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⚾ | [MLB] Shohei Ohtani hits the second at bat for the first time in two games.

Photo Angels Shohei Ohtani [Photo: Reuters]

[MLB] Shohei Ohtani hits the second at bat for the first time in two games overnight from a big brawl ... The confusion of suspension of acting director is also pleasant

If you write the contents roughly
The first at bat struck out on his right arm, which had a batting average of .294 in total, but he made a good sound in the second at bat.

Starting in "No. 3 Designated Hitter" ■ Angels-W Socks (Anaheim, Japan time 28th) Angels ... → Continue reading


"I want to know" about baseball is here.Baseball specialty media "Full-Count".

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StrikeoutWhat is (sanshin)?baseball,soft ballInbatter pitcherからstrikeIt is a record at that time that three are taken.EnglishThen.Strike Out(Abbreviated SO)Score bookThen the strikeout isSO, Missed strikeoutK, Uncaught third strikeIs written.


Strikeout is the record when the batter was sentenced to three strikes in one at-bat. At this time, the pitch of the third strikecatcherIf the batter is legally caught or the batter who was sentenced to the third strike by the rules described below cannot immediately become a runner,outbecome. It has to be noted here that the sentence of the third strike does not necessarily mean that the batter is out immediately (→Run away).

The ball umpire calls "Strike Three" when declaring the third strike.

MLBThen.1887Only strike four seasons to get outStrikeoutWas adopted as a rule. Was it a lot of opposition?[1]. AlsoCharlie O. FinleyStrike out with two strikes, aiming to shorten the matchStrike outHave been adopted in the open battle.


Strikeout will be recorded if strike is pronounced after 2 strikes (for strike sentenceConditions for the strike to be declaredSee).

There is no distinction according to the situation on the official record, but those who record the record with a particular purpose often record it according to the purpose.

  • 3rd strikeEmpty swingIf it is,Strike outThat.
  • The batter that the batter did not try to hit was unboundedStrike ZoneTo go throughMissedIf you miss the third strike,Missed out strikeoutThat.
  • After two strikesBuntThe hit ballFoul ballIfThree bunt failureCalled. Note that in this case it is a strikeout, but because it is a foul ballBall deadIt is impossible to run away (below).

When the pitcher or batter is changed in the middle of the batter's turn at batOfficial baseball rulesStipulated in.

All the pitches for one batter are strikes, and it is popular to take three strikes from three batters.Strike out".

Immortal or dead, and on the first baserunnerIf there is no, or if you die two, throw the third strikecatcherHowever, if he cannot catch the ball legally, the batter must be a batter runner and must run on the first base, not out. thisRun awayIn order to get this batter-runner out, the defensive side must hit the batter-runner or the first base, just like Uchino Goro. If the batter-runner reaches the first base by then, the batter-runner can live on the first base. Regardless of the success or failure of the run, the batter hits out and the pitcher hits out (in one inning)4 or moreThe strikeout may be recorded.The detail is Run away(See).

batThe catcher makes a regular catch (Foul tip) Is also recorded as a strikeout if it falls under the third strike.It doesn't matter if the batter was willing to swing the bat[8].

Immediately after a batter went out with a strikeout, a runner on the first base failed to steal, or the baseball was so big that he was touched and out.Strike out(Strikeout)”. In this case, the batter will record a strikeoutDouble hitIs not recorded.

About notation of K

There are various theories why the strikeout is written as K on the scorebook, and it is still unclear.

  • The theory that "K" at the end of "struck" is taken
    • Sports writerHenry ChadwickInvented by If the initial letter "S" is written as it is, "Sacrifice (Sacrifice) ”Is said to be due to duplication[9].
  • The theory that K of "Knockout" was taken
    • This is currently the most influential. If you abbreviate "S" and "SO", which are the initials of "Strike out," you get "Sacrifice (Sacrifice)” and “Steal (Steal)” and “Steal Out”.
  • The theory that K is taken for "kill(ed)"
    • "Out" means "death," as in Japanese, "one death." In other words, "strike out" → "batter dies" → "pitcher killed the batter"
  • The "mere coincidence" theory
    • It is assumed that the rulebook editors itemize appropriately how to turn it out, then shake the alphabet one by one, and as a result, "K" is accidentally shaken at the strikeout. However, it is (b)(c)(j) of 6.05 of the same rule that the batter hit out is out in the official baseball rules.[10].

At Bats / Strikeout Ratio (AB / K)

In the Major League baseball record, as a numerical value to evaluate the "strikeout difficulty" for batters,Number of strokesIs divided by the strikeout number.The feature of this coefficient is that by making the number of hits a numerator, the elements of four dead balls, sacrifice bunts, and missteps do not affect, and how surely the batter's hit hits the pitch back.The larger the number, the harder it is for the batter to strike out.The evaluation criteria are generally good at around 7.8, and excellent at above 10.Also, in reality, the batterbatting averageHas a certain degree of correlation with the height ofAverage hitterThe higher the number, the higher the number.


Strikeout(Datsusanshin) is a record given to a pitcher when the pitcher strikes out the batter.

the aboveAt the same time that the batter strikes out, the pitcher will record the strikeout. The strikeout of the batter and the strikeout of the match pitcher will always be the same number.

I hate uncertainties in the gameSaber metricsFrom this point of view, it is a method of obtaining an out count that should be emphasized without being influenced by chances such as errors and irregular hits.

  • As mentioned above, if the runout is successful, the pitcher will be able to record the strikeout, but the batter will not be out, so theoretically any number of strikeouts can be recorded during one inning.
  • To strike out for the pitcher is to completely miss the aim of the batter, and can be said to be the pitcher's complete victory in the match between the pitcher and the batter. Especially pitchers with many strikeouts areDoctor K"(Teacher of strikeouts), etc., and the attention is high, such as the close-up of the battle with the smasher.In addition, Mr. K is not used because it has the nuance of a strikeout man (a batter with many strikeouts).
  • As mentioned above, if a batter strikes out and a batter strikes out in the middle of a batter's turn at bat, the pitcher who took the third strike is recorded a strikeout. Therefore, the "minimum number of pitches required to record a strikeout 3" is "1 ball".
  • As a professional baseball record for one game19525/13ToMinor leagueIn class D ofRon NetcheyeIncreases as the pitcher chases timesStomach ulcerWithstood stomach pain due to, he achieved a record of 9 strikeouts in 27 times (at the same timeNo hit no runHas also been achieved)[11].

Strikeout rate

The strikeout rate is the average number of strikeouts assuming that the pitcher has completed one game (1 innings), and is calculated by the following formula.

This value is one of the indicators for evaluating the pitcher's ability, and if it is high, it is recognized as a pitcher who has a high ability to take out by himself.BABIPPitchers with a high strikeout rate due to their relationship withHit rateHas the advantage that it tends to be low. If the evaluation standard is 7.5 to 8.0, it will be in the high category, and if it exceeds 9.0, it will be a typical pitcher who strikes out. By age group, strikeout rates tend to rise overall in MLB[12].. In recent years, the number of strikeouts divided by the number of hitsK%Evaluation by is becoming mainstream.The highest ever with more than 1000 innings in totalHideo Nomo26.9%, the highest ever in the season regulation throwing times or more is Yutaka Enatsu (1968) 31.9%.

Japanese professional baseball records (those who reach the regular pitch times) throughout the season2019 OfChiga University Of11.33(Throw times180.1, strikeout 227). MLB recording2020 OfShane Bieber Of14.20(Innings pitched 77.1, strikeout 122).Yutaka Enatsu in 401, who recorded the season 1968 strikeouts10.97(Pitch time 329).

Record of strikeouts

Japanese professional baseball

Total record

  • Records at end of 2021 season[13]

Season record

RankingPlayer nameClubStrikeoutRecord yearRemarks
1R. BryantKintetsu Buffaloes2041993Pacific LeagueRecord
2R. BryantKintetsu Buffaloes1981990
3R. BryantKintetsu Buffaloes1871989
4Munetaka MurakamiTokyo Yakult Swallows1842019SE LeagueRecord
5R. BryantKintetsu Buffaloes1761992
6Akinori IwamuraYakult Swallows1732004
Teruaki SatoHanshin Tigers2021New record
8Takeya NakamuraSaitama Seibu Lions1722015Right batter record
9B. EldredHiroshima Toyo Carp1692014Central League right-handed batter record
10M. GomezHanshin Tigers1662014
  • Records at end of 2021 season[14]

1 match record

Player nameClubStrikeoutRecord dateRemarks
Yoshiharu WakanaHanshin Tigers519795/29
T. SoletaNippon Ham Fighters19807/4
R. GaleHanshin Tigers19864/18
Aiko TakeshiChiba Lotte Marines19927/11
Yasushi TsurutaChunichi Dragons19939/7
R. DuceyNippon Ham Fighters19965/26
Yasuaki OtoyoChunichi Dragons19976/3
Kaneko MakotoNippon Ham Fighters19976/14
Koji UeharaYomiuri Giants20005/6
Toshihisa HitoshiYomiuri Giants20054/16
Shunsuke WatanabeChiba Lotte Marines20055/8
Tomoya SatozakiChiba Lotte Marines20065/2
Shohei TateyamaTokyo Yakult Swallows20119/15
HashimotoYomiuri Giants20148/30
Eigoro MogiTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles20164/20
Kazuki KazariYokohama DeNA Baystars20194/21
Hayato SakamotoYomiuri Giants20196/21
Akiyama TakumiHanshin Tigers20207/28
Teruaki SatoHanshin Tigers20217/4[15]
Yuki YanagitaFukuoka Softbank Hawks20225/31[16]

1 match team record

Baseball teamOpponentStrikeoutRecord dateRemarks
Chiba Lotte MarinesOrix Blue Wave191995/4/21[17]Strikeouts up to 9 times.10 strikeouts including 20 extra times (reference record).[18]
Chunichi DragonsYakult Swallows2005/4/6[19]
Chunichi DragonsFukuoka Softbank Hawks2006/6/18[20]
Orix BuffaloesChiba Lotte Marines2022/4/10[21][22]

Other records

  • Nine batters all strike out one by one
Baseball teamOpponentRecord date
Orix Blue WaveChiba Lotte Marines1992/8/11[23]
Chiba Lotte MarinesFukuoka Softbank Hawks2022/4/14[24][25]

Major league baseball

Total record

RankingPlayer nameStrikeoutAt-bat
1Reggie Jackson259711,418
2Jim Tomi254810,313
3Adam Dunn23798,328
4Sammy Sosa23069,896
5Alex Rodriguez228712,207
6Andres Galaraga20038,916
7Justin Upton19487,592
8Jose Canseco19428,129
9Willie Stargel19369,027
10Miguel Cabrera193010,993
RankingPlayer nameStrikeoutAt-bat
11Mark Reynolds19276,243
12Curtis Granderson19168,306
13Mike Cameron19017,884
14Mike Schmidt188310,062
15Fred Maglyph188210,174
16Tony Perez186710,861
17Chris Davis18525,630
18Ryan Howard18416,531
19Bobby abreuil184010,081
Derek Jeter12,602
  • As a general rule, results before 1876 do not include season records, but personal records are included.
  • Records at end of 2021 season[26]

Season record

RankingPlayer nameClubStrikeoutRecord yearRemarks
1Mark ReynoldsArizona Diamondbacks2232009National LeagueRecord
2Adam DunnChicago White Sox2222012A leagueRecord
3Chris DavisBaltimore Orioles2192016
4Ioan MoncadaChicago White Sox2172018
5Chris CarterHouston Astros2122013
6Mark ReynoldsArizona Diamondbacks2112010
Giancarlo StantonNew York Yankees2018
8Chris DavisBaltimore Orioles2082015
Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees2017New record
10Joey GalloTexas Rangers2072018
  • Records at end of 2020 season[27]

Record of strikeouts

Japanese professional baseball

Most strikeout

Total record

The above records are as of the end of the 2021 season.[28]

Season record

RankingPlayer nameClubStrikeoutRecord yearRemarks
1Yuka EnatsuHanshin Tigers4011968SE LeagueRecord
2Kazuhisa InaoNishitetsu Lions3531961Pacific LeagueRecord
3Shoichi KanedaJNR Swallows3501955
4Yuka EnatsuHanshin Tigers3401970
5Tadashi SugiuraNankai Hawks3361959
6Kazuhisa InaoNishitetsu Lions3341958
7Takao KajimotoHankyu Braves3271956
8Kazuhisa InaoNishitetsu Lions3211959
9Tadashi SugiuraNankai Hawks3171960
10Shoichi KanedaJNR Swallows3161956
  • Records at end of 2021 season[29]
  • Season double-digit strikeout record Hideo Nomo 21 times (1990)[30]

1 match record

Player nameClubStrikeoutRecord dateOpponent
Koji NodaOrix Blue Wave191995/4/21[17]Chiba Lotte Marines
Aki SasakiChiba Lotte Marines2022/4/10[22]Orix Buffaloes
Masahiro TanakaTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles182011/8/27[31]Fukuoka Softbank Hawks
Mitsuhiro AdachiHankyu Braves171962/5/24[32]Nankai Hawks
Hideo NomoKintetsu Buffaloes1990/4/29[33]Orix Braves
Koji NodaOrix Blue Wave1994/8/12[34]Kintetsu Buffaloes

1 inning record

Player nameClubStrikeoutRecord dateRemarks
Yu KodaOcean Whales419597/5
Takahito NomuraOrix Blue Wave19938/8
Kimiyasu KudoFukuoka Daiei Hawks19968/2
Fumiya NishiguchiSeibu Lions19974/12
Hideki OkajimaYomiuri Giants19977/4
D. LemonYakult Swallows20004/14
Kazumi SaitoFukuoka Daiei Hawks20009/3
Toshiya SugiuchiFukuoka Daiei Hawks2003/4/14
Kento KanazawaHanshin Tigers20048/1
Daisuke MatsuzakaSeibu Lions20049/17
Yukinaga MaedaYomiuri Giants20054/6
Hideaki WakuiSeibu Lions20074/3
W. ObispoYomiuri Giants20099/17
Takuichi SawamuraYomiuri Giants20124/13
Chiga UniversityFukuoka Softbank Hawks20134/17
Satoshi TakahashiChunichi Dragons20137/9
Shingo HirataYokohama DeNA Baystars20156/6
Ryosuke YagiTokyo Yakult Swallows20165/24
Juntaro FujinamiHanshin Tigers20167/4
Kendai IshidaYokohama DeNA Baystars
Hiroki MatsuiTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles20185/4
Reito TaguchiYomiuri Giants2018/7/4
B. DixonOrix Buffaloes20187/8
Chiga UniversityFukuoka Softbank Hawks20189/15Record for the second time
Kamigaya TaigaYokohama DeNA Baystars20197/2
R. MartinezChunichi Dragons20209/4
Aki SasakiChiba Lotte Marines20227/1

Batter consecutive strikeout record

Player nameClubRecordRecord dateOpponentRemarks
Aki SasakiChiba Lotte Marines132022/4/10Orix Buffaloes
Takao KajimotoHankyu Braves91957/7/23Nankai Hawks
Masayuki DobashiToei Flyers1958/5/31Nishitetsu Lions
Toshihiro IwaoSaitama Seibu LionsSeptember 2015-4, 12Reference record (straddling the match)[35]

Inning continuous recording

Player nameClubRecordRecording periodRemarks
Dennis SafateFukuoka Softbank Hawks43May 2015-June 5, 8[36]
Leidel MartinezChunichi Dragons35March 2020, 8-March 9, 2021Reference record (straddling the season)[37]
Zhang MagazineSeibu Lions28May 2002-June 7, 21[36]
Dennis SafateFukuoka Softbank Hawks26May 2017-June 7, 30[36]
Yoshinobu YamamotoOrix Buffaloes25May 2020-June 7, 26[38]Most Japanese record
Aki SasakiChiba Lotte MarinesMay 2022-June 3, 27[39][40]Most Japanese record

36 records including cross-season (October 2021, 10-April 14, 2022)

Major league baseball

Most strikeout

Total record

RankingPlayer nameStrikeout
11Phil Nikuro3342
12Ferguson Jenkins3192
13Pedro Martinez3154
14Bob Gibson3117
15Kurt Schilling3116
16CC Sabacia3093
17John Smoltz3084
18Max Shurzer3020
19Justin Verlander3013
20Jim Banning2855
  • Records at end of 2021 season[41]
  • Double-digit strikeouts in total: Nolan Ryan (215 times)[42]

Season record

  • After 1901
RankingPlayer nameClubStrikeoutRecord yearRemarks
1Nolan RyanCalifornia Angels3831973A leagueRecord
2Sandy cofaxLos Angeles Dodgers3821965National LeagueRecord
3Randy JohnsonArizona Diamondbacks3722001
4Nolan RyanCalifornia Angels3671974
5Randy JohnsonArizona Diamondbacks3641999
6Lube WaddellPhiladelphia Athletics3491904
7Bob FellerCleveland Indians3481946
8Randy JohnsonArizona Diamondbacks3472000
9Nolan RyanCalifornia Angels3411977
10Randy JohnsonArizona Diamondbacks3342002

1 match record

Player nameClubStrikeoutRecord dateRemarks
(English editionWashington Senators211962/9/1216 times extension
Roger ClemensBoston Red Sox201986/4/29
Kelly woodChicago Cubs1998/5/6
Randy JohnsonArizona Diamondbacks2001/5/8Overtime after surrender
Max ShurzerWashington Nationals2016/5/11
  • At the end of the 2020 season
  • 19 strikeouts total 12 times, many below 18 strikeouts
  • 20 strikeouts by 7 consecutive strikes[43]

Batter consecutive strikeout record

Player nameClubRecordRecord dateRemarks
Tom shiverNew York Mets101970/4/22
Eric GagneLos Angeles DodgersSeptember 2003-5, 17Straddle the match
Aaron NolaPhiladelphia Phillies2021/6/25
Corbin BurnesMilwaukee Brewers2021/8/11
Mickey welchNew York Giants91884/8/28From the first batter
Jake PeabySan Diego Padres2007/4/25
Ricky NorrascoFlorida Marlins2009/4/13
Aaron HarangLos Angeles Dodgers2012/4/13
Doug PfisterDetroit Tigers2012/9/27
Max ShurzerWashington Nationals2015/10/3
Tyler AlexanderDetroit Tigers2020/8/2Relay
Jacob DeGromNew York Mets2021/4/17
Pablo LopezMiami Marlins2021/7/11From the first batter

Other records

Minor league baseball

1 match record

Player nameClubStrikeoutRecord dateOpponent
Ron Netcheye(English edition(Class D)271952/5/13(English edition


The word "struck out" means that the third conviction imposes maximum sentencing regardless of the offense.StrikeoutAndNew Bar ExamRefers to those who have failed all three timesDr. Struck outLike, is sometimes used metaphorically away from baseball.


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