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⚾ | Agile 1 turn → Demon shoulder throwing is “cool” 3rd year of rapid growth Catcher is “really getting better”

Photo Lotte Toshiya Sato [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Agile one turn → Demon shoulder throwing is "cool" Rapid growth 1rd year Catcher is "really getting better"

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When the official YouTube of "Parsol Pa League TV" released a video titled "[Energy-saving pitching] Romero" Throw 7 balls 83 times and no runs !! 6th win of the season "", "Toshiya's defense is getting better." There were voices paying attention to the defense of Toshiya Sato.

Lotte Toshiya Sato led Romero 7 times with no runs ■ Lotte 8-1 Softbank (27th, Tokyo Dome)… → Continue reading


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      Conceded !! 6th win of the season


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