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⚾ | [MLB] Judges agree with Yankees for 25.6 billion yen this season Avoiding annual salary arbitration, MVP volume

Photo Aaron Judge of the Yankees [Photo: Getty Images]

[MLB] Judges agree with Yankees for 25.6 billion yen this season Avoiding annual salary arbitration, MVP volume

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The annual salary arbitration is usually off, but due to the lockout, the judges entered the season without a fixed annual salary.

Aaron Judge outfielder of the Yankees did not agree even though he was offered a 7-year contract extension before the opening on the 24th (Japan time 2 ... → Continue reading


"I want to know" about baseball is here.Baseball specialty media "Full-Count".

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Entry fee mediation

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    baseballIn competitionEntry fee mediation(Sankahoshuchote) means that players and their teams pay participation fees to their federations.arbitrationIt is a system to apply for.ここで言う「参稼報酬」とはWhat is the "participation reward" here?annual salaryAnd generallyAnnual salary mediationIt is said to be (Nenpouchi).

    Japanese professional baseball

    Japanese professional baseballThen,Japan Professional Baseball AgreementIf a player or team that meets the conditions set by the NPB applies for mediation of participation fee to the chairman of the federation, the mediation will be conducted.

    Application conditions

    • If a player whose contract has been suspended to conclude a player contract for the next year, or a team that has held the contract for that player, does not reach an agreement on the amount of participation fee under the contract conditions for the next year,commissionerYou can apply for participation fee mediation. (Article 94)


    • When the commissioner accepts the entry fee mediation application, the entry fee mediation committee must be formed immediately. (Article 95)
    • The participation fee mediation committee hears, hears, and mediates the desired participation fee amount and its basis from the player himself and one officer and employee of the team concerned.At this point, the team and players must submit a unified contract to their league federation with only the entry fee column blank.In other words, although the amount of participation fee is undecided at this point, the player contract for the next year will be concluded. (Article 96)
    • The Participation Compensation Committee will terminate the mediation within 30 days from the date of receipt of the mediation, and the Participation Compensation Committee Chair will fill out the unified contract and submit it to the federation. (Article 96)


    • For the amount decided by this mediation, if the player still does not contract with dissatisfaction etc., the player willVoluntary retirementIt will be treated (excluding foreign players).Due to voluntary retirement, permission from the final team is required for player contracts with other teams.一方、球団側も調停の結果決まった金額を変更することはできないOn the other hand, the team cannot change the amount decided as a result of mediation.[1].
    • Athletes' participation fee is not disclosed (Contract renewalThe amount of money shed in the news is justPresumptionHowever, if mediation is carried out, the actual amount of the player's participation fee for the previous year will be announced.

    The actual situation

    Although annual salary mediation is considered to be a player's right, very few players apply for annual salary mediation, and only 40 players have reached mediation more than 7 years after the system was introduced, based on the amount offered by the team. There are only three players who have won the buildup.さらに、調停後に契約した選手は、これが要因・遠因となったかは不明にせよ、その後3年以内に戦力外通告やトレード、あるいはIn addition, players who contract after mediation may be notified, traded, or traded within the next three years, even if it is unclear whether this was a factor or a distant cause.FAHe has left the group due to a transfer by exercising his rights.

    • Off 1996Hiroo Ishii(Kintetsu) Received a 50% reduction in annual salary, which exceeds the baseball agreement limit, so he applied for annual salary arbitration.日本野球機構からの要請を受け、いったん契約した後にAfter receiving a request from the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization and signing a contract巨人Transferred to trade.
    • 2001 yearsGo Shimoyanagi(Nippon Ham), The team once offered 1 million yen, but when bringing it to the annual salary arbitration, it offered 3900 million yen and lowered the offer amount.[2]..調停の申請が選手の権利であることから、この引き下げには批判が出たThis reduction has been criticized because the application for mediation is a player's right.[2].
    • Off 2007GG Sato(Seibu) Applied for annual salary arbitration after the fifth negotiation with the team broke down, but Pacific League Chairman Yuio Koike did not accept the annual salary arbitration applied by Seibu Lions and GG Sato, and instructed them to discuss again. ..this is"As a general rule, both parties discuss and decide the participation feeAccording to the idea of ​​Chairman Koike.
    • Off 2010Hiroshi Shibahara(Softbank) Wanted a limit of 1 million yen and applied for annual salary arbitration when presented with 40 million yen, which is about 60% down, exceeding the reduction limit set by the baseball agreement (5000% for over 7200 million yen). ..The team said it had obtained the consent of the players, but the commissioner did not accept it as "I do not know if there is consent for a reduction beyond the limit" and asked both sides to discuss it.After that, both sides broke and signed a contract.
    • In the past, each team had the authority to appoint the commissioner and the president of the federation, which actually make up the mediation committee, so it was extremely unlikely that the players would win.しかし、2009年に野球協約が改正され、調停委員会がコミッショナーから独立したHowever, the baseball agreement was amended in XNUMX, and the mediation committee became independent of the commissioner.[3]..改正によって「中立機関」となった最初のケースである西武の涌井秀章の場合、調停委員会のメンバーは2人の弁護士と、前巨人監督で元選手のIn the case of Seibu's Hideaki Wakui, the first case to become a "neutral institution" due to the revision, the members of the mediation committee are two lawyers and a former giant coach and former player.Tsuneo HoriuchiBecame 3 people[3].

    Cases where mediation was concluded in the past

    • The year in the table means the period from the end of the current season to the start of the next season, that is, the off-season, and is not the year in which mediation was conducted.
    • TaiziIs the amount added to the amount presented by the team.
    YearsplayerBaseball teamannual salaryafter that
    Player desired amountAmount presented by the teamMediation amount
    1972Leon McFaddenHanshin900 million yen600 million yen600 million yenVoluntary retirement
    1990Hiromitsu OchiaiChunichi2 million yen2 million yen2 million yenContract → Transfer to FA 2 years later
    1992Takagi YutakaYokohama1 million yen9330 million yen9840 million yenContract → Notification of out of force the following year
    1995Takahito Nomura[4]Oryx6500 million yen3900 million yen3900 million yenContract → Trade after 2 years
    1997Alfonso SorianoHiroshima2145 million yen585 million yen585 million yenVoluntary retirement → Yankees pay $ 310 million,MLBTransfer
    2000Go ShimoyanagiNippon Ham1 million yen1 million yen1 million yenContract → Trade after 2 years
    2010Hideaki WakuiSeibu2 million yen2 million yen2 million yenContract → Transfer to FA 3 years later

    Reason for mediation / evaluation

    • 1993 yearsTakagi YutakaWhen I was a player, two years agoHiromitsu OchiaiThere was criticism for the difference in reason from the time of the player[5]..落合の際は下位球団の経営安定の必要性を強調して球団提示額どおりとなったが、高木の際には「弱い責任はチームにもある」「上位球団でも下位球団でも契約金額に不均衡が生じないように努めること」といった理由が挙げられ、球団提示額より500万円以上増額の結果となったためであるAt the time of Ochiai, he emphasized the need for stable management of the lower teams, and the amount was as presented by the team, but at Takagi, "weak responsibility lies with the team" and "the contract amount is not suitable for both the upper and lower teams." This is because the amount of money presented by the team has increased by more than XNUMX million yen.[5].

    Major league baseball

    Major league baseball(MLB) has been arranging annual salary since 1973.Salary Arbitration) The system has started.At that time, it was still FA (Free agent) There is no system, players are bound by the hold system and do not have the right to transfer the team voluntarily[6], Started with the purpose of relieving the treatment of players who had been placed at a disadvantage in contract negotiations[7].

    Under MLB's annual salary mediation system, athletes who have applied for mediation by the specified date (AgentIf the) side and the team side do not reach a contract agreement after the current year by the specified deadline in January, a public hearing will be held in February after presenting the desired annual salary of both parties in advance.公聴会では、出席した球団側(球団フロント、MLB機構担当など)および選手側(選手、代理人、選手会担当者など)の主張を踏まえ、MLB機構と選手会が合意のうえで選定した中立的な複数の裁定人によって採決が下されるAt the hearing, the neutrality selected by the MLB Organization and the Players Association based on the claims of the teams (team front, MLB organization staff, etc.) and players (players, agents, player association staff, etc.) who attended. Voted by multiple arbitrators[8]..The vote will be in the form of fully adopting the claims of either the team side or the player side.また契約年数は必ず単年となるAlso, the contract period is always a single year.[9].

    Application conditions

    MLB during the regular seasonActive roaster(Injured listNumber of days registered in various suspension list registration period (including the period during registration)British: Major League Service time , Less thanMLS) Reached 3.000 (3 years in total) to obtain the annual salary arbitration right[10][11].

    As an exception, among all athletes with MLS of 2.000 or more and less than 3.000 and active roaster registration days of 86 days or more in the previous season, athletes with MLS lengths in the top 22% also obtain annual salary arbitration rights. ..This exception is called "Super 2"[9].

    Once the mediation right is obtained, both the player side and the team side can apply for mediation for the player's contract annual salary every season off.If the team does not present the contracted annual salary for the next season or later by the deadline (generally around the beginning of December every year) to the players who have the right to mediate, the players will be asked.Non-tender FA (British: Non-tender FA) ”.Also, the players whose MLS reached 6.000FA rightAfter that, the annual salary arbitration right is lost.

    The actual situation

    In many years, more than 150 athletes apply for annual salary arbitration.However, even if you apply, the number of cases that are actually brought to the hearing is about 10 people a year, and before that, the team side and the player side conclude at the middle point of the claim, and a single-year or multi-year contract In most cases.This is because, as mentioned above, the hearing cannot take a compromise between the two claims.[12], And also to avoid barren hostility at hearings[8].

    For players under 3 years of MLS who do not yet have the annual salary arbitration right, the team with the holding right can decide the contract annual salary virtually unilaterally as before the introduction of the system.[13][6], No matter how big the player was, it was customary to renew the contract with an amount close to the MLB minimum guaranteed annual salary.[14].2022As a relief, a "Pre-arbitration bonus pool" system has been introduced that distributes the prescribed amount (total of $ 2022 million in 5000) to the top 100 players who do not have the right to arbitrate.[15].

    Since the annual salary of players with mediation rights tends to rise year by year regardless of their performance, the team may abandon the holding rights as non-tenders as mentioned above and avoid mediation by treating players who are not worth the cost as non-tenders. There are many[16].

    Long time agoFree agentCompensation for a player was limited to the case where the player applied for annual salary arbitration, but as a result of the player side reusing the annual salary arbitration and winning a contract for a large annual salary, the team side spends unexpectedly. There was a case that was troubled by[7].2012After offQualifying offerHas been introduced, and it is no longer necessary to apply for annual salary arbitration for FA compensation.


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