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⚽ | [Consadole] GK Kanno Red Card is also "a battle as if there is one less person in Kyoto" Kyoto Sanga FC (...


[Consadole] GK Kanno Red Card is also "a battle as if there is one less person in Kyoto" Kyoto Sanga FC (...

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The match was 2-1 and Kyoto Sanga escaped as it was.

2nd ◇ J1 League Section 19 ・ Sanga Stadium Escaped the consecutive losses of the league match by winning the home match on the 26th for the first time in 4 games ... → Continue reading

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Kyoto Sanga FC

Kyoto Sanga FC(Today and Sanga FC,Kyoto Sanga FC) IsJapan OfKyotoKyoto City,Uji city,Joyo,Mukai,Nagaokakyo,Kyotanabe City,Kizugawa,Kameoka,Nantan city,Kyotanba Town,Fukuchiyama City,Maizuru,Ayabe City,Yawata,Miyazu CityHometown,Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) professionalsサ ッ カ ーclub.


1922Was founded inKyoto Shikou ClubBecame the predecessor[1],1994In the open call for participantsKyoto Purple Sanga(Kyoto Purple Sanga)[1] Changed to the club name of, and joined the J League in 1996[1].

2007Becomes the current club nameKyoto Sanga FCRenamed to[1].. The operating companyKyoto Purple Sanga Co., Ltd.Is[1].

The origin of the old club is KyotopurpleHikari Soccer Club's English "Purple" andSanskrit"Friends / herds"samgha"When[1], A combination of "Sanga", which is a combination of the sounds of "Yamakawa", which is reminiscent of Kyoto by Mt.

Hometown until August 2010KyotoKyoto City1 city. From August 2010Uji city,Joyo,Mukai,Nagaokakyo,Kyotanabe City5 cities[1]Since April 2012KizugawaSince April 2014KameokaSince April 2017Nantan cityKyotanba Town[4]Since April 2019Fukuchiyama City,Maizuru,Ayabe City[5]Since April 2020Yawata[6]Since April 2022Miyazu City[7]Has been added to Hometown.In addition, when the area was expanded to Uji City, the club side said, "In order to revitalize the home town, cooperation between the cities, towns and villages in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture, including Kyoto City, which is the base of the game, and Joyo City, where the clubhouse is located, is necessary. Indispensable "[8].

Home stadiumKameoka OfSanga Stadium by KYOCERA..The driving rangeKyoto Sanga FC Tojoyo Ground[1](Commonly known as Sanga Town Joyo) (For details#Stadium/practice fieldSee).The club mascot was born in 1995, "Parser"Kotono-chan, a girl's friend born in 2003, both of whom are"Phoenix"When"PhoenixIs the motif[1][2].



1922FoundingKyoto Shikou Club(The name at the time of establishment was Shibu Club) became the predecessor[1], The oldest of the predecessor teams of J.League member clubs.1993"Education and Research Company FC Kyoto Purple Sanga" was established in[1].. In January 1994, the operating company "Kyocera Purple Sanga Co., Ltd." was established (the trade name was changed to Kyoto Purple Sanga Co., Ltd. in June).[1].

April 1994[Annotation 1],J League Associate MemberApproved to[2]. In 1995Japan Football LeagueAfter finishing second in (JFL), it was decided to join the J-League from 2.[1].

1996-1999 (J League)

1996 J LeagueScore of 17 consecutive losses at the opening
1Power0-1 ●V Kawasaki 10Saikyogoku0-3 ●Fukuoka
2Saikyogoku0-2 ●Ichihara11Hitachi Kashiwa0-2 ●oak
3Kashima1-5 ●Kashima12Mitsuzawa ball0-1 ●Yokohama M
4Saikyogoku0-2 ●C Osaka13Saikyogoku1-2v ●Iwata
5Mitsuzawa ball0-3 ●Yokohama F14National0-1v ●Urawa
6Saikyogoku1-5 ●Shimizu15Tottori2-3 ●Nagoya
7Hiroshima Bi0-3 ●Hiroshima16Saikyogoku0-3 ●Yokohama M
8Expo2-4 ●G Osaka17Iwata1-2 ●Iwata
9Saikyogoku0-2 ●Hiratsuka18Saikyogoku1-0 ○Urawa

Shunzo Ohno,Rikizo MatsuhashiReinforce those who have experience in the J League.The opening roundV KawasakiDefeated.After that, after the start of the season, he suffered 17 consecutive losses,Jose Oscar BernardiWas dismissed from the coach in the middle of the season. From V Kawasaki in MayRamos Rui,Shinji Fujiyoshi, From Gamba OsakaToshihiro YamaguchiIn the second half of the game, he won 8-7.


Pedro RochaWas appointed as the director,CaponeCléberBoth foreign players did not perform well, and Ramos left the team.The annual result is 17th out of 14 teams.In addition, in this yearYoshihiro Nishida Representation from JapanSelected as a candidate.


Former Japan national team coachHans OftIs appointed as a director.Former representative of JapanMoriichi-Teruo Iwamoto-Takahiro Yamada-Kurosaki HisashiWas won, but it was sluggish at the bottom.Ooft retired from coaching in JuneHidehiko ShimizuWill succeed, and the 2nd stage will win.In addition, it should be noted.Yokohama FlugelsMerged with Yokohama MJ1 entry decision matchI avoided participating in.


The second year of the Shimizu system. The 2st stage is 1th. Shimizu retired in June and former Japan national team coach in July.Kamo ShuIs appointed as a director.Also, in the same July, the former representative from JapanChiura MiuraAcquired. The 2nd stage is 9th.The annual result was 12th.

2000 (J1)

The second year of the Kamo system.Muroaki Kurobe,Daisuke Matsui,Park JiseiJoined the group.The league match has been sluggish since the beginning, and Kamo was dismissed in June.Gerd EngelsWas appointed as the successor manager, but the annual result ended in 15th place,J2Demoted to.

2001 (J2)

The second year of the Engels system.Chiura MiuraIs Kobe,Yasuhito EndoTransferred to Gamba Osaka. The J2 league match won with a record of 28 wins, 5 draws and 11 losses.J1I decided to return.Kurobe scored 30 points and was ranked second in the J2 scoring rank.

2002-2003 (J1)


The third year of the Engels system.In addition to Kurobe, Matsui, and Park, although they lost four games in a row right after the opening.Naohito Hirai-Makoto TsunodaPlayers from subordinate organizations such as are also active.Leap to 5th place in the annual ranking.The 82th Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer ChampionshipIs the finalKashimaWon the first title since the inauguration of the J-League at a club based in Kansai.


ParkPSV EindhovenWhile transferring to South KoreaSuwon SamsungThanKo Jong SooWon. The 1st stage is the lowest. Engels dismissed in June, succeedingPim VerbeekWas dismissed in November,Kimura BunjiIs appointed as a director. The 2nd stage also finished in 14th place, the lowest in the year, and the second J2 relegation was decided.

2004-2005 (J2)


Akihiro NishimuraBecame the director.IchiharaからChoi Yong SooAcquired.Meanwhile, Matsui went to France in September.Le Mans UCTransferred to for a limited time (transferred to full transfer in July 2005).The league match was not blessed with victory from the early game, and Nishimura was dismissed in June.Koichi ShitaniWas appointed as the director, but finished in 5th place.

Club slogan: "ONE for TEAM-Everything for victory-'

The second year of the Hashiratani system.While Kurobe transferred to C-Osaka, from YamagataDaisuke Hoshi, From FukuokaKenichiro YonedaFrom ShonanDaishi KatoWas acquired by a complete transfer.With seven games left in the season, he was confirmed to be in second place, and in Round 7 he won his second J2 victory.The last section isKofuLost to 2004(I.e.It didn't get more than 100 points in the second season.In addition, it should be noted.PaulinhoWon the J22 top scorer with 2 points and 15 pointsAlemãoAnd two people accounted for more than 2% of the team's total score (89). by ball

2006 (J1)

Club slogan: "ONE FOR TEAM -Passionate Whirlwind-'

The third year of the Hashiratani system. In AprilG OsakaからKazuki Teshima, From Nagoya in MayMakoto TsunodaWas acquired by a loan transfer, but it was sluggish from the beginning of the season and Hashiratani was dismissed from the director in October.Head coachNaohiko MinobeBecame the director,11/26Lost to Gamba Osaka, the bottom was decided, and J2 relegation was decided.

2007 (J2)

The second year of the Minobe system. Club name from FebruaryKyoto Sanga FCChange to[1](However, the trade name of the operating corporation is still Kyoto Purple Sanga Co., Ltd.).At the same time, a new emblem was enacted.NagoyaFormer Japan national team DFYutaka Akita,ShimizuからRyuzo MoriokaFrom KofuKuranuki Kazuki,FukuokaからTakashi HirashimaWon.Although he hasn't won a big streak since the opening, he has consistently accumulated points without losing one streak, and at the end of Section 1, he was in the promotion range with provisional third place.10/13Dismissed Minami Takahashi and became the general directorHisato KatoIs appointed as a director.The league match came in 3rd placeJ1・J2 replacement gameHiroshimaI won and decided to return to J1.In addition, Kato's general manager, who was initially appointed as a provisional manager limited to the remaining games, has also been decided.

2008-2010 (J1)

Club slogan: "SMILE KYOTO for the better future'

Kato system second year.oakTo GKYuichi Mizutani,G OsakaDF who will return to Kyoto for the first time in 9 seasonsSiji Clay,FC TokyoDF by rental transfer fromTatsuya Masushima,千葉To MFYuto Sato,KashimaTo FWAtsushi YanagisawaThen, he acquired a strong man in each position and faced J2 for the first time in two years.DF from Gamba Osaka to stabilize the defense even in the middle of the seasonYuki Mizumoto, FW from Shimizu to fill the hole of FW Paulinho who left for a long time (deregistration) due to injuryFernandinhoWon.The season result is 14th.The Emperor's Cup was defeated by Kashiwa in the fifth round.

Club slogan: "Forward. PASSION REALITY OVATION'

Kato system third year.From NagoyaYohei Toyota,Tokyo Vからデ ィ エ ゴ,Korean representative OfMasahide LeeAnd so on.Also, the registration was canceled in the middle of the season due to an injury the previous year.PaulinhoAlso returned.However, injured one after another in the main force, Paulinho left the group in the middle of the season and returned to Brazil and struggled to organize members, but in Section 33 (November 11)UrawaHe won the match and decided to stay in J1 with one match left, and at the same time achieved 1 J1 wins in total, finishing the season in 100th place.The Emperor's Cup was defeated by Kofu in the third round.

Club slogan: "SHI ・ N ・ KA'

Kato system second year.Masahide Lee(KashimaAl Sadd),Takeshi Hayashi,Yuto Sato(千葉),Kenya Matsui(C Osaka) Is a complete transfer,Yohei Toyota(Tosu) Is a rental transfer,Kazuki TeshimaRetired,Siji ClayLeft the group.

On the other hand,OitaWill be the first return in 7 yearsSuzuki ShingoAndOmiyaからYousuke KataokaIs transferred.Dutra,Kwak Tae-ki,Thiego(Rental transfer),Howbert Dan,Go Kodama,Takayuki FukumuraHave been acquired.

In the league match, 4th place at the end of Section 8 is the best.It moved to the bottom from Section 10 and Sections 13 to 21, and on July 14, after the end of Section 7, Kato was dismissed from the manager and team manager, and the coachYutaka AkitaWas appointed as the successor director.Although he moved up to 22th place in the 17nd round, the ranking has not changed since the 17th place, and he lost the match against Urawa in the 30th round and was relegated to J4 for the 2th time.The Emperor's Cup also lost to Chiba in the third round.

In addition, with Akita, the policy is to "continue to throw even if demoted to J2011" under the contract until 2.[9] However, he retired from the director on December 12th.[10].

2011-2021 (J2)

Club slogan: "Change'

Former director KofuTakeshi Oki[11],General manager(GM) of Chiba former GMHidetaka UbagaiWere appointed respectively.

Atsushi Yanagisawa,Makoto Tsunoda Sendai,Daigo Watanabe,Yousuke KataokaIs Omiya,Tatsuya Masushima oak,Yuki Mizumoto Hiroshima,Kwak Tae-ki K League-Ulsan Hyundai FC,Yasumasa Nishino SanukiTransfer toNaohito HiraiRetired,Yusuke NakataniLeaves the group (laterTokyo VJoined),ThiegoWithdrew due to the expiration of the rental transfer period.In August, Diego transferred to Sendai for rental.

On the other hand,Kouhei Kudo(Chiba),Michitaka Akimoto(Kofu),Alair(Atago) With a complete transfer,Ryusuke Sakai,Jeong Woo Young,Yohei NaitoJoined,Yoshinari Komai,Yuta ItoHave been promoted from youth.

In the league match, he suffered five consecutive losses with two draws until June 6 (Section 5), and at the time of the same section, he fell to 15th place with only one win (2 minutes and 5 losses).Entering the second halfType 2 registered playerHigh school student FW who scored 10 points and became the top scorer of the teamYuya KuboThe final ranking is 7th.

Emperor's cupIt is,82 timesSince then, it has advanced to the finals.Belonging to the same J2 in the finalFC TokyoAlthough he lost to, he won the runner-up.

Club slogan: "Changing ~ We keep changing ~'

The second year of the Oki system.Shun Morishita (I.e.Complete transfer to,Taisuke Nakamura NiigataTransferred to a deadline.

Meanwhile, ChinaShaanxi HoeiからBajalica,TokushimaからKuranuki KazukiWith a complete transfer,UrawaからKazuki HaraWas acquired by a loan transfer.

Before the opening, he was nominated for promotion due to his achievements such as the Emperor's Cup runner-up, and won 8 consecutive victories until the 4th round against Tokyo V, 16th round.KitakyushuHe took the lead in the same section with five consecutive victories until the match, but he did not win seven consecutive matches including three consecutive losses from the 5th section, and as of the 17rd section, he dropped to 3th place.Section 7TottoriAfter winning 4 consecutive wins until the battle and moving up to 6th place (then extending the winning streak to 6)J1 promotion playoffsKeeping 6th place or higher in the area, Section 39 HomeGifuWith the victory of the battle, he moved up to 2nd place in the automatic promotion range.He kept 41nd place at the time of the 2st round, but ended up with a scoreless draw in the final round against Kofu and won the final round.ShonanIt was replaced with 3rd place,J1 promotion playoffsTurned around. The J1 promotion playoff was defeated at home in 6th place Oita in the semi-finals and was not promoted to J1.The Emperor's Cup is in the third roundIwataI lost the PK.

Club slogan: "Must rise'

The second year of the Oki system.Mitsutaka NakamuraIs Kashima,Yuichi Mizutani FukuokaComplete transfer to,Jeong Woo YoungTransferred to Iwata for a limited time.

Meanwhile, from KawasakiKoji Yamase,ShonanからSanheiji(Transfer to Oita for a limited time in 2012), from TokushimaOh Seung Hoon, From EhimeDaiki Tamori,Honda FCからYuya NakamuraWith a complete transfer,G OsakaからYokotani ShigeruWas acquired by a loan transfer. In JulyYuya Kubo BSC Young BoysTransferred to.

4 games from the opening with 2 wins and 2 draws, 4nd place at the time of Section 2.From Section 5 to Section 2 including 9 consecutive losses, it stayed at 1 win, 3 losses and 1 minute, and at the time of Section 9, the ranking dropped to 11th place, but after that, it was consecutive losses except for 28 consecutive losses from Sections 30 to 3. After moving to 16th place in the 4th round, he kept the promotion playoff range.He won 32 consecutive victories from the 7nd round and moved up to 34rd place at the end of the 3th round, but lost to the 40th round against Gamba Osaka and disappeared from the 2nd place within the automatic promotion range.The final ranking is 2rd for the second consecutive year.J1 promotion playoffsSemifinal at homeNagasakiDraw to.Although he advanced to the final by regulation, he lost to Tokushima and lost the playoffs for the second consecutive year.The Emperor's Cup is defeated by Kashima in the third round.Oki retired from the coach after the season ended.

Club slogan: "NEVER GIVE UP to victory'

Iran representativeFormer directorValdale Badu VieiraBecame the director.Akira AndoYuta SomeyaIs C Osaka,Kuranuki Kazuki Tottori,Michitaka Akimoto Toyama,Kazuki HaraIs in KitakyushuYuya NakamuraIs Nagasaki,Go KodamaHas completely transferred to Ehime.

on the other hand,NagoyaからYosuke Ishibitsu,Brazil·American FCからAlessandroCompletely transferred,KobeからKoki Arita,Yokohama FMからYusuke Higa,Hangzhou Green CastleからMasashi OguroWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer.

Immediately after the opening round, he took the lead, but as of the 18th round, he remained in 7th place with 5 wins, 6 losses and 11/6, and on June 18, he dismissed Badu from the coach.Until the successor is decidedHitoshi MorishitaAfter acting as the director, from June 6, the former Tokyo V directorRyoichi KawakatsuBecame the director from TokushimaDouglasWas acquired by a loan transfer, but the promotion playoff advancement disappeared due to the draw in Section 41 against Toyama, and the final ranking ended in 9th place.Director Kawakatsu, GM's after the seasonHidetaka Ubagai, Technical Director of Strengthening DepartmentTakeshi TakamaHave retired.


Former Kobe directorMasahiro WadaBecame the director.Oh Seung Hoon,gyroLeaves the group.Douglas,Yusuke Higa,Hideo TanakaHowever, he left the group due to the expiration of the loan transfer period.Yuji TakahashiIs Sanuki,Ryosuke TamuraTransferred to Tosu for a limited time.Ryusuke Sakai And,Kouhei KudoIs Hiroshima,Yokotani ShigeruIs Omiya,SanheijiOita,Takashi Uchino NaganoCompletely transferred to each.

On the other hand,Takumi MiyayoshiFrom ToyamaHarakawa RikiReturned from Ehime.Yusuke Shimizu(Oita),Satoshi Yamaguchi(Chiba),Shinya Suganuma(Iwata),Kim Nam Il(Jeonbuk Hyundai),Jason Hwang(AFC Tubiz),Hayato Sasaki(Sendai),Daniel Lovinho(Gunma) Is acquired by a complete transfer.Masaya OkugawaHave been promoted from youth.

After the first half, 6 wins, 12 losses and 4 draws. Defeated in the match against Tokushima on July 7th, Wada was dismissed from the coach on July 8th due to poor results, and head coachKiyotaka IshimaruWas appointed as the successor director.10/257th place or lower is confirmed by the draw against Omiya.The final ranking is 17th.

Club slogan: "The phoenix that revives Ichimaru (Sanga)'

The second year of the Ishimaru system.From youthYoshinari KomaiTo Urawa,Yuta ItoTo NiigataHarakawa RikiTo KawasakiTakumi MiyayoshiTransferred to Hiroshima respectively.

On the other hand, from NagoyaYusuke MutaYuki HondaFrom KashiwaTakanori SuganoFrom MatsumotoShunsuke IwanumaFrom KofuYuki HorigomeFrom NagasakiLee Yong Jae, C from OsakaYuta SomeyaAnd so on.Served as a scout in Nagoya etc.Takashi KojimaJoined in charge of strengthening.

Without winning 4 games including 5 consecutive draws from the opening, although the ranking will drop to 5th place at the end of Section 15, it will make a leap to 6 wins, 10 draws and 7 loss in 2 games after winning the season's first victory in Section 1. , At the end of Section 15, he will rise to 5th place in the playoffs.After that, although they kept 6th place or higher in the playoff range until the end of the season, 18th place at the end of each of the 26th and 4th sections was the highest, and 1th place was separated from the 2nd place or higher who will be automatically promoted to J5. The season ended in the place. The J3 promotion playoff, which appeared for the first time in three seasons, drew with C-Osaka in the semi-finals.By regulation, he did not advance to the final.

After the season, Ishimaru dismissed the director.In addition, both coaches Hirai and Furube, director U-18Ryuzo MoriokaRetired.Tajima YajimaRetired from active duty.

Club slogan: "Josho (rise-constant victory) soul Sanganotameni'

Former Kashiwa head coachNunobeIs appointed.

Koji Yamase(Fukuoka),Koki Arita(Ehime),Kentaro Sato(Yamaguchi) Etc. due to a complete transferAndrei girottoHowever, they left the group due to the expiration of the transfer for a limited time.Yushi Nagashima Gifu,Daiki Numa Tottori,Masatoshi IshidaGunma,Genki YamadaTransferred to Yamaguchi for a limited time.

On the other hand, from NagoyaTomoya Koyamatsu,Reo Mochizuki(Belonging to Yamaguchi last year),Tanaka Marx Fight King,KumamotoからTatsunari NagaiFrom YamagataShun Ito, From the Korean clubHa Sung Min,Kevin OrisFrom Kashiwa with a complete transferMasato YuzawaIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.Masashi OguroReturned from Yamagata,Keiya Sendou(Toyo University),Yohei Ono(Tokoha University),Yuto Iwasaki(Kyoto Tachibana High School) joined the group.

Although he was also listed as a candidate for promotion to J1 due to the acquisition of Tulio Tanaka, etc., when the season started, it was sluggish to the J3 relegation range for a while, and after that, Tulio Tanaka, who was registered as a defender, got 15 points in FW, but during the season 1 The final ranking was 1th because he couldn't move up to the single digit ranking.The Emperor's Cup is the first matchNumazuLost to.

Club slogan: "Unity'

Nunobe continues to direct the director.Takashi KojimaIs the director of the strengthening department, former director of NagoyaBosko GjurovskyBecame a coach.From YamaguchiMasafumi Miyagi, From mitoYosuke YuzawaIs a complete transfer.Takuya ShigehiroWhile (Hannan University) joined the groupYuji TakahashiIs Tosu,Lee Yong JaeHas completely transferred to Okayama,Yohei Yoshino(Returned to Hiroshima) and others left the group.

It was sluggish from the opening, and at the end of 10 games, it fell to the bottom of J1 for the first time in club history with 3 win, 6 draws and 2 losses.[12]..Section 13 was commanded by coach Bosko Gjurovski in place of the resting Nunobe.[13].. On May 5, it was announced that Nunobe would retire and Gjurovski would become the coach.It remains at the bottom until Section 11.In the 28th round, he moved up to 30th place, which is the remaining area, and maintained the remaining area after that, but the final ranking was 20th, the lowest in the history of the team.After the season ended, Kojima, the director of the strengthening department, and Jurovsky, the director, retired on November 19th.


Nakata IchizoBecame a director.Although he took the lead from Section 22 to Section 24, he suffered four consecutive losses since August, and also struggled with 8 wins and 4 losses in the away game, and in the final section,Kashiwa ReysolIf he wins, he loses to 13-1 in the playoffs.This record is from 1998Cerezo OsakaversusJubilo IwataIn the battle, Jubilo Iwata broke the record of a big win of 1-9.In this matchOlunga8 points were scored.The final ranking is 8th[14]..After the season, Nakata retired from the coach andGerd EngelsRetired as a coach (INAC Kobe LeonessaBecame a director).


Top team coach to new coachYuta TadashiIs inaugurated.It was the first season to welcome them at the new base, but at home they showed overwhelming strength with 9 undefeated games in the first half (7 wins and 2 draws), but on the contrary, they only won 12 wins in 2 games away (5 minutes 5 minutes). At the end of the first half of the game, he had 34 points and was in the lead.KitakyushuStayed in 10th place with 5 points difference.In the second half of the game, they have 5 wins, 2 draws, 5 losses and 2 draws at home, and 2 wins, 5 draws and 25 losses away. Finished in 59th place.Noritada Saneyoshi retired after the end of the season.

Club slogan: "One mind'
Team slogan: "HUNT3'

Formerly the new directorShonan Bellmaredirected by Cho Kwi-jaeIs appointed.

The club slogans are "Ichishin" and "HUNT3"[15].. "Ichishin" is an image of the trajectory of a shot that pierces the goal from the sharp driving of a stone carving that can be said to be wild. "Mind", an expression of immovable belief aiming for victory[15].. "HUNT3" expresses strong unity by making the first five letters of "HIGH INTENSITY", "ULTIMATE", "NEW BORN", "TOUGH", and "winning points 3" into an uninterrupted aggregate, and attracts the viewer. Show an attitude of sticking to the ultimate in intensity and fighting tough without fear of new challenges, and to keep energy throughout the year, not only the sudden power that can be seen from the outside but also the energy that condenses inside Expression[15].

Shonan emphasized rationality rather than goodness of use, and used the "Shonan style" (offensive and defensive haste that tries aggressively by breaking mistakes) that was used at the time of coach Shonan.[16][17][18][19][20]..Also in 2021 KyotoLiverpool FCThere is a similarity with[21]Aggressive tactics such as formation 4-3-3, Gegenpress-like high press, high line, central breakthrough short counter, and 3 voluntary hard work became prominent.[21]..As a result, 6 races including 6 consecutive wins from Section 15 are undefeated, and if they rise to the top from 15rd place at the end of Section 3, they will remain within 1nd place in the J2 promotion zone of the same year.Although he surrendered the lead to Iwata in Section 21, he fought fiercely for the lead with Iwata five times, but after losing to Section 5 Nagasaki and surrendering the lead again, he could not return to the lead and went to Section 31. Was defeated in a direct confrontation with Iwata, who would re-emerge to the top if he won, and after that, although he finished the final three games with three consecutive draws, the final ranking was second only to Iwata, and he was promoted to J38 in the first year of the appointment of Cho Kwi-jae. It was the first time in 3 seasons since 3 to return to J2.Although Utaka scored 1 points in 1nd place in the league and Miyayoshi scored 2010 points, the total score remained at 12 in Thailand, which was 1th in the league. It was the smallest.


Club slogan: "Everyone shines ~ All the people involved in Sanga say "smile and lively" ~'
Team slogan: "S Adventure Now the adventure begins'

The second year of the 曺 system.



ク ラ ブ

By individual

hat trick

ScorePlayer nameDatesCompetitive clubStadiumScoring time
J13 pointsKurosaki ratioAugust 1998, 8 (8st Section 1)Consadole SapporoSaikyogokuGoal in 49 minutes 49 minutes55 minutes89 minutes
Chiura MiuraNovember 2000, 11 (23nd Section 2)Verdi KawasakiGoal in 37 minutes 37 minutes52 minutes89 minutes
Muroaki KurobeAugust 2002, 4 (6st Section 1)Tokyo Verdy 1969Goal in 08 minutes 08 minutes46 minutes65 minutes
November 2003, 9 (13nd Section 2)Cerezo OsakaLong stayGoal in 39 minutes 39 minutes43 minutes57 minutes
J24 pointsPeter UtakaJuly 2020, 8 (Section 8)Montedio YamagataND studioGoal in 31 minutes 31 minutes37 minutes53 minutes87 minutes
3 pointsChoi Yong SooJuly 2004, 8 (Section 21)Consadole SapporoSaikyogokuGoal in 68 minutes 68 minutes81 minutes89 minutes
PaulinhoJuly 2005, 10 (Section 1)Montedio YamagataND studioGoal in 08 minutes 08 minutes78 minutes87 minutes
AndreJuly 2007, 5 (Section 13)Avispa FukuokaHakata ballGoal in 35 minutes 35 minutes54 minutes66 minutes
PaulinhoJuly 2007, 6 (Section 6)Vegalta SendaiFukuiGoal in 21 minutes 21 minutes55 minutes76 minutes
Yuya KuboJuly 2013, 6 (Section 9)Roasso KumamotoHorse starGoal in 49 minutes 49 minutes64 minutes72 minutes
Masashi OguroJuly 2014, 4 (Section 5)Oita TrinitaDaigin deGoal in 03 minutes 03 minutes30 minutes81 minutes
July 2014, 6 (Section 21)Roasso KumamotoHorse starGoal in 45 minutes 45 minutes55 minutes65 minutes
Tanaka Marx Fight KingJuly 2017, 4 (Section 15)Ehime FCSaikyogokuGoal in 52 minutes 52 minutes72 minutes90 + 2 minutes
Peter UtakaJuly 2021, 4 (Section 17)Giravanz KitakyushuSanga SGoal in 17 minutes 17 minutes23 minutes52 minutes
Emperor's cup3 pointsTakumi MiyayoshiNovember 2011, 11 (16rd round)Montedio YamagataND studioGoal in 15 minutes 15 minutes44 minutes48 minutes

Stadium/practice field

Home stadium

The home stadium is in KyotoKameokaDedicated to ball games built inSanga Stadium by KYOCERA(Kyoto Prefectural Kyoto Stadium).The ball game stadium construction plan led by Kyoto Prefecture takes time to adjust the construction scale and candidate sites, and even if construction in Kameoka is decidedNatural treasureAndDomestic rare wild animal and plant speciesIsAyumodokiThe design changed a lot because it was a habitat for the city, but construction started in 2018 and the completion ceremony was held in January 2020.

Until the 2019 seasonKyoto City Saikyogoku Athletic Park Athletics and Ball StadiumWas using.Saikyogoku is determined by the J LeagueClub licenseThe occupancy rate of the roof of the stand and the number of toilets are not sufficient, but in the futureSaikyogoku license sufficiency workNo licensing sanctions have been imposed on the club since 2015 due to the implementation of the club and the planned construction of a new stadium.[22][23].. In addition, the past home game holding stadium is "This item"checking.

Practice field

1998ThanKyoto Sanga FC Tojoyo Ground[1](Commonly known as: Sanga Town Joyo) is used.At the beginning of the club's establishmentKyoto Prefectural Yamashiro Sports Park(KyotoUji city) And other grounds in Kyoto and Shiga prefectures, "Kyocera Yokaichi Comprehensive Ground" from 1995 to 1997 (ShigaHigashiomi City) Was used[24].


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)purpleblackpurple
FP (2nd)White x grayグ レ ーグ レ ー
GK (1st)Orange x redOrangeOrange
GK (2nd)Green x black绿绿
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

  •     purple[1]

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestKyoceraKyOCERa1994-1995-2021 is written as "Kyocera"
clavicleWacoalWacoal2019-Posted on the right
1996-2006 sleeves
2007-2018 uniform supplier
HORIBA, Ltd.HORIBA2020-Posted on the left
Upper backNintendoNintendo1994-
Lower backKDDIau 5G(1st)
au (2nd)
2017-2017-2020 is written as "au"
sleeveKyoto BankKyoto Bank2007-
Front of pantsDaiwa SecuritiesDaiwa SecuritiesFebruary 2002-2002-The 2005nd of 2 is "Daiwa Securities SMBC"Notation
Back of pantsNone--

Training wear

  • KDDI (logo mark is au notation from 2013),Nidec

Suit supplier

The history of uniform supply

Successive uniforms

FP 1st
1997 - 1998
2001 - 2002
2003 - 2004
2005 - 2006
2007 - 2008
2009 - 2010
2011 - 2012
2015 - 2016
2017 - 2018
2022 -
FP 2nd
1997 - 1998
1999 - 2000
2001 - 2002
2003 - 2004
2005 - 2006
2007 --2008 2nd
2007-2008 3rd
2011 - 2012
2015 - 2016
2017 - 2018
2022 -

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1994KyOCERaBefore banNintendoBefore ban-Before banBefore banPUMA
1996WacoalMizuno /
2002Daiwa Securities
Daiwa Securities

2006Daiwa Securities
2007Kyoto BankCW-X
2021au 5G


Academy / Development


As a training organization (academy), it has U-18, U-15, U-12SP courses, and as a soccer school, "KIDS course" for kindergarten / nursery school children, junior high school students, adults, girls,GKThere is also a "clinic course" consisting of 4 courses, and a premier course and premier class for 2nd to 6th graders.[25]..It also runs the "Scalar Athletes Project" for the U-18s.

Results and results of major competitions

Native player

Scalar athlete project

As of 2005, there was no practice area dedicated to the training organization, so he was the director of Sanga at that time.Koichi Shitani Sanfrecce Hiroshima Youth TeamProposed to club executives to improve the training organization by taking the cooperation of local high schools as an example.[27].

From 2006,Kyocera, Of studyRitsumeikan, People's Sangha partnered, high school students studyingRitsumeikan Uji High SchoolThe practice is on the artificial turf ground in Kyoto Sanga FC Tojoyo Ground, which is equipped with lighting exclusively for the training organization. , "SCHOLAR-ATHLETE PROJECT(Scalar Athletes Project, hereinafter SAP) ”has started[28].. For the first time since the start of SAP in 2011, SAP targets have been promoted to the top team.

Alliance with SP Kyoto FC

August 2014, 1,SP Kyoto FCConcluded a business alliance with (Sagawa Printing Kyoto at that time) for the purpose of training and strengthening players.The contract period for the business alliance was from February 2014 to January 2. 2016Ryuzo Morioka(Former coach of Samgha) became head coach of SP Kyoto FCIppei KokuryoandTakanari SaitoJoined with a training-type loan transfer[29].


J-League's first match canceled

1996 J League Cup,Kashiwa ReysolBattle (8/14,Oita Municipal Athletic Field= Sanga sponsored game)typhoonIt was canceled because of this, but this is the first time that the official J-League match has been cancelled.

In addition, because the alternative game could not be used because Saikyogoku was under construction to replace the lawn.G OsakaWith the permission of Gamba Osaka, it is the home stadium of Gamba Osaka.Expo Memorial Stadium8/24Was held in.

Home game on the same day as Gozan no Okuribi

Every year8/16On that night, "Kyoto's summer tradition"Gozan bonfireIs done[30]..Please refrain from lighting such as neon lights and lighting on the dayKyoto CitySince the call was made from Sanga, the following measures were taken when Sanga's home games were duplicated.

1997 J League

J-League 2nd stage, Section 5 Yokohama M match8/15It was held in (Other clubs held on August 8th).The match was 16-1 and Sanga lost.

2007 J League Division 2

The J2 Round 34 match against Sapporo was held at 8:16 on August 17th at the twilight of the kick-off.The match was 20-2 and Sanga lost.

Defensive forfeit


KBS Kyoto(TV set)
  • Exciting! J(Broadcast all home games and some away games)
  • VALUE! Sanga (1995)
    • Program of the old JFL period.TKOTwo people were appearing.
  • Sanga Revolution (1998-2000)
    • In 1998, it was broadcast as a 1-minute program once a week, but it shrank from the following year.
  • Kyospo ~ SPORTS NEWS ENTERTAINMENT ~(2004-currently on air)
  • Sanga @LOVE (2006)
    • The program focused on match highlights and player interviews.
  • Poji positive egg
KBS Kyoto (Radio)
NHK Kyoto Broadcasting Station
J: COM Kyoto Miyabijon
  • Foot Style Kyoto (airing home game highlights, etc.)


The financial results of Kyoto Sanga are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Amount of money: million yen

Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Amount of money: million yen

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2016

Amount of money: million yen


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Amount of money: million yen


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注 釈

  1. ^ I applied for an associate membership in September 1993, but due to problems with the maintenance of the home stadium, it was not approved by the executive committee / board of directors in November and was put on hold.


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