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⛳ | <Breaking News> 22-year-old Tomohiro Ishizaka achieves Albatross No. 1 this season, 44th tour

Photo Achieved by Tomohiro Ishizaka, 22 years old, Albatross, who is said to be more difficult than a hole-in-one (photo is the second day) (photo: Yoshihiro Iwamoto)

<Breaking news> 22-year-old Tomohiro Ishizaka achieves Albatross No. 1 this season, 44th tour

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Ishizaka, Kaito Onishi, Yuta Ikeda, and Katsumasa Miyamoto follow in second place with a one-stroke difference.

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Katsumasa Miyamoto

Katsumasa Miyamoto(Miyamoto Katsumasa,19728/28 -) isShizuokaAtamiFromProfessional golfer.


From the first year of junior high schoolGolfWhen I was in the third year of junior high schoolJapan Junior Golf Championship3rd place.A prestigious golf schoolIbaraki OfMizuki High SchoolAnd won the national high school championship for the second time in a row.Nihon UniversityIn the golf clubShingo Katayama,Yokoo KanameWas a rival in sync with.

1991, When I was in the first year of collegeJapan Amateur Golf ChampionshipAnd the same senior at Nihon UniversityShigeki MaruyamaDefeated and won.

1995Miyamoto, Katayama, and Yokoo all passed the professional golfer test, and became familiar rivals even after turning professional.1998ToTsuruya Open Golf TournamentWon the tour for the first time in the final round of the yearGolf japan seriesBut I will win.Miyamoto who got this big title was at the end of the same yearAmericaPGA Tourof"Qualifying schoolHas passed,1999Although he moved to the US tour, he returned to Japan in a year because he could not secure the prize money (within 125th in the prize money ranking) necessary to maintain the seed right for the US tour.

2001ToJapan Golf Tour ChampionshipBy winning, he won the 5-year seed right for the Japan Tour.Same yearGolf japan seriesWon the second victory for the first time in three years.2003 OfNST Niigata OpenAfter winning the tour for the fifth time, he was far from winning,2007ToKBC Augusta Golf TournamentIt will be the 4th win in total for the first time in 6 years.

By the way, in 2007Munthing Wear Open KSB CupIt is,Ryo IshikawaWas the first tournament to win, but Ishikawa couldn't receive the prize money because he was an amateur, and Miyamoto, who was in second place, received the winning prize of 2 million yen.However, Miyamoto regretted, "It's not the amount of money. After all, it's important to win."[1].

2008からJapan Golf Tour OrganizationServed as the chairman of the players' association of the domestic tourToken Home Mate CupHe won a come-from-behind victory with, and won his seventh tour total. 2019Chunichi CrownsWon the tour for the first time in two years.

Championship history

Japan Tours (12)

Number of wins
Major (5)
Tours (7)
No.Date and TimeConventionWinning scoreStrike2 bit
119984/19Tsuruya Open Golf Tournament-17 (69-65-69-68 = 271)1 strokesAustralian flag (English edition
2199812/6Golf Japan Series JT Cup-5 (64-67-75-69 = 275)play offJapanese flag Shoji Ozaki
320017/1Japan Golf Tour Championship Iiyama Cup-15 (69-67-68-69 = 273)7 strokesColombia flag (English edition/Indian flag Jeev Milkha Singh
4200112/2Golf Japan Series JT Cup-12 (72-64-66-66 = 268)1 strokesJapanese flag Nakajima Tsuneyuki/Japanese flag Toshimitsu Izawa
520037/27Sato Foods NST Niigata Open-17 (65-71-69-66 = 271)1 strokesUnited States flag
620078/26KBC Augusta Golf Tournament-15 (64-64-70-71 = 269)1 strokesJapanese flag Koda Komei/Australian flag (English edition
720084/20Token Home Mate Cup-8 (71-66-73-66 = 276)1 strokesJapanese flag Taichi Teshima
820106/6Japan Golf Tour Championship Citibank Cup Shishido Hills-5 (69-67-68-75 = 279)3 strokesJapanese flag Hiroyuki Fujita
920149/21ANA Open Golf Tournament-18 (68-67-68-67 = 270)play offJapanese flag Hideto Tanihara
10201412/7Golf Japan Series JT Cup-9 (68-67-71-65 = 271)1 strokesKingdom of Thailand flag Playad Marksen
1120177/30Dunlop Srixon Fukushima Open[2]-22 (66-68-69-63 = 266)[3]1 strokesRepublic of Korea flag (English edition
1220195/5Chunichi Crowns[4]-9 (66-69-67-69 = 271)[5]1 strokesJapanese flag Shugo Imahira

Playoff record (2-3)

11998Golf Japan Series JT CupJapanese flag Shoji OzakiOzaki is a par and Miyamoto is a birdie at the 18th hole on the 17th hole where the 4th and 17th are repeated.Miyamoto's victory.
22003Aiful Cup Golf TournamentJapanese flag Taichi Teshima1st hole, Miyamoto 2 on 2 putt par.Teshima 2 on 1 putt birdie.Teshima's victory.
32003Acom InternationalJapanese flag Kuramoto Masahiro/Japanese flag Shoji Ozaki1st hole, Kuramoto 2 on 2 putt par.Miyamoto, Ozaki 3 on 2 putt bogey.Kuramoto's victory.
42014ANA Open Golf TournamentJapanese flag Hideto Tanihara1st hole, Yahara 3 on, Miyamoto 2 on 1 putt birdie.Miyamoto's victory.
52017Panasonic Open Golf ChampionshipJapanese flag Kenichi KubotaniIn the first hole, Miyamoto made a tee shot as an OB and double bogey.Kubotani Bogey.Kubotani victory[6].


Disqualification history, etc.

  • He has been disqualified three times in the past due to underreporting of his score.Although he was not disqualified, the 3 "Dunlop Phoenix TournamentOn the third day, it was a few minutes behind the start time, and after the start it was discovered that one club was exceeded and four penalties were imposed.[7].


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