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🏀 | [Comprehensive Athletic Meet High School Basketball Championship Kinki Men's Round 2] Starting soon!Hotoku Gakuen vs Kyoto Ryoyo

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[Comprehensive Athletic Meet High School Basketball Championship Kinki Men's Round 2] Starting soon!Hotoku Gakuen vs Kyoto Ryoyo

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After this, from 6/25 10:40, the second round of the high school basketball Kinki tournament, Hotoku Gakuen High School (boys) vs Kyoto Ryoyo High School (boys), will be held at Ukaruchan Arena.

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    High School Basketball Kinki Tournament Round 2 Hotoku Gakuen High School (Men's) vs Kyoto

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    Shiga Prefectural Gymnasium

    Shiga Prefectural Gymnasium(Physical education)ShigaOtsu CityComprehensive located in Nionohamagymnasium.


    With the healthy development of the mind and body of Shiga citizensSportsInstalled for the purpose of promoting the spread of[1], The number of users exceeds 10 a year (19)[2].



    • Annex (small stadium)
      • Floor area ―― 858m2(33m x 26m)
      • Number of cards that can be used-2 basketballs (1 official), 2 volleyballs, 10 table tennis, 6 badminton, 1 tennis,gymnastics,Aerobics dance
    • Sports square
      • Running course: 180m
      • 3on3 basketball court: 2 sides
      • New sports court: 1 side
    * Temporary large buses, trucks, etc. when holding competitions and eventsParking LotIt may not be possible to use it because it also serves as.
    • There are 57 parking lots[3]..In addition, near (Biwa lakeThere is a pay parking lot along (Nagisa-dori)[9].

    Major competitions / events

    Regarding relocation

    Our gymnasiumAgingTherefore, it was decided to relocate.Details are as follows.

    • 2024The gymnasium will be opened in the wake of the scheduled event (6th year of Reiwa).Biwako Culture Park CityWill be relocated inside[11].
    • The new Shiga Prefectural Gymnasium was named ""2022(4nd year of Reiwa)12Aiming to open[12]..The new gymnasium2020(Reiwa 2nd year) Shiga in JuneDaihatsuSince the sale has acquired the naming right,Shiga Daihatsu ArenaIt was also decided that the nickname will be attached (the planned contract period is2027(Reiwa 9 years)3/31Until)[13].


    Electric train
    • JR Biwako Line (Tokaido Main Line)Otsu StationAbout 5 minutes more.


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    注 釈

    1. ^ * Cram school management companySeikiObtained the naming rights."Ukaru-chan" is the company's mascot character.
    2. ^ * Keihan Bus and Ohmi Railway Bus stop locations are exactly the same, and both companiesIshiyama StationとBiwakohama Otsu(Ohmi Railway Bus is "Hamaotsu") The line connecting via Otsu Station goes through.The Ohmi Railway busKusatsu StationThere is also a setting for flights to and from the west exit.


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