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⚾ | [University Baseball] Toyo University wins first in a 1st and 2nd division relegation game

Photo: Toyo University, Yasuki Ishigami, who hit a full-base home run [Photo: Ken Ito]

[University baseball] Toyo University wins first in a 1st and 2nd division relegation game "Earn the number of balls" Captures the right arm of the middle school as the commander intended

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Nishitate continued to throw after the treatment of his right foot, but was walked and hit by pitch, and was hit by a decisive bases loaded to the right wing seat by No. 3 Yasuki Ishigami, and got off the mound with 5 runs.

Third-year pitchers who are also paying attention to professionals throw each other and develop The first match of the Tohto University League 3st and 1nd division exchange game is on the 2th, Meiji Jingu ... → Continue reading


"I want to know" about baseball is here.Baseball specialty media "Full-Count".

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Home run

Home run(Manruihonruida) orGrand slam (grand slam) isbaseball,soft ballOn all three basesrunnerThere isFull baseIn the scene ofHome run(Home run).Therefore, 1 in one playRBIGoes in.

The Dickson Baseball DictionaryAccording to the term "Grand Slam"Contract bridgeDerived from.Golf,TennisHowever, winning all major tournaments is called a grand slam.

Major records in Nippon Professional Baseball

Professional baseball has begun19369/23,KoshienNagoya Army OfTsugio Iwata Goldfish OfKozo NaitoI struck fromJapanese professional baseballIt was the first full-base home run[1].

20179/29A total of 10 home runs were recorded in professional baseball, of which 1 were full-base home runs in the 82st league era.SE League1097,Pacific League1108 total 2287[2].

Major records in MLB

Troy Trojans OfRoger ConnorOn August 1881, 9Major league baseballIt is believed that he was the first player to hit a grand slam in (MLB). On September 1871, 9National Association of Professional Baseball PlayersBoston Red Stockings (nowAtlanta Braves) Belongs to, but is hitting[5], The National Association of Professional Baseball Players is not recognized as MLB.

Alex RodriguezUntil then on September 2013, 9Lou GehrigHe broke the record of 23 home runs and hit the 24th full-base home run, the most in MLB history.Don mattingleyHas six records in one season in 1987.Travis HafnerWas on Mattingly's record in 2006.Also in 2009Albert PuhorsWas in 1955Ernie BanksRecorded 1 bottles per seasonNational leagueLined up in the record[6].

Some grand slams, including the first of the 1881 Connors, are one point behindGoodbye home runMet.Some baseball fans call this the "ultimate grand slam".[7].Robert ClementeIs the only player to hit a walk-off running home run by one point.It is known for its wide outfield on July 1, 1956.Forbes FieldIn the match held inPittsburgh Pirates Chicago CubsWas defeated 9-8.

Of the 2005 home runs in the 5017 season, 2.6 were full-base home runs, or 132%. From June 2006th to 6th, 13Minnesota Twins TheBoston Red SoxHe hit a grand slam in two consecutive games with.The one on June 2th isJason Kubel12 times extended byGoodbye gameIt became.

From October 2006th to 6th, 23,Chicago White Sox TheHouston AstrosHe hit a grand slam in three consecutive games with.Scott PodocedonicIn the first game, he hit the only full-base home run in his life.next dayJoe CreedyContinued with the only full-base home run in his life, and in the third round from the bottom of the ninth inning two-outShigeru IguchiHit a full-base home run to catch up with the tie (Iguchi also hit a three-run in the bottom of the eighth inning of this game).White Sox in 8Detroit TigersHas become a team since it was achieved.Meanwhile, in 2007Kansas City RoyalsOn April 4th and 13thBaltimore Orioles, On April 4th, he hit a full-base home run with the Tigers for three consecutive games.

Also in 2006Cleveland IndiansTravis HafnerAll starHe hit five full-base home runs before (the sixth hit on August 5th). July 6thNew York Mets OfCarlos BertrandCliff FloydIt is,Chicago CubsHe hit a full-base home run in the 11th inning, scoring 6 goals in the game, and recorded the 8th inning and 4 full-base home runs in the MLB and the 1th in the National League.

So far, there are four players who hit a full-base home run in the first at-bat of MLB. 4, 1898Jeremy Hermida, 2006Kevin Koozmanov, 2010Daniel NavaIs.Kouzmanoff, Nava and Dougliby were the first balls.Also, Hermida was a pinch hitter.

Atlanta Braves in 1966San Francisco GiantsIn the game, he hit two full-base home runs in one game.This is the only record for a pitcher.

Seattle Mariners OfFelix HernandezOn April 2008, 6New York MetsAce in battleJohann SantanaFrom 1973Nominated batterSince the system came into effectAmerican leagueFor the first time as a pitcher, he hit a full-base home run.[8].

The only player to hit two full-base home runs in one inning isSt. Louis Cardinals OfFernando TatisAnd on May 1999, 4Dodger Stadiumso,Los Angeles Dodgers OfPark ParkSo I hit the third inning. It was also the second time in the National League to hit two full-base home runs in one game, following Kroninger.Park became the second big leaguer to hit two full-base home runs in one inning. The first onePittsburgh PiratesSo on August 1890, 8Malachi KittridgeWas struck by.Park was the first to be hit by the same batter.This was Tatís' first full-base home run.Boston Red SoxBill MillerOn April 2003, 7Texas RangersIn the game, he was the only one in history to hit a full-base home run in both left and right at-bats in one game.New York MetsRobin VenturaIs January 1999, 5Milwaukee BrewersOnly in history in battleDouble headerHe hit a grand slam in both games.

2011 year 8 month 25 dayAuckland AthleticsIn the game, the New York Yankees recorded three full-base home runs in one game for the first time in history.Robinson Kano,Russell Martin,Curtis Grandersonの3人で、3本とも異なるイニングに記録された。7-1のビハインドから、2本目の満塁本塁打で逆転し、最終的には22-9で勝利した。 2020年8月17日から20日にかけて、San Diego Padres TheTexas RangersHe hit a grand slam in three consecutive games with.Fernando Tatis Jr.Is the first match, the next dayWill Myers, In the bottom of the 3th in the 10rd roundManny MachadoHit a reversal goodbye home run, and in the fourth game,Eric HosmerHit a full-base home run.Also, when Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a home run in the first game, Rangers commander Chris Woodward criticized it as "unwritten rules of baseball", and after Tatis Jr. hit a home run, a pitcher replaced him. The pitcher was suspended for three games and Woodward was suspended for one game after throwing a ball that could be taken as a retaliation, passing behind the waist of the next hitter, Manny Machad.

List of full-base home runs in the World Series

1920October 10th, 10th match, ClevelandLeague parkBurley Grimes, Brooklyn1 times8-1, win
1936October 10th, 2th matchTony Razeli, New York (AL)Polo Grounds, New York (NL)3 times18-4, win
1951October 10th, 9th match, New York (AL)Polo Grounds, New York (NL)3 times13-1, win
1953October 10th, 4th matchMickey mantle, ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クEbett's Field, Brooklyn3 times11-7, win
1956October 10th, 5th matchYogi Bella, ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クEbett's FieldDon Newcombe, Brooklyn2 times13-8, negative
1956October 10th, 10th match, ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クEbett's Field, Brooklyn7 times9-0, win
1960October 10th, 8th matchBobby Richardson, ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クYankee Stadium, Pittsburgh1 times10-0, win
1962October 10th, 8th match, San FranciscoYankee Stadium, ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク7 times7-3, win
1964October 10th, 11th matchKen Boyer, St. LouisYankee StadiumAl Downing, ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク6 times4-3, win
1964October 10th, 14th matchJoe Pepitone, ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クSportsman's Park, St. Louis8 times8-3, win
1968October 10th, 9th match, DetroitBush Memorial Stadium, St. Louis3 times13-1, win
1970October 10th, 13th matchDave McNally, BaltimoreMemorial stadium, Cincinnati6 times9-3, win
1987October 10th, 17th matchDan Gladden, MinnesotaMetro domeBob Forsch, St. Louis4 times10-1, win
1987October 10th, 24th matchKent Hrbek, MinnesotaMetro dome, St. Louis6 times11-5, win
1988October 10th, 15th matchJose Canseco, AucklandDodger StadiumTim Belcher, Los Angeles2 times5-4, negative
1992October 10th, 22th match, AtlantaSky domeJack Morris, Toronto5 times7-2, win
1998October 10th, 17th matchTino Martinez, ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クYankee StadiumMark Langston, San Diego7 times9-6, win
2005October 10th, 23th matchPaul Conerco, ChicagoUS Cellular FieldChad Qualls, Houston7 times7-6, win
2016October 11th, 1th matchAddison Russell, ChicagoProgressive fieldDan Otero, Cleveland3 times9-3, win
2019October 10th, 26th matchAlex Bregman, HoustonNationals parkFernando Rodney, Washington7 times8-1, win
2021October 10th, 31th matchAdam Duvall, AtlantaTruist ParkFramber Valdez, Houston1 times9-5, negative

List of full-base home runs in All-Star games

YearsbatterDate / locationpitcherinningScore
1983Fred Lynn, AL (Los Angeles)March 7, Comiskey ParkAtlee Hammaker, NL (San Francisco)3 times13-3, win

Total number of home runs

Bold players are active as of 2020[10].

Alex Rodriguez    25
Lou Gehrig23
Manny Ramirez21
Eddie Murray19
Willie McCovey18 [1]
Robin Ventura18
Jimmy Fox17
Carlos Lee17
Ted Williams17
Hank Aaron16
Dave Kingman16
Babe Ruth16
Ken Griffey Jr.15
Ryan Howard15
Albert Puhors15
Richie sexson15

 1-National League record

Season full-base home runs

Don mattingley6  1987 (a)
Travis Hafner6  2006 (a)
Ernie Banks5  1955(n)
Jim Gentile5  1961 (a)
5  1968 (a)
Richie sexson    5  2006 (a)
Albert Puhors5  2009(n)
Frank Schulte4  1911(n)
Babe Ruth4  1919 (a)
Lou Gehrig4  1934 (a)
4  1938 (a)
Vince DiMaggio4  1945(n)
4  1948 (a)
Ralph Kiner4  1949(n)
4  1950(n)
Al rosen4  1951 (a)
Ray Boone4  1953 (a)
Albert Bell4  1997 (a)
Mike Piazza4  1998(n)
Jason Giambi4  2000 (a)
Edgar Martinez4  2000 (a)
Phil Nevin4  2001(n)
Alexei Ramirez4  2008 (a)
Robinson Kano4  2011 (a)
Scooter Gennett4  2017(n)
Luludes Gugliel Jr.4  2021 (a)

a --American League
n --National League

Major records in minor leagues

Minor leagueIn, the team has achieved three full-base home runs in one game. AAA grade on May 1, 3Calgary Cannons Tacoma TigersI decided on the other party.Dave Cochrane, Chuck Jackson,Alonzo PowellThe three of them won the game 3-22.[11][12].


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