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⛳ | <Breaking news> Shoko Sasaki and Mone Inami start par. Lee Bo-mee drops one in the first half and turns back.

Photo Lee Bo-mee dropped one half turn (Photo: Kei Sasaki)

<Breaking news> Shoko Sasaki and Mone Inami start par. Lee Bo-mee drops one in the first half and turns back.

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Kumiko Kaneda, who stretched two, lined up with Fujita and Ayako Kimura, and tied for 2th place with a total of 4 under.

<Earth Mondamin Cup Day 3 ◇ 25th ◇ Camelia Hills Country Club (Chiba) ◇ 6639 yards… → Continue reading

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    Total 4 under

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      Kumiko Kaneda

      Kumiko Kaneda(Kumiko Kaneda,19898/14 -) isAichiNagoya cityBackground[2]GirlsProfessional golfer.Stanley electricBelongs.Clark Memorial International High Schoolgraduate[3].Shinobu IshiiStudied under.Good clubWedge,putter..Nickname "KumikoCalled "[4][5].. Blood type A[3].


      At the age of 3GolfTo start. At the age of eightWorld Junior Championship(10 years old or younger)Tiger woodsI made a record in line with.2003-2004 OfJapan-Korea rivalry middle and high school golf championshipWon the junior high school girls' division for the second time in a row.Since then"Japan Junior, "World Junior", "Chubu Women's Amateur" and many other amateur competitions.

      In professional tournaments2002ToResort Trust LadiesMade the youngest qualifying pass record (12 years and 9 months).2004 TheGolf 5 ladies3rd place in Thailand,2006 TheNichirei PGM Ladies4rd place in Thailand,2007 TheBelluna LadiesSo I entered second place in Thailand.

      2008The degree was not enough in the protest and failed.Made at the end of the yearQualifying TournamentEligible to participate in the tour by achieving the top pass in.

      20105/22, 28thChukyo TV Bridgestone Ladies Openthe 2nd day,AichiToyota CityChukyo Golf Club Ishino Course 12th hole, my first timeHole in oneAchieved.

      20114/24, 30thFuji Sankei Ladies ClassicOn the final day, he won the tour for the first time by reversing 8 strokes from 5th place on the previous day.[6].

      2012Since then, it has been far from victory, but in a stable battle,2014The prize seed is secured every year except for.


      Longing for Tiger Woods, and also "Akira TsujimuraStrong and fashionable likegolferI want to be. "Therefore, it is gorgeous compared to other female professional golfers.makeAndnail art,Gal fashionBecause it is done, play with "Gal + Golfer"GalferSelf-proclaimed[7]..I also have my navel piercing open.

      On June 2020, 6, his home was destroyed and stolen. The criminal is caught on November 27, 2021[8].


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