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🏓 | Moe Nomura signs contract with Kyushu Astida 19 years All-Japan working queen's influential person


Moe Nomura signs contract with Kyushu Astida 19 years Influential person of all-Japan working queen

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Thank you to everyone involved in Kyushu Astida for their warm support.

On the 23rd, Table Tennis Nojima T-League Women's Kyushu Astida will be participating in the 2022-2023 season, Moe Nomura ... → Continue reading

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      Kyushu Astida

      Kyushu Astida(Kyushu Asteeda,British: Kyushu Asteeda) IsT LeagueBelong toFukuokaFukuoka CityIt is a table tennis club team based in.


      In April 2021, he announced that he would enter the table tennis T-League from the fourth season.While based in Fukuoka City, we will hold "ONE Kyushu" and play home games in various parts of Kyushu and Okinawa.[1]..The team name "Asteeda" is a combination of "Tomorrow, the future" and "Teida" (the sun in the Okinawan dialect), and has the meaning of a club that will be the sun that illuminates the future. T-League Men's Club Team,Ryukyu AstidaRyukyu Asteeda Sports Club Co., Ltd. establishes a subsidiary, Kyushu Asteeda Co., Ltd., and manages the team.[2].


      • In April 2021, they announced their entry into the women's T-League from the fourth season.[3].
      • March 2022, 3-At the Playoffs SemifinalJapan Paint MaretzAnd lost 1-3.

      Active player

      Uniform numberCountryPlayer nameRankBattle typeRemarks
      #1Japanese flagKato Miyu☆ 4Right shake drive typeNew member
      #5Republic of Korea flagShin Yubin☆ 4Right shake drive type
      #6Japanese flagAnka Dezawa☆ 2Right shake grain high offensive and defensive type
      #25Japanese flag☆ 2Right shake heterogeneous attack typeNew member
      #29Japanese flag☆Right shake cut typeNew member
      2022-23 season

      ス タ ッ フ

      directed by
      coachKazuhiro Zhang
      2021-22 season

      Successive directors

      PositionNameYear of enrollment
      directed by2021


      SeasonNumber of matchesNumber of winsNumber of defeatsAcquisition
      Gain and loss
      PointsSeason rankingplay off
      2021 – 22209114048−8303 bit3 bit

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