the light side and a small vision on the backnet side. In addition to measures to save electricity such as not using the large vision on the side, some events were canceled due to the memorial service of the victims, and part of the production of Aurora Vision was suppressed and "From Fighters to everyone" The title video was aired (continued until 17th)[68].. Even after the 20% power saving target was reached/finished, some events that had been restrained from the 15th to 17th were restarted, and Aurora Vision continued to use only the light side and backnet side to save power. Part of the production will remain until the light is restarted due to power saving[69].

    9/19Unit 1 of Tomato Atsuma Power Station was restored and restarted[70].. Following this20 daysNippon Ham vs. Held inSoftbankThe lighting that was dimming from the war returned to normal brightness, and the aurora vision resumed with the three-sided vision as the left side large vision was resumed.[71].. It is only 14 days after conversion from 7th.

    Impact of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the new coronavirus

    Held in 2021,Men's and women's soccer competition at the Tokyo OlympicsIs used as a venue.

    As of 2019, before the Olympics, if the Tokyo Olympics are held in 2020, 6 cards (8 games) sponsored by Fighters around the period (June-August) will be used.Tokyo Dome, A stadium located in a region other than Sapporo in Hokkaido (Asahikawa Star Hin Stadium-Obihiro Forest Baseball Field-Kushiro City Stadium), Outside HokkaidoNPBOf the teamHeadquartersLocal stadium not used inOkinawa Cellular Stadium Naha-Shizuoka Kusanagi Stadium) Was planned to be used.The plan envisioned that the Fighters Nine would travel a total of 30 km in 9,000 days.[72]..However, due to the spread of infection with the new coronavirus (COVID-2020) in Japan from the beginning of 19, the Tokyo Olympics will be held in 2021, and the NPB's 2020 regular season will start until June 6 (Friday). Postponed. When the NPB reorganized the 19 season schedule, the official battle venues of all 2020 teams (including the Fighters) were limited to the baseball stadiums of the baseball teams as part of measures to prevent the spread of infection. I used only Sapporo Dome and Tokyo Dome.

    In addition, on Thursday, June 2021, 6, an international friendly match for men's soccer (Japan A vs. Jamaica) will be held from 3:19 as the "Kirin Challenge Cup".In the Jamaica national team, all the people involved before coming to JapanPCR testAfter seeing the doctor, only those who proved to be negative were on board the plane for Japan.However, a defect was found in the negative certificate issued to some players.[73]Due to the influence, only 2 players and some officers / staff could come to Japan by 6 days before the event (June 1st).Of the host organizationJapan Football Association (JFA)Announced the cancellation of the Japan A vs. Jamaica national team match on the same day because "an international friendly match cannot be established if there are only 10 players on the national team".[74]..Based on the second priority plan of "risk management" in case it is difficult for the Jamaican national team to come to Japan[75], Tokyo Olympics representative candidate players are gatheringU-24 Soccer Men's Japan National TeamThe match between the men's A national team and the men's A national team was realized at Sapporo Dome on June 6 as a strengthening match for no spectators.[76].TBS TVAll affiliated stations secured a relay frame from Sapporo Dome between 19:00 and 21:30 on the premise that the "Kirin Challenge Cup" will be held, and the U-24 representative will hold it on June 6th. "Kirin Challenge Cup" (Best Denki StadiumAtU-24 Ghana National TeamIt was a change based on the fact that it was being adjusted in Japan for the match), and the match between the Japanese men's national teams sponsored by the JFA was the first since December 1980 (Japan national team vs. Japan national team senior match) (match). Japan A wins 12-3)[77].

    Regarding the men's and women's soccer competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 2021 games (7 men's games and 1 women's games) were held in the first round in July 10.The Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games once announced on the afternoon of the 6th of the same month that the day session will be held with a maximum of 4 spectators within 50% of the capacity.However, on the evening of the day, it was decided in a hurry to switch all the above 1 games to be held without spectators.In TokyoDeclaration of emergency based on the Law on Special Measures for New Influenza, etc.Against the background of an increase in the number of people infected with COVID-19, such as the issue of COVID-8, the Organizing Committee announced on the previous day (XNUMXth) in Tokyo and (Priority measures such as prevention of spreadIs applied) In response to the decision to hold a non-spectator competition using venues in Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama prefectures, the Governor of HokkaidoNaoichi Suzuki(The target areas and titles of the declarations and measures were all at that time), but because "it is difficult to prevent the traffic of spectators and related parties to and from the Tokyo metropolitan area (including the above 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures)" By requesting the event[78].

    Dome Tour

    On days when the event is not held, a dome tour is held with the guidance of the tour attendant. Used by athletesLocker,bull-penEtc. can be visited[79].

    Use as a concert venue

    It is often used as part of a dome tour as the largest indoor concert venue in Hokkaido and the Tohoku region.[80].. TypicallyTokyo Dome-Osaka Dome-Nagoya Dome-Fukuoka DomeTogether with "5 large dome toursIt is sometimes called.

    For event results, see "Ayumi and event results at Sapporo DomeSee.Listed in order of first use of the dome.redIndicates that the year is scheduled to be held.

    Domestic artist

    ArtistsHeld yearRemarks
    B'z2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2013, 2018The 2001 performance will be the first music event
    SMAP2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014
    GLAY2001, 2005, 2020 years2001 countdown live[81]
    Keisuke Kuwata2002, 2017The performance was scheduled for 2010, but it was canceled due to illness.
    Southern All StarsLive as a separate note below
    BEAR2002, 20042002 countdown live[82]
    KinKi Kids2003
    CHAGE and ASKA20032003 countdown live[83]
    Mr. Children2005, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2019
    Southern All Stars2005, 2015, 2019 years
    DREAMS COME TRUE2007, 2011, 2015, 20192015 countdown live[84]
    storm2008年、2009年、2010年、2011年、2012年、2013年、2014年、2015年、2016年、2017年、2018年、2019年9 performances were held on a single tour ("ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5 × 20』November 2018, May 11, November 2019).The 5 performances held are the most in history.
    EXILE2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 20182008 countdown live[85]
    2012 and 2014EXILE TRIBELive as
    Kazumasa Oda2011
    Kanjani Eight2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
    Namie Amuro2012, 2018
    Fukuyama Masaharu2014
    Third generation J Soul Brothers2015, 2017, 2019 years2017 is a transfer performance in December 2016[86]
    Momoiro Clover Z2016
    Hoshino Gen2019

    Foreign artist

    ArtistsHeld yearRemarks
    Bon Jovi2003, 2006The 2003 performance will be held as part of the first 5 major dome tours by foreign artists
    Eric Clapton2003, 2006
    Aerosmith2004, 2011
    Rolling stones2006
    Billy Joel2006
    Simon & Garfunkel2009
    Dong Bang Shin Ki2013, 2015, 2017, 2019
    BIG BANG2014The January 2014 performance will be held as part of the first 1 major dome tours by foreign artists.[87]

    Sapporo Dome MVP Award

    Since 2004, the "Sapporo Dome MVP Award" has been established in hopes of the development of the franchise team and the further success of the players.[88].. There are two divisions, a soccer division (Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo) and a baseball division (Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters), which are given to the most active players of the year in each team. From 2NominationFans are selected from among the players and selected based on the voting results. MVP prize money is 100 million yen[89](The soccer section isJ2Only 50 yen for the year that he belonged to). In the tunnel in front of the west gate, a plate of commended players is displayed.[88].

    年度MVP AwardSpecial awards, etc.
    Soccer divisionBaseball division
    2004Tomoaki KiyonoSHINJOBaseball Category: Special AwardBB(mascot)
    2005Tomohiro WamiWith Darvish
    2006Not applicableMorimoto rareSoccer Division: Outstanding Player AwardHironobu Haga,Incentive award·Makoto Sunagawa,Incentive award·Shinya Aikawa
    Baseball Category: Special AwardKaneko Makoto
    2007Yuji SodaAtsunori InabaSoccer Category: Encouragement AwardTakahiro Takagi
    Baseball category: Special award, Darvish, Merit awardTray hillman, Distinguished Service AwardYukio Tanaka
    2008DaviWith Darvish
    2009KirinoKaneko Makoto
    2010Toshiyasu TakaharaEiichi Oyano
    2011LeeWith Darvish
    2012Takuma HidakaMitsuo Yoshikawa
    2013Keihiro UchimuraYangtai Steel
    2014Ken TsukuraBaseball Division: Achievement Award/Atsunori Inaba, Achievement Award/Makoto Kaneko
    2015Hiroki MiyazawaOtani Xiangping
    2016Fukumori Akira
    2017Tofu JunHaruka Nishikawa
    2018ChanatipsNaoyuki Uesawa
    2019Anderson LopezKohei Arihara
    2020Takuma AranoSho Nakata
    2021Takanori SuganoNaoyuki Uesawa



    For details, see "Access/Parking" on the official website of Sapporo Dome.[91].


    Sapporo Municipal SubwayToho Line OfFukuzumi Station10 minute walk from

    Shuttle bus

    It operates during large-scale events such as professional baseball, J League, and concerts.

    OperatorDeparture pointRailway line in contact
    JotetsuHiragishi StationSapporo Municipal Subway:Namboku Line
    Makomanai StationSapporo Municipal Subway: Namboku Line
    JR Hokkaido BusJR Shiroishi StationJR Hokkaido : Hakodate honsen-Chitose Line
    Hokkaido Central BusNango 18chome StationSapporo Municipal Subway:東西 線

    Fee: 210 yen for adults (junior high school students and above), 110 yen for children (elementary school students). IC card ticket (SAPICA-Kitaca-SuicaEtc.) are available. Subway transit discount is not applicable.

    At the beginning of Sapporo Dome, the flights to and from Hiragishi Station areSapporo City Transportation Bureau(Sapporo City Bus) Was operating.

    From 2008, operated jointly by JR Hokkaido Bus and Hokkaido Chuo BusShin-Sapporo Bus Terminal(JR Chitose Line:Shin-Sapporo Station, Sapporo Municipal Subway Tozai Line:Shin-Sapporo StationThe nearest departure and arrival flights were also set[92]However, the service was canceled after January 2019, 1[93][94](The final service is the game of Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo on December 2018, 12.[95]). The reason is that while it is difficult to secure crew members, this route has a longer distance and is less efficient than other shuttle buses.[95].

    Airport bus

    OperatorBus stoproute
    Hokkaido Central BusSapporo DomeRoutes to/from Sapporo city center (via Fukuzumi subway station)
    Hokuto Kotsu
    Hokuto KotsuFukuzumi Article 3 3-chome (get off)
    Fukuzumi Article 3 2-chome (ride)
    Maruyama Bus Terminal departure/arrival routes

    Price: Adults (junior high school students and above) 1,100 yen, Children (elementary school students) 550 yen.[96]

    Transit Bus

    OperatorBus stoproute
    Hokkaido Central BusSapporo DomeHiragishi Line [Fair 50]Hiraoka Sales OfficeGoingHiragishi StationBound for Tsukikan Main Line [74]Agricultural Research CenterGo to [80] Hiraoka Sales Office/Kiyota Danchi Line [85/Fuku85] To Hills Garden Kiyota, [86/Fuku86] To Kiyota Danchi
    Ariake Line [Fuku 87] bound for Andersen Welfare VillageTakino Suzuran ParkTo (via Shinei housing complex), Shinei housing complex line [88, Fuku 88] bound for Utsukushigaoka 3-9-chome (via Shinei housing complex), Kashiwabadai housing complex line [96] bound for Kashiwabadai housing complex, bound for Rinatsu (via Katsuradai housing complex), [Fuku 96] For Kashiwabadai housing complex / Waatsu, [Fuku 97] For Kashiwabadai housing complex / Kibogaoka Chuo (Satozuka(Via central)
    Makomanai Line [Shin 105]Makomanai StationGoingOyachi StationBound for Hiroshima Line bound for Eastern Middle School, bound for Eastern MidwestKitahiroshima StationGoing
    Chitose Line Express-Chitose StationFor the front (via Satotsuka Chuo), for the Chitose Station (Katsuradai housing complex,Kita Eniwa Garrison・Via Omagane Ray [113・Fuku 113] bound for Omagari Hikari 4-chome (via Katsuradai housing complex)
    Fukuzumi Article 3 3-chomeUtsukushigaoka Line [Fuku95]Mitsui Outlet ParkGoingOmagari Industrial ParkGoing (Hitsujigaoka Dorivia)
    Tsukikanto 1-jo 16-chomeFukuzumi/Hiraoka Line [Fuku 51]AEON MALL Sapporo Hiraoka・To Satotsuka Article 4 3-chome (Kitano Dori・Via Oyachi Line [Fuku 63] bound for Hiraoka Sales Office (Nango 18chome Station・北野7条5丁目経由)・大谷地線[福68]真栄行き(南郷18丁目駅・北野7条5丁目経由)・緑ヶ丘団地線[福99]東栄通行き(北野通・桂台団地経由)・[福52]東栄通行き(北野通・里塚4条3丁目経由)
    Fukuzumi Article 3 4-chomeHitsujigaoka Line [89]Hitsujigaoka ObservatoryTo Fukuzumi 3 Jo 9-chome

    Prices: See "Sapporo Eki Bus navi"[97].

    Entrance for pedestrians

    There are 5 entrances for walkers in the dome, but there are entrances that cannot be used in winter (in principle, November-March) due to snow and other factors.

    Open throughout the year
    • Sapporo Dome Pedestrian Bridge (National Route 36Along)
    • Bus stop (same as above)
    • Fukuzumiguchi (where Fukuzumi Kuwaen-dori and Hitsujigaoka-dori meet)
    Closed only in winter (all along National Highway 36)
    • Moon cold mouth
    • Kiyotaguchi

    Works in which Sapporo Dome has appeared

    TV drama
    Television Animation
    • Prince of Stride Alternative -STEP08 (Episode 8) Appeared as a competition venue for the competition "Stride" that is being made in "WALL that back, just far away".
    TV program
    • GOLD - B'zIs the 2001nd single released on August 8, 8. Within Sapporo DomeMusic videoWas taken.



    Facility naming rights

    Sapporo City has been a facility of Sapporo Dome since January 2011Naming rights(Applicable to the Sapporo Dome or something similar to the facility name, contract for 5 years / 5 million yen a year),GoogleThere was an application from one company, but the agreement was not reached due to the disagreement of opinions, so we recruited again in February, and in December assuming the introduction before the opening of 1. However, this time the applicant did not appear twice. It is said that there is a problem with the contract money of "2 million yen a year for 2012 years" as a reason for not getting buyers. In fact, in the recruitment in December 12, the number of contract years was extended to reduce the actual annual burden, but the buyer was still unable to do so, and abandoned the implementation of the naming right at the beginning of 2.[100].

    After that, in December 2013, another recruitment was made to pay for the repair cost, but it was postponed again.[101]..Since then, no new recruitment of naming rights has been carried out.

    In addition to the naming rights, Sapporo City has established a policy that the operating company will bear part of the repair costs for aging locations, which are expected to reach 10 billion yen over the next 100 years. It has been pointed out that this is “too much profit” because the so-called “profit” such as the entrance income of various events is about 13 billion yen, and in the form of degrading most of this profit, aging places such as lighting towers and air conditioning Tried to devote to repair[102].

    Transmission facility

    Being in the dome since June 2002, 6AM broadcastOf the stationRetransmissionHas started[103].

    Broadcasting station nameNHKSapporo第 1NHK Sapporo第 2Hokkaido Broadcasting(HBC)STV radio

    Frequency isSapporo transmitting stationSame as.


    [How to use footnotes]

    注 釈

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    2. ^ As of March 2019, the roof of the J-League home stadium has been erected all over the stadium.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu(Nagoya Grampus)・Showa Denko Dome Oita(Oita Trinita)・Noevir Stadium Kobe(VISSEL KOBE) There are 3 stadiums, but each has a retractable roof, the roof is always closed is only Sapporo Dome through the J League all participating clubs.
    3. ^ As the Japanese representatives of baseball (Japan-US baseball, Athens Olympic qualifying) and the Japanese representative of soccer have also played games, this is the only stadium where the Japanese representatives of baseball and soccer have played in the same stadium.
    4. ^ However, as the official character at the beginning of businessHirobaWas there.
    5. ^ In the Sapporo District Court decision on March 2015, 3, the plaintiff's claim that "the dome equipment lacked safety" was almost accepted, and the total of 26 million yen for the three companies, Nippon Ham Team, Sapporo City, and Sapporo Dome. Ordered compensation payment for[24].. On appeal, the Sapporo High Court issued a judgment on May 2016, 5, which ordered only Nippon Ham to pay compensation of 20 million yen, and the judgment was finalized because neither the plaintiff nor the defendant filed an appeal.[25].. This is due to the fact that the team, not the equipment, invited the beginners to watch unsuitable seats.
    6. ^ Excessive Economic Force Concentration Exclusion LawUntil both were split in 1949 byDainippon BeerIt was a product of.
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