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⚽ | [Soccer] Highlights The traditional Japan-Korea match that the Japanese national team won overwhelmingly!All Japan University Selection 5-0 All Korea University Selection ...


[Soccer] Highlights The traditional Japan-Korea match that the Japanese national team won overwhelmingly!All Japan University Selection 5-0 All Korea University Selection ...

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In the past, many Japanese national team players such as Yuto Nagatomo and Junya Ito have participated in this tournament and have been flapping their wings.

June 6th (Sat) "DENSO CUP SOCCER 25th Great ..." held at Lemon Gas Stadium Hiratsuka → Continue reading

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Yuto Nagatomo

Yuto Nagatomo(Yu Nagatomo,19869/12 -) isEhimeSaijo City(OldToyo City) FromProfessional soccer player.J League-FC TokyoBelongs. Position isDefender(SB[7]). ExRepresentation from Japan.

2013Asian Football FederationからInternational Best Player AwardElected to. 2010sWorld CupParticipated in 3 consecutive tournaments.Asian CupAlso participated in three consecutive tournaments.



EhimeSaijo City(OldToyo City)birth[11]..My father's parents' house ran a large newspaper store and lived in his paternal grandparents' house for three generations.[11]..I started playing soccer when I was in the first grade of elementary school[12]..My parents divorced when I was in the third grade of elementary school, and my mother's hometownSaijo CityMove to near my parents' house[11]..When I was in the 6th grade of Saijo City Kanbai Elementary SchoolEhime FCJunior youth selection failed[13][14].

I met Hiroshi Inoue, my teacher, when I was in Saijo City Kita Junior High School.[15], The base of the current abundant amount of exercise due to the running at this time,TrunkIs made[13][15][16][17].2001 U-15 All Japan Youth ChampionshipThen, the prefecture finished third[18].

2002, soccer powerhouseHigashi Fukuoka High SchoolGo on to.Junya MorishigeUnder 2nd grade1 volanchI entered as a regular[16][19], I was not selected for district selection, etc., and I could not get sports recommendation because I was unknown nationwide[20], Going to schoolSchool of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University[21][22]ToDesignated school recommendationEnrolled in[23].. For high school classmatesTetsuji Kondo,Rugby representative from Japan OfToyoda MamanAnd so on.

Meiji University

2005 years,Meiji University Soccer ClubJoined.Akihiko KamikawaBy the directorRight side backWas converted to[20].. Kamikawa says that he converted Nagatomo to the right side-back to make use of his physical strength, running power, and complete attack power.[24][16][Note 4].. The intervertebral disc that developed early in Iribe, who was trying to play in this position.herniaRelapse[20]..He couldn't play in the game and continued to cheer on the stand.

Returned in August 2006, the first starter since joining the opening game of the second half league[26].. Around the waist to stabilize the intervertebral discTrunk muscleI also succeeded in training[27], Kamikawa began to play as much as "extraordinary" in about three games after returning[28].. In some cases, he served as a center back when he faced 3 backs due to his physical strength.[29].. From here, he rapidly emerged and was selected by All Japan UniversityUniversiadeElected as a representative[30].. In the same gradeFujita Yuto,Ryohei Hayashi,Koji HashimotoThere was

FW in a practice match with FC Tokyo held in March 2007RicheliThe matchup with the director at that timeHiromi HaraAttracting the attention of FC Tokyo officials[31]From FebruarySpecially designated playerParticipated in FC Tokyo practice as[22].. April 7Nabisco CupQuarter-final pairYokohama FMIt was appointed halfway through the battle and made its official debut. Furthermore, as U-22 Japan representativeBeijing Olympic Asia Second QualifyingElected to Malaysia[32][Note 5].. Competing in the right wingback, in addition to the first point at the diving head[26]PKHe showed great success such as winning.

FC Tokyo era

I decided to go professional without waiting for college[7][14]Retired from the soccer club while still attending school in 2008[Note 6]FC TokyoSigned a formal contract with[34].. Kamikawa intended to set Nagatomo as the vice general of the soccer club in 2008, but withdrew it due to Nagatomo's strong determination.[35].. One of the reasons why I decided to make a professional contract with FC Tokyo after leaving the soccer club for one year and leaving,A mother who raises 3 siblings, including herself, with one womanI wanted to make it easier and faster economically.”[36][9][7].. March 3th of the league opening gameKobeFrom war to previous year was regularKanazawaDefeat the others and play the starting lineup[14].. May 5, Section 3OmiyaScored the first J-League score in the match[14].. The main position after joining Tokyo was the left side back,[37], The latter half of the same year, the director at that timeFukuhiro JoWas mainly on the right side back, depending on the team situation at that time in Tokyo and the characteristics of the opponent players.Tokunaga Yuhei[Note 7]I replaced Nagatomo with left and right[40].

On May 5Takeshi OkadaLeadRepresentation from JapanFirst convened on May 5thGiraffe cupコ ー ト ワ ワ ー ルRecorded the first appearance in the national team with full participation in the battle[10].. April 11Giraffe challenge cup-(I.e.In the battle, he scored the first goal of the national team by deciding on a pre-emptive middle shot.[10]. Also in the same yearBeijing Olympics Japan National TeamElected to[41]Main tournamentHowever, the team has lost all three Group League games and later said "I could not afford" "I could not play as I expected"[42].

From 2009, the physical coachKoichi ToizakiAt the same time, we started to improve the running method with the aim of improving the quality of ups and downs.[43]. I refined the play with a sense of speed that takes advantage of the amount of exercise and strong physical strength. In December of the same year, served as a special lecturer for the Japanese national teamKazuhisa KawamotoOnly Nagatomo was rated as the running form of "no complaint" among the representative players[44][15]. From the latter half of the same year, he went up to the side half as an attack piece, and in the side backKenta MuraharaThere is also a usage method that they are input[8], In TokyoNabisco CupContributing to the victory,UtilityExercise this yearJ League Best ElevenWas also elected[45][14].

2010 yearsSouth Africa World CupSo, in all four games, I played full on the left side back.[14]. Group League Round 1カ メ ル ー ンBecoming a teammate later in the battleSamuel EtowMarked thoroughly and closed, of the second round NetherlandsParticipated in the warEl Jero AreaHe played an active part as an ace killer by changing the position to the right side back according to his position, and greatly contributed to the advancement of the final tournament of the Japanese national team. From the same competitionInternational Football FederationAccording to the laser measurement introduced by (FIFA), Nagatomo's top speed is 1km / h in the first match against Cameroon.[46], 2km in Round 26.70 (Netherlands)[47]And both games recorded the fastest speed including the opponent[Note 8]. In addition, due to this activity, the local Ehime Prefecture was awarded the Ehime Prefecture Culture and Sports Award.[50][14].

On July 7th, his success in the World Cup was highly evaluated.Serie AWas promoted to after 20 seasonsAC CesenaRental transfer with purchase option is decided[51]. At the time of the leaving ceremony, she said in tears, "I have no intention of breaking up with you. I want to become the best side back in the world and wear a blue-red uniform again." Tokyo supporters applauded me.[52].

AC Cesena era

At Cesena, he handed over the number 5 he had requested[38], As the left side back of the opening roundRomeFull participation from the battle.Of the director Chesena at that timeMassimo Ficcadenti"Nagatomo is better on either side, but left is better in terms of possession and vision."[53]Appointed on both sides depending on the match (depending on the match development, enter the front line), Section 11 on November 21stPalermoDecided to be the first assist in the match since joining Cesena[54]. After that, Section 12 on December 18thCagliariUntil the match, the team's only field player continued to participate in all games in full, and he was the manager of the strengthening department.Lorenzo MinottiHe was highly praised as "(Nagatomo) keeps a very good play and is a wonderful person who unites the locker room."[55].. In addition, he said that from his experience at Serie A, he learned how to make contact with top-level opponents and gained a response to further improvement in running power and physical strength.[56].

Held in 2011Asian CupThen full participation in all 6 games[14](In Japan, with NagatomoYasuyuki KonnoOnly) and then the finalAustraliaIn the battle, raise the position from the left side back to the left side half during the match,Lee TadungContributed to Japan's victory in Asia by assisting in the finals[57].

Inter Milan era

January 2011, 1, with a transfer fee of about 31 million yen[58]Completely transferred to Cesena[59]The same day, which was the final day of the winter transfer market,David SandtonIn a trade withIntelTo be rented by the end of the season[60][61][62].. Uniform number 55[Note 9].. February 2th, Serie A Round 6 Rome debut at Inter, March 24th Round 3GenoaSerie A scored the first score in the battle. March 3,UEFA Champions League Final Tournament Round 12nd legBayern MunichIn the battle, he participated in the CL final tournament, which was the fourth Japanese to play in the middle, and contributed to the away victory.[64].. In the quarterfinalsAtsuto UchidaBelongs toSchalke 04Played the first Japanese showdown against CL and recorded the longest mileage for both teams on the 2nd leg.[65][66]Although highly regarded by local newspapers,[67][66], The team is defeated here. The final round of the league on May 5CataniaHe scored his second league match goal in the match. May 2, the final race of the seasonCoppa ItaliaIn the final match against Palermo, he made a full appearance as a right SB and won his first title in Italy.

2011-12 seasonOn July 7st, which was the start date of, the full transfer to Intel was announced with a five-year contract[68][69].. Section 12 of December 10thFiorentinaOn December 12st, he scored his first two consecutive goals against Genoa in the match and Section 13 (postponed due to bad weather) on December 11th.LecceHe showed 2 assists in the battle. Due to poor performance in the 2011-12 season, Intel had two coach changes, and although it was sometimes not used at the beginning of the change, he finally secured a regular seat.

Serie A Section 2012 on October 10, 7AC MilanWithMilan DerbyReceived two yellow cards and became his first exit[70].. Serie A Section 12 on December 9thNaplesPlayed 100 official matches in Italy[71].. In March 2013real MadridHe was rumored to be moving to the club, but commented that he wanted to focus on his performance at Intel, emphasizing his stay at the club. On February 2013, 2, he assisted the tie goal in the 25th round of the Milan Derby, but immediately after that, he injured his left knee and was sent off halfway.After that, he moved away from the competition and returned to the match against Cagliari on April 26, but his left knee pain recurred and he was sent off injured in just 4 minutes.Later, he was diagnosed with a left knee meniscus injury and needed surgery.[72]By opting for conservative therapy, he avoided surgery and returned to the end of the season.

In the 2013-8 season Serie A opening match against Genoa on August 27, 2013, he scored for the first time in 14 year and 1 months, and in Section 8.CataniaHe scored a heading shot in the match and scored two consecutive games. Repeated the run in front of the goal to get involved in the score[73]..In the match against Milan on December 12, the same year, he took turns leaving the pitch in the second half.Esteban CambiassoからcaptainHe inherited the mark and was assigned the game captain for the first time in the fourth season. This year,Asian Football FederationからInternational Best Player AwardWas elected. During the 2013-14 season, there were no major injuries throughout the season, and he eventually scored his highest score of 5 goals and 6 assists[74]It also showed a great improvement in terms of attack[75][76], The team missed the CL participation right for the second consecutive year.

2014 yearsFIFA World CupThen full participation in all group league games. Round 1コ ー ト ワ ワ ー ルIn battleKeisuke HondaAssists in the first goal of[77][78]However, I was aimed at the space behind me[79]A numerical disadvantage was created on the left side and consecutive goals were lost.[80][78].. Recorded the top of both teams in three games in mileage, two games in sprint count and maximum speed etc.[Note 10]I tried my best[83], Attack participation in the second and third rounds did not lead to a score[83]The group league was eliminated.

Appointed Vice Captain of Intel for the 2014-15 season[84].AFC Asian Cup held in January 2015Then quarterfinalsUAEIn the battle, the right thigh was pulled out, and the Japanese national team also lost here.[85][86].. After the tournament, his first tally was also injured in Palermo in February of the same year, injuring his right thigh and leaving for a long time. This was Nagatomo's fourth season failure[85].. In MayLazioReturn from the battle[87].

At the beginning of the 2015-16 season, Nagatomo became a surplus due to the reinforcement of the side back.[88]I couldn't even participate in the side-back position[89]It was sold for a while[90].. Multiple offers were received from Italy and abroad, but he refused to transfer because he wanted to stay at Intel[91].. Although the remaining was fulfilled, the second section that participated in the middleCarpiIt’s also because I’ve made mistakes in the battle[92]The painful position continues[93]There are no participation opportunities from Section 3 to Section 8. However, even though it seems to be released surely, without failing to make conditions, he participated for the first time in about two months, appealing with a playful feeling in the Section 2 Palermo match, which was the first starter of the season.[94][95].. Section 11 shows the defense well in the Battle of Rome[96]Succeeded in rehabilitation[97].. The club will ask you to renew your contract.[98]Announces contract extension until the end of June 2016 in April 4[99].. In the same yearManchester United FC,Liverpool FCHe received an offer from the club, but revealed on the club's official website that he wanted to play at Intel and refused.

August 2017, 4, Section 15AC MilanSo I played full in Milan Derby. Rumors of a transfer were reported after the season ended, but remained.

2017-18 season, the 9th section of September 17thFC CrotoneParticipated mid-game and achieved 200 Intel games in total[100].. Although he had a regular seat at the beginning of the season, on November 11thAtalanta BCAfter the warDavid SandtonAnd new membersDow belt,Joan CanselloAnd so on.[101].

International Friendly Match on November 2017, 11BrazilIn the match, he was the 7th Japanese national team to participate in 100 international A matches.

Galatasaray era

Since joining Intel, he has won position battles with numerous players, but the number of participation opportunities has dropped sharply from around November 2017. January 11, 2018, seeking participation opportunity,Turkey-Super Rig OfGalatasaray SKTransfer with time limit[102].. March 4, Section 29Besiktas JKRecorded assist in derby and contributed to victory[103].. All the teams participated in the league matches after Section 2 on February 5th, and also participated fully in the final game on May 20th, the team won and contributed to Galatasaray's 5st league victory for the first time in 20 years. At the end of the season, the full transfer to Galatasaray was announced.

January,Russian World CupWas selected as a member of the World Cup, and participated in three consecutive World Cup tournaments. Before the competition, I got my hair color and got a lot of attention[104].. Played full in three group league games, and in the second round of SenegalInuiTo assist the score of[105]Contributes to GL breakthrough[106].. However, the team was defeated in the first round of the final tournament and finished at the best 1. 16 World Cup appearances in 3 tournaments, along with Kawashima and Hasebe, were the most Japanese appearances[107].

2019 year 1 month,AFC Asian Cup 2019Was selected as a member of and has participated in three consecutive Asian Cup competitions. In the tournament, he played a regular role, but the team became a runner-up. Of section 3 on February 2thAkhisar BellediyespolAlthough he was separated from the battlefield due to the damage of the cruciate ligament in the war, of the 4th section on April 20thKayserispolReturned in the match and scored the first goal after transfer in the return match[108].

In 2020, due to the number of foreign players, Galatasaray received a notification from the side of Galatasaray.The contract expired on June 6, the same year, and he left the group.[109][110].

Marseille era

August 2020, 8,League AnnBelongs toOlympic marseilleJoined.The uniform number is 25[111]..He assisted for the first time after the transfer in the match against Nantes in Ligue 26 Round 2021. In July 7, it was announced that Marseille would leave the group.

FC Tokyo return

September 2021, 9, old nestJ1 leagueBelongs toFC TokyoAnnounced the first return in 11 years[112]..The jersey number is 50, which I have never assigned before, and it is a combination of the jersey number 5 that was once assigned by FC Tokyo and the Japan national team, and 0, which means to return to the origin.



The second child of a sports familyFirst son(I have an older sister and a younger brother[113]).Maternal grandfather1st Ogura BicycleFormer runnerBicycle racerTatsuo Yoshida[114].. Tatsuo's younger brotherYoshida Minoru TheBig uncleIt hits.His paternal grandfather is a former Lagerman from Meiji University. As of 2021, he was blessed with three children with his wife.[115], In January 2022Best Father Yellow Ribbon AwardAward.

Play style

Abundant momentum and outstanding speed are the side backs of the weapon.In addition, it has excellent agility and is strong against one-on-one, and it is said that it has both physical and high physical ability that can not compete with large forwards although it is not tall.[116][117][118].

Italian sports paper "Gazzetta dello SportDescribes Nagatomo as "a symbolic being starving for the conflict that Intel lacked."[119].


As a player

  • While attending Meiji University, I also attended a teaching profession. The theme of my graduation thesis is "British Cultural Studies"[120].
  • From the experience of learning Japanese drums as a child[121], When I was absent from injury at Meiji University, I supported the participating players with drums. The rhythm became a topic of the stand[122],Kashima AntlersSupporter groupIN. FIGHTWas solicited by[12].
  • The reason for being selected as the U-22 representative was in early January 2007, when the director of MeidaiAkihiko KamikawaWas a one-year junior at the same university and was the coach of the U-1 representative at that time.Atshiko Ejiri"There are players I really want to see, so I think I was fooled and I want you to come and see (Nagatomo's) play (to the match venue)."Prime Minister CupIt was triggered by Ejiri's visit to the quarterfinals.[123][26]..Kamikawa said, "I couldn't make a phone call unless (junior) Ejiri was a coach (U-22 representative). It was fateful that someone who could speak directly was in that position (U-22 representative coach). ".
  • In February 2010, FC TokyoCampGroundedMiyazakiMiyakonojo CityWas appointed to correspondent ambassador[124].. The city is also the birthplace of his paternal grandfather and is named "Yu] Was also attached from here. In May, FC Tokyo Players Association and ShirofukuFMD damageToDonationWas provided to the city, but donated as an individual[125].
  • Kuma Kogen Astronomical Observatory staff in the local Ehime prefectureNakamura AkimasaFound himself小 惑星(Registration number 158241) named "Yutonagatomo"[126].
  • At the time of joining Intel, Nagatomo was unable to read the contract written in Italian, and negotiations were difficult. Troubled To Japaninternational callKunihiro Suzuki who had a friendship (ZicoRequest an interpreter from JAPAN interpreter)[127].. Leonardo translated from Italian to Portuguese and Suzuki translated from Portuguese to Japanese, and Nagatomo passed it and signed the contract safely.
  • Serie A When you score your first scoreJavier SanettiShowed offbowPerformance was widely reported in local newspapers[128]..This bow was originally performed by Nagatomo in the practice of Intel, and now it has become so famous that when Nagatomo bows, the audience also bows.Initially it was the goal performance, but even when Nagatomo played an active part such as assisting because "bowing" was widely recognized, the players were seen to bow in a circle.It is also a subordinate organization of young playersプ リ マ ヴ ェ ー ラBut sometimes I bow after the goal[129].
  • On April 2011, 4, after moving to Intel, Cesena's Mancini played well before the match, as he made a significant contribution to the team by playing 30 full games in Cesena in the first half of the season. Vice-President received special award trophy[130].. Also, in the away match on December 2011, 12, Cesena supporters raised a "Yout" call before the match started, and Nagatomo bowed to this. Have a good relationship with[131].
  • I was a teammate when I was at IntelWesley SneijderIs a good friend both in public and private, and with Nagatomo Sneijder invited to his home.Champions leagueTo watch TV togetherTwitterPosted on and became a topic[132]..Captain Zanetti also evaluated Nagatomo as a soccer player, saying, "Yuto didn't happen to get a position at Intel," but "sometimes I think it's a moving bear stuffed animal. It's too cute. I think there are rarely any players who match the feeling of the team like that. That's why everyone likes it. "[133].
  • Antonio CassanoAt a press conference when he transferred to Intel, he named Nagatomo, who he had known for a long time, "I came to Intel because of Nagatomo." "Yuto is already my beloved disciple." I invited the reporters at the venue to laugh.[134].. After that, he showed an excellent combination by attacking not only in practice and intimacy in the private, but also in the game. The relationship between the two has been good even after Cassano left Intel, and continues to make frequent phone and email exchanges.[135].
  • Chairman of IntelMassimo MorattiNamed Nagatomo as one of the team's most friendly players and said, "Become a team mascot,EarthquakeIs acting brightly without feeling the influence of[136].. At the training camp of the team, other players flooded with voices wanting to stay in the same room because they could enjoy it when they were in the same room.[137]5,000 supporters for new season eventChantAnd so on[138], Showed excellent communication skills. Was a teammate in CesenaGiuseppe Colucci"Nagatomo is not Japanese, it's mixed with Latin blood. It's rather Italian," he said. Colucci isReginaShunsuke NakamuraWhen,CataniaTakayuki MorimotoHe has played with him and said, "At first I thought he was a quiet and serious player. It's a so-called general Japanese image. Polite and quiet. He doesn't come into the circle very much, always. A cool Japanese. Nakamura was really serious. I think it's been about half a year since I first heard his voice. Morimoto isn't that lively.Nakata (Eiju)Is that so? But Nagatomo is different.We were playing around in the locker room and joking around.At first I couldn't speak any words.Thinking about it now, I think it was adaptability to the new environment. "[139].
  • In May 2011, he was awarded the "San Siro Gentleman Award" with Sanetti and others as a player showing elegance and fair play on and off the pitch.[140].
  • His first book, "Nippon Boys," earned the first sales rank as the first athlete in the Oricon book ranking on June 2011, 6.[141].. Later translated into Italian and published as "Un ragazzo giapponese".
  • Selected as one of "2011 World Defender Top 12" announced by ESPNSTAR.com in December 2011[142].
  • From January 2013, 6Disney XDThen, an animation "Supervised by himself" as a modelYuto-kun goesWas broadcast[143].
  • Italian sports site "sportcafe24.com" announced Serie A's best player in the 2013-14 season was selected as the best player in the left side back category[144].
  • 2016 years,Rio de Janeiro OlympicsRepresentative of JapanOverageAlthough he was listed as an (OA) candidate, he was eager to participate[145], I didn't get the cooperation from the club,[146]World Cup Asia Final QualifyingBy the balance with[147]Not selected. As Nagatomo's second best idea[145]In OAHiroharu FujiharuWas chosen[148].. Regarding the selection of Fujiharu, Nagatomo commented that "(Fujiharu) is characterized by an attack, but I want you to pull (team) even in defense."[146].
  • In April 2020, selected by the British media as the 4th best Japanese representative in the 21st century[149].


  • From April 2015, he will open "Yuto Nagatomo Football Academy", which he owns.
  • On April 2016, 4, he established "Cuore Co., Ltd." with the business of "exercise, diet, and spirit" as the pillar, and became president (President).cuore means "heart" in Italian[150].

Improve Your Social Life

  • August 2016, 12,Buzzword AwardIn datingAiri TairaTowards "(my)AmoreThe words such as "was awarded to the top ten.
  • Held an engagement meeting with Taira on December 2016, 12, and submitted the marriage notification on January 24, 2017.[151].
  • On September 2017, 9, he announced Taira's pregnancy on his Instagram. February 2, 2018, reports the birth of the first child boy[152].
  • March 2019, 3, Taira's second child pregnancy report[153].. August 8, reports the birth of the second child[154].
  • Reported the birth of a third boy on his Twitter account on April 2021, 4[155].

Affiliation club

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
2006Meiji University12---1010
2007FC Tokyo36J10010-10
ItalyLeague matchItalian CupOpen cupTotal period
2010 – 11Cesena5Serie A16000-160
2011 – 1235210-362
2012 – 1325020-270
2013 – 1434520-365
2014 – 1514010-150
2015 – 1622040-260
2016 – 1716000-160
2017 – 1811020-130
TurkeyLeague matchTurkish cupOpen cupTotal period
2017 – 18Galatasaray55Super Rig15010-160
2018 – 1917100-171
2019 – 2015121-172
FranceLeague matchF. League CupFrench cupTotal period
2020 – 21Marseille25League Ann250-10260
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
2021FC Tokyo50J110000-100
ItalySerie A1869150-2019
TurkeySuper Rig47231-503
FranceLeague Ann250-10260
Other official games
  • 2018
    • Turkey Super Cup 1 game 0 goal
  • 2019
    • Turkey Super Cup 1 game 0 goal
International competition individual results
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscoreParticipationscore
2010 – 11Intel55-30
2011 – 12-70
2012 – 1382-
2014 – 1520-
2016 – 1740-
2018 – 19Galatasaray2050
2019 – 20-60
2020 – 21Marseille25-20

年度Other international official gamesParticipationscore
2013International Champions Cup10
International Champions Cup31
2015International Champions Cup20
2016International Champions Cup30
Participation history


ク ラ ブ

FC Tokyo
Internazionale Milan
Galatasaray SK



Representative history

Participation meet

Number of matches

  • International A Match 136 games 4 goals (2008 -)[10]

Representation from JapanInternational A Match


#Date heldvenueOpponentVictoryMatch outline
1.2008/11/13Japan,KobeSyrian flag (I.e.○ 3-1Giraffe challenge cup2008
2.2009/5/31Japan,TokyoBelgian flag Belgium○ 4-0Giraffe cup football 2009
3.2009/10/8Japan,ShizuokaHong Kong flag Hong Kong○ 6-0Asian Cup 2011 Qualifying
4.2019/10/10Japan,SaitamaMongolia flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 6-02022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 Qualifying


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