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⚽ | [J1 Section 19] Starting soon!Tosu vs Kobe

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[J1 Section 19] Starting soon!Tosu vs Kobe

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After this, from 7/2 19:30, the J1 League Section 19 Sagan Tosu vs Vissel Kobe match will be held at the Ekimae Real Estate Stadium.

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    Section 19 Sagan Tosu vs Vissel Kobe

    Tosu Stadium

    Tosu Stadium(Tosu Stadium)SagaTosu CityIt is inFootball fieldIs.The facility is owned by Tosu City, and until the end of March 2013, the Tosu City Regional Promotion FoundationDesignated administratorHowever, due to the dissolution of the foundation, Tosu City has been directly managing it since April 2013.[5].

    2019From 2 month 1 day,Station square real estate stadiumThe nickname of (EKIMAE REAL ESTATE STADIUM, abbreviation: Ekimae Real Estate Stadium) is used (due to the introduction of naming rights. DetailsLater).


    JRTosu StationWas on the premisesTosu engine districtAnd TosuMarshalling yardOn the site,JFLBelongingTosu FuturesIt was built as a home stadium (dissolved in January 1997).It is the largest ball game field in Saga prefecture without a track, and it is the largest ball game field in Saga prefecture.19966 of the monthTosu Futures vs Honda GikenIs a battle[6].


    There are two-layered stands parallel to the four sides of the pitch, and since the pitch level is considered to be the first floor, the lower stand is the second floor seat and the upper stand is the third floor seat.Reinforced concrete structureAt the top of the stadium frame (2nd floor seats)Steel structureThere is a stand on the 3rd floor assembled in, and the pillars of the main stand and back stand were excavated from the ruins in Tosu city.Yayoi PeriodIs the motif[6].

    The main stand and back stand are all individual seats on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and almost the entire surface is covered with a roof except for both ends of the back stand 2nd floor seats.On the other hand, on both side stands (behind the goal), the 2nd floor seats are standing seats without seats, and the 3rd floor seats are bench seats, neither of which has a roof.The corner between the back stand and both side stands has a large notch shape due to the restrictions on the ground (the uncovered part on the second floor of the back stand corresponds to this notch), and the level of the top of the second floor seats. It is a passage connecting both stands.The 2rd floor seats on the main stand and back stand have handrails in each row.

    The first floor of the stand is an office space, which includes a press room, an interview room, a headquarters room, a training room, a locker room, a conference room, and a guest room. Since the start of the 1 season, Sagan's club office and support groupsSaga Prefecture Professional Soccer Promotion CouncilOffice is occupying.

    The large-scale vision (video display device) was installed in March 2006 in the aisle between the side stand on the away side and the back stand.The first device isYukihiro IkawaIt was donated by Creek & River (C & R), whose president is Sagan Dreams (Chairman of the Board), but it was partially renovated in 2014 (described later).Apart from this, an electric bulletin board (score bulletin board and 3-minute total) has been installed on the top of the 45rd floor of the side stand on the away side from the beginning of the stadium.In addition, a panel board that displays the names of the participating players on the front of the back stand (a panel for 15 people can be installed to accommodate rugby) was used, but after the vision is installed, the score display and player notation will be there. Moved and not used.

    As for advertising signs, in addition to standing signs and banners installed in the front row of the pitch side and the 3rd floor of the back stand (second layer) (in 2013, LEDs were also used for pitch side advertising), and directly in the front row behind the goal. Space for pasting paste-type advertisements (Ibaraki Prefectural Kashima Soccer Stadium(Almost the same model as) is installed[7]

    The lighting equipment is integrated with the roof and there are no lighting columns.Smoking is prohibited inside the facility (smoking space is provided outside the entrance gate).

    Facility renovation

    At the stadium, which has been completed for more than 15 years, the equipment has deteriorated and the equipment has deteriorated.J League club licenseStandards andAFC Champions League Based on the fact that some items do not meet the (ACL) holding standards, some facilities were renovated over a few years from FY2013.[8]..Tosu City will take the lead in renovating the equipment and concentrate on the J-League off-season, but Saga Prefecture was also considering support.[9][10]..Specifically, the following items were implemented.

    • Addition of toilets and westernization-The number of toilets is only about half of the license standard[Note 1]In order to secure this, a toilet building was added near the north side stand (in front of the ticket office), and the existing Japanese style toilet was converted to Western style.
    • Renovation of large-scale video equipment --Renovation leaving the skeleton of the vision as it is.Due to this, it was not possible to display the match time on a large video device in the past due to system problems.[11], The problem that the match time could not be known from the 2nd floor of the side stand on the away side, which is the blind spot of the electric bulletin board, has been improved.
    • Renovation of lighting equipment --Survey design was carried out in 2013.

    In Tosu City, it was struggling to raise the cost of repairing other aging parts, but it is one of the main sponsors of Sagan Tosu.Cygames(Corporate versionFurusato tax payment), Announced that a total of 2017 million yen will be donated to Tosu City over the three years from FY3.[12]..In Tosu City, "Project to improve attractiveness by renewing the stadium"[13]TheCabinet OfficeApplied to, which was approved in November 2017[14]As a result, the following facility renovations will be promoted based on this project.[15]..ConstructionSumitomo Mitsui ConstructionIs in charge and has been in full swing since August 2018[16].

    • The stand columns (main stand and home goal back stand in 2018, back stand and away goal back stand in 2019) have been completely repainted with Sagan Blue and Sagan Pink, which are the club colors of Sagan Tosu.
    • Repaint the outer wall part.
    • A museum corner has been set up near the entrance hall in the stadium.
    • Repair of toilet outer walls, guide lights, and bulletin boards.

    Naming rights

    Tosu City is in the stadiumNaming rightsWe recruited sponsor companies between October 2006st and November 10th, 31, but there were no applicants.

    Resuming recruitment in 2007, with the mediation of Sagan Dreams, which operates Sagan Tosu,FukuokaKurumeHeadquartered in, engaged in food wholesale and direct sales such as millet riceBest amenitiesIs the deadline9/29The company applied for 11 million yen a year on November 30, and acquired the naming right under a three-year contract from January 3,150, 2008, nicknamed "Best Amenity Stadium(BEST AMENITY STADIUM, abbreviation:Bearsta). Renewed 2010-year contract on December 12, 9[17].. In 2012, Sagan was promoted to J1, and the contract fee was 5,250 million yen per year.

    On May 2013, 5, Tosu City announced that it would not renew the naming rights agreement for Tosu Stadium, saying that the best amenity was "(Sagan Tosu) has also been promoted to J31. It was decided to recruit various naming rights holders[18]..The recruitment period is three months from June to August 2013, and the contract fee is 6 million yen (excluding consumption tax) or more.This time is a practice field for Sagan TosuTosu Stadium Northern GroundRecruit in bulk with[19]..However, the contract fee became a bottleneck, and there were no companies applying for it in the last three months, so we were considering re-offering after lowering the contract fee again and having Best Amenity consider extending the contract again.[20].

    Eventually, after reducing the contract amount to 3,000 million yen (excluding consumption tax), we signed a re-contract with Best Amenity and decided to continue using the name "Best Amenity Stadium".[21]..The contract period is one year from January 2014, 1, and after that, it will be automatically renewed every year.Regarding the re-contract of naming rights, Hiroshi Uchida, president of Best Amenity, said, "I have been attached to it for six years. I would like to ask if a local company comes out, but I would like to support it for a long time." (A new sponsor appears. Until) showed the intention of a long-term contract[22].. On November 2018, 11, it was announced that the naming rights contract with Best Amenity will end on December 27, 12.[23]..It is said that the best amenity side offered to not renew the contract, saying, "I want to make a baton touch (naming rights) at the turning point of renewal."

    From January 2019, 1, we will start recruiting new naming rights holders under the condition of "annual amount of 7 million or more, 3,000 year contract"[24]..By January 1, the deadline, there were applications from four companies inside and outside Saga Prefecture, and the selection committee of Tosu City comprehensively evaluated the amount of money, regional contribution, management stability, etc., and decided to go to Kurume City. Headquarters and sales office in Tosu City (in front of JR Tosu Station)General real estate companySelect[25]..Nicknamed "Station square real estate stadium(EKIMAE REAL ESTATE STADIUM, abbreviation:Station station) And[26]..The contract period is a three-year contract from February 2019, 2 to January 1, 2022, and the contract amount is reported to be 1 million yen in total for three years.[27].. On January 2022, 1, the naming rights agreement was renewed until January 28, 2025.The contract amount is 1 million yen in total for 31 years[28].

    After adopting the naming rights, the above names will basically be used, but in the final qualifying round for the London Olympics Soccer Asia held in September 2011,Clean stadium regulationsThe match was held under the stadium name of "Tosu Stadium" based on the above.For this reason, the stadium logo in the center of the back stand was also covered with the banner of the tournament.

    Main events

    サ ッ カ ー

    Domestic match

    International match



    • 19987/5 --International Friendly Match-Australia U-19 Women's National Team vs Kyushu Selection (Kyushu Area's First International Match)



    • Sunmesse Tosu (multipurpose hall and cultural facility)
    • Tosu Chamber of Commerce
    • Frespo Tosu



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    1. ^ According to the club license standard, 1000 Western-style cars and 5 men's cars are required for 8 spectators. When converted to this stadium, 125 Western-style cars and 200 men's cars are required, but before the renovation, Western-style 102 cars are required. There were only 77 units in Japanese style and 58 units for men.[10].
    2. ^ Due to a thunderstorm schedule change, the event will be closed until the semi-finals.The two winners of the semi-finals were the winners.


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