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⛳ | Recorded 7 cars for the first time in 60 years this year Natsuka Hori, who is about to revive [Who's birthday today? ]

Photo: Natsuka Hori, who won her first victory at the age of 20, turned 30 (Photo: Getty Images)

Recorded 7 cars for the first time in 60 years this year Natsuka Hori [Who's birthday today? ]

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The influence of his younger sister, Kotone, who overcame the slump and won the tour for the first time, is also significant, and the day when all the sisters can be seen to be active may be near.

Today, July 7th is the 6th birthday of Natsuka Hori, who has won two tours in total. She has suffered for a long time since she lost her seed rights in 2 ... → Continue reading

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