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⚾ | [High school baseball] What is the rising star that has plagued Osaka Toin, the Koshien selection champion who aims from “the smallest ground in Japan”?

Photo Self-proclaimed Osaka Telecommunications Otaka, the narrowest ground in Japan [Photo: Sakura Kioka]

[High school baseball] What is the rising star that has plagued Osaka Toin, the Koshien selection champion who aims from "the smallest ground in Japan"?

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In addition, defensive practice is extremely difficult, and "Our outfielder can't practice defensively, so if you don't hit it, you can't join the members," he said.

Next to Kinno Whirlwind, "Dentsu Whirlwind" Osaka Electro-Communication University High School Baseball Championship, aiming for the first appearance in Koshien, wins one after another from a strong private school and is a championship university ... → Continue reading


"I want to know" about baseball is here.Baseball specialty media "Full-Count".

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Defensive practice


    Outfielder(Gaiyashu),outfielder(Outfielder, OF) isbaseball or soft ballAtoutfieldOf the three who take on the defense offielderAbout (catcherSeen fromleftIn orderLeft hand,Medium-sized,Right hand).


    OutfieldinfieldCompared toFair groundIn addition to being wideInfielder4 (pitcherAnd 6 outfielders including catchers), so the range of defense to be in charge is wide.A good outfielder has the ability to observe every hit ball that flies into the outfield before hitting it at the batter's swing angle, agility at the start, and a runner who tries to aim for the next base.StabbedI have a strong shoulder and a strong intuition to judge the fly correctly.[1].

    In the field of the best defensive player, the center fielder is the key to the outfield defense, the right fielder emphasizes strong shoulder strength and accurate throwing, and the left fielder does not necessarily need a strong shoulder.[1]..It is also necessary to know the direction of the wind and the peculiarities of the stadium.[2]..Calling out is very important for outfielders[3].

    On the other hand, there are fewer opportunities to touch the ball than infielders, and the burden of defense is lighter, so it is more than defensive.BlowIs also an important position.Especially on the left and right wingsBattingDestructive power that plays a central role inOPS.850 and above) is prioritized.The right fielder is also an important factor.On the other hand, the center fielder covers the widest range of all positions, so speed (running power) has a big meaning, and even if it is not as good as both wings, a certain level of hitting power is also required.[4].

    What is an ideal outfielder?5 tools(Batter, power, defense, shoulder, speed) + Selected eyeThere is also an opinion that it is a center fielder who also has[4].


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