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⚽ | [Kyushu University Soccer Tournament Quarterfinals] Japanese Bunri wins Kanoya physical education in overtime

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[Kyushu University Soccer Tournament Quarterfinals] Japanese Bunri wins Kanoya physical education in overtime

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The game was settled in overtime, and Nihon Bunri defeated Kanoya Physical Education 2-1 and won a splendid victory.

Kyushu University Soccer Tournament Quarterfinals will be held on Sunday, July 7rd at Fukuoka Football Center D at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya (male ... → Continue reading


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    Superb victory

    extra innings

    extra innings(Enchosen) is to continue the competition in order to settle the game if the competition cannot be settled even if the competition is completed until the specified time and the number of attacks are completed in sports and games.

    Goal-type ball game

    サ ッ カ ー

    サ ッ カ ーIn the case of, it is usually done in the first half of the last 15 minutes, for a total of 30 minutes.1995Until then, the method that always performed the last half until the end (full-time method) was the mainstream.1993ToJ LeagueToGolden goal(The initial name is "sudden death".Later, the method was introduced (renamed to "V goal"), and after that, this became the mainstream in international competitions, but there was a problem that winning or losing was decided without a chance of counterattack just by scoring one point.2002 OfFIFA World CupAfter the end, replace the golden goalSilver goalThe method was introduced at several international competitions. However, it is unfair to finish the extra war only in the first half,2004Returned to full-time system.

    If you don't play overtime or if you can't settle in overtimePK battleMay be done.

    Home and away OfTournament methodbyCup matchFor example, even when the victory or defeat of the second round was decided in the first half of the usual, the total score with the first round isAway goalIf the numbers are even, the winner of the tournament may be decided in extra time. If you enter extra time, there may or may not be an away goal applied to extra time points depending on the competition.Away goalSee article).

    1950 OfSpanish cupSemi-finalAthletic Bilbao vs Valencia CFThen, after the 30-minute extra war, we re-extended the timeless sudden death method. 3 minutes into re-extension, in BilbaoAgustin GainsaScored a goal and was settled.


    Rugby unionThen, if 80 minutes are over and there is a tie, an extra game of 20 minutes (10 minutes half) will be held. If this does not work, the following method is adopted.

    • sudden deathMethod additional extra time (either one tries first, penalty goal,Drop goalThe game ends when the score is scored. (Up to 10 minutes)
    • Kicking competition(Five kicks determine the winner by the same method as the goal kick performed after the try)
    • Draw
    • Determine the winner by lottery

    In 7-a-side rugby and rugby league (such as the Super League and NRL Final Series), the team that scores first wins.

    American Football


    • basketballThen, extra time is called "overtime", and in both cases of round robin and knockout, it is performed until it is settled. Overtime is played in units of 5 minutes, and if there is no settlement after 5 minutes, it will be re-extended with an interval of 2 minutes, and so on until the settlement is repeated. You can only get a timeout once every 5 minutes.

    Basketball extension record


    • handballIn the case of, in the case of tie after finishing the regular time of 30 minutes each in the first and second half (60 minutes in total), if there is a tie, 5 minutes each after break (5 minutes in total)Half timePlay the 1st extra war. If there is a tie in the first extra time, the second extra time, which is the same as the first extra time, is played. If you can't settle in the second extra game,PK battlePerform a 7m slow contest, similar to.

    Ice hockey

    water polo

    • water poloThe two-period extra time and penalty throw battle were adopted, but the extra time was abolished in 2.

    Baseball ball game


    baseballIf, 1inningExtend by a unit, and if there is a point difference at the end of the inning (for the latter team, when the score of the first team exceeds that of the inning →Goodbye game) It will be settled. Rules such as how many times to extend and adoption of special rules when entering the extension differ depending on the league and competition.

    Example of rules regarding extra time and draws
    • Major league baseballIn principle, the number of times and time are unlimited. However, if the game is too long or if it becomes impossible to continue due to rainfall, etc.Suspended gamesMay become.
      • However, until 2000American leagueOnly the "light-off rule" was implemented.This is 1am local time (4 in the US)Standard timeIf the match continues at the point (with a band), the match will continue until the end of the innings where the attack is taking place, and if there is still a tie, the game will be suspended to the next day in principle.SimilarlyNational league OfChicago Cubs The19887Up toWrigley FieldBecause there was no lighting tower in, it was suspended when there was a tie when it was impossible to continue the game due to sunset.
      • 2020/2021New Coronavirus OfPandemicAs a countermeasure, when holding only one game, from the usual 1 times,Double headerWhen playing in, overtime will be played from the 8th inning with a tiebreaker (continuous batting order from the previous time, no out from 2nd base).
    • AmericaIndependent League OfPioneer LeagueThen, the extra time will be abolished from the 2021 season, and if there is a tie, the winner will be decided in the home run competition.One batter nominated by each team hits five balls each, and the team of the player who hits more home runs wins.If the number of home runs is the same, each team will select another player and repeat in the same format until it is settled.[1].
    • JapaneseProfessional baseballThen.2001From 2010 to2013From the extra time will be held up to 12 times indefinitely (however, depending on the year, there are variations in the time limit.-Pa(Refer to the "Number of times and time limit" section in the articles of both leagues).Japan seriesWill have an unlimited time (starting in 1) up to 7 times from rounds 12 to 2018, and the subsequent games (after round 8) will be played until a final decision is made.2007Introduced byClimax seriesSo, in both the Se and Pa league, the extra game is unified for 12 times with unlimited time,drawThere is no rematch by[2]..In addition, although the suspended game was applied only by the PA League according to its own rules, there was no application example at the end of 1987, and in 1994, the suspended game due to the failure of the stadium without lighting equipment or the lighting equipment will not be played. It became famous and innocent,2012It will not be used in Japanese professional baseball.2020Then.COVID-19It is only 10 times from the viewpoint of the outbreak of the virus and the spread of infection.2021It will not be implemented, and it will end in 9 times.
      • Still more1972 - 1987,and2011And in 2012, power saving measures at night (the former isOil shock, The latter isGreat East Japan EarthquakeAs a result of the above), if a certain time has passed since the start time of the match as a base point in addition to the normal extension provision innings, the next extension innings will not be included in the "time limit" (if 9 times have not been completed,Cold gameSince it is not permitted, it will be performed up to 9 times unless it is rainy or canceled.) "1972 hours and 1973 minutes" for both the leagues from 1982 to 1987 and the SE League from 3 to 20[3], 1974-1981 both leagues (only the Pa League continues until 1987) "3 hours"[4], 1988 and 1989 for the Pa League only "4 hours"[5] "2011 hours 2012 minutes" in both leagues in 3 and 30[5] Is.Especially after 3 when the 1974-hour rule was applied, the number of draws increased sharply in both leagues due to the tendency of the game to be longer, especially overtime was abolished and the 9-time censoring rule was applied.2021In the end, the teams with more than double digits in the number of draw games in one team were very conspicuous.
    • Adult baseballSince there are many tournament systems, most of them are played an unlimited number of times, but depending on the tournament, there is a time limit for a rematch, a suspended game, or a suspended game.Tie breakMay be adopted.
    • high school baseballNow, overtime is currently limited to 15 times. It will be a draw match at the spring-summer Koshien competition and the summer prefecture competition. It has been decided that the number of extra games will be 2 times from 1958 on the grounds that the player's physical fitness is limited to two games. Since 18, the extension has been shortened to 2000 times. Spring 15The 90th Memorial High School Baseball TournamentAnd in the summer100th National High School Baseball Championship Memorial TournamentIntroduced the tie-break system in extra wars (including local tournaments) from 13 extra times until the game is completed. At the same time, the extra draw rematch will be abolished until the semifinals. In both competitions, the tie-break method will not be used in the final match, and if it is tied with an extension of 15 times, it will be a re-match, but in the re-match, the tie-break method will be adopted in the same way as in the semi-finals.2021 Of93th Selected High School Baseball TournamentThen, in the final match, the rematch was abolished and a tiebreaker was introduced.
      • In addition, in softball high school baseball, except for the finals of qualifying and finals, if it is not reached in 15 times, it will be suspended as a suspended game and continued from 16 times the next day, and if the tie continues, it will be terminated 30 times, The next day, restarts 31 times and repeats. The qualifying final and final qualifying finals are 15 times, and if they cannot be settled, they will be drawn again.
    • OlympicThen, the extension including the qualifying league and the final round is unlimited in time and number of times. But,Beijing OlympicsI’ll use a tie break[6], After the 11th extension, I started to attack from an arbitrary batting order on the XNUMXth base without death.
    • World Baseball ClassicThen, the 2006 tournament will be held up to 1 times (no time limit) for the qualifying league (2st and 14nd), and there will be no limit on the number of extensions for the final tournament match. Since the 2009 Games, we have adopted an unlimited extension with 13 tie breaks.
    • Other than high schoolBaseballThen, there are no limits on the number of times or time at the national competition. Until the settlement is reached. If there are several games scheduled for one stadium, the innings will be limited. If the match before the final match is an extension game and you have played several times but you can not settle it, you can either finish it in the inning and continue at another stadium, or continue at the same stadium after the final game. I was told,2012From the national emperor's cup and national polity excluding the national polity, there are a maximum of 12 extra wars. In all national competitions, if three and a half hours have passed since the start of the match, a new inning will not be entered.
      If they are tied even if the new rules are applied, they will be settled from the next inning in a special overtime match (tie break) based on deathless base and continuous batting order.
    • In case of a draw,Perfect matchincludingNo hit no runRecords are not considered official achievement records and are treated as reference records.
    • Supplemental match(Other Ijiai) is the pitcher's record recorded when the pitcher throws 9/3 more than 0 innings (relief pitcher may be used instead of starting pitcher). The first place in the total record in Japanese professional baseball isShoichi Kaneda56 games of. Second placeTadashi Wakabayashi42 games. The record for the season is 1942Yasuo HayashiOf 10 games.
    Baseball extension record

    soft ball

    • soft ballAccording to the international rule of, if you finish 7 times and tieTie breakPlay extra time (also called tiebreaker). As a mechanism, the last player who completed the previous attack starts at the stage where the runner is on the second base and continues until there is no limit on the number of times or time until the win or loss is decided.


    ODI,Twenty 20For example, if there is a tie at the end of the prescribed number of pitches, one over gameSuper overSettle with.

    Net type ball game


    volleyballIn, it is used in European Cup games.Home and awayWhen it is a tournament, when it ends with 2 win and 1 loss at the end of the 1nd leg, a 2-point preemptive system after the end of the 15nd leg (same as the normal 5th set. The team that got the 8th point first came out. By the way, an extra time "Golden Set" will be held by (court change).

    in JapanV Premier LeagueAfter 2016-17, todayV.LEAGUEWhen the "Final 3" and "Final" up to this point will be a two-game system for all games, when both players finish with 2 win and 1 loss, the extra time will be overtime with a special rule of 1 points first (court change at the 25th point) after the end. I do[7](2021-22年度の「ファイナル3」は1試合制・アドバンテージ付き(2位に1勝分)があり、その試合で3位が勝った場合はゴールデンセットを行っていた。またそれ以前のシーズンは、1勝1敗で終わった場合、年度により別日に第3戦を行う、あるいはセット率・総得点などを踏まえて優劣を決めるというやり方を採用したこともある)


    • badmintonIs not a simple 15-point game, but a 21-point game in a 20-point game with the same score. I will continue until there is a difference of 2 points, but if 30 points are 29-29 at the upper limit, the person who wins the 30th point first wins.

    Fighting sports


    SumoUnlike other competitions, there is no system called extra war,WrestlerAs a measure to reduce the fatigue ofWith waterThere is a system of. At any rateMeetingAfter 4 and a half minutes from the start of the game, the decision was made by the judge, but in recent years it has often been about a half and a half. After resuming from the assembled state after entering the water, when the movement stops againRetake after second(If there is only one left, it will be retaken first), and both wrestlers will be given a break for a while.From this, it is considered that the resumption of efforts after entering the water and the second and second retakes (or the first retakes) correspond to overtime in other competitions.In addition, it is not unlimited retakes, and if it can not be settled by all means, it may be a draw, but in the efforts in the sumo wrestling MakuuchiDrawIs September 1974, the 9th day of the placeMie NoumiFutagodakeThe first is the last.


    • judoIf the set time is over and no settlement is reached, an extra game will be held for the same time, and the game will end when either player gets points first. thisGolden scoreCalled the method. If you still do not get points, the decision will tell you the superior win. However, it may be a draw depending on the tournament.


    • OncewrestlingAlso adopted overtime, but was abolished by the revision of the rules. The previous rule was to enter extra time if the points lined up after the 3 minute half. Currently, the rules have been revised, and in free style, each period was extended as needed.
      • Only 0-0 after the end of the period, a coin toss splits the attack/defense into a 30-second extra game, and the player who scored the point first, the defender gained the period when no points were scored.
      • In Greco-Roman style, there is no tie in the rule with 0-0, so there is no extra time.


    Other Martial Arts

    • K-1,J-NETWORKIn tournament battles afterJudgmentHowever, if it becomes a draw, extra round 1R or 2R is performed. In the extra round, the round mast system ensures that even if the two are even, they will be judged strictly and there will always be a point difference.
    • Professional boxingThen the 4th round tournament "Raging / BattleAdopted in the final match. From 2010All-Japan Newcomer KingAlso used in the final match.

    Targeted competition


    • curlingThen, if 10 points are over and there is a tie, an extra end will be held. If the extra end is 0-0, the next end is performed.

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