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⚽ | Is Kawasaki really stalling aiming for the third straight victory?Unraveling the commander's "aggressive command" seen in the Iwata battle

Photo: Unraveling the current situation of Kawasaki aiming for 3 consecutive victories [Photo: Getty Images]

Is Kawasaki really stalling for the third straight victory?Unraveling the commander's "aggressive command" seen in the Iwata battle

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Even this night, Tachibana was excited just by taking the ball, so it left an unfortunate impression, but as expected, Oshima's construction ability stands out as the successor to Kengo Nakamura.

[Expert column] Kawasaki is a whistle at the end of the match with Todoroki, where Ryota Oshima entered the anchor in the match against Iwata, which ended 1-1. → Continue reading


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    Impressive impression

    Kengo Nakamura

    Kengo Nakamura(Kengo Nakamura[2],198010/31 -) isTokyoKodairaFormer originsoccer player.. ExRepresentation from Japan..In the active eraposition TheMidfielder(mainlyBelow the top,Volanch).

    From professional debut to retirementKawasaki FrontaleStraight lineBandieraAnd now after retirement, the club's Relations Organizer (FRO)[3]To serve.


    Before entering professional

    Started playing soccer in the first grade of elementary schoolFuchu-shiBelongs to the Nofu Roku Soccer Boys' Club.To seniors of the Boy ScoutsSawahokiTo juniorsKazunari HosakaThere is. In 5th gradeAll Japan Youth Soccer TournamentBest 16. At the opening ceremony of the 6th Tokyo Boys' Selection Soccer Tournament in 8th grade, he swore a player.Kazuya Iio,Yasushi Takahashi,Daisuke HoshiTogether with others, they were selected as 10 excellent players in the tournament.

    Tokyo Metropolitan Kurume High SchoolAfter graduatingChuo University OfDepartment of literatureEntered the Department of Literature, Department of English and American Literature[4].. Grab a regular at 2 years. 3 years[5],Kanto University LeagueFinished at the bottom in the first copy and demoted to the second copy. In 1th year, he won the 2nd division as captain and returned to the 4st division.Mrs. Kanako was a soccer club manager who had a hard time with her.

    Kawasaki Frontale

    2003, Was participating as a test studentKawasaki FrontaleOfficially joined.It will be the opening roundSanfrecce HiroshimaFirst appearance in the battle,4/9 OfMontedio YamagataIn the game, he scored his first goal after joining the pro[6].

    Aggressive at the beginning of joining the group, so-called under the topMidfielderWas,2004ToTakashi SekizukaAt the director's suggestionVolanchConvert official[7].2004 J League Division 2Won the championship and was promoted to J1.

    2005August 8, verse 24Yokohama F. MarinosIn battle[8] J1 first score.

    2006,Ibiza OsimAfter taking officeRepresentative AFirst elected.10/4 OfガーナFirst appearance in the battle,10/11 OfIndiaNational team's first goal in the match[1]..Established as a member of the Japanese national team.First in club historyJ League Best ElevenToHiroyuki TaniguchiHe has been selected with and has won the Best Eleven for the fourth consecutive year.

    2010XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,AFC Champions League 2010 OfIchiwa JonanIn battleMandibleEven if I break a boneSouth Africa World CupSelected as the final member.In the first round of the final tournamentパラグアイParticipated in the battle[1].

    same year Netherlands OfPSVI received an offer from, but "I was picked up from the practice participation. I can't leave without leaving anything."[9], And remained on the team.

    201110 month 11 day2014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 3 Qualifying OfEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIf you start in the game for the first time in about a year, you will get 1 goal and 1 assists.[10][11].

    2012, Played in all 34 games as a captain, scored 5 goals, and 13 assists, the most in the league.

    2013, JoinedYoshito OkuboRenatoTogether with it, it became the center of Kawasaki's attack.Recorded 29 goals in 7 games in the league.Asian Champions LeagueI got the right to participate in.

    May 2014, 52014 FIFA World CupRepresentation from JapanElected as a pre-registered member.

    May 2016, 7Nagoya GrampusIn battleLee Sung HeeInjured and sent off after receiving a malicious tackle from.Nakamura suffers from right ankle sprain, extensor hallucis longus contusion, and extensor hallucis longus contusion[12] In the end, 9 goals and 11 assists.At the age of 36, the oldest in historyJ-League Player of the Year AwardWas won.

    The captain of Kawasaki, who has served for three years since 2017Yu KobayashiI gave it to. October 10, Section 14Vegalta SendaiAchieved a total of 1 J400 League appearances in the match.In the match against Omiya Ardija in Section 34, it became the starting point for 3 goals.[13], Contributed to the victory of the team.Contributed to the club's first J1 victory[14] Winner of the J-League Player of the Year Award at 36 years and 50 days, the oldest player in history in the same yearGuinness World RecordsCertified by[15].

    2018 season, May 5th,Shimizu S-PulseHe contributed to the victory by scoring two goals in the match.In addition, he participated in a total of 2 games on this day, and he was a college graduate.Toshiya FujitaIt became a participation record lined up in[16].

    The club's first in the 2019 seasonLevan cupWinner. Left knee in the match against Hiroshima on November 11ndAnterior cruciate ligament injuryWas seriously injured[17].

    2020 season, Section 13Shimizu S-PulseIn the match, he participated in the official match for the first time in about 10 months and scored his first goal of the season.[18].. October 10st, at home on his 31th birthdayTama River ClassicoScored his first birthday goal and won[19].. The goal of the J1 player in his 40s was the sixth in history and the oldest birthday goal.[20]..On November 11st, the following day, he announced that he would retire from active duty for the same season.[21].. December 12th Home Final SectionUrawa RedsParticipated in the battle and assisted Kobayashi's goal[22]..Although he did not participate in the Emperor's Cup final against Gamba Osaka on January 1st of the following year, the team won and won the club's first victory in the same tournament.[23].. He has participated in 1 games in the J471 League in 11th place in history (at the time of retirement).

    After retirement

    In January 2021, he was appointed as Frontale Relations Organizer (FRO) of Kawasaki Frontale.[24].. July,Japan Football AssociationBecame a role model coach for U-17 Japan National Team[25].

    Other,DAZN,NHK BS1J League broadcastCommentator andNHK General Television"Sunday sportsIn charge of soccer commentator (since April 2022).


    • What I once admiredRamos RuiAlso, my favorite soccer playerJosep Guardiola[26].
    • As for the reason why he likes the number 14 in his uniform number, he says, "I like the arrangement of the numbers 14. I think the balance between 1 and 4 and the sharp and pointy feeling are really cool."[27].
    • Favorite artistsSpace switch,Mr. Children..Sukima SwitchShintaro TsunedaIs a friend (Winning ElevenFriend[28]).
    • To an old senior in the soccer club of Tokyo Metropolitan Kurume High School,Ken ShimuraThere is[29].
    • The eldest son was born on September 2008, 9[30]..Immediately afterKashiwa ReysolHe scored a goal in the battle and performed a "cradle dance".Nakamura's teammate's teammates have reached 3 times (the match won 5-2) including the goal from FK.Chung Taiyo"How many people were born?"
    • The eldest daughter was born on April 2010, 4[30]..I was worried about my child, and in August 2010 I was interviewed by the monthly magazine "Nice Wife" (Shufu to Seikatsusha).[31].. The second daughter was born on March 2016, 3[30].
    • 2011, the end of the year "Yabetchi FC-Japan Soccer Support Declaration-Won the FK Award of the Year. (May 5, the same year, J28 Section 1Gamba OsakaBy FK decided in the battle)
    • Retired in 2019 onlyFernando TorresNamed Kengo Nakamura as the most memorable player in the J-League.He also said that he had the ability to play calmly behind the FW and calm the game, and he always watched the FW and played, so he wanted to play with him.[32].
    • I was playing at Vissel Kobe in 2020Andres IniestaWas listed as the only "J-League god player" selected by Nakamura, and Nakamura responded on his blog that "it was the moment when the path I believed in was affirmed."[33].
    • It is decided that the goal performance of the season will be decided by the project "Digicchi ga Go!" In "Yabecchi FC" that will be broadcast before the season from 2014.Nakamura does not think about the performance, but mainly at the training camp before the seasonKyohei Tori,Kentaro Moritani(In 2019IwataIt is a form that juniors think and propose to Nakamura[34].. Since 2016, the comedian's gag has been the goal performance, but did you do it?[35] And Sunshine Ikezaki[36] Reacted on Twitter, and the 2018 bike Kawasaki Bike actually visited the stadium, and collaboration has been realized.In addition, BKB was shown in front of the head family by scoring a goal in the match against Sendai on August 8, when BKBKawasaki Bike visited.[37].
    Former story
    2014SKP14 (clear teeth 14)SKE48Is the motif. "14Is the uniform number.
    2015Pose to make a square frame with both handsThe pose that was published in the magazine "Soccer Magazine ZONE"
    2016Wow![35]Comedy combinationSmileA gag of how good it was.The reason is that their faces are similar.
    2017Justice![36]EntertainerSunshine IkezakiGag
    2018BKB (I, KawasakiBandiera) Hey[37]EntertainerBike kawasaki bikeGag
    2019YeahWWEAffiliated professional wrestlerShinsuke NakamuraAdmission performance.The reason is "Nakamura" connection.
    2020GetzEntertainerDandy SakanoGag.The reason is that only both hands are used for performance, so the injured anterior cruciate ligament is not affected.

    Affiliation club

    Youth career
    Professional career

    Individual grade

    Domestic competition individual performance
    年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
    JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
    International competition individual results
    年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscore


    ク ラ ブ

    Kawasaki Frontale


    Japanese representative history

    Participation meet

    Number of matches

    • International A Match 68 games 6 points (2006-2013)[1]

    Representation from JapanInternational A Match


    #Date heldvenueOpponentVictoryMatch outline
    1.2006/10/11IndiaIndian flag India○ 3-0AFC Asian Cup 2007 (Qualifying)
    2.2008/6/14ThailandKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand○ 3-02010 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifying
    3.2008/9/6バーレーンBahrain flag バーレーン○ 3-2
    4.2009/5/31JapanBelgian flag Belgium○ 4-0Giraffe cup football 2009
    5.2009/9/9 NetherlandsGhana flag ガーナ○ 4-3Friendly match
    6.2011/10/11JapanTajikistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 8-02014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 3 Qualifying


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