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🏊 | Participated in FINA World Championships Artistic Swimming Moe Higa Reported medal acquisition Hiroshima


Participated in FINA World Championships Artistic Swimming Moe Higa Reported medal acquisition Hiroshima

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Mr. Higa is scheduled to participate in the world championships held in the United States and Canada next month, and expectations are high for his future success.

In June, Ms. Moe Higa from Hiroshima City, who won three medals in FINA World Championships Artistic Swimming, is Mayor Matsui ... → Continue reading

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Competition(Kyoto,British: competitionCompetition) is a constantRulesCompeting for superiority or inferiority[1]..In Japanese, the English katakana expression ""コ ン ペ テ ィ シ ョ ンIs also used, and rather the abbreviation "" is used on a daily basis.competitionIs often used.


Competition is to compete for superiority or inferiority of some technique while following certain rules.

The content of the competition is various and there is no limit.For example, some skill, physical ability, and so on.Daijisen cites expressions such as "athletics" and "Chinese Zhusuan".A person who competes in a competition is called an athlete.

There are various taxonomies in competition. For example, there is a method of classifying into "individual competition" in which individuals compete for superiority and "group competition" in which superiority and inferiority of groups compete. There is also a method of dividing indoors/outdoors into “indoor sports” and “outdoor sports”. There is also a method of classifying by the age of the competitor, such as "youth competition" or "senior competition".

In addition, in the literature in the field of play and recreation, "competition for superiority and inferiority of skill"game(Game) ”[2]However, in fields where professionalization has progressed, participants may spend their professional life and income from the competition, so the competition in such cases is "play". In many cases, the atmosphere is far from that.


A meeting or gathering for a competition is called a competition.People who like foreign words say "competition".

The competition may be planned by some organizer, in which case the dates are decided in advance, the participants (athletes, referees, operators, etc.) are notified in advance, and the people gather on the scheduled day.

When the scale is large or there are many disciplines, it is also called "competition", "competition" or "championship". Many are certified by associations and competition management organizations in the field. Rule violation (=Foul play) Is performed, "DisqualificationIn some cases, it may be judged that the player has left the field and will be suspended from that point onwards.

It may be classified into "final round" and "preliminary round (preliminary round)" (competition for selecting participants in the final round).

Competitions (competitions) can also be classified as follows according to the size of the area.

If the competition is canceled for any reason, the athletes / teams that have been decided to participate and the area that was selected as the venue will be rescued, the athletes / teams that will participate in the higher competitions will be decided, and the scheduled competition will be held. In some cases, "alternative competitions" that are smaller than the planned competitions may be held for the purpose of utilizing new or expanded facilities for the competition.

Depending on the competition, the number of athletes / teams that can participate in the competition is allocated to each region according to the population and the results of past competitions, and this is also called the "participation slot".In this case, adjustments may be made, such as reducing the number of areas where population decline and poor performance are remarkable, and allocating that amount to other areas.

Examples of competitions and competitions


As an internationally governing body for each sportInternational FederationThere are (International Sports Federations, ISFs).Exclusively in JapanSportsIs familiar with the name.

* The above are just a few of the athletic competitions.It is safe to say that there are as many competitions as there are types of exercises, tools and rules.

Olympics and Paralympics

At the Olympics and Paralympics, multiple types (events) of competition are held.

  • Ancient olympic(A competition held once every four years in Olympia, ancient Greece)
  • Modern olympic(In the 19th century, it was held as a celebration of peace at the behest of Baron Cubertin of France.Summer olympicとWinter OlympicsIt was divided into.Each is held once every four years. )
  • Paralympic(World competition of sports for the disabled)
Other,World championship,Disabled sportsExplains the global competitions of various sports.

Board games, card games

There are as many competitions and competitions as there are board games.

video game

The earliest large-scale video game competition was hosted by Atari in 1980.Space invadersThere was a competition "Space Invaders Championship" in Japan, and more than 1 people from all over the United States participated.[3].

As a game in which large-scale competitions are held in the world in recent yearsen: Dota,League of Legends,Counter-Strike,Call of Dutyand so on.

And so on.

Skills / functions

Practical system

Competition for choosing a building designer

  • Design competition (A system in which a large number of designers are given rules and the same conditions to compete in design skills and the designs of excellent people are adopted in actual construction / construction): In various industrial fields other than architecture / design Is being doneAdvance Your CareerupperCustom.

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