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⛳ | Slumping from 2 tour wins to 0 yen prize money From “darkness” to revival, women's golf Natsuka Hori “7 years of fighting”

Photo Natsuka Hori [Photo: Getty Images]

From 2 tour wins to 0 yen prize money, from "darkness" to revival, women's golf Natsuka Hori "7 years of fighting"

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He still teaches professional and amateur players such as Misuzu Narita, Lala Anai, Natsuka Hori, and Satoshi Shinsai.

Natsuka Hori was 23rd last week, and this week the Earth Mondamin Cup also participated in the women's golf domestic tour that was held until the 19th. → Continue reading


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    Satoshi Shinsai et al. Professional

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      Natsuka Hori

      Natsuka Hori[1](Hori no Tsuka,19927/6 -) isTokushimaTokushimaFromJapanGirlsProfessional golfer.. AffiliationSanikleenChugoku[2]..My real sister is a female professional golferKotone Hori[3][4].


      Start playing golf at the age of 10[1].Tokushima City Josai Junior High SchoolIn 2006, he won the "Shikoku Elementary and Junior High School Golf Tournament" (junior high school girls' division).[5]. At the age of 14Tadashi ErenGet started with the golf academy[6].

      In 2008Samukawa High SchoolEntered the school and won the "Shikoku Junior Golf Championship" in the same year[7],63th National Sports Festival(Oita) Enter Thailand in 3rd place in individual competition in golf competition[8].

      In 2009JGAMoreEnter national team[8].Asako FujimotoTaiwan Amateur Golf Championship (as a member of the Japanese national team in combination withRepublic of China flag Taiwan), Runner-up in team competition and 12th place in individual competition[9].

      In 2010Miki Sakai(at that timeShohei High School Attached to East Japan International University)Whenplay offFighting in, losing to 2nd place[10]..In the same year, he joined the JGA national team as in the previous year.[8]..Duke of York Young Champions Trophy as an individual (British flag United Kingdom) Participated in[8]..Also with the moatMamiko Higa(at that timeOkinawa Prefectural Headquarters High School),Fukuda Mami(at that timeOki Gakuen High School) Formed a national team with three peopleEspirito Santo TrophyWorld Women's Amateur Golf Team Championship (Argentina flag Argentine),2010 Asian Games(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku,Guangzhou), And performed well in the Asian Games with 4th place in team competition and 10th place in individual competition.[11].

      2011 after graduating from high school,Japan Women's Professional Golf Association(JLPGA) Advance to the final protest, pass in 2nd place[12].. Become the 83th generation of JLPGA[1].

      Since I was an amateurJapan Women's Open Golf ChampionshipI participated in JLPGA tours such as ", but as a professional, in August 2011,"Nitori Ladies Golf TournamentWas the debut match (+2, 32nd place tie). In 2012, he won two step-up tours (EDION Cup, Route-Inn Cup Aso Grandvrio Ladies), but in the JLPGA tour, he played 2 races and said,Resort Trust LadiesThe 15th place tie was the best result.

      2013 is the 4th round of the JLPGA Tour "AX Lady's Golf TournamentWon the tour's first victory (-14)[13]..However, on the first day of this tournament, it was set up due to poor course conditions due to heavy rain.Mud balls may be wiped off on the fairway and rough without penalty.However, the wiped ball is returned to its original position and played.The tournament local rule was misunderstood, and a violation was discovered in which the ball was moved and continued to play, believing that it was a preferred dry (so-called 6-inch place rule).For this reason, Hori reported the violation to the competition committee after the competition on the second day of the competition.At that time, JLPGA issued a press release stating that "there was a misleading part in the notification text of the rule explanation", and did not blame the violation of the moat as a result of the association's inadequacy, and did not take measures such as disqualification. There was one act that allowed him to participate on the final day[14].

      "3 months after the first victory of the JLPGA tour"Earth Mondamine CupIn ", he went around for four days from the first day with a score of 4 cars, marked a total of -60 (21) and won the championship, and won the second professional victory.[15]..In addition, the score at this time was to update the minimum score of the 4-day competition of the JLPGA tour.[15][Note 1].

      Became a member of Sanikleen China from the 2019 season[2].

      2021 Year of 7 MonthNippon Ham Ladies ClassicMy sister Kotone won the championshipFukushima Akiko-HirokoAchieved the second sister victory in history[16].

      Tour victory record

      ScheduleTournament nameWinning scoreHeld golf course
      2013 year 3 month 29 day - 31 dayAX Lady's Golf Tournament-14 (202)UMK Country Club (MiyazakiMiyazaki City
      2013 year 6 month 27 day - 30 dayEarth Mondamine Cup-21 (267)Camelia Hills Country Club (ChibaSodegaura


      注 釈

      1. ^ Until thenImmovable YuriIn 2002Nichirei World LadiesAnd againKim Zhou ZhouIn 2012Suntory ladiesThe lowest score was -17 (271) recorded in each.


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